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“It was mainly possible because of news reports in Bangalore Mirror. Govt order makes this academic year a freak show In a fresh order issued on Saturday.” The government’s common calendar. The higher education department has withdrawn its controversial order which had turned the varsity’s calendar on its head. I think he is the second vice-chancellor after D M Nanjundappa to release a calendar of events well in advance.. 0digg Posted On Sunday. The government should restrict itself to acting as a guide. It should never dictate terms like calendar of events.. That is best left to academicians. Government officials read the reports and realised the adverse impact their order would have on students. The government order had pushed back dates for even semester exams by more than a month. issued on February 6. I do not want to comment on other matters pertaining to Dr Prabhu Dev (BU vice-chancellor). “We had earlier issued an order revising the academic calendar of BU. president. Bangalore University College Teachers Association said.” The order also made it crystal clear that BU and affiliated colleges would now follow the original schedule of events drawn up and issued by the university in December last year.” says Dr N Prabhu Dev. This calendar which was drawn up in consultation with us had augured well for academic activities. BU vice-chancellor Sridhar Vivan Mail this page page Tweet ShareShare Share Share Print this page Translate this      Rate me. Now the government has understood that this order was not in the interest of students and hence (we are) withdrawing it. had left staff and students of the university confused and bewildered. Prof K M Nagaraj. “This is a welcome move. . February 19.. while dates for valuation of scripts and declaration of results were also to be completed more than a month later than originally planned. the under secretary. higher education department (universities) stated. Prakash Rao Kesarkar. 2012 at 12:35:53 AM Bangalore University students and staff can collectively breathe easy. but when it comes to exams.

the government ought to rescind the order. “I think this incident has severely dented the image of BU. The withdrawal of the government order means classes for even semesters will end on March 28 this year as originally scheduled. The calendar of events drawn by the university after due consultations with all the stake holders is to help the students’ future career and not mar their career. students opting for higher studies will have been adversely affected as other universities and colleges in the state and elsewhere would have completed admission formalities even before BU results were declared. Classes for the next academic year’s odd semesters will begin from June 6.” Anthony George. the vice-chancellor said he had convened a meeting of all college principals on Tuesday to brief them about the latest happenings related to the calendar controversy. “Any action by the government should augment the effort of the university to streamline its examination/administration process and not the other way round. but the new order had created a lot of confusion. BU officials had written to the higher education department stating that in the best interest of students and staff. If the government is so concerned about the students. . There will be a summer vacation as usual. Valuation of scripts will begin from April 25 and BU officials have promised to declare results by May 25. Moreover. while theory exams will be held between April 9 and May 7. a second year BCom student said. a final year BA student said. According to an official. the letter stated. while those of even semesters will begin from December 2.The principals’ and teachers’ associations had vehemently opposed the move as they had already completed 90 per cent of the portions and there was no pressing need to defer exams. Practical exams would be conducted from March 15. They would also be told to go ahead with the original calendar. It is high time both the vice-chancellor and registrar stop fighting and instead work together towards building brand BU.” Students claim the incident was avoidable and had only dented the image of the university. “We kept asking our lecturers when the exams would be held.” Meanwhile. let the government fix the common calendar of events for all the universities in the state and not single out Bangalore University. but even they had no clue.” Mohit Kumar. Restoring order It’s back to the textbooks for students. “It is common practice to study at the last minute.