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“Anima Ferrea – the Iron Soul”

by Arda Metallwerkstatt im Kunsthaus Tacheles

2008 - 2009

Located in a huge old ruin in the heart of Berlin, the Kunsthaus

Tacheles represents an internationally unique use of ‘free space’ for

the creation of modern art and culture. The sculptor Hüseyin Arda,

one of the pioneering artists of the Artists' Initiative Tacheles, has

performed several urban art projects in metal sculpting since 1992.

In spring 2008, he established an art installation in the large

backyard of the Tacheles, which serves as his open workshop and

exhibition space. With his Metallwerkstatt, Arda supports the

preservation of ‘free space’ in the city and its access to urban

people. He allows the visitors to engage in the dialogue between

art and spectator and in his work in progress.
Arda Metallwerkstatt welcomes its visitors with four gigantic

rusty metal letters set up in front of its entrance: “LUST”. More

of those impressive metal letters are part of the studio

construction which was established as a temporary installation

of urban art. The Arda Metallwerkstatt and its distinctive

atmosphere and insights appeal to a wide range of visitors; its

various exhibition projects, performances and audio-visual

productions attract tourists as well as Berliners.

Enjoy art in the unique ‘free space’ in Europe’s art metropolis

“Anima Ferrea – the Iron Soul”

Art meets Spectator

by Arda Metallwerkstatt im Kunsthaus Tacheles

Arda Metallwerkstatt in the Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin Mitte,
has been presenting the art project “Anima Ferrea – the Iron
Soul” since February 2008. “Anima Ferrea” was initiated by the
sculptor Hüseyin Arda as a joint project and exhibition of a
number of international artists connected to the Arda
Metallwerkstatt. The art collective “Anima Ferrea” profiles itself
as a center for creative endeavors, with the artists generating a
broad repertoire of artistic productions such as metal and wood
sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and video films.
Due to the unusually diverse and mutual inspiration among the
artists, the constant exchange with the visitors as art is
developing, and the highly inspiring ‘free space’ of the partly
open-air workshop, the art produced at “Anima Ferrea” is so
uniquely powerful.

The project is further encouraging a deeper understanding and a
joyful approach to art. As a result, the exhibition is presently
drawing 300,000 visitors per year, from Germany and abroad.
A contemporary artist collective bringing together creative artists

from all over the world, “Anima Ferrea” aims at 

Perpetuating the original objectives and the spirit of the

Kunsthaus Tacheles. Following, reproducing and creating the

Zeitgeist of the Kunsthaus Tacheles, the artists of “Anima Ferrea”

believe in the power and merit of ‘free space’. Hence, Arda and

his group are dedicated to being the foremost successor of the

ideals of the Kunsthaus Tacheles. 

Contributing to urban art. The project “Anima Ferrea”

intends to transcend boundaries in order to create a dialogue

between the artist and the viewer, the city and its inhabitants in

an environment that is responsive and accessible to the public,

the urban masses.

Visiting the project “Anima Ferrea”, the public has an extended

opportunity to see several special exhibitions and the daily series

of screenings. In addition, visitors are invited to enjoy the

performances and audio-visual productions.

• Retrospective: Retro-Metal by Arda

In this section of the exhibition, metal sculptures which are part

of the retrospective are on display. Metal works and designs from

the period of 1992 until today are shown. The retrospective

presents previous projects like “Wörter für Berlin”.

Documentation about such earlier projects is available at the

entrance desk. For detailed information, see:
• “Work in progress” in the Open Studio

Four stages have been established to bring together the art, the

artist and the spectator. As such, the process of artistic creation is

made transparent for the numerous visitors and tourists. The

mission of this work-in-progress-exhibition goes beyond the

tradition of ‘art in public space’. It does not only create a dialogue

between the art and the contemplator, but works in a ‘magical

effect triangle’ between artist, art and viewer. Metal sculptors and

painters give individual as well as team performances on the

stages. In all, a special interactive art experience is awaiting

visitors at the Open Studio Arda Metallwerkstatt.
Video Screenings in the Orange Container
The project “Anima Ferrea” also provides exhibitions of audio-
visual productions. Visitors of the Orange Container can watch
short films, documentaries, and other screenings daily. The
schedule and the program are updated and announced every
week. Applications of young filmmakers for the screenings in
the Orange Container are welcome. For detailed information,

Kantina Zaza
At the venue of Arda Metallwerkstatt, visitors can also relax
among artists and enjoy the special atmosphere of the cafeteria,
called Kantina Zaza, having a tea or a beer. Occasionally, short
lectures, readings, musical or dance performances are
presented at the cafeteria. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays,
musicians or bands are playing everything enjoyable ranging
from jazz to soul, from world music to country.

