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Community Organizing Glossary of Terms Action Plan • Master plan of the organizer containing all major activities to be taken

on the entire phases of community organizing. CHO • Community Health Organization • A formal organizational structure that serves as coordinating body for all health and community development activities. CO • Community Organizing • For primary health care maybe defined as the process and structures thru which members of a community become organized for participation in health care and community development activities. Core Group Formation • Forming of potential leaders into a core group during the phase of community organizing Core Group or Potential Leaders • Group of individuals/community residents who possesses leadership potentials formed into a cohesive working unit Entry • Sometimes called social preparation stage • The most crucial stage of C.O. because it is where the organizer tries to establish and win the rapport of the community so as to go on pursuing its program goals and objectives • Integration and potential leaders identification takes place in this stage Health Development • Attainment of community’s mission/vision towards health through organized people’s effort utilizing own capabilities and resources HRDP • Health Resource Development Program • A program geared towards the distribution of health manpower from urban to rural areas launched by the Philippine Center for Population and Development under the U.S. Asian International Development (USAID) co-financing scheme. • Started in the year 1985 Integration • Basic continuing process in C.O. wherein the organizer immerses himself/herself in the community to get to know its culture, economy, history, leaders, and lifestyles • Establishing rapport with the people in a continuing effort to imbibe community life by living with them and undergoing the same experiences, sharing their hopes, aspirations, and hardships towards building mutual trust and cooperation.

and knowledge concerning their situation. wherein organizer selects the site. and accessible health services Pre-entry • The initial phase of C. by. attitudes.Organization Building • Formation of a community health organization • A stage where organizer prepares and helps the community establish their own organizational structure who will plan and act on health and community development programs. attainable.O. identifies and coordinates with community leaders as well as prepares the area for the entry phase of the student organizers Preliminary Social Investigation • The process of looking systematically for issues around which to organize the people by gathering their true sentiments. PAR • Participatory Action Research • A process of active participation and involvement of the community in the entire research process • The expected beneficiaries of research are the main researcher which is the people themselves PHC • Primary Health Care • An approach to the delivery of essential health care for. Self-Help • Community working together to critically assess and evaluate community conditions and work together to improve their status Social Investigation • Process of systematically looking form issues around • Investigate for objective problem or felt needs of the people in the community Sustenance Stage • Mobilization and Implementation stage • Community works on their own with or without organizer’s assistance • This is geared towards development Task Analysis • A process of analyzing a task to find out what needs to be learned Training • A solution to problems of potential leader’s lack of ability to manage or perform their task as a leader in initiating solving a community problem Training Design * An essential tool or guide of the organizer in training potential leaders . and with people because it is affordable. acceptable.