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 3-Month Plan  Fat-Sizzling Foods  Hardcore Workout
Special Report:

Cover Model Search Winner AllEN ElliOTT


Compliments of: Co p e s o :

TRaveleR'S gUIDe TO eaTIng On THe gO

pg. 46


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JANUARY 2013 • ISSUE 170

46 26

your best shape ever!

18 Thyroid & Metabolism
If you have unexplained weight gain, the answer could lie with your thyroid. Find out more about this important gland and how it affects your metabolism.

28 Believe It
How to conceive, believe and achieve your weight-loss goals.


30 Snow Fun
Seven locations where you can get your winter on!


36 12-Week Transformation
See how this young man lost more than 80 pounds in 12 weeks and now is helping others get in phenomenal shape through Max Muscle.

24 Best Body Ever
Cover model Allen Elliott shares valuable tips to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals in 12 weeks.

26 Arm Blaster
Check out the first of three workouts over the next few months to help you get in

38 Perfectly Purple
If you love purple, you'll love these fun beauty finds!

40 Beard Care
If you're ready to sport a

Got a beard? Keep it looking nice and trim with these great products!




ı JANUARY 2013


beard, here are the products you'll need.

54 Rustic Comfort
Enjoy this recipe for wild mushroom risotto!

42 Year-Round Beauty
From meditation to skin care to choosing the right bathing suit for your body type, here are monthly tips to keep you beautiful all year long!

56 Blast Fat
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition's wildly popular fat-churning Emerge can help you in your fight against fat!


46 Eating on the Run
Just because you have to travel for work doesn't mean you can't eat healthy. Here's how.


50 Fat-Sizzling Foods
From lean meats to whole grains and chili peppers, here are seven foods that fight fat naturally!

34 Max Champ 60 Ask Dr. Harvey

4 6 10 12 16 62 Editor’s Note President's Point Contributors Feedback Buzz Health Beat What's Hot

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 3-Month Plan  Fat-Sizzling Foods  Hardcore Workout
Special Report:

Cover Model Search Winner AllEN ElliOTT

pg. 46

Co p Compliments of: e s o :




www.maxmuscle.com l

TRaveleR'S gUIDe TO eaTIng On THe gO

Photographer: James Patrick, JamesPatrick.com Model: Allen Elliott Assistant: Kim Miller Location: Scott's Training Systems ScottsTrainingSystems.com




WHEN photographer James Patrick (who has shot many covers and features for MS&F over the past two years) approached me with the idea to do a cover model search at the Fitness Model International convention in Newport Beach this past October, I was immediately on board. We had several candidates turn out for the audition and narrowing it down to one choice was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. I relied heavily on James and his team's thoughts and considerations as well. In the end, we decided on one winner: Allen Elliott. I can't even begin to tell you what a great choice Allen has been. Not only is this young man dedicated, upbeat and hardworking, but he did above and beyond the call of duty for the cover and workout shoots and he contributed articles relevant to our January issue to help readers get in the best shape of their lives! Please read his article on pages 24-25 and get inspired to achieve your best body ever in three months! Other articles in this issue will help you on your journey. Consider Maria Kang's mentally ¿t article on how to conceive, believe and achieve your goals (pg. 28) or 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion Amanda Freeseman's column on tips to help you become the next MaxForm champion (pg. 34). Not sure what to eat to get the most out of weight loss? Check out the article on seven fat-sizzling foods on pgs. 50-52. And if you're thinking there's no way you can join the MaxForm contest or stick to a nutrition plan because you travel too much for work, think again. Experts provide plenty of guidance and solutions on pgs. 46-48. Lastly, when you need more than dieting and fat-burning foods, ¿nd out how Max Muscle's wildly popular weight-loss product, Emerge, has customers raving about how this delicioustasting product is helping them lean down like never before (pgs. 56-57). For fun, we have included an article on seven winter destinations (pgs. 30-32) where you can enjoy everything from heli-skiing to snowshoeing and ice skating. So, go burn some calories out on those slopes and enjoy winter! Happy 2013, everyone! Make it a great year! Until next time,

with the Best in Concentrated Liquid Nutrition!
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LaRue Novick

LaRue Novick is Editor in Chief and Creative Director of MS&F.

