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9 to 13 January 2012 Hanoi, Vietnam

NOTE: Please read the points below carefully. Applicants who are not able to fulfill any of the criteria or perform any of the roles stated below will be disqualified immediately.

1. Basic qualifying criteria: • Student applicants must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate at local universities, not exceeding the age of 28 as at the time of the event (January 2012) • Student applicants must be Year 2 and above for students pursuing 3-year degree programmes and Year 3 and above for 4-year degree programmes at local universities • • • • Minimum CGPA / CAP / GPA of 3.5 out of 5 Active in extra-curricular activities and / or social work Have a keen interest in and is familiar with regional and global affairs Has good written and spoken English. Preferably with a flair for public speaking

2. The 11 th Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative (HYLI) will be held this year from 9 to 13 January 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam 3. The final selection interviews are planned to be conducted in July 2010. Short-listed students must be available to attend their final interview 4. Students selected to participate in the 11th HYLI would be required to submit a paper on their research and understanding of their designated sub-theme, prior to the initiative. Due to administrative reasons, the sub-theme selected by the student in this application form may differ from the actual sub-theme he or she will be assigned for the initiative 5. Students selected will be requested to present a performance during the 11 th HYLI that is representative of their home culture.

Hitachi Asia Ltd. 7 Tampines Grande, #08-01 Hitachi Square, Singapore 528736 Tel: +65 6535 2100 Fax: +65 6535 1533

hotel accommodation and a token allowance for the period of the initiative 8. Students selected will act as ambassadors of their respective countries and will be required to respect the guidelines set out by the organiser and participate in all activities throughout the 11 th HYLI 7. For information on past initiatives. Or you may email the scanned copies to: Singapore 188994. 210 Middle Road. Please note that late submissions or incomplete forms will not be considered Please mail the completed forms to: Ninemer Public Relations Pte Ltd. please visit: -End of Note- Page 2 of 10 .html 9. 5:00PM.6. The organiser will provide participants with economy airfare. Completed forms to be submitted by 17 June 2011. #08-04.

PARTICIPANT’S APPLICATION FORM A. Second year) Grade Point Average (GPA / CGPA / C AP) Page 3 of 10 ./Identification No. First year. PERSONAL PARTICULARS: Attach Recent Coloured Photo Name Nationality Country of Birth Date of Birth Age Home Address Sex Religion Home Telephone Mobile Phone Passport No. EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION: Please attach photocopies of results for all university level examinations.g. Institution Currently Attending Faculty Subjects Majored in Current Year of Study (e. Email Fax B.

good. fair) Page 4 of 10 .Educational Background Year Passed Schools/Institutions and Country Attended Highest Standard Passed Other Academic Qualifications C. good. KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE: TOEIC/TOEFL score (if applicable) Written (Please state level of proficiency – excellent. fair) Spoken (Please state level of proficiency – excellent.

prizes and awards) Period of Participation Person In Charge / Contact Details b. level of participation.g.) d. Community and voluntary work.D.g. Societies/Clubs Name of Society/Club Description of Involvement (e. Position held. Sports Type of Sport Description of Involvement (e. scouts etc. level of participation. Other Activities (e. essay/art competitions. Scholarships and Other Awards Page 5 of 10 .g. debates. prizes and awards) Period of Participation Person In Charge / Contact Details c. Position held. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: a.

Hobbies/Interests E. and to what extent have these changes shaped Asia’s role on the global arena? Page 6 of 10 . OTHER INFORMATION: Please provide short answers (one or two paragraphs) to the following questions: 1. It is often said that change is the only constant.e. What do you think have been the key changes in Asia over the last few years.

3. and what steps need to be taken from now on? Discuss with reference to your country in particular.2. Describe some energy management measures being taken in your country. What steps have already been taken towards economic integration in the Asian region. Discuss whether your country could be used as a case study for other countries in the region. Page 7 of 10 .

How do you think you can contribute to and benefit from this initiative? Page 8 of 10 .4.

Economic Partnership and Integration Page 9 of 10 . which one of the following workshop sub-themes would interest you most? And why? a. Energy and the Environment b. If you are selected for this programme with the main theme “The New Stage for Asia – taking an Asian perspective to manage sustainable development and economic integration”.5.

F. Note that relatives should not be used as referees. Referee One Name Occupation Address Office/Home Tel. REFERENCES Please provide particulars of two referees who support your participation in the initiative. Mobile Phone Relationship to Applicant Email Number of Years Known Fax Company Referee Two Name Occupation Address Office/Home Tel. Mobile Phone Relationship to Applicant Email Number of Years Known Fax Company Page 10 of 10 .