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8 unique tools and their unusual uses


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By Doug Mahoney | Popular Mechanics – Fri, Nov 9, 2012 12:49 PM EST
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Everyone knows drills, saws, and sledgehammers, but what about froes, super saws, and Odd Jobs? Milwaukee Tools Fluorescent Light Tester When a fluorescent bulb goes dark, the problem can actually be one of three things: the bulb, the ballasts, or the pins. By touching the bulb with its extending wand, this niche diagnostic tool can isolate the problem. You probably don’t need one for your basement lights, but the guy who works maintenance in a 12-story office building loves this thing.
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(Photo: Courtesy of Milwaukee Tools)

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Shingle Froe This tool is specialized for the task of making shingles. The strange name comes from the antiquated word "froward," which means "away," in reference to the direction that the tool cuts. To use it, place the froe, blade down, on the edge of a log length, then hit the top of the blade with a wooden club, forcing the froe into the log. Next, pull the handle toward you and[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] Bosch Cross Line Self... Stanley TRA706T 1000 Pack 3/8...

$99.99 - $129.96


8 unique tools and their unusual uses . depth gauge. this tool has long since passed its heyday.. Voilà. saws. and compass). a man needs to refresh the top drawer. More » Amazon's Black Friday TV deals may be … Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will reportedly focus on TVs from Coby. super saws.Yahoo! pry off a thin slice of the log. But it still can be used to build up the kindling pile. but what about froes. and Stanley #1 Odd Jobs Stanley produced this all-in-one layout tool between 1888 and the 1930s. If you're not a flooring guy. If you're a flooring guy. More » 8 unique tools and their unusual us … Everyone knows drills. and sledgehammers. chipped nails. (See also: Must-have healthy cooking gadgets) (Photo: Courtesy of Crain) When Apple launched iOS 6 earlier this year. (Photo: Courtesy of Stanley) http://shopping. shingle! Since buying a box of square-edged shingles is significantly less effort than making each and every one by hand. gadgets perennially top people's wish lists — and retailers are happy to oblige. try square. then this thing just looks dangerous. RCA. this ominous-looking tool is used to undercut baseboards and doors to install new flooring.html[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] Odd Jobs? More » 8 beauty emergency bailouts Acne. well. (Photo: Courtesy of Popular Mechanics) FEATURED BLOG POSTS Why you shouldn’t bring your tablet … It's an increasingly common occurrence: tablet owners are taking their portable device … More » Terrible tech blunders – which one is … Crain 812 Super Saw Resembling a cross between a router and a circular saw. The result is a tool more powerful (and much louder) than a traditional chisel. Here are 10 pairs of boxer briefs worth wearing. Hiteker. Seiki. There are a few companies that make replicas. but originals can still be found on eBay for a couple hundred dollars apiece. you know what a difficult task this can be without a specialized tool. and Westinghouse. More » . the sweet spot is typically … More » Toshiba’s new Satellite laptop is one … Sometimes a product comes across my desk that deserves a little more attention than … More » Tech gifts no one actually wants Tis the season for gift-giving. and this year tech toys are undoubtedly atop many … More » LATEST FROM YAHOO! SHOPPING Arbortech Power Chisel Who knew a tool as timeless as the chisel could get a technological upgrade? The Power Chisel has the slender body of an angle grinder and a motor that delivers rapid hits to a chisel end. It looks like a directional arrow from a street sign and was originally advertised as 10 tools in one (including level. Sceptre. (See also: 10 DIY projects to sell your home faster) (Photo: Courtesy of Arbortech) Top 10 gadget gifts When it comes to the holidays. the Apple Maps feature was roundly criticized … More » Best small HDTVs for your home For those looking for big TVs at a reasonable price. More » Best boxer briefs for men Every once in a while. and red eyes—oh my! Fast fixes for your beauty woes..

builders would use this tool to number beam ends for layout purposes—sort of like "tab A into slot B. And it's just about the right size to fit in a back pocket. (Photo: Courtesy of Popular Mechanics) Channellock Rescue Tool This lifesaving tool has functions designed specifically for a rescue worker.Yahoo! Adze You would think that a sharp tool you swing in the direction of your ankles wouldn't last long. and even close down a gas valve. Not exactly a tool you're going to find on your grandfather's But the adze can be traced back at least to ancient recommend http://shopping.php%3Fversion%3D17%23cb%3Df101d7bce71701e%26origin%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fshopping. It can cut wire.html[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] . look for gouged-out Roman numerals at the beam ends and you'll see the work of a timber scribe.ak. for the most part the adze has gone the way of the unique tools and their unusual uses .php?api_key=0&locale=en_US&sdk=joey& You use the adze to shape tree trunks and square them up into (Photo: Channellock) Timber Scribe Think of this one as an 18th-century Sharpie. But with modern-day milling capabilities so much faster and easier.html AQC1Qjht Recommend Tweet 100 9 2 Related Searches http://shopping.facebook. pry a door open. During the heyday of timber framing. (Photo: Courtesy of Popular Mechanics) More at Popular Mechanics 13 Painting Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You 8 Tips For Shopping At Home Centers 9 Best Oscillating Tools We Put To The Test 10 Jobs You Can Do With A Multitool http://www." If you're ever in an old house with exposed beams. tighten a fire-hose it looks like an ax with the blade oriented on the

