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Humanity First Medical June 2011 Update. The 5th Humanity First International Disaster Response Course.

Cloud Forest Clinic in Haiti

Humanity First 'triage' tent

June 2011
(Vol 2, Issue 5)
Welcome to the Humanity First Medical update. With these updates, we aim to keep you informed about Humanity First medical activities and talk about the latest in news and controversies, in relation to our line of work with these updates. Please visit our website Humanity First Medical for more about our activities, contribution to this newsletter or to contact members of the Humanity First Medical team.

5th Humanity First International Disaster Response Course held in Dulles, Virginia, USA
Humanity First International is delighted to report that our successful and popular Disaster Response Course has now travelled abroad. The 5 th Humanity First International Disaster Response Course was successfully held in Dulles, Virginia, USA on the 5 th, 6 th and 7 th of May 2011. The course was attended by 36 delegates. The 15 faculty members from UK and USA disaster response teams followed the format and standards developed by the HF International Medical team on principles outlined in the Disaster Response manual. The course was supported by the local fire and rescue and a number of actors helped to run the mock disaster scenarios. We are very pleased to report excellent feedback from the delegates who in particular enjoyed the field exercises. Dates for future courses in the UK and US will follow in due course. In the longer term it is planned to take the course to Indonesia and Bangladesh where natural disasters are frequent to enable us to launch an effective early disaster response.[25/12/2012 11:22:38]

News Updates

Medical resuscitation lectures on Day 2

A boy from Seguin

The Cloud Forest Medical Clinic in Haiti Humanity First USA
The Haiti earthquake 12th January 2010, left over 200,000 dead, 300,000 injured, and more than 3 million Haitians affected. Humanity First (HF) was amongst the first few humanitarian organizations that arrived at the disaster zone and setup the relief mission that served more than 50,000 Haitians in need. During a Disaster Response Medical Reconnaissance Mission in February 2010, Dr. Clayton Bell, a 27 year old physician from Arkansas and HFUSA Disaster Response Volunteer identified Seguin region in the Southeast of Haiti in dire need of healthcare services. Seguin is an isolated mountainous and farming community of approximately 60,000 people located at more than 5,600 feet above the sea level. Haitian Christian Outreach (HCO) an organization based in
Regular meetings are essential to update skills and knowledge at the clinic

We wish to thank B.Braun, sponsors of the 6th Humanity First International Disaster Response Course, for their generous donation[25/12/2012 11:22:38]

News Updates

the area generously offered HF to use their facility, Cloud Forest Medical Clinic, to setup our medical clinic. In June 2010, with the help of Dr. Bell, Humanity First USA officially re-opened the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic (CFMC). Aside from a small dispensary located in Seguin, the next closest healthcare facility is located two hours away in Cayes-Jacmel. The Cloud Forest Medical Clinic opened only one year ago and has already seen well over 8,000 patients. Some patients walk many hours (up to 8 hrs each direction) across the countryside to receive medical care and it is not uncommon to see a patient's donkey tied up front by the clinic gates. Currently the clinic averages between 100-150 patients per week with busiest days being Mondays & Thursdays (market days). As of May 10, 2011, Ministry of Health (MSPP) reports 302,401 cases including 5,234 deaths since the beginning of the cholera outbreak in mid-October, 2010. Spread of cholera remains a big worry in the rainy season which is expected to last until November. Ministry of Health (MSPP) and PAHO/WHO is working with partners to develop contingency plans. There is need for continued support to improve access to clean water and healthcare. The Humanity First teams remain vigilant and continue to monitor developments in Haiti. for more about our activities, contribution to this newsletter or to contact members of the Humanity First Medical team. Humanity First Medical Please visit our website
Field exercises on day 3 of the Disaster Response Course

We wish to thank the British society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, UK for their support and donation to Humanity First International.
We are also most grateful to BSPGHAN members who made individual donations to Humanity First International during the Pakistan Floods disaster.

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