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By Amy Palko

Red. Like the skin of the apple Eve first sank her teeth into. Red. Like the rush of blush that rises unbidden to flushed cheeks. Red. Like the dress that makes you sashay as you walk and makes everyone turn as you enter the room. Red. Like the tender flesh of the sacred feminine. Red. For a long time, the sacred feminine was repressed. Portrayed as unclean, sinful, subversive and weak, the sacred feminine was denounced and diminished made to feel small. And yet it never went away. It stayed lodged in our hearts as we embraced love of the unconditional kind. It lay coiled in our loins as we felt passions heat. It kept hidden in that place between breaths as we felt the call to stop striving and simply be. Just be. What follows is a list of 100 ways we can choose to express the sacred feminine. Most can be integrated into everyday life. Some

will take more time, effort and planning. All will stir the sacred feminine that resides within each and every one of us, regardless of gender. All will increase your desire for more luscious red in each passing second, minute, hour, day, week I have invited each of these ways into my world. And I invite you to do the same. As I explore what it means to allow the sacred feminine free expression, I will be individually addressing each of the ways listed here in this red manifesto at Join me? Amy xx

1. Meditate daily

2. Create a personal yoga practice

3. Deep self-care
4. Discover your natural sleep pattern

5. Presence: be here now

6. Let go: just let go

7. Wear natural fibres

8. Go on retreat
9.Create Full Moon Dreamboards

10. Explore tantra


11. Make a creativity space

12. Learn massage: bodywork 13. Learn reiki: energywork

14. Attend workshops: Expand

15. Wear light-coloured clothes

16. Learn Body Harmony

17. Wear red

18. Burn incense often
19. Write your own visualizations

20. Visit Maltese temples

21. Go on a goddess pilgrimage

22. Accept your body as it is

23. Skinnydip
24. Honour your sexual self
25. Make pleasure a priority

26. Photograph nature

27. Light candles

28. Create & recreate your altar regularly

29. Choose a daily oracle card 30. Raise your kundalini


31. Declutter
32. Shed possessions

33. Practice mantras

34. Start a spirituality circle

35. Honour the female form in all its guises


36. Place a singing bowl on your altar

37. Be your most expansive self

38. Nurture growth

39. Celebrate the sabbats
40. Hold space for others to awaken, recharge, blossom


41. Begin a goddess worship practice

42. Attract the right teachers

43. Commit to regular chakra work

44. Play more music

45. Dance every day


46. Find inner rhythm to daily ritual

47. Eat organic & fair trade

48. Start Meatless-Monday

49. Eat seasonally

50. Pamper often


51. Minimize make-up

52. Give and receive touch daily

53. Research goddess narratives

54. Share knowledge

55. Start hooping


56. Sparkle
57. Meditate on your spirit animal

58. Attend a toning session 59. Drink smoothies

60. Practice conscious cooking

61. Share your voice

62. Live without limits

63. Expand your comfort zone
64. Live in a home that supports spiritual growth

65. Release the ghosts


66. Embrace vulnerability

67. Surrender

68. Say thank you

69. Write letters
70. Decide on a signature scent


71. Recognize dignity

72. Add, Edit, Appreciate on weekly basis

73. Build an online home

74. Buy red roses

75. Embody & channel goddess consciousness


76. Honour your path

77. Honour the path of others

78. Celebrate beauty

79. Connect with the angelic realms often

80. Be gracious in all communications


81. Drink herbal tea

82. Act mindfully

83. Travel light

84. Explore Ayurveda

85. Eat best quality chocolate


86. Connect fully

87. Lose inhibitions

88. Be graceful
89. Love with abandon
90. Walk tall


91. Smile often

92. Read poetry out loud
93. Give yourself permission to play

94. Construct your own bliss curriculum

95. Live luxuriously


96. Adopt tenderness as a practice

97. Meditate in sacred spaces

98. Challenge inequality where you find it

99. Treasure innocence

100. Take the risk to blossom



Dr. Amy Palko Creative Commons License: Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike