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Command of God is Easily Demonstrated!

An Example for Illustration:

One class of university is there. In that class there are 60 students. The students are taking
an examination for a particular course (subject). During the examination, 59 students are
giving examination in their answer books in which question paper is attached. So, 59
students are giving examination in an examination hall supervised by university staff
member. One remaining student got an answer book with a question paper somehow
(through corruption/ stealing) and he wrote answers from outside the examination hall.
Now at the time of collection of an answer book, the student who was outside the
examination hall came to submit his answer book. The supervisor did not take his answer
book. And his result was marked as failed due to absent in the examination. Now when
his answer book was inspected by a teacher, every body surprised that he scored 98 out of
100 which was highest in the class but he was declared as failed. Why? only because, he
broke the rule that the examination must be given in the specified hall of the examination
at the specified time under the supervision of surveillance staff.

Here consider answer book with question paper as religion. Inside Hall students as Islam
followers who followed law of God (religion), out side student as a follower of other
religion. His score (correct) answers as prayers to same God. Now the situation is like
this. Though the followers of old religions followed the same God, their prayers are not
accepted due to their not following latest and final laws of Islam (Laws of God).
Consider the analogue of above. So, the question does not arise which is the true religion
and which is not. The real thing to see is which is latest and final laws and final religion
on the earth. Naturally, Islam is 1500 old and yet a latest and the final religion on the
earth. Islam’s Prophet has been declared as a final Prophet and a seal of the prophets, it is
a prudent way to embrace Islam. The Prophet hood of Hazarat Mohammed (Pbuh) is not
a matter to be debated now when there are two billion followers, a sky-book quran and
lots of miracles recorded in history.

Why latest rules necessary for acceptance:
(1) In a country, always latest rules and laws are followed. Old ones are quashed and
made null and void. Though the law making body is same, this happens. In a system of
kingdom of God, the same theory is applied.

(2) When sins of the people increased and the lots of satanic things are mixed in the
religions, God descends new prophet to clean the people and world. The new laws and
ruled are brought by new Prophet. This system continued till Prophet of Islam arrived.
Hence, latest and final laws (Islam) must be followed.

It must be noted that the religion cannot be judged by the followers of the religion. Some
people argue by pointing present political situation and terrorists activities and link it with
Islam. But by doing so, there themselves prove their foolishness. Islam has been created
by single person who is known as Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). Now think how many
people can be killed by single people at the most with spear, bows and arrows, sword as
weapons at those 1500 years ago when Islam was rising. Now Islam has two billions
people as followers.

Some people argue that they like this religion or that religion and hence they are
following that particular religion of their choice. But they forget the most important thing
that religion has to be followed on the choice of God and not on the choice of self desires.
What God want us to follow which religion that religion (Islam) must be followed. As for
example, in a particular country, one new law was passed by reforming the old law for a
particular matter. Now previous law was soft and easy. New law is harder. So, naturally,
every citizen likes the old law to obey but they cannot do so. They have to follow a new
law which is harder.

Islam teaches us to control our self desires and obey the desires of God. When new
prophet was arrived, one must have understood that previous religion was eroded by
mixing satanic rituals or worship or association of partner with God and hence the God
had to send prophet to cleanse the people and earth. So, it is prudent to follow new
prophetic laws and rules. Now Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) arrived on earth as a last
Prophet and as a seal of the Prophets with latest rules and laws in terms of Islam, it is a
responsibility of every human on the earth to follow Islam to please God. No study of
other religions is necessary now. When in a country, new law is passed, old law is not
studied. It is kept aside. In a University, one can take a course for other religion as a
history and not as a study to decide right or wrong, or to decide which is best and which
is not.

Some people want to study Islam by reading internet only. Can surgeons (medical
Doctors who perform operations) be produced by mere reading the medical books? No.
Why, Professors are needed. In the same way, to understand Islam, Prophet’s companions
had required the guidance and teaching of holy prophet (Pbuh). By mere reading the
books, the half knowledge is acquired which is dangerous. In doing so, they are
misguided. So, approach the right guide by inquiring and consulting through community
if one is really interested in Islam.