ı JANUARY 2013


was a key factor in helping me

lose over 60 LBS. during
my personal transformation!”

Amanda Freeseman
2012 Maxformation Champion

7-Keto is a non-stimulant thermogenic weight loss ingredient that safely and naturally increases metabolism and burns stored fat.

Total Weight Loss Over 8 Weeks

Total Weight Loss

6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Source: Kalman, 2000 p=0.01 00 p=0 01

Placebo 7-Keto 7-Keto 7-Keto

Percentage of Change in RMR


Documented by Clinical Trials (n=65)

Source: Zenk, 2002 p=0.038

1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0 -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.5 -3.0 -3.5 -4.0

Documented by Clinical Trials (n=45)

Change in Metabolism

Placebo 7-Keto
Source: Zenk, 2007 p=0.001

Quadra Cuts Night Time is Available Exclusively at

L E A R N M O R E AT M A X M U S C L E . C O M

*Amanda Freeseman’s results are not typical. Amanda used Quadra Cuts Nighttime as part of a comprehensive nutrition program that included healthy eating and exercise.
7-Keto® is a registered trademark of Humanetics Corporation and protected by U.S. Patents 5,585,371; 6,153,606; 6,489,313; 7,199,116; 7,553,829; 8,124,598.

I can't belIeve I'm

writing my editorial for the start of a new year. If you’re reading this, that means we all survived the end of the world and the Mayans were wrong. That’s great news! And better news is that our best selling weight-loss drink, Emerge, has two great new Àavors expected to arrive this month just in time for diet and weight loss season! New Blossom White Tea and Minty Mojito are coming soon and the initial feedback already is that these are two of the best Àavors Max Muscle has ever done! To top that off, Emerge is on special all month long; when you buy the ¿rst one, you get the second one 50 percent off! This is a great way to take advantage of some special savings and try any of the 12 great Àavors of Emerge – at half the price! To help our awesome customers get motivated and achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve brought the MaxForm Life Challenge back for 2013 and are awarding the best body transformation with $25K in cash! In addition to the money and great new body, there’s a lot of recognition and publicity that comes along with it. If you haven’t already seen it, the current MaxForm Life Challenge Champion, Amanda Freeseman, is featured prominently in the new issue of Fitness Rx Women. She’s in a 3-page pullout poster inside the magazine that goes through her entire workout and diet routine. She is also appearing on Fitness Rx Women’s website in a series of videos where she talks about her training, diet and supplementation. You can check it out at FitnessRxWomen.com. She's also going to be featured in an upcoming issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers with a full page editorial write-up on her amazing MaxFormation! We're so proud of you, Amanda! While you’re sur¿ng the web, be sure to check out the newly designed MaxMuscle.com. We’ve updated the site with a brand-new slicker look, making it easier to navigate and ¿nd the information that’s important to you. The same goes for our monthly e-newsletter, so if you aren’t currently getting it and you want to get even more specials and the latest product announcements and info about the company before everyone else, then sign up for the e-newsletter when you’re on MaxMuscle.com. We’ve got some exciting things planned for this upcoming year with innovative new products being developed, Max Muscle stores being reformatted and the Customized Max Muscle Nutrition Plan getting an overhaul. Thanks to all of you who helped make 2012 a great year for Max Muscle and here’s to 2013 and Max Muscle’s best year yet!

Publisher Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. Executive Editor Sean Greene Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director LaRue Novick Proofreader Tariq Ahmad advisory Board
Rand McClain, DO; Ron Higuera, DC, MS, ART; Robert Goldman, DO, PhD; Gary Brazina, MD, FACS; Charles Poliquin, BS, MS; Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN

Contributing Writers
Lisa Maiorana, Joe Wells, Amanda Freeseman, Linda Hepler, Abby Hoeffner, Susan Irby, Kimberly Miller, Jennifer Cho Salaff, Jennifer Lee, Lisa Moretti, Jessica Wyland, Allen Elliott, Dr. Phil Harvey

Contributing Photographers
James Patrick, Frank Fontanilla, J. Robert Williams, Walt Ostarly, Mike Byerly James Allen Photography, Susan Irby

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Sean Greene is President of Max Muscle and the Executive Editor of MS&F.

