God Stopped Making Men Like Him

By Phyllis Chubb, Canada.
[As submitted to SA on Dec 2009]

any people had the honor of meeting or studying with Narendra Desai during the 77 years he shared with us between 1924 and 2001. This multi talented and highly evolved person touched the lives of many people.

Chubb has a Masters Degree in Human Relations; she maintained a full time counseling and Western Astrology practice for over 20 years and in 1998 when introduced to Jyotish she immediately began that study. She has had the opportunity to study with numerous teachers including Sanjay Rath. Her focus of late has been on using Jyotish as a Coaching tool for her clients, which is proving to be most valuable, especially for Westerners. Her personal passion involves introducing Westerners to the knowledge within the Vedas. www.phyllischubb.com

He was a Gandhian activist and freedom fighter, a classical Sanskrit authority and a Jyotisha par excellence. As the result of his efforts to free India his physical eyesight was damaged, however in no way did this damage impair his inner vision. It was well known that he was blessed with the ability to hear the Sages. Before leaving India to join his family in the United States he had travelled extensively throughout India, meeting and studying with many old Masters. Language barriers did not exist for him as his skills in these areas were par excellent especially in the area of classical Sanskrit, the language of the Seers. As a result of his knowledge of classical Sanskrit Narendra Desai brought fresh air and opportunities for new research to the teachings of the great sage Parasara and other Maharishi. This skill enabling him to read old works also enabled him to repeat the information provided by the ancients.

And. He also wrote a book on the Essentials of Numerology. then director of the Institute of Vedic Astrology in Sedona. The characteristics and themes associated with these names align most accurately with those called Uranus. The names provided for the graha were Prajapati. recorded Narendra Desai‟s advice for all of us: “Never mind what others say about the outer planets. The list of his achievements and honors is long: He received several honorary degrees and gold medal awards from various astrological Institutes. He was a life member of the Bombay Astrological Society. India. Rather. Naturally this discovery was met with mixed emotions. Some people immediately chose to adapt these new graha into a chart‟s array however other people chose to confine their studies to the originally identified graha. For many practitioners the results obtained through daily observations have attested to the accuracy of his words. they are there. F 1 or thirteen years he wrote an Astrology Column for the Mirror Magazine in India as well as numerous other articles on astrology and palmistry. The scroll he read had predicted three important grahas would be discovered in Kali Yuga. is well known. birth minute and your birth lagna.J. he actively shared his ever growing knowledge with students thereby introducing them to the wonderful world of reading thumb prints. Thumb reading was another area of great interest to him. Past President of the C. Varuna and Yama. we must use them!” And use them many of us do. The fact remains that his discovery clearly shows the teaching of the Maharishi were not intended to be stagnate and only rooted in the past. one major contribution he made to present day astrologers was the need to acknowledge the graha beyond Saturn. Krishnaswami Foundation and Astrological Academy. To say his range of knowledge was vast would not be sufficient praise. He learned of the importance of these new planets through a prediction relating to their discovery written on a Vasistha Nadi Palm leaf held within a museum in Madras. That he read many thousands of charts. One must not forget that in olden days astrology and palmistry were taught together in the gurukul and was a part of the parampara. his discovery has shown once again that the teachings have built within a knowledge and vitality that far exceeds our usual human understanding or expectation. Neptune and Pluto in the West. Creating birth chart from palm is a very old part of our shastras & paramparas and that’s how you identify real parampara when palmistry and astrology are beautifully mixed together by a parampara pandit . Narendra Desai could glance at your thumb and tell the exact seconds of your birth. In an article written some years ago. This was a technique he personally used to verify the accuracy of charts1. thanks to Narendra Desai‟s encouragement. Arizona. Dennis Harness.For example. and his wisdom is missed by countless clients and students. of people from all walks of life. as always.

