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The God Particle Cutting Room Excerpt 1 Written by IMPACT Productions Team 4 Brian Jaime Elvia Rivas Jacqueline

Brooks Manuel Herrera from Draft #2 copyright 2012

EXT. AOQR PARKING LOT - DUSK Esther exits the AOQR facility and makes her way to a silver Porsche that is parked up front. She BEEPS the alarm and opens the driver's side door. She starts to get in when she looks up and sees an unmarked van parked across the street. She smiles, closes the door and makes her way across the street. INT. OFFICE SOMEWHERE IN CHICAGO - EARLY AM Gloria Brennan leans on an elaborate oak desk. She smiles seductively. MRS. BRENNAN It's only a matter of time before we have the particle formula. Nicollo Moretti steps out from the shadows of the dark office and smiles. He is debonair and sleek, not like your stereotypical mobster. MORETTI If Harris Worthington doesn't come through... MRS. BRENNAN ...he had better. MORETTI Worthington is a puppet. I know him better than he knows himself. He's already sent his men to intercept the data. (beat) Your daughter better not destroy those files until Worthington's men have had a chance to copy them. MRS. BRENNAN My daughter will do as she is told. You don't have to worry about her. Besides, she already has it setup for the files to be destroyed tomorrow morning. That gives Worthington's men until sun up to get ahold of the information. MORETTI And how did she manage that?

2. MRS. BRENNAN Let's just say, she's become more than just friends with Dr. North. MORETTI And your daughter won't get distracted? MRS. BRENNAN She's all business. Plus, there's nothing in Switzerland to distract her. She smiles at Moretti and runs her hands down his dress shirt. The two look at each other intensely. MORETTI Besides the fact that I've been dumping millions of dollars into your little organization, why are you so eager to help me? Isn't this against your belief system or something? MRS. BRENNAN Oh, Nicky, first of all, my organization is not little. The Light is the largest privately funded religious organization in the world. Next to the Vatican, of course. And, secondly, I'm a very powerful woman. So powerful, in fact, I know a good opportunity when I see one. (beat) Imagine what it would be like for a religious organization to have their hands in the limitless energy business. I'm no fool, Nicky, I know that's why you and Worthington want it as well. With you and I center stage, we'd be the most powerful couple in the world. True, we'd have to keep it all hush-hush for the time being, but it will be worth it in the end. She leans in closer to him and their lips meet. He hesitates. MORETTI Aren't you married?

3. MRS. BRENNAN Aren't you? They both smile and then fall into each other's embrace. EXT. SIDE WALK - DUSK Esther heads toward the unmarked van and pulls out her cell phone when a pair of muscular arms pulls her... INTO: EXT. ALLEY WAY - DUSK She SCREAMS and then faces her attacker. It's Agent Basil. He pulls her further down the alley until they are out of sight. She struggles against him until he pulls her close and they lock lips. She pushes him against the brick alley wall and buries her face in his. After a few moments, he pushes her off, her lipstick smeared across his face. She has nothing but lust in her eyes. BASIL We have to be careful. ESTHER (frustrated) That's all we are. Careful. She pulls away from him, takes a compact from her purse and begins to check her makeup. BASIL All we need is for your mother or that doctor to find out what's been going on between us and it's all over. You know that. ESTHER I'm starting not to care so much anymore. BASIL You were never this laid back in college. ESTHER Well time does something to a girl.

4. BASIL Have you and he? ESTHER (looking at him accusingly) No. (beat) He wants to wait until he's married. He believes in love and all that wholesome shit. BASIL And don't you...believe in love? ESTHER (closing her compact and putting it away) Not with him. (beat) You know the only reason I'm... BASIL I know. ESTHER I want to be with you. But... BASIL ...your mother, The Light, your make believe boyfriend, the particle formula, your career... (coughing) cancer. She lowers her eyes, searching for the right words. BASIL (CONT'D) Bad timing. That's what it's always been with us, kid. ESTHER Yeah. I guess. (beat) I don't want to marry him. BASIL (cradling her face with the palm of his hand) I know you don't. But, you have to. You and I both know it. Besides, you don't have a future with me. (begins coughing again) I'm a dying man. Remember?

5. ESTHER I can't help but hold out for a miracle. He SMILES. ESTHER (CONT'D) How did you even get them to let you come here? Not that I mind. But, surely they know about your condition. BASIL I've already told you, I've got it covered. I have a friend in the bureau who works in the medical office. He's covering up for me as long as he can. (beat) I had to be here. For you. To make sure you get out of this on top. Speaking of which... He pulls a small photograph out of his vest pocket and hands it to her. It is of the mysterious dark-haired woman entering the AOQR facility. BASIL (CONT'D) She was seen in the facility parking lot five minutes after you arrived. I had my men track her around to the rear of the building, but they lost her. Esther studies the picture carefully. BASIL (CONT'D) Friend of yours? ESTHER No. She doesn't work for The Light. I would recognize her. BASIL You sure your mother doesn't have her own backup plan in motion? ESTHER My mother may be a shrew bitch, but she would never double cross me.

6. BASIL Well, if she's not one of your people and she's not one of my people, then who is she? (beat) Your boyfriend's not cheating on you. Is he? ESTHER Kenneth North may be boring, stuffy, and stubborn but he is no cheater. (grimmacing) Believe it or not, he's a good guy. BASIL Well then we've got another player in the game. ESTHER Russian? BASIL They've shown no interest in the particle. ESTHER Can I keep this photo? I can get my people on it. BASIL It's yours. My people are on it too. She reaches up, pulls his head forward, and gives him a final kiss. He smiles as the two part. BASIL (CONT'D) Call me if you find anything. ESTHER (winking) Back at ya. BASIL (calling out to her as she heads back toward the street) Call me either way, gorgeous! She looks back and is all smiles. She waves and disappears around the corner. Basil smiles and shakes his head.

7. INT. CIA SURVEILLANCE VAN - DUSK The van door slides open and Basil gets in, sliding the door closed behind him. He sits next to Agent Trask, who is monitoring the facility. On the screen: Esther gets into the Porsche and pulls out of the lot. BASIL So, do we know who our mystery woman is? TRASK No. We're still waiting to hear back from headquarters. (noticing some lipstick on Basil's face) Looks like someone else has got a mystery woman too. Basil looks at him as if he does not understand. TRASK (CONT'D) The lipstick. On your face. Basil wipes the lipstick off and looks at his fingers. He's been had. TRASK (CONT'D) (teasing) Hot date? BASIL It was a server at the restaurant down the street. TRASK Which one? The blonde or the red head? BASIL Blonde. TRASK You dog! BASIL Scott and Leone? TRASK Their covering the rear of the building. Doing a sweep.

8. (beat) So, was she...good? BASIL Who? TRASK The blonde. BASIL Let's just concentrate on finding out who our mystery woman is. TRASK Yes, sir. But I call dibs on the red head. Basil begins coughing again and goes into a COUGHING FIT. TRASK (CONT'D) Woah, you okay, sir? BASIL (in between coughs) Just find out who that woman is. Basil slides the van's door open, steps out and slides it closed behind him without another word.

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