ı JANUARY 2013


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a and er Am Ov t Los s
w/ E

0mbrge! 6 le

Amanda Freeseman Champlin, MN


One of the hottest & most exciting new weight loss products to hit the market is Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix. Developed by a sports nutrition company that has specialized in weight loss for over 20 years, this delicious new fat-burning drink has already helped thousands of women from all over the country lose weight by stimulating fat metabolism and promoting appetite suppression in addition to enhancing mood, alertness and focus. N Not only is Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink M Mix helping women shed the pounds, it's also h helping them feel better and have more energy t to get through their day. Amanda Freeseman from Champlin, Minnesota lost over 60 lbs.* with the help of Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix and feels better than she ever has before. Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix comes in 12 mouth watering flavors and is available exclusively at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Stores across the country or at www.maxmuscle.com! Let the New You Emerge Today! m

AMANDA BEFORE • 219 lbs. • 34% body fat • Dress Size 18

AMANDA AFTER • 150 lbs. • 22% body fat • Dress Size 8

Minty Mojito and Blossom White Tea!

Try our


*Amanda’s results are not typical. Amanda used EMERGE Body Slenderizing Drink Mix as a part of her overall Nutrition Plan.

See What Women Across The Country Are Saying About EMERGE!
“I was so busy with work, family and trying to just keep up with everyone around me that I let myself go, and I gained 20 lbs. so fast I didn't even notice! What I needed was something to just help me break down that wall to get me started and help to build the momentum I needed to achieve the healthy and fit body I so desperately wanted back! EMERGE is exactly what I needed to help stop my bad eating habits, and keep my energy levels up. I didn't feel weird or jumpy, so EMERGE was my daily go to partner in my battle to fight off the extra pounds! I lost 20lbs and competed in my 1st Bikini competition. EMERGE was the extra boost to keep me motivated and achieve the results I wanted. Now I am so much happier in my own skin! Thanks to EMERGE I am back on track!
Jennifer Stevens, 29 Years Old • Clayton, CA



“Max Muscle’s EMERGE was definitely a game changer in my fitness routine. Now every day for me starts with EMERGE, the appetite suppressant keeps me focused on my planned breakfast, the healthiest option, and reduces any cravings for the foods that I know I don’t need to have during the day. There is no better jump start to get me through my morning cardio. I call EMERGE my ally to reach my fitness goals. I’m doing the work any way and EMERGE keeps me on track with the energy level and fat burn that I need!”
Erica Cobb, 31 Years Old • Denver, CO



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Jessica Cisneros, 23 Years Old • Antioch, CA



“Since starting EMERGE just 3 1/2 months ago, I have blasted away 6% body fat, been able to shed 4 inches off my hips, 2 inches off my thighs and just over 2 inches off my waist. It's hard to find a workout product that will aid in safe weight loss, and taste amazing. EMERGE has easily become my go-to workout product.”
Stephanie Lewis, 43 Years Old • Woodbridge, VA





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Joan Bohrer, 47 Years Old • Sacramento, CA


“ “I wanted to make a definite lifestyle change and needed something to spark that change. With the help of my Certified Nutrition Coach and EMERGE, I was able to lose 120 lbs. and check a major goal off of my bucket list by competing on a figure stage in Folsom, CA. To think on the first day of my journey, I could barely do 15 minutes on a treadmill! Hard work, dedication and consistency has been the ticket. If we treat our body well, it wil treat us well. I am 47 and in better health than I have ever been. EMERGE has been a wonderful staple in my program for success.”



Lisa Moretti took the leap of faith
and left her oh-so-glamorous (NOT!) career as a TV producer to do what she loves: write about health, ¿tness, natural remedies, travel, food and dogs – sometimes all at once! Six years in and it’s working out pretty well, but she cautions that “hitting the reset button on life” is not for the faint of heart. She is known as the “Martha Stewart of dogs” and her dogs are quite sure she is the best dog chef in the world.

