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Photography and front cover image by Chloe Briggs

Anthony Banks
Illustrated By Tom Fewings

I MARRIED YOUNG. My husband, a brilliant thinker, came

under the tutelage of a Professor Watts, noted for his unorthodox
teaching methods.

Succour 82
One fine day, Watts took my husband I walking in the Forest of Knowledge. For
an academic to take a supervisee there before graduation was unprecedented, but
to allow his young wife in too! I was nervous about making the trip, but I went
along thinking that my husband would find what he sought in the Forest, and that
afterwards we could finally consummate our marriage.

83 The Obscene
Into the
Forest we
went, but we
were followed by
Hislop, a jealous
undergraduate. I
could understand his envy. What gave
my husband the right to be led directly
into the Forest? After several haunted
days Hislop finally worked himself into a
shooting position, and although the best he
could do was put a bullet in my husband’s
ankle, it was enough to halt our progress.
Hislop slunk back into the undergrowth, and
Watts and I gathered around my husband.

Succour 84
In the week it took for gangrene to set in, Watts knelt at his head, whispering into his
ear day and night. How I longed to be given just a few moments with my beloved, in
which to mop his brow, and finally to offer my virginity! But at length the gangrene
blackened his balls, and put an end to all that.

85 The Obscene
Still, in a ceaseless flow,
Watts imparted his quiet
words, and with every one
the gangrene crept up my
husband’s beautiful body.
When finally he stopped,
my husband was utterly
wasted from toe to heart;
just the shoulders, arms
and head remained

Succour 86
exclaimed “it is done,” took a brief
glance at me then made to depart. But
it would not be…

87 The Obscene
Succour 88
…My husband grabbed him
at the ankle and administered
a fearful bite, tearing through
the boot, trouser, hair, skin, flesh
and bone of Watts.

His cry echoed around the

Forest, but no-body came to his
aid. Terribly and relentlessly
my husband began to
consume him, bite by bite,
picking at and sucking on
then breaking the bones.
Soon he had eaten all there was
to be eaten, except for the balls, which he
gave to me in a dying gesture.

89 The Obscene
Upon his
death, I
through the
Forest until
I arrived at
a favourable
spot. I put
one of the
balls in my
vagina, my
belly gurgled, and
out popped an egg.
I buried the egg in the
ground, where it grew and
grew until it hatched a great
tusked beast.

Succour 90
The beast remained underground
throughout its lifespan of centuries. Only
in adulthood did its tusks emerge from
the soil, but they would grow to
prodigious heights. During wars,
the combatants would impale their
enemies on these tusks – you
could get twenty bodies on
each one! In time the bodies
decomposed; each tusk was
surrounded by countless
skeletons. In peacetime
children would come and
play with the bones.

So although things
didn’t work out too
well that time, I retain
a ball, and fully intend
to enter motherhood
again some day.

91 The Obscene