.What is to follow is being shared for the sole purpose of showing another side to this soul. Then I saw a very short man walking to the front of the class and as I watched him my tears continued to flow. a side that is rarely seen. Upon purchasing it I began reading Richard‟s book immediately. – SA. it is hoped what will be described below will show the extant of this man‟s spiritual development. He held my hands as he spoke with the other students and when they left the first words he said to me were. there was no need to be crying. and certainly not commonly understood at least not in the West. Before one of my first classes began. There might be other greats like Panditji and readers can share their experiences with us. all of us were talking and sharing information about where we had come from etc. I wanted to leave the room but couldn‟t move. I had to find out more about this „stuff’. “What took you so long?” Need I say the tears were flowing again. I met Narendra Desai. fate seemed to be at work. At the end of the lecture my feet carried me to his outstretched hands rather than out the door. I still didn‟t know why. Prior to catching the book I knew nothing of Vedic astrology. It was as if I couldn‟t put it down and so much of it confused me. he can create birth chart out of palm and resorts to palm for timing of events rather than astrology. His eyes swept the audience then his head jerked back and his eyes focused on me. everyone including me was in a great mood. about 6 weeks after Richard Houck’s book The Astrology of Death had literally fallen into my hands as I stood pondering before a shelf in a book store. All of a sudden tears started running down my face. To make a long story short. However. as part of the deal I got a car to drive to Sedona from the airport in Phoenix and there was still space at the conference. as within I felt such peace. I had nothing to cry about. I just had no idea how much it would change. I couldn‟t believe it. I felt as if the lecture was given to me and today I still don‟t know what he was talking about. I should have known then my life was about to change and change it did. In 1998. I arrived safe and sound at the Conference and being an eternal student was happy to attend classes. After struggling with it for 2 days. in desperation. As it happened my husband over heard our conversation and he agreed with Richard. although I had practiced and taught Western astrology for 20 plus years. especially if the pandit can time events more accurately via the palm. I telephoned Richard Houck seeking clarity. Naturally he was unable to answer all my questions but he did tell me there would be a conference on this type of astrology in Sedona. The travel agent said there was a seat sale on flights to Phoenix that ended at 5 pm the day I spoke with Richard. Today only the 77 year old Pt Neelakanth Shastri from Benaras is known to us who knows far superior astrology than available in books. Arizona in 6 weeks and that I should go.

I. generosity and open heart. Yes. . how did he know so much and so forth. Naturally it took time to accept the magnitude of what had happened and the effect of being in his company. how he knew me. what I had to do. Now I accept he simply knew and I know more than anything else that through Narendra Desai I met a most holy person. He asked if I wanted to know when I would be leaving this life? He said he felt I needed this information in order to plan. how he saw the world. Unfortunately the moment I left their presence I was back to my normal state and knew nothing. he looked at my chart and told me many things but at that time. It took even longer before I would attempt to explain this event to anyone else. He told me that he was leaving soon and kept emphasizing that we would meet again. Saying good bye to this giant person who. without a doubt I know his presence must have had a similar impact on countless other people as well. For years I have questioned what he saw. I didn‟t know enough to even ask questions. Patel spoke Narendra Desai would pat my leg and tell me. regrettably. As Mr. It was only later that I found out who this man was. in such a short time. while I was in the room with these two giants I could understand everything they were saying.S. C. and it was all so natural and normal. I attended that lecture with Narendra Desai at my side. how could I describe what had happened to me? My years of study in psychology had not prepared me for such an event. Now I know having that information is valuable however there was a period when this knowledge was a challenge. along with countless others. There was a day long intensive course that year being taught by another famous teacher. However returning home was not easy in many ways. and is. “You knew that. had so phenomenally and effectively altered my life was done with a peace that words can not describe. you knew that!” If I did know it I certainly wasn‟t aware of it! A strange thing happened. a day does not pass with out some portion of it being devoted to Jyotish and the knowledge associated with it. have had the opportunity to see and hear the vast teaching of Jyotish come alive through the words and actions of the Master Jyotisha he was. Patel. And. that I had been with him before and would be again. As a result of his most powerful influence on me and the things he told me. He blessed us all and we are all the richer as a result of his knowledge. Events like I had experienced simply didn‟t happen in the world I was from. Filled with false confidence I said yes.In the following days we spent a great deal of time together and he told me many things about myself. For now I was to study hard.

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