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alleviate intermittent claudication and restore memory. By restoring good circulation to all the tissues of the b ody. CT can help avoid bypass surgery. Is used by a growing number of MD’s to revers e the process of atherosclerosis. . CT is used to rid the b ody of unnecessary and toxic metals.Chelation comes from the greek word chele meaning “to bind”. The reversal is accomplished in part thru the removal of the calcium content of plaque from the artery walls thru the injectio n of chelating agents. reverse gangrene.

scleroderma and lupus.Due to its ability to remove toxic metal ions. CT has been used safely on more than 500. CT reduces internal inflammation caused by free radicals and thus can ease the discomfort and disability from art hritis. 000 pat ients in the USA for the past 40 years. there are over 1000 MD’s who recommen d and use CT for cardiovascular ds and related health problems. Still. . but EDTA. the drug used during the infus ions has yet to receive FDA approval.

FDA-approved studies are currentl y underway to establish the safety of EDTA.Following the T/M protocol set by the american college of advancement in medicin e and the american board of chelation therapy. .

To monitor the pt progress. blood sugar and nutritional. For optima l results. during and after chelation: BP and circulation. these tests must be taken before . kidney and organ function.CT is done on an out-patient basis. The patient reclines comfortably and is given an IV solution of EDTA with vit amins and minerals. cholesterol and other blood co mponents. is painless and takes about 3 ½ hours. . MD’s recommend 20 to 30 T/Ms given at an average rate of 1 to 3 per wee k.

. and exercise are recommended as part of the full TM program . Smoking is strongly discouraged and alcohol should be consumed only in moderat ion.Whole foods. low fat diet.

EDTA was being used to remove Calcium from pipes and bo ilers. It is thought that because Calcium plaque is a prominent component in ath erosclerosis. At the same time. Healing was also reported by pts with gangrene. EDTA would be and effective TM for heart conditions. hearing and sense of smell improved and most reported increased vigor. For many patients. Pts with angina reported dramatic relief from chest pain. memory. . Experiments w ith EDTA chelation TM for heart patients validated this theory. sight.By 1948 the US navy had begun using EDTA to safely and successfully treat Lead pois oning.

aspirin is nearly 3 ½ times mo re toxic than EDTA. According to current drug safety standards. stroke. .EDTA CT has since proven to be safe and effective in the TM and prevention of ailment s linked to atherosclerosis such as coronary artery ds. peripheral vascu lar ds.

“He was in his 50’s and looked remarkably healt hy. once administered CT to a psychoanalyst on the staff of a major New York medical center. He rus hed to his hospital and consulted the chief of vascular surgery. MD of New York city. numb. He had awakened that morning to discover his lower leg was cold. He asked this world-renowned surgeon a bout the possibility of using chelation in this situation and was told “ don’t bothe r me with that voodoo” . mottled and blue with 2 black looking toes. who recommended and immediate amputation above the knee.except that he was in a wheelchair.Warren Levin.

After a bout 17 chelation TMs he was walking on the leg again. but it’s a waste of time”.he was pain free and picking up. . This MD also urged him to have an immed iate amputation. “Through his own tenacity. When asked about chelation therapy. We started emergency chelation and afte r about 9 TM’s – one taken every other day. t he psychoanalyst showed up in my office.The ailing man decided to get a 2nd opinion. He never had an amputatio n and he lived the rest of his life without any further complications”.the second doctor’s response w as “ you can try it if you want.

Some of the benefits derived from peni cillamine in the TM of rheumatoid arthritis and related to the control and remov al of excess free radicals. such as garlic. vit C. . carrageenan.There are a variety of substances that can act as oral chelating agents. zinc and ce rtain amino acids like cysteine and methionine. rheumatoid arthritis and wilson’s ds works in a fashion very similar to EDTA. also uses many nutrionally bas ed substances as oral chelators. a drug used to treat heavy metal poisoning. Penicillamine . Dr Gordon of Arizona.

heart attack rates wer e also diminished.Dr Gordon has consistently observed a reduction of serum cholesterol by 20% or more . . Thousands of pts have all successfully avoided strokes.

despite the overwhelming evidence of its effectiveness. it is unlikely that any pharmaceutical company will invest the money necessary to fund studies for FDA approval of chelation th erapy. .Because the patent for EDTA has expired.