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INOAC CORP. Package Division

Dry Item Delivery


No Need for Temp. Control

Need Temp. Control

Milk Delivery Life Community(Sei-kyo) Forwarder Medicine/Vaccine Retailer/Convenience/Other Food Transportation

Temp Control is Very Important

It becomes possible with Insulation box and cold gel pack INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .. required item keep certain degree temp. Cold Gel pack Past Time (H) Point: Regardless outside temp. Temp.TEMP Control Outside Temp.(℃ ) Required Item Inside Box Temp.

Without Cold Gel Pac... Outside Temp. Required Item Required Item temp. goes up rapidly. The Item becomes no use Past Time (H) INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION Temp.(℃ ) .

Why Cold gel pack and Insulation Box is Required? INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION . Control can be done by its computer control Then.Equipment use for Temp. Control Usually Refrigerated/Freezer Truck ■Temp.

<Refrigerated・Frozen・Room Temp> ーAvoid Temp. unload and while engine stop ーKeep a certain degree temp. ーConserve Energy INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .REASON WHY? Frozen/ child Item Frozen/ child Item ーIncrease of load efficiency! ーPossible Temp Control Transport with regular truck. in certain time while leave outside with combination of Cold gel pack and insulation box With regular truck ーHigh Cost of Temp Control truck maintenace etc. Increase upon load.

Equipment for Temp Control Dolly Form Box (PS etc) Plastic Container Cart Cool Bag Cold Gel Pack INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION Collapsible Plastic Container Cold Cover .

Comparison among Cold Material and its aspect ICE DRY ICE COLD GEL PACK INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .


s ice A: Very little impact on the product by water. ④ Cool Gel v. etc. C: Prevent frostbite by the selection of an appropriate temperature grade D: Can be used repeatedly INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .) B: There is no risk of oxygen deficiency.The advantage of Cool Gel ① It is possible to manage the temperature zone due to the difference of grade.s dry ice A: There is no possibility of chemical reaction。(May give a bitter taste. ③ Safety. ② Reduce running cost due to it can be used repeatedly. B: Can be used repeatedly ⑤Cool Gel v.

INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION . ③Frozen equipment is required.Unfavorable point of Cool Gel ①No effect if not frozen. ④Take some initial investment. ②Operational plan is required.

INOAC Cold Gel Temp Grade TEMP GRADE 0℃ -5℃ -11℃ -15℃ -21℃ -25℃ Required to Freeze Cold Gel Pack Green Under-1 0℃ Blue Under-1 4℃ Not Designated Under-2 0℃ Not Designated Under-2 5℃ Not Designated Under-3 3℃ Under-3 Not Designated 5℃ ※Please be careful regarding to capability of customer’s Freezer Color INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .

Cold Gel Usage and Caution Cold Gel -Recommend to let Cold Gel Stand -Prevention of abnormal inflation by Frozen -Need to Freeze about 20 hours -Cold gel is not inefficient with partially frozen Freezer INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .

) Open Top Only NEOCARTER A type Open Front & Top Open Top only R Close with Bal crow Tape B type C type Cover type for Cart オリコン型 Collapsible Type Collapsible Container Type Use with Collapsible Container INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .Open Front & Top (2pt.

・Relatively easy to add option with relatively low cost (Card holder etc) INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION . frozen. Each logistic station to stores location (suitable for relatively large LOT delivery) 【Feature 】 。 ・Possible to Hold. A・B Type (suitable for relatively Small LOT delivery) 3mmのPEx2 R C Type ・・・Food Transportation. Medicine etc. Save Space ・Possible to control temp at some degree.NEOCARTER 【Application 】 ・・・Transportation for refrigerated.


・Ability to control temp. Cold gel pack pocket.NEOACE 【APPLICATION 】 Suitable for relatively long hour transportation comparing Neo Carter R 30mm EPS 【Feature 】 ・Capable to fold. Shoulder belt. about 2 times as NeoCarter ・Possible to add Option (Card Pocket. Solar Thermostat) INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .

Application: Medicine trasport Foam Box EPS thickness=60mm medicine Requirement about 50hrs. Outside between 25℃-50℃ 24 X COOL-1200-0 INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .

Fruit. Requirement 4-6Hours Outside Bet. 30-35℃ 4 x More Cold gel Past time get longer COOL-800-5 INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .Application: Food & Home Delivery NEOACE(115L) Vegetable. Juice etc.

INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .Application: Food Delivery etc.

With Electricity down etc.. keep food freshness for frozen food INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .■ REFRIDGERATOR In Freezer. Keep Freezer Temp Colder ②Application If place Food on Cold gel. ①Application Freeze Cold Gel.


Use Cold Box or Cover to keep temp. control longer INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .①MILK Delivery Milk Delivery Home delivery Use Bag type over Milk crate In addition.

Retail Stores INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION Home Delivery . Retailer etc.②Food Transport Wholesaler. Patter 1 Wholesaler/Retailer Refrigerated Truck Pattern 2 Wholesaler/Retailer Logistics Center Franchise Store Foam Box Logistics Center Cold Gel Pack Cool Cover etc.

etc Child/ Frozen Dry product Local community Group Logistic Center Sort & Picking Snow Dry Ice Each Center/Branch Group Buy Home delivery INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION Cube Dry Ice Frozen Refrigerated . Veg.③Local Community Group-Seikyo Wholesalers etc. Fruit.

④MEDICINE Etc. NeoAce Medicine Maker Logistic Center Refer Truck Wholesaler Logistics Center Neo Ace Wholesaler Branch/Sales Hospital Drug store INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .

5 2 2. 5 3 3. out side Temp 35C 40 イノクールZ薬品輸送保冷試験 NeoAce for Medical type Wholesaler Branch/Sales 温度( ℃) 30 20 中心 10 蓄冷剤 外気温 0 Hospital Drug store INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION . 5 1 1.⑤Medicine part 2 Medicine Maker Logistic Center Refer Truck Wholesaler Logistics Center 条件Ⅰ :蓄冷剤1個・上置き With Cold gel 1.10 .20 0 0. 5 4 経過時間( hr ) .

such as how many Cold gel. ●We have Testing Facility in Japan to collect date or Validate Solution INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION . We can create more realistic Solution We could provide info.■Other ●With Calculation. What kind of Box to use etc.

Thank you for listening INNOVATION AND GLOBALIZATION .