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A Long String of Green Bras Being Dried by Breezes off the South China Sea

There's a long string of green bras being dried by breezes off the South China Sea, and I can't see any panties or stockings. It's Thursday. Almost as if it was CLEAN YOUR GREEN BRAS TODAY, GIRLS-It's Thursday! B-cups. C-cups. D-cups. 34's, 36's, and two 40's; yet, I don't know if the 40's belong to old, obese nurses with sagging breasts, or young, slim, ones with firm, uplifted breasts—indeed very big! The wind blows on and on and on... Some bra cups fill up with balmy air and lunge forward—but for a sec. All of them are pinned up uniformly, naturally. Clothespins are all in the same position. The bras are each identified. Last names and serial numbers are written in dark green, indelible ink. Once where there were the whites of the manufacturer's tags, are now green little lappets-as required by Division Standard Operating Procedures.

The bras brave the excruciating torrid Asian sun. Some bras have bolder shades of green than the others. One or two have faded to dreary green. The sun has shrunken them a bit; but, soon these sacks will be stuffed, and their forms will be retained again-with a gentle force. My eyes travel down the long row of green, double-cupped “flags,” and I imagine each bra's owner taking her bra and fastening it behind her back—her mounds snuggled together with a suntanned valley between each of them. Breasts and breasts and breasts... Some are large enough to bob up and down. Some are small enough to be thought of as being 60-watt light bulbs. Some breast skin is thick, hard. Some breast skin is thin, soft. I long to slide my hands under the bras' backs, and then slide out and unhook them all. I long to cushion my face on those heaps of breast flesh. I long to feel the comfort and joy of their softness and daintiness. I long to be set in moments of abandonment and overwhelming emotion. I long to cuddle and find myself in the bosom of tenderness and love of just two breasts.

Authored by Anthony St. John 17 February 1998 www.scribd.comthewordwarrior