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Gmail - Humanity First November Update

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Humanity First November Update

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14 November 2010 20:48

Humanity First Medical Update

November 2010
I wish to welcome you all to our new regular Humanity First medical update. I hope to not only inform you about our Humanity First medical activities but also talk about latest in news and controversies. You can contact me on and visit our website for more about our activities and contacting our team.

Humanity First Medical Newsletter team

I am pleased to announce appointment of our Newsletter and publication editor Tan. He brings wealth of editorial and photography experience and we are delighted to have him. Zaki and Rasheed the pioneers of our Humanity First Medical newsletter are continuing to lead further development of our newsletter serving on the editorial team.

Humanity First mission in Pakistan

21 million people have been affected by the monsoon flooding in Pakistan. Millions are still in need of food aid and are living in temporary shelter and camps as over 1.8 million homes were destroyed. Humanity First is providing food aid in 20 kg family rations. More than 140 tonnnes of food aid has been sent out. Tents, bedding, blankets, cutlery, domestic supplies, towels and buckets have been provided to over 12,000 people. HF has provided more than 800 family filtration kits with instructions in Urdu. This should provide for the clean water needs for the next 12 months. Medical camps have been run by HF doctors in Gilgit and the north-west and in Sindh and Southern Punjab. The team has been distributing mosquito nets with the camps. More than 53,000 people have been helped and as the season changes HF is planning to move to the next phase of work with rehabilitation of families. HF is plannig to restore 20 schools establish over 200 domestic family units. These efforts will continue through to 2011. Humanity First Medical team wishes to thank patrons and sponsors for their very generous donations and support making this relief work possible.

Haiti in November 2010[25/12/2012 11:08:44]

Gmail - Humanity First November Update It is now 10 months since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti which claimed over 300,000 lives. During this period various aid agencies including Humanity First teams have been very active but have struggled to keep the population health and fed. More than 1.3 million people live in camps and are vulnerable to hurricanes, storms and diseases. Recently an outbreak of cholera has claimed more than 600 lives and infected more than 7,000 people. Fortunately Haiti was spared a direct strike by Hurricane Tomas in November however the west of the city has suffered heavy flooding, landslides, further structural destruction and loss of crops. Increasing cases of cholera with Salmonella are being seen following the rains. Copyright (C) 2010 Humanity First All rights reserved.

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