“Anima Ferrea” Saturday Nights
Once a month, on Saturdays, all artists of the collective along
with guest artists come together for a meeting in the Arda
Metallwerkstatt Tacheles. These meetings are accompanied by
music performances. All interested visitors are cordially
invited to “Anima Ferrea” Saturday Nights.

Hüseyin Arda Halil Aydın Ataman

The painter Halil Aydın Ataman was born in Ankara, Turkey. Ataman has been
The sculptor Hüseyin Arda was born in Eskisehir, Turkey in 1969. In the early 1990s,
creating art in the Kunsthaus Tacheles for eight years. Currently living in Hannover,
right at the time of political and social turmoil in Berlin after German unification, he
Germany, he regularly travels to Berlin to contribute to the project “Anima Ferrea”.
became involved in the Artists' Initiative Tacheles, taking an active role in the Art
House project. Since 1992, Arda has been sculpting with metal and developing urban
art projects. He is the initiator of the project “Anima Ferrea”.

İmdat Uçar Rob Miller Adnan Kalkancı Luca Ciavarella
Yves Rasch
The Metal sculptor İmdat Uçar An Australian wood sculptor, The painter Adnan Kalkancı An artistic Blacksmith,
The German wood sculptor
was born in Şanlıurfa, Turkey Rob Miller was born in 1970. was born in Kars, Turkey in Ciavarella was born in Italy. He
was born in 1979 in Hamburg,
in 1978. He has been working He graduated from Victorian 1958. He is a graduate from graduated from University of
where he still lives and works. College of the Arts in
with Arda since 1998. His Ankara Art Academy. He has Bologna where he studied Arts.
He has been actively involved Melbourne in Fine Arts and joined “Anima Ferrea” in He has been actively involved
mythical creatures are
in several art projects and Sculpture. In August 2008 he summer 2008. He is also in “Anima Ferrea” since
important components of the joined the artist collective of
regularly comes to Berlin for affiliated to the Mendo Gallery, summer 2008.
project “Anima Ferrea”. “Anima Ferrea”. where Kalkancı hosts guest
“Anima Ferrea” in the
Kunsthaus Tacheles artists from different countries.

Anna Andropova Hakan Özata Sarah Baeumle Zeki Turan
Miguel Menegazzo
The painter Anna Andropova The metal sculptor Hakan The German metal sculptor The Metal sculptor, Zeki Turan
An Argentinian painter, Miguel
was born in Saint Petersburg, Özata was born in Tunceli, Sarah Baeumle was born in Köln, was born in Adıyaman, Turkey,
Menegazzo was born in Buenos
Russia, in 1988. She joined Turkey, in 1979. Özata has been Germany, in 1982. The only in 1980. He has been working in
Aires. With his abstract painting
“Anima Ferrea” in summer working with Arda since 2002 female metal artist in the group, “Anima Ferrea” since summer
style, Menegazzo worked in
2008, representing the young and was involved in several she has been involved in the 2008. Turan is working in
“Anima Ferrea”for 8 months.
generation in the collective. urban art projects. project since summer 2008. Kunsthaus Tacheles since 1998.
For any questions or further information related to project, artistic works and program details, the contact address are as
the followings.

Also visit to follow:

Project Initiator: Hüseyin Arda
Project Manager: Jens Jähnig
Project Coordination, Public Relations: Petra Krischok
Project Assistant: Esra Can

Mobil: +49(0)17624018891
Arda Metallwerkstatt in the Kunsthaus Tacheles
Oranienburger Strasse 54-56
10117 Berlin – Mitte