James Patrick earned his bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Arizona and has been a contributing photographer and writer for multiple ¿tness publications throughout the United States, Canada and internationally. He has received multiple ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation for color photography. His photography work and regular writings appear on his website at JamesPatrick.com.

Jennifer Cho Salaff is an award-

winning journalist who has covered the arts, food, fashion, ¿tness and parenting. She attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and is passionate about bringing awareness to places she has visited around the world – most recently being Africa. Jennifer muses about motherhood, career and ¿nding balance in between on her blog, JenniferChoSalaff.blogspot.com.

Kimberly Miller, MS, is a commercial and ¿tness talent, writer, stylist, runner and a mom. It was during her graduate work that her passion for writing developed; she currently contributes to a variety of publications as well as serves as a featured ¿tness blogger for the Arizona Republic Newspaper. She seeks to empower and inspire others to live a healthy and balanced life. Visit KimMillerStyle.com.
Want to contribute to MS&F? Send story ideas/pitches to editor@maxmuscle.com.

The Top Selling Protein For 20 Years*

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Thank you again so much for the opportunity! This is so exciting!
–Parker Cote, December MS&F cover model

Here are some pictures from the Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run in Sacramento that we participated in with some of our customers on October 28th. There were 12 of us who ran the 10K course, two who ran the 5K course and two kids who did the kids 1-mile adventure run. We plan on doing this Mud Run next year and hope to have even more of us on Team Max Muscle Placerville.
–Jon and Desirae Meyer, Max Muscle Placerville, CA

Omar Rubio, 5, of Stockton reppin' Max Muscle gear! Omar's dad is a long time customer.
–Mark Sarale, MM NorCal Regional Director

Take your picture with a copy of MS&F or your favorite Max Muscle product(s) and email it to the editor at editor@maxmuscle.com for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue!


Here is a picture of some of our local 2012 MaxForm contestants. They have made friends and have been doing events together as a team since the contest ended. Their shirts sport the TEAM MAX logo on the back. Live Uncommon is a local group that recognizes living a balanced life and giving back to the community. Pictured left to right: Jasmine Ford, Jennifer Collins, Mark Dann, Angie Nipper and Duane Franzen.

– Scott and Karen Herkes, Max Muscle franchisees, Bettendorf, Iowa and Moline, Illinois

ı JANUARY 2013

I used Max Muscle's Carbo Max, Glutamine and creatine supplements as part of my 6-month transformation and read every issue of Max Sports & Fitness during my cardio sessions, sometimes at 1:30 a.m. T two he gyms I attend always have your mags handy. T for the inspiration! hanks
Photo by Walt Ostarly


–Jessica A. Shaeffer, Spokane, Washington via response to Facebook posting

Photo by Mike Byerly

Maria Kang knows what a tough job being a mom working a full-time job and maintaining a fit physique is all about. Find out more about this awesome mom in our upcoming issue dedicated to mothers across America!

My Tummy Trimming Secret

After being pregnant, I needed to get rid of the excess water in my body and boost my metabolism. With Max Muscle's Cleanse & Lean, I lost 10 pounds of unwanted waste and water within the first two weeks. This product helps me work harder during my workouts because I don't feel overly full in my stomach and with getting rid of the excess, I feel more energized during my training sessions. I have been using Cleanse & Lean for over a year now with my daily supplementation and after three children, birthed in 2007, 2009 and 2010, my stomach is flat and toned and my body digests food for energy way better than before.
–Shay Zamora, 28, Brisbane, California, via email


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We want to hear from you! Send comments, photos, questions, likes, dislikes to editor@maxmuscle.com.






