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Employee Retention involves taking measures to encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time. Hiring knowledgeable people for the job is essential for an employer. But retention is even more important than hiring. There are many organizations which are looking for such employees. If a person is not satisfied by the job he’s doing, he may switch over to some other more suitable job. In today’s environment it becomes very important for organizations to retain their employees. Employee retention is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of the project. Employee retention is beneficial for the organization as well as the employee. The picture states the latest statement that corporate believes in “Love them or lose them”

The reason may be personal or professional. These reasons should be understood by the employer and should be taken care of. Employees today are different. They are not the ones who don’t have good opportunities in hand. As soon as they feel dissatisfied with the current employer or the job, they switch over to the next job. It is the responsibility of the employer to retain their best employees. If they don’t, they would be left with no good employees. A good employer should know how to attract and retain its employees.


When the market was ruled by unhygienic milk.HATSUN AGRO PRODUCTS LTD The Hatsun world. Hatsun now stands majestically as a hallmark of successful entrepreneurship. First it was package section. These and the many Arun mini-parlors in the rural areas provide employment to thousands of people. From a modest ice-cream. delicious brand that has captured the hearts of millions of icecream lovers. the rich. thickness and quality and has made it one of the most preferred milk brands consumed by several hundred thousand households every day and then came Hatsun Komatha. In 1998. 1 selling icecream in south India. Arun Icecreams reaches the consumers through the largest network of exclusive parlors in India. Hatsun food private ltd established in big level fluid milk processing. Hatsun handles a total 1. But it developed well and Ice-cream market gives well profit.Chandramogan started the Ice-cream business in small level.K. In 1970’s Mr. homogenized and bacteria clarified milk.G. It started as a creamy dream in 1970: Arun Icecreams. Manufacturer to one of the leading names in India's dairy sector in just a span of three decades. Arun Icecreams is manufactured at the most modern plant of its kind in Chennai. Hatsun came up with Arokya -the standardized. Arokya milk is still unsurpassed in purity. India's largest private dairy. 2 . With over 70 delightful varieties it is the No. Next started dairy division in salem near by karumapuram village.8 million litre a day.

10 lakh Rs. 3. Within these meetings managers or team leaders and employees come together and discuss the bias which employees are facing. S. Weekly meeting program also help to retain employees. An idea behind this strategy was make profit for company within short period of time and employee satisfaction for their work. Within this process organization has to provide required information to employees.MEASURES ADOPTED BY HATSUN AGRO PRODUCTS TO RETAIN THEIR EMPLOYEES Hatsun Agro Prodcuts Ltd deals in agro products like milk.of Employees 30 30 290 350 Bangkok Tour for one week This tour was applicable to those employees who will complete their target. Employees are motivated to work because of this proposal. leads and information to employees. Through this proposal there are many opportunities for employees to achieve their career goals. These types of meetings help employees to work in a right way.7lakh Rewards Bangkok Tour Laptop/LCD Blackberry Handset This was pattern of target. 3 . Team leaders give the next week target to employees and discuss about the previous week target.12 lakhs to complete their target. The time period for complete a target was two months (from 15June to 15August). 2. Total The strategy is: Category Officers Staff Workers No.No 1. Within these two months employees can show their talent. Employees have to make individually profit for a company of Rs. These types of proposals can satisfy to employees and retain to employees with current organizations for long period of time.12 lakh Rs. To complete the target organization also provided required data. paneer. skimmed milk powder. The target pattern was like this: Target Rs. They will get rewards according completion of target.

Weekly meeting should have to be taken. timely motivation and feedback makes confident to employee towards the work. These programs should have to be two times in year because some employees work for these programs. After adopting the strategy of retaining employees by organising a tour to Bangkok it was observed that the employees worked hard to attain their respective targets which further helped the company retain employees. By using these strategies employee will get motivated and do the sincere work.2% in the year 2010-2011 4 . In this meeting team leader individually has to ask problems to every employee and he has to give suggestions and information to employee. Training programs helps in enhancing knowledge and skill so. Rate Dropped down from 15. employees got incentives and bonus in this program. For employee retention there should be good communication between team leader and employee. Performance appraisal programs enhance employee’s salary. these programs helps in achieving career goals of employees. If employees are not satisfied with the job then companies can use these strategies.CONCLUSION         The strategies of Hatsun Agro has to use every organization.7% to 14. These strategies are useful for making profit.

network and ICT distribution. HCL Technologies caters to the global market in areas like product engineering. research & development. Since its inception. Retail & Consumer. HCL Enterprise has grown to become what it is today under the strong leadership and guidance of Shiv Nadar (Founder. 88000 professionals and operations spanning 31 countries.HCL Infosystems deals with hardware. HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India. IT Infrastructure Services. infrastructure management. and distribution of ICT products.The company leverages an extensive global offshore infrastructure and its global network of offices in 29 countries to deliver solutions across select verticals including Financial Services. Custom & Package Applications.HCL HCL Enterprise is a 36-year-old. IT Hardware. Systems Integration. system integration. Life Sciences & Healthcare. Its range of offerings spans Product Engineering. Business Process Outsourcing. focuses on Transformational Outsourcing. working with clients in areas that impact and re-define the core of their business. Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer). with USD 6 billion revenue. 5 . and Business Services. namely HCL Infosystems & HCL Technologies. Hi-Tech & Manufacturing. solely for the Indian market. enterprise & custom applications. HCL Technologies on the other hand. founded in 1976 is leading Global Technology and IT enterprise. Telecom and Media & Entertainment (M&E).

