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Capacity Building program for CSM staff

MSI/SPN plans to expand its product portfolio to include some more products including Medical Abortion Out of Center (MAOOC) as a part of its strategy to achieve its Power Of Ten Pyramid Vision which envisions to achieve 1.7 millions CYP per year by 2015. In order to enhance the capacity of its CSM project, MSI/SPN plans to organize a 3- day staff orientation as a part of its learning voyage. Objectives      To update participants on MSI/SPN’s future strategies and power of ten vision To orient participants on the basic concept, practice and skills of Social Marketing To orient them on the social marketing plans/strategies for MAAOC, Explore breakthrough possibilities/options for CSM including increasing sales and product expansion. To detail the participants on MAAOC, Emergency Pills, OCP and Condoms:

Participants: CSM Team Date: February 14-16,2012 Duration: 3 days (Feb 26-28,2012- subject to confirmation) Venue: SPN Office at Satdobato

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how we will run this learning program by the Facilitator (15 Min) 4.using appreciative enquiry method/ brief Introduction to Appreciative inquiry concept (45 min) -------------------------------------------------------------Session-II 12:00-01:30 (PM). Rule of the Game.Day -1 Wednesday March 14.Get Warmed UP Objective: To share the basic purpose. Activities: PowerPoint presentation and discussion in plenary Exercises/group works (participants will develop quick marketing plan for few products using a quick format) Discussion and questions/answers . Welcome.Dealing with realities differently Objective: To motivate participants to learn new ways of doing things to improve their performance Activities: Presentations and practices Learning some soft skills with practice E. Highlight on the MSI/SPN’s Power of Ten vision and expected role of CSM by SMT member (30 min) 3.G (exercises/ group works) Coaching Visioning Breakthroughs Acknowledgements High Tea/snacks – 30 minutes Session III 2:00-5:00 PM Introduction to social Marketing Objective: To brief participants on basic concept of social marketing and how they can use the format for developing plan. and briefing on the objective of this orientation by Sales Manger (15 min) 2. methods and need for this workshop Activities: 1. 2012 Session-1 (10:00-12 AM). Introductions among participants.

how much. and proper administration. March 8. ----------------------------------------------------------Session I: 10:30.(breakthrough) -------------------------------------------------------------- . discussion and group works to explore and propose possibility for product portfolio expansions.11:30 Medical Detailing on products (Request to Support Office/MSI to nominate an expert) MAOOC EP OCP Objective: Participants will be able to talk about proper about composition. Group works on developing quick marketing plan for each product What. 2012 Session-II: 10:00-10:30 review and reflection of yesterday 30 minutes Participants share their feelings about the sessions. Partnership model/roles Discussion and exercises ------------------------------------------------------------High tea/snacks 2:30.Day -2 Thursday. Activity: Presentation/questions & answers ----------------------------------------------------------Session-III: 11:30 -02:30 Social Marketing of MAAOC Objective: To share the marketing/distribution plan with the participants Activities: PowerPoint Presentation on Plan.4:30 PM CMS portfolio expansion Objective:: To share and discuss about the possible new products to add to present portfolio Activities: Presentation. how many. where and when.3:00 PM Session-IV 3:00.

12:30 PM Quality of Care by QOC expert BY QOC Objective: To familiarize the participants with the concept and significance of QOC/What is QOC? And how important it is to increase sales? Activities: Presentation/discussion Session IV: 12:30.02:00 PM “Flirting with prospects” Improving communications skills Objectives To help them improve their communication (salesmanship) skills to deal with the prospects Activities Presentation and exercise -----------------------------------------------------Session V: 2:00-3:30 who moved my cheese (option session) A metaphor about changing life for improvements… Session VI 3:30.5 PM Inspiring closing note by CEO Certificate distribution? . discussion and projects -----------------------------------------------------------------------Session-III 11:30. 2012 Session-I 10:00-10:30 AM Review of yesterday’s sessions ------------------------------------------------------------------------Session-II: 10:30.4:30: any other relevant topics requested by the participants 4:30.Day-3 Friday. March 9.11:30 some easy and cheap field research that helps Objective: To familiarize the participants with some quick and simple market research Activities: Presentation.