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Interview Process


1st round: Written Test 50 questions , 60 mins, 1st round written test (technical ,aptitude() questions)

Aptitude questions: total 15

1.28,25,5,21,18,5,14,?,?. 2.Which of the following no is divisible by 88?

3.The difference bw two digits of a no and the number interchanged by their po sitions is 36. What is the difference bw two digits of that number? question from average? 5. In the first 10 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was only 3.2. what should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs? 6.The avg weight of a,b,c is 45kg. Iff the avg weight of a and b be 40kg and t hat of b and c be 43kg, then the weight of b is? 7.If 20? Of a=b, then b%of 20 is tha same as=? 8.What % of no from 1 to 70 that ends with 1 & 9? 9. One question from profit and loss? 10. A can do a piece of work in 5 days while B can do the same in 9 days. The total cost of both work is 3600.But with the help of c, they finished tha t work in 3 days. How much will they pay for c? 11. A question from probability. 12. P,Q,R,S,X,A are sitting in a row. Q and S are at the centre while A & P are at the ends. If R us at the left to A then Who will be at the right to P? 13. Today is Monday, After 14)Main() { int i=32767; printf("%d",++i); } What is the output of i?? 15) What will be printed as the result? main() { int i=5; 61 days ,it will be--?

++i.&x). . } void main() { int x=10. printf("first output %d". } } What is the output? 1)12345 2)Infiniteloop 3)54321 4)compile error 23) Void main() { int i=7. modifyvalue(). if(var) { main().i--. } int modifyvalue(int x) { return(x+=1). printf("second output %d". } output? 18) Write a program for fibonanci series? 19) What is a command line argument in c? 20) What value the operator "%' returns? 21) Name the keyword to allocate memory in C? 22) main() { Static int var=5.printf(%d%d%d%d%d".i++*i++*++i). X++.var--). printf("%d". printf("third output %d". changevalue(x). x++.&x).--i.&x).i). changevalue(x). modifyvalue(). printf("%d". x++.i++. } 16) Whats the difference between printf and gets? 17) int x int modifyvalue() { return (x+=10).

++a).26 C.11.5 B) printf("%d".13 C)22.1.} What is the output? 1)576 2)720 3)560 4)504 24) int a=10. b=a++ + ++a.5 28) int x=2*3+4* printf("%d%d%d%d"b.13. why arrys are started from index 0? 31) What is the difference between class and objects? 32) what is recursive function? .0 D) B.11.11. } What will the above sample code produce when executed? A)1.13 25)WRITE THE GENERAL DECLARATION OF A POINTER? WHAT IS THE FINAL VALUE OF x WHEN THE CODE int x.2.1.3.b.11 e) return 0.46 D.x). } int main() { myFunc(5).70 29) What is the difference between string and character arrays? 30) In C program.x++){} is run? 26) What is the only function all C Programs must contain? 27) void myFunc(int x) { if(x>0) myFunc(--x).13 b)22.1. what will x in the sample code above? A.x<10.3.a++.5.50 E.4.a.10.4 E)0. What will be the output? A)12.11 D)12.0 C)5. for(x=0.3.

} What is the output? 45) Write a program for fibonacci series ? 46) Main() { int a=10. a++). ++a. a.i--). printf("%d". b.b. } What is the output?? 47) main() { Static int x=5.++i. .++i). if(x>0) x--.33) What is the difference between object and class? 34) What is the difference between string and character? 35) In C program. printf("%d%d%d%d".i++. } What is the output of i?? 44) Main() { i=0. why arrys are started from index 0? 36) what is recursive function? 37) In C program which function is must? 38) what keyword is allocate the memory in C? 39) The 'ORANGE' code is 723416 'RANDOM' code is 234579 therefore What is the code of "MANGO" ?? 40) This 'STREET' word is "TUSFFU" therefore what is the word of "WONDER"?? 41) Difference b/w printf and gets.--i. 42) write c code for command line argument 43) Main() { int i=36752. b=++a+a++. printf("%d%d%d%d".

which no is less than 1/3? 1)22/34 2)42/30 3)6/12 4)1 3.b. printf("third output %d". } Aptitude test 1.674xy what is value of x if this is divide by 80? 2. increment(x).a.&x). 50) f(int x) { if(x>0) f(--x) printf(%d". setchange(x). printf("second output %d". increment(x). return(x). } int increment(int a) { int x=a+10.a++. printf("first output %d".main() } output? 48) Output? b=a++ + ++a. } void main() { f(5). printf("%d".sum of thier ages is 44 what is ratio after 4 years? 4.and turns left and walk 30m again turns left and wa lkes 50m and again turns lef walk 50m. return (x).mother & her daughter age is in the ratio of 8/3.&x).++a). } void main() { int x=5. 49) int a=7. } written test tecnical main() { int setchange(int a) { int x=a+1. printf("%d%d%d%d".a++*a++*++a).&x).how far was he from starting position? . setchange(x).a persion walkes 50m north.x).

datastructure.11.diff between structure.the boat speed is 5kmph.class.object.write essay with 100 words about any one a.prepotition(10 qutions) far off is the place? 7.way to long live b.13.19.friend func takes 75minutes to row up to a place and back.diff between structure._____ what is next? 6.array? 4.? 3.most memorable moment in your life HR round 1.structure.question from dices? 8.binary treee.class.speed of stream is 1kmph.virtual base class.method by reference? .abstract class.15.what is function.operator overloading ? 2.5.callby value.