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N OF INVIGILATOR:____________ SIGN OF EXAMINER :_____________ SIGN OF CC TEACHER: _____________ GRADE SHEET

READING A1.Read the passage carefully and answer the questions: Once there was a white dove. She used to fly about searching for food for her babies. One day she came down to the banks of a stream to rest. At that moment a little ant fell from a shrub into the water. The steam was not deep. But to tiny ant it was like a huge ocean. As the ant struggled to save himself from drowning, the dove noticed him. She quickly plucked a blade of grass from the bank , and held it out to the struggling insect. The ant held on tightly to the tip of the grass. The dove pulled up the blade of grass. The ant thanked the dove to save his life. The two became good friends. Q1. What was the dove doing near the stream? Q2. Who fell into the stream? Q3. How did the dove save him? Q4. Pick out the words from the passage which mean the opposite of the given words: 1) Slowly 2) Loosely 3) Shallow 4) Huge WRITING B1.Look at the picture carefully and write a paragraph using words given in the clue box:

playground children swing having fun apple drinking water baby in a pram bench skipping rope dog running hiding

slide football

B2. Answer the following questions: 1. What did Mr Oliver tell the watchman? 2. What are the lovely things life has to sell? 3. Why did Mr Johnson not buy any books for three or four days? 4. Who helped Dalip to pull his arms out of the hole? How did they do so? 5. Why did the students go to Mumbai? GRAMMAR C1.Fill in the blanks with reflexive pronoun: i) I wrote this poem _________. ii) My mother often talks to ___________. iii) Alice and Anna collected the flowers _________. iv) Rahul made this T shirt _________. v) Ravi and Raj, if you want more milk help __________. C2. State whether the underlined words in the following sentences are possessive pronoun or possessive adjective: i) Is this your book? ii) She is not his friend. She is mine. iii) I dont know their daughter well. iv) I think i got my notebook mixed up with yours. v) I talked to my grandmother for three hours. C3. Pick out the adjectives from the sentences and name its kind: i) My teacher said that my dress was prettiest. ii) I saw all this with my own eyes. iii) There are many cities in every country. iv) Anu lives in that house. v) Which team scored the highest run in the match. C4.Pick the adverbs from the sentences and name its kind: i) She dances gracefully. ii) Rama has almost finished her painting. iii) I left my purse there. iv) I go to the church once a week. v) He called me up yesterday. SPELLING D1 . Dictation i) ____________________ ii) ____________________ iii) ____________________ iv) ____________________ v) ____________________

VOCABULARY E1.Write the meaning of the given words: i) Pavement ii) Catalogue iii) Miscreant iv) Outskirt v) crowded HAND WRITING After a couple of minutes a man sat down opposite me. There was nothing special about him, except that he was very tall. In fact he looked like a typical city businessman you know, dark suit and briefcase. I didn,t say anything and carried on with my crossword.