work position and environment etc  The company should initiate the career development path of its employees along with the development of the organization. 6 . The employees do not feel valued by their employer.5% and saw a 28% decline in the quarterly profits. Internal job Posting International Job Posting. The working environment in the company also make them to leave their job. pizza hut discount. Compensation and salary should be matching with the employee’s contribution to the organization.MEASURES ADOPTED BY HCL TO RETAIN EMPLOYEES           Bi-annual appraisal FEP – Further Education Program Shine – IIM Certification Bond Contract On the spot awards – recognition award Hourly incentive for extra hour worked Performer of the week Discounts available like Sodexo coupon. etc. Performance Appraisals are not given at regular intervals so that the Employee feel motivated for its work. The attrition rate rose from 18.  Periodic reviews of the employees satisfaction level regarding to issues like salary. The work schedule is very much inflexible & Stressful.% to 23. CONCLUSION The present report indicates that the following features:       Better job opportunities in outer market & pay are the main reasons for increasing attrition rate.

mental and family needs. providing an effective pay packages and compensation. outlining an efficient career development path for employees and most importantly catering to their emotional.However an effective retention policy could be followed to make the employees stay in the company starting form recruitment and selection of employees. Also practices should be followed to bring the ex-employees back in the company. 7 .

India. Karnataka. During the 1970s and 1980s. refined oils including salad oil in Amalner. Azim Premji is a major shareholder in Wipro. which was at a nascent stage in India at that time. Sunflower and Camel. the company has over 140. Maharashtra under the trade names of Kisan. vanaspati. In 1966. The company logo still contains a sunflower to reflect their original business. It was initially set up as a manufacturer of vegetable ghee. after his father’s death Azim rushed back from Stanford University and took over Wipro as its chairman at the age of 21. The company operates in four segments: IT products and services.000 employees and a worldwide presence with global centers across 54 countries. Dist:Jalgaon. 8 . the company shifted its focus and began to look into business opportunities in the IT and computing industry. Consumer care and lighting. It is headquartered in Bangalore. later abbreviated to Wipro. consulting and outsourcing services. Healthcare and Infrastructure engineering. The company was incorporated on 29 December 1945 at Mumbai by Mohamed Hasham Premji as Western India Products Limited.WIRPO TECHNOLOGIES Wipro Limited (formerly Western India Products Limited) is an Indian multinational provider of information technology (IT) services. As of 2012.

Apart from this the other ways for retaining are –       Flexible Salary benefits Flexi. Wipro’s strategy is that it has one of the best HR departments in the world. The HR department has played a huge role in the success of the organization.MEASURES TO RETAIN EMPLOYEE Wipro’s HR objectives are to make sure that their employees are more productive. It is important for the employees to be loyal. Wipro has spent a large amount of capital to ensure that they get the best HR resources. They are proud of what they have done and what they want to achieve. Wipro’s main mission statement is that its employees focus on creativity and innovation while having access to the perfect mix of information and resources for their work. honest and maintain their integrity within the organization. Their employees are as committed to Wipro as the founders are because of their genuine love for innovation.Time Performance Based Incentives Educational Benefits Loans Corporate Credit Card etc 9 . Wipro has invested in a top of the line research lab which will help them achieve their search goals. The thing about Wipro is that they are quite laid back in a lot of ways. They believe that investing in HR in the short term will lead to long term benefits. Google has allotted a huge chunk of its budget for recruiting employees. It has been estimated that Wipro has a ratio of 1 recruiter for around 14 employees. The Wipro HR strategy has been planned in a manner where it ensures that Wipro employees come up with better tools to make a better tomorrow. Wipro also wants to promote their state of the art ad system which will allow them to reach out to a majority of marketers around the world. This is one reason why they have no issues with themselves being branded as geeks as it is a matter of pride for them. Wipro values its employees a great deal and that’s why its main strategy is to focus on creating new human capital and retaining those employees.

Hence managing human resources. do. Unlike inanimate products and systems that subject themselves to fine tuning without any reaction. is an art that calls for special skills and strategies.CONCLUSION  As employees are the bases for company so retention of employees is a major focus for HR department. It is only the employees that implement and give tangibility to the corporate’s mission. have ample chances of advancement and flexible schedules so they could attend to personal or family needs when necessary. want a change. leave. But then there’s the real world.6 percent from the March quarter. In other words if it is the highest rung in the corporate hierarchy that has ideas. That's a positive outlook from the company. the management should take appropriate measure to identify the reasons of employee voluntarily leave. employees. HR interventions such as improving selection process. employees would love their jobs. hate their co-workers. And never leave. Also. And in the real world. In the best of worlds. The attrition rate was 14. it is the employees’ rung that has the chisel to bring the vision to life. particularly retaining them. work hard for their employers.55 billion at its IT services unit. hate the working conditions. employees would not subject themselves to any measure taken without reaction and analysis. better employee relation.52 billion to $1. The management should identify the important factors that affect retention and should take necessary measures to improve these. 2012 there was a 7. either because they want more money.       10 .5%. Like their co-workers. effective orientation and training. better career development programs and planning etc should be used to improve employee retention. get paid well for their work.7% rise in profits. or because their spouse gets a dream job in another state. a rise of 0.4 % which is less than its competitors. In April . The company said it expects June quarter revenue of $1. Employee survey and exit interviews can be used for assessing the reasons of employee voluntarily leave. The attrition rate fell by 6.

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