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Project Baseline

High Level Definition
In version 4.x, users can create multiple baselines per project. From the list of baselines, each user is able to select up to 3 baselines for use in layouts and reports. In addition, there is one baseline assigned at the project level that is used for summarization data. myPrimavera also uses this project level baseline for gathering the earned value data. Previously, users were not easily able to tell which baseline was being used as the project baseline. Project baseline assignment has been made more visible to all users and a change in the behavior of baselines has been implemented so that we are always using the project baseline for actions such as summarization, export, earned value calculations, and etc.

In 5.0, two new menu items for baselines have been added to make it easier to determine which baselines are being used. One dialog deals with assigning baselines as project, primary, secondary or tertiary. The other dialog deals with creating, deleting, and updating the baselines. Assign Baselines To assign baselines, go to Project, Assign Baselines

Project: Lists all open projects in dropdown
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Only one project can be selected at a time in this dialog When more than one project is opened, the project selected will default to the default project.

Project Baseline: For the project selected, a list of available baselines will appear in the dropdown

If no baselines exist or no baseline is selected, <Current Project> will be the default value <Current project> is an option in addition to the other baselines This is a project setting

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User Baselines: A list of available baselines will appear in each dropdown

It is not mandatory that a baseline be designated for the secondary or tertiary options. <None> will be an option for 2nd and 3rd baselines


(See update baseline spec for more info on Update button.) • Project Preference • New option has be added to the Project Settings section on the Settings tab in the Projects view to set which baseline (Project or Primary) will be used for earned value calculations. These are user-specific settings o Maintain Baselines To maintain baselines. All variance fields in Projects.o The primary baseline does need a designated value. but it is already assigned as a user baseline. "Budget At Completion (BAC) – Labor Units" – a new Earned Value field added for certain calculations based on the project baseline. WBS and Tracking views use the Project Baseline’s values. "BL1 …” fields reference the Primary baseline. the bar dates will be drawn based on the project baseline’s start and finish dates • • • . Details • • • • BL2. go to Project. Update button will be disabled if more than 1 baseline project is selected. A Project Baseline Bar option has been added to the timescale column in the Bars dialog When this option is selected. user will need to change the assignment in the Assign Baselines dialog first. Maintain Baselines • • This dialog lists all open projects If user tries to restore or delete a baseline project. The Activities view has separate variances for BL and BL1. BL3 column names will remain as they are "BL Project …” fields reference the Project baseline. <Current project> will be the value. If none is selected or exists.

in order to select the Project Baseline in the Assign Baselines dialog. With 5. Users can still view the project baseline selected in the Assign Baselines dialog with only one of the above If user only has one of the above privileges.x. The Project Baseline (or old baseline for summarization field) is now set in the Assign Baselines dialog. then the dropdown for the Project Baseline in the Assign Baseline dialog is disabled • • • • . Tracking View For the Tracking view.Changes: • Projects View The current Baseline for Summarization field has been removed from the Projects view. myPrimavera When the project baseline is changed in myPrimavera. A new Project Privilege named “Edit Project Baseline” has been added. users need to have BOTH the “Edit Project Details Except Financials” and “Edit Project Baseline” privileges. users need to have “Edit Project Details Except Financials”. but the name was changed from "Baseline for Summarization" to "Project Baseline". in order to select the Project Baseline. the project baseline in PM should change accordingly. Settings tab. Activities View The Baseline that is in the bottom right hand corner of screen (status bar) shows either the primary or project baseline based on the project preference selected. all the read-only data shown on the Summary tab is the same.0. Export On Export. • • • • Security • In 4. the Project Baseline is used for any baseline data.