html[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] .mark it with a grease pencil. Hmm.cut it with a chain saw. not "TRY".... as in an As in three.Yahoo! 1. It's TRI Square. Small Business Ideas 7. I noticed the popular media isn't on the list as the greatest tool ever used to get a left-winged socialist idiot elected to the White House.I cut that board three times.8 unique tools and their unusual uses . Looks like a candidate for a B horror movie weapon. Paper Recycling Centers 6. Top 10 Laptops 2.. Build a Free Resume 9..Work-At-Home Jobs ads by Yahoo! All Comments The American My Comments Comment Guidelines Post Post 188 comments Popular Now Newest Oldest Most Replied Silent Thunder • 5 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 It would be nice if the Reporter acrually knew something about tools.job done! Reply Robert • 18 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 Hmmmmm. Earn Money Quickly 8. even after ruining the economy.. Reply http://shopping. not Shingles. New Smartphones 5. Reply Anthony S • 9 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 A froe is also used in chair making. Part Time Job Finder And they are wooden SHAKES.. • 16 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 Measure it with a micrometer. Interesting.It's used to split raw wood to make windsor chairs.. Plus Size Lingerie 3.... Reply Harry Kneecaps • 10 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 I dont know how large it is but the Timber Scribe looks pretty ominous.... Reply Land Of The Barking Spide ..and it's still to short. Cheapest Cell Phone Plans 4...

.Yahoo! Proud American • 21 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 2 As an IT professional/PC Tech I can guarantee that I have tools in my toolbag that most of you commenting on here have never seen and wouldn't have the first clue what they are for. Reply Mrpeepeehead • 35 minutes ago Report Abuse 2 0 If you did use these. Reply SamuelClemensGhost • 30 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 0 My boss is a tool and he's not good for Be it Gerber. This chinese crap is not worth taking home. That is the life expectancy of chinese junk. everything and does very fine detail work.. The only people that dislike them are the people who don't own them.. I have over $30K invested in tools I bought over the years. you'd use them once.. Plumbers use the tool to replace faucets. 1 Reply William • 21 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 i have a stanley odd job try to use it whenever i can than i have other odd tools that i use.. He has many hand tools from carpentry's past. Some days I don't even use mine.t leave out the basin wrench. The Multi tool. 1 Reply Mary Pranksters • 1 hour 3 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 0 Roy Underhill uses adzes and froes on the Woodwright's Shop. any good carpenter needs one. but I'm glad it is here on my. 1 Reply Rand • 36 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 I see all of these comments about using a power chisel for finer work. Great show! Great host! http://shopping.html[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] .8 unique tools and their unusual uses . Reply Bruce • 46 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 0 Don. The USA built tools lasted forever. Leatherman. My dremel either corded or cordless with a tungsten carbide or cobalt bit cuts SOG. or even an oldschool Swiss Army.. More Reply Freddys • 52 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 0 adze's are an integal tool on the railroad when your chainsaw fails and ya gotta dap a bridge timber or a wall tie Reply J • 55 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 I have a Craftsman 'butt gauge'. Reply Alexis • 50 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 Lets talk about the most useful tool.

More Reply David • 1 hour 13 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 1 A maddox and an adze are extremely unique tools and their unusual uses . Same goes for the old Push/Pull(?) screwdriver with assorted screw and drill bits.html[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] ... Doesn't talk back and never lets me down.. 3 Replies Wide Awake 23 minutes ago Report Abuse 2 0 Do you two mean a "mattock. Some of my tools were my Grandfathers and are over 100 years old." The American Comment Guidelines Post Post Wooof • 1 hour 11 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 as an old school craftsman familiar with 4 of these tools. More Reply Jon • 1 hour 10 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 1 My favorite tool is my artificial vagina.. "if you take care of the work . 1 Reply Flubadub 39 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 1 I think most people call that a "hand.. They still come in handy in tight squeezes where a box or other wrenches can not get. You can buy a maddox at any good hardware store that sells Construction" which combines and axe (or sometimes a pick) with an adze? The American Comment Guidelines Post Post More Post a comment YAHOO! SHOPPING ALSO ON YAHOO! TRENDING NOW http://shopping.Yahoo! Reply Viperess • 1 hour 5 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 Almost all of these look like weapons for murder! YIKES! Reply Make MY Day • 1 hour 10 minutes ago Report Abuse 2 0 I still have a set of the OLD "S" shaped open end wrenches.

Donald Trump no regrets 3. Help / Suggestions Privacy Policy About Our Ads Terms of Service Copyright/IP Policy Mitt Romney 2.8 unique tools and their unusual uses . All rights reserved. Phil Jackson Lakers 7. Paula Broadwell 8. Ted Nugent 9. Ashley Judd senator 5.Yahoo! Home Clothing Electronics Computers Home & Garden More Shopping Insider Holiday Financially Fit Autos Finance Games Groups Health Maps Movies Music omg! Shine Shopping Sports Travel TV Y! News RSS Y! News Alert 1. David Petraeus First NFL tie since 2008 4. Diabetes 6. Windows Phone 8 Yahoo! Shopping Sitemap» All Yahoo! » Copyright © 2012 Yahoo! Inc.html[11/12/2012 5:02:52 AM] .