Understand the principles of menu planning, applying relevant nutrition guidelines Awareness of available menu assessment tools and standards Be able to apply menu assessment tools to evaluate a menu Understand menu planning for special groups eg. Residential facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, school canteens Understand food service limitations
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Menu Planning & Assessment
February 2008
Carmel Lazarus
Contact Details Food Service Nutrition Manager & Consultant Dietitian clazarus@tpg.com.au, 0416482199
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Menu Planning
A fundamental tool in Dietetic practice Encompasses all aspects of the food service system The quality of the menu is dependent on the time invested in the planning process
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Is the menu important?
Production & Distribution Systems

Stores & equipment



Menu Service

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Nursing Homes Sports Industry Child Care Sector Corporate Catering Acute Care facilities

Objectives in Menu Planning
Meet nutritional needs - “Recognition that food is treatment”- part of medical therapy treatment”BDA Better Hospital Food Project (1999)

Meet/exceeds customer expectations Drives purchasing Determines production methods and distribution systems Dictates staffing levels Provides quality, standardisation & predictability
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Carmel Lazarus February 2008


2003. cycle menus Spoken menu Choice at point of service Menu Type Selective vs non selective menu When would you be likely to use selective menus and non selective menus? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each Menu Template – No. menu assessment tools. DOH food and nutrition policies Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Overseas Experience Food is important in hospital setting Patient feedback counts – increasing influence Influenced food service review – Better Hospital Food project 2001 – Food. Wales – NHS Plan for the UK Components of Menu Planning System Menu Standards and Policy Menu template Menu pattern Menu type Food and nutrition policies Menu objectives Dietary guidelines Influencing Factors Production system Distribution systems Staffing levels Skills of staff Budget Food availability Equipment/storage Menu Basics Nutrition Customer preferences Colour/texture/flavour/va riety Menu descriptions Menu combinations Menu popularity Controls Food specifications Standardised recipes Ingredients room Standardised portions Evaluation Client satisfaction surveys Quality activities – plate wastage. Pt preferences VS Standards – Food Safety. & type of choices to offer Menu Pattern – Timing & frequency of meals / 24 hrs Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 2 . Dietary NRVs. Scotland – Food and Well Being. 2003. NRVs.Dietitian’s role in Menu Planning Hospital Accreditation DAA competencies for entry level dietitians Directly impact customer satisfaction Directly impact nutritional care Drive menu policy Direct customer choice Challenges Balancing act to meet menu objectives and nutrition goals Constraints . Fluid and Nutritional Care. accuracy audits Pt visits Costing reports Menu assessment Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Menu Design Menu Type – – – – selective vs non selective A la carte.Costs. Equipment. Staffing. guidelines. Skills.

Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Selective Menu Non-Selective Menu NonDay 1 Poached Fish Creamed Potato Steamed Cabbage Mashed Pumpkin Rice Pudding Orange Juice Creamy Chicken Soup Day 2 Savoury Mince Steamed Rice Peas Corn Semolina Pudding Pineapple Juice Lamb and vegetable Soup Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Day 3 Roast Chicken & Gravy Pasta Creamed Sweet Potato Steamed broccoli Baked custard Apple juice Ham and Split pea Soup Carmel Lazarus February 2008 3 .

popularity Improved pt/staff interaction Streamline selections & production Perceived to be technologically advanced by patients/residents Disadvantages Repetitive for staff Pts from NESB require paper menu Costs with upgrading technology Returned visits if pt unavailable/labour intensive Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 4 . 5 desserts Recipes trialled to ensure quality: taste Texture presentation Recipes all analysed Photos displayed of each dish to ensure standardisation and consistency in plating Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Current Status Poor pt satisfaction scores Consultant review to improve on food service Average LOS was 3/7 Cook chill facility Carmel Lazarus February 2008 BME Menu Design – Spoken Menu Advantages Direct pt choice Order selections based on cost.5 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 A la Carte Menu Breakfast Apricot Juice Apple Juice Apricot Juice Stewed Pears Stewed Apricots Banana Porridge Weetbix Rice Bubbles Cornflakes White Bread Wholemeal Bread Raisin Bread Muffin Margarine Jam Lunch Vegetable Soup Beef Consomme Potato & leek Soup Potato Salad Pasta Salad Rice Salad Dinner Vegetable Soup Beef Consomme Potato and leek soup Potato Salad Pasta Salad Rice Salad 2001 % 15 58 1 14 0 12 Roast Beef with Gravy Spinach Pie Grilled Fish with Lemon Lamb & Tomato Casserole Fresh Fruit Yoghurt Ice Cream Jelly Roast Beef with Gravy Spinach Pie Grilled Fish with Lemon Lamb & Tomato Casserole Fresh Fruit Yoghurt Ice Cream Jelly Carmel Lazarus February 2008 New initiatives A la carte Menu in tertiary public hospital A la carte menu on a computerised system 13 mains. nutrition.Cycle Menus McClelland & Williams J Human Nutr Diet 2003 Menu Cycle Length <14 14 15-20 1521 22-27 22>28 1986 % 14 40 5. 10 salads.5 20 1 19.

of vegetables – No. of hot mains – No. Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Sample of a menu template – 7 day cycle FOOD GROUP SOUP 1 SOUP 2 MEAT/ALTERNATIVE MEAT/ALTERNATIVE VEGETARIAN OPTION POTATO/RICE/PASTA MAIN SALAD SANDWICH VEGETABLES DESSERT JUICE Carmel Lazarus February 2008 SUN MON TUES WED THUR FRI SAT Beef Chicken Lamb Beef Chicken Fish Pork 5 .Menu Design – Paper Menu Advantages Pts have time to review menu Relatives can select for pt (NESB. of desserts – Plan for special days eg. including menu fundamentals Checklist. dementia) Communication to pt via nutrition messages Use as a marketing tool Healthier selections are easily identified Room Service Menu Call centre set up Using a hybrid Short order section in kitchen required Limited room service menu options Disadvantages Pts can over select Printing costs Can’t direct choice Data entry/scanning required Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Denmark Menu Template Develop template with number of choices per food category: – No. fish on Fridays – Colour code items on template to look for repetition Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Carmel Lazarus February 2008 Template Order Fill in hot mains then cold dishes Hot Breakfast Choose accompanying starch then other vegetables Desserts Soup Modified diets planned Use colour coding to check for repetition Checklist.

selectivity.In Summary Objectives Challenges Components of the system Menu Design type – cycle. pattern template Carmel Lazarus February 2008 6 .