by Cameron Francis
This effect came about after reading an Ed Marlo version of Hofsinzer's Everywhere and Nowhere plot. While the Marlo effect was the catalyst for this trick, at the end of day they don't really resemble each other in the slightest. Effect: Two cards are selected and lost in the deck, we'll say the cards are the Five of Spades and the Eight of Hearts. The magician has the spectator cut the deck into two piles. The magician picks up one pile and runs through it, asking the spectators to tell him when they see their cards. Neither card is in the magician's half. The magician then instructs one of the spectators to cut the remaining half into three piles. The magician turns over the top card of each pile. None are the spectator's cards. The magician clicks his fingers and shows the three cards again. They are now three duplicates of the Five of Spades! One more click and when the three cards are turned face up again, they are now the mates of the Eight of Hearts! The magician spread his half of the deck and the Eight of Hearts is seen reversed in the middle. But what of the Five of Spades? The deck is reassembled and the magician hands it to the spectator. She

Turn to another spectator and riffle your left thumb down the side of the deck. Are you still with me? All kidding aside. we'll use the Eights and say that the Eight of Hearts is on top of all. legitimately cut the deck at that point and thumb the top card off the bottom half to the spectator. Take the Five back and place it on top of the deck.. that's the only prep you need to do which makes this extremely practical. this is pretty complicated. forcing the Eight of Hearts on the first spectator. You now hold a break under four cards. In this example.. As the spectators are looking at the selections. Grab a deck. 3. read carefully and try to follow along. Give the deck a shuffle retaining the top stock. Perform a Braue Reversal so the four . Performance: 1. keeping a pinky break between the halves. Cut the deck.2 spells “Find the card”. secure a break under the top three cards of the deck. dealing one card for each letter and discovers the Five! Preparation: Okay. the other three Eights going back on top. Place the right hand portion onto the left hand portion so that the three Eights are once again on top of the deck. Reassemble the deck. Wherever the spectator calls stop. and perform a Riffle Force. We'll say this card is the Five of Spades. Place any four of a kind on top of the deck in any order. 2. Thumb the card off the deck and have the spectator look at it.

2 Position check from the top of the deck down: Face down Eight of Hearts. Re-grip the deck so you are holding it face down in dealer's grip. Tilt the deck down so you are holding it parallel to the floor. face up Eight. undercut half the deck and flip it face up on top of the cards above the break. . face up second selection. 1). 1 Fig. With your left hand. Undercut the rest of the cards under the break and flip them face up on top of all. 5. 4. However. the right thumb holding the break between the top four cards and the rest of the deck. 6. Give the deck a couple of false cuts and place it on the table. 2). For those of you who don't know the Braue Reversal. Take the Eight of Hearts back and place it face down on top of the deck (Fig. face up Eight. face up Eight. Ask the spectator to cut the deck in half. keep the top of the deck tilted back (neck-tied) so the spectators cannot see the reversed card on top (Fig. You are now holding a face up deck with four cards reversed at the rear.3 cards are now reversed at the back of the face up deck. here's a brief description: Hold the deck from above in right hand Biddle Grip. face down rest of the deck. Fig.

12. Tell me if either of you see your card. flip the eight cards in your right hand face down. stop and ask the spectators if any of the cards were theirs. 3). 9. Flip the packet face down and hold it in your left hand. Start peeling face up cards into your right hand. Pick up the former top half of the deck and flip it face up. Flip them face down and place them under the left hand packet. With your left forefinger.4 7. Fig. . Ask if any are the selections. Slip the eight face down cards in your right hand between the buckled card and the rest of the packet (Fig. Once you have counted off eight cards. Say. flip them face down and place them under the left hand packet. Once they say no. 3 10. they must be in the other one. 11.Count off nine or ten more cards into your right hand. “I'm going to run through this half. Let's see if you can find your own cards.Count off the rest of the face up cards into your right hand.” 8.Say. counting silently to yourself. push on the out right corner of the bottom card of the packet to buckle it.” Ask one of the spectators to give the other packet (formerly the bottom half of the deck) a shuffle. “We'll if neither card is in this packet.

As this is being done. 14. all seven cards are face down and you are holding a break under four of them. going from your left to your right. side jogged to the right. Repeat this procedure with the next two cards. 13. At the end of the sequence. piles A. We'll call the packets that the spectator cuts. Flip all three cards face up. have him hand the packet to the other spectator and ask her to cut the packet into a row of three piles.K. holding a break between it and the rest of the packet with your right thumb at the inner right corner of the packet. During the action of squaring up the packet. B and C and place them on top of the cards you hold in your hand. Tilt your right hand up so that the packet is perpendicular to the floor to show the face of the indifferent card. The half deck you are holding is packet D. asking if it is the selection. pull the top face up card to the left and rotate it around to the bottom of the packet. three face up indifferent cards followed by three face down Eights and the face down Five of Spades. secure a pinky break under the top four cards of the packet in your hand. allow the packet to kiss the deck for a moment and release the three indifferent . Lift up all seven cards above the break. pick up the top card of packets A. B and C. Hartman's Secret Subtraction to display and then ditch the three indifferent cards. 15. Once the cards have been cut into three piles. maintaining the break.5 This done.Perform J. Here's how it's done: Hold the seven card packet in right hand Biddle Grip. Using your left thumb.

As you perform the above. 19.Snap your fingers over the packet. Holding the last two cards as one from above in the right hand. . 20. 16. Milk the packet. Still holding the cards in right hand Biddle Grip. Perform a triple lift showing that the top card has turned into the Five of Spades. 18. revolve the right hand palm up to display another copy of the Five.. Place the double on top of the two cards in your left hand. Flip the triple face down and drop the top card on top of pile A (the pile to your left). Turn the right hand palm down and drop the double on top of pile C. “So none of these three cards were the selections. Slide out the bottom card an place it on top of pile B. Place your half of the deck on the table. sliding the top and bottom cards into your left hand (Fig.” Fig. Turn the double face down. This leaves you holding four cards in your right hand. You are left holding a double in your right hand. Perform a double turnover and show a duplicate of the Five.6 cards below the break onto the deck. 4 17. 4). place your left thumb on top of the packet and your left fingers underneath. say. This is discrepant but done swiftly no one will notice..

” As you say the above. the Eight of Diamonds.. There aren't really three Fives of Spades on top of these packets. Slide all of the cards above the reversed Eight to your right. 5 24. Fig. “Of course. And if I just snap the spell is now broken. A D B C E Fig.Say. The Eight of Clubs.. We'll call this new packet E. suit your actions to the words and turn over the top cards of each pile revealing the three Eights. 22. Because now these cards are.Snap your fingers over packet D (your portion of the deck) and spread it across the table. Now start gathering up the piles of cards in a counter clockwise manner. 23. 25. Pick up the combined packet and place it . showing the Eight of Hearts reversed in the middle. The cards below the Eight are packet D. starting with packet E. just above their respective piles. 5 shows the position of the packets from your point of view. pick up pile E and place it on pile C. Place the Eight of Hearts to the right of the other three Eights creating a row of four cards. Place the Eights on the table. In other words.7 21. and the Eight of Spades which means the second selection must have been the Eight of Hearts. this was just an illusion.

Once the spectator has done this..Turn to the spectator who picked the second card and say.” 27.com © Cameron Francis 2010 . Here.. take the deck and spell “Find the card” dealing one card for each letter. And finally place everything on top of pile D. Let's ask the deck to find the card. we found the Eight but where's your Five of Spades? I have an idea. info@cameron-francis.8 on top of pile B.com www. tell him to turn over the next card. 26.cameron-francis. Pick up the combined packet and place it on top of onto pile A. “Now. It will be the Five of Spades.

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