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S J V N Limited

Corporate Office : Himfed Building, New Shimla ( HP)-171009

2 2 3 3 5 6 6 7 \4 ************** Page 1 . 4. 6. 8. 3.CONTENTS Description 1. 2. 7. 5. Introduction SJVN’s Policy statement on CSR SJVN’s Approach towards CSR – CD CSR Implementation Process CSR Programmes Budget Allocation Monitoring and Evaluation Documentation and Publicity 88888888******+++++++++++++++++++++++ Page No.

The CSR Policy of SJVN has been evolved on the basis of CSR guidelines issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. SJVN’s Policy Statement on CSR SJVN is committed to the concerns of its stakeholders and strives to maintain good standards of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its business activities. By embracing Corporate Social Responsibility. 1988 as a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of Himachal Pradesh to plan. and operate and to maintain Hydro-electric power projects. local communities and societies at large and it will make Page 2 . 2. GOI. investigate. Ever since the commissioning of the largest underground 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Electric Power Project. To meet this commitment SJVN will respect the rule of law. SJVN has been expanding its base from a single project to multi projects.1. 2010. organize. SJVN endeavours to make meaningful contribution towards improvement of social infrastructure and sustainable socio-economic development of communities. 2009 and the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. execute. Its vision is to make India a fountainhead of hydro power and the energy source of the future. INTRODUCTION SJVN Ltd was incorporated on May 24.

SJVN’s Approach for CSR – Community Development Hydro electric power projects form the backbone of SJVN. Besides.1 SJVN Foundation: There shall be SJVN Foundation in the nature of a Trust comprising of the following trustees: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Director (Personnel) Corporate Head (F&A) Corporate Head (P&A) Head (Corporate Planning) HOP (NJHPS) HOP (RHEP) Corporate Head (R&R/CSR) Chairman Member Member Member Member Member Member Secretary Page 3 . its CSR activities will also cover a wide range of issues relevant to larger society and of activities that could have lasting impact.conscious efforts to enhance the quality of life through its CSR programmes. SJVN being a responsible corporate citizen strives to bring about overall positive impact on societies living in such regions. These are located in far reaches of mountainous regions which are scarce in infrastructural facilities and where the populace is socio- economically backward. 3. CSR programmes in SJVN shall not be adjunct to R&R activities. 4. CSR Implementation Process 4.

and welfare of disadvantaged and the underprivileged. the services of agencies which can effectively deliver should be engaged to identify and implement CSR activities.2. To support institutions for long term activities in general in the areas of education. Involvement of specialized agencies and community based organizations: In order to make a linkage between corporate processes and social processes. Grants/endowments should support such activities. health. Every project will have its representative in the Board of Trustees on rotational basis to be nominated by the Trustees. 4. Such agencies could be Community based Page 4 . sports. d) To identify schemes in project areas in consultation with local communities and administration. The Trust with the permission of Chairman can co-opt any special invitee from time to time.The tenure of member-trustee from each of the two projects will be for a period of two years. c) To allocate certain portion of budget to cover works that meet local demands in project areas and to support relief measures during natural disasters. The Charter of the Foundation will cover the following:a) b) SJVN’s vision on societal issues. e) To have overall supervision and control of CSR programmes.

Institutes/ Academic Organizations. 5.4 Assistance during natural disasters: SJVN will make contributions to appropriate forums/ organizations/ agencies in case of natural calamities. 5. Budget up to 10% of Trust fund will be allocated for this purpose. Professional consultancy Organizations.2 Health care and Welfare: SJVN will support health institutions/ centres facilitating health care to people living in the villages and elsewhere through grants/endowments for related programmes. adult education etc. community development. 5. Voluntary Agencies (NGOs). etc. health care.1 Education: SJVN will support educational institutions through endowments like SJVN scholarships or chairs or centres or corpus contributions to the institutions. sustainable livelihood.3 Infrastructural Development and Community development: SJVN will support creation of community assets/ institution in the project areas. partnership with industrial training institutes. 5. Page 5 . infrastructure development and espousing social causes. The other activities could be vocational training to the youth. CSR programmes The focus of CSR programmes will be broadly in the areas of education. girl child education. 5.organizations (CBOs) whether formal or informal.

6.5% to 2% of the net profit after tax of the preceding financial year. Budget Allocation 6.1 The CSR budget for a financial year will be created as a percentage of the net profit earned by SJVN in the preceding year. 7.1 Monitoring: The Trust shall submit progress report of CSR activities to Committee of Directors (COD) on CSR at least twice a year.2 Evaluation: The impact evaluation study of the CSR activities will be carried out by an independent external agency after every five years. SJVN shall prepare a separate chapter on CSR activities for its Annual Report. The evaluation report will reveal effectiveness of CSR programmes of SJVN. Monitoring and Evaluation 7. other concerned ministries and National CSR Hub for appraisal. 6.2 Budget provision for a financial year will be in the range of 0. The approved allocation will be transferred to the Trust fund in the course of financial year. Page 6 . The facts and figures relating to physical and financial progress will be highlighted in the report. 7. SJVN will provide timely progress report to Ministry of Power. The findings from such studies will help framing appropriate corrective measures.

programmes. Documentation & Publicity Documentation relating to CSR approaches. expenditures. ************* Page 7 .. will be prepared and put in the public domain and made available to the National CSR Hub. etc. policies.8. procurement.