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Battlingdry skin
entering the hody. Both the skin (bread),vegetables and meat. Every day we lose hody water and oils and the deadskin cells hold this should always he replenished. a certain amount of water in the Therefore it is important to drink stratum corneum andit is this about 2 litres of water a day. stratum corueum water that helns keep the skin soft, pliable and smooth. mevention Dry skin results when there is Eat avocado, olive, citrus, kiwi especially in areas subject to not enough water in the stratum andcabbage. Avoid coffee, black tea, margarine and fried foods. chronic trauma (eg, hands and corneum for it to function feet). causinenainfulcracks nronerlv. One wav this can hannen Dm air is eauivalent to dm skin. Put d I ~ u w I of water tin or nrAr tilt intde skin (gslures).~ r y s k i n lr whun protecriv~ in the oils rrrirum :orneumarelost 3nJ the radiitor, regularly fill thic with and scratchingmay result in dermatitis when the skin becomes water that is normally present i n water so that water evaporates. red (inflamed)in addition to dm You make the air moist so that less the skinis allowed to escape. Too and scalv. Round. scalv. itchv. much soanv water. emosure to moisture evanorates from vour . . . .. .. r~ipatcllrs ,c3trerr~l ore1 the Il~rsll~hellllCdlS, rlorrrlal agrl!l,: cki~~.'llierrioreu~~isider the adi111,:d leis, arlni and trolik ( n u ~ l i ~ i ~ u l ~ r procescan3,ertaintypucnf skill humidifier ro the h~oring eczema)may also appear. The diseases are some of the causes of system of your home. If yonuse a appearance of yellow crusts or decreased amounts of protective portable humidifier, make sure it is pus in these areas indicates that a skinoils. used in your bedroom at night. bacterial infection is developing. As the stratum corneum dries Severe dry skin is a feature of out it shrinks and, as it shrinks, Treatment of dry skin small cracks can occur. This Treatment is to identify and certain genetic diseases such as atonic dermatitis and ichthvosis emoses the underlvine livine cells tackle anvfactors that mav he . .. insil \c:ile-likeskin). In 3d.iition. roir"rdringsilbstance,dnd gcrlni r(mtribuiing to thedry skin. It 111 rile environmrl~t. i j natnr~l rhirik r l i ~ r t~ ipplving pe,plz with h u r n , ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~mbsldn:ss such as under activity of the water alone to dry skin would help thyroid gland can also experience Nutrition for the skin control the problem. However, H e l vour moisture balance ~ water alone (esneciallvhot water) severe skin dnmess. by o s k i 2 hg.lraring mlsk once 3 can icrl,dy wdncn rile problem oi Whal rallses 1113 skin? week ~n your t d ~ :tnd nr.k .After r .lry .kin h y rcln3vln; :hr nurn,.~:, Theoutermost layer of the showering amoisturisingcream protective skin oils. Hot, soapy skin called the stratum corneum, or lotion helps to restore moisture water depletes the natural skm oils consists of deadskincells balance. Lubricate wellhefore bed. tothe ereatest deeree. I:. J ~nlxlure i : d r u r i l LI AI i:lght: ~ n o u r l r h ; ~ l g ~ i . r cI~ lti ~ Houcvrr, w;torh.llsu~e.i bv l& ~ i ails l~pi.!\, thdr .KCmddc by is a blessul# ior s h?alin,: skin! the appiicstionof nil ~ o c h 21 underlying living skin cells. These Proper nutrition helps to combat a moisturiser or emollient or natural skin oils keep the water dry skin, especially Vitamin A lubricant is of great benefit for dry inside our bodv from escanine and Vitamin B helns. Vitamin A is skin. The oil in the moisturiser Dry skin very commonly produces itching, which can be severe andinterfere with sleep and other daily activities. Repeated ruhhine and swatchine Can

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After bathing or showering, quickly and gently pat the skin partially dry with a towel (do not rub!). Withinminutes of getting out of the water apply a moisturiser to seal the water in the skin heforeit can evaporate. Bath oil, if selected as a moisturiser, can he directly rubbed into the skin after showering or bathing. Moisturisers should be reapplied $2 liberally during the day and evening when possible especially 'li to those areas prone to dryness (hands, m s , legs) and when itchy Treat any red dermatitis (eczematous)patches with a topical cortisone (steroid) cream 01 ointment for a week course. ~ h e n E .



By Dr Fuad Usman
ry skin is a very common skin problem and is often worse duringthe winter when environmental IimiiiJity islou.. It canoccur at 111 ages me1 in pcaplc uith or \rrirhdur other skinprohlems. Dry skinis a very common condition that causes small fine flakes and drv ~'~tchcc. The llnrn13Ily fine lines in ?he skinhecomemore visible, the skin feels rough and appears dull and flakv. Inmore advanced cases. fish nct-likc cr3(ks rcscmhlingrhc finr f cl ~ r r c e l can occur. Dry skin occurs most commonly on the arms andlegs, hut can also affect the trunk of the



moisturiser after applying the cortisone. Be careful about using other over-the-counter antiinflammatoryand itch-suppressing creams or lotions. Many of these products containchemicals that canimtate or cause allereic reactions in dry,dermatitic skin. A good general rule is if anything that you apply to your skin causes more hmnine and itchine than you srartedGtl~, sh&ldstop you usillgit 311dCOII\UII A d o c ~' s e ~ . I ~ skin rnoictwisers rcrn.,Ulenr, for long-term control and prevention of drv skin. Drv sldn is usuallv a . Ion&-rc.rnmp~oblc~n recur\ that . orten. v.qw, ldlly I n wlnttr When you notice your skin beginning to get dry, resume your moistmising routine and avoid the use of harsh ,n,pc I f tnritchy, Jr) \kt11rslilxlI rhen try td ~dnsolt Jocrnr n


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(Dr Fuad Usrnan, MBBS-MD, has beena resident derrnatolodst