Most of us have heard of Low-T and the negative effects that it can have on men. What most men don't realize is that testosterone doesn't just start declining once you reach your forties and fifties. Several cases have shown that men as early as their late twenties and early thirties experience low testosterone levels. This was the case for Duane Franzen of Cordova, Illinois. For 10 years, Franzen's testosterone levels had been decreasing, causing him reduced energy levels, lower self-esteem and less stamina which overtime lead to muscle loss and fat gain. He was officially diagnosed with Low T in June 2011. “When I found out, I wanted to hide it from the world out of shame,” he admits. Duane fought this unknown demon every way he could. He had ballooned to 245 pounds with 36 percent body fat. After he was diagnosed, he was prescribed 50,000 IU of vitamin D per week to treat depression and was placed on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). These remedies only made a minor improvement with his condition. Then in October 2011, Duane's life was forever changed when he was introduced to Max Muscle and 2TX. Duane stopped his TRT treatments, began supplementing with 2TX and started on a Max Muscle Customized Nutrition Plan. Today Duane is down from 245 lbs. and 36% bodyfat to a lean and mean 177 lbs of muscle. His energy levels, stamina, sex drive and self esteem have all improved and he feels better than ever before. Duane says he owes it all to the change in his lifestyle, Max Muscle and 2TX. Try 2TX and feel the difference it can make in your life.

Duane Franzen with his old self at 233lbs. and now, 8 months later at a lean and muscular 177 lbs.

BEFORE you resort to prescription medication, try 2TX for a natural solution that really works!



*Duane’s results are not typical. Duane used 2TX as a part of his overall Nutrition Plan.


By Linda Hepler, BSN, RN


A recent collaborative study between the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo University Hospital and the National Institute of Health Sciences in the United States found that triclosan, an antibacterial chemical found in many hygiene products, may contribute to allergy development in children. Triclosan is added to products such as antibacterial soaps and body washes, toothpastes and cosmetics to prevent bacterial growth. It’s also found in clothing, kitchen utensils and toys. It has been used for more than 40 years and is currently considered by the FDA to be safe – and effective – for human use. But the study, which measured triclosan levels in the urine of both Norwegian and American children, found that those children with the highest levels were more likely to have elevated Immunoglobulin E (IgE) blood levels (associated with allergies) as well as hay fever and stuffy nose. The hypothesis is that because triclosan changes the composition of “good” bacteria on the skin, in the mouth and in the intestines, it can increase the risk of developing allergies. Consumers who want to decrease their children’s use of triclosan should read labels – particularly on toothpaste, which is the major source of exposure – and use only those products without triclosan.

Feeling guilty about splurging on a spa retreat? You really shouldn’t, say researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. In an evaluation of 15 people both before and after a week-long stay at a health and wellness spa, where they participated in yoga programs, fasting followed by a very low-calorie diet, colonic hydrotherapy and meditation, participants decreased their weight by an average of 6.8 pounds. They also had decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, mercury, sodium and chloride levels – and an increase in hemoglobin (the oxygen transport system in red blood cells). In addition to physical beneÀts, psychological testing showed a decrease in anger, tension, fatigue and confusion, and increased vigor. Because of the decrease in the electrolytes sodium and chloride, the researchers suggest checking in with your doc before booking a spa visit to make sure that you don’t have a medical condition that would be worsened by these changes. Once you have the green light – go ahead – and enjoy!


Sweat Glands & Wound Healing

If there are times you wish your sweat glands weren’t quite so active – like when your palms are dripping on that ¿rst date with the hot guy you just met – a new study may have you thinking differently. Researchers from the University of Michigan Department of Dermatology found that the same glands that help your body cool down after a trip to the gym play a key role in helping wounds to heal. While it had previously been believed that new skin cells that grow to replace injured cells originate from hair follicles and skin at the edges of a wound, the UM researchers discovered that these replacement cells arise from beneath the wound, where a type of sweat gland called the eccrine gland lies. This gland stores stem cells that can quickly be recruited to aid in wound healing. So, here’s to perspiration – and your good health!

ı JANUARY 2013


Science Based Nutrition

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition offers a comprehensive and complete line of nutraceuticals Every nutraceuticals. Max Nutraceutical includes the Quality Ingredients Guarantee. Max Nutraceuticals are available exclusively through Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.



Burn Baby, Burn

By Linda Hepler, BSN, RN

If you are looking to decrease your body fat, you’ve probably stumbled across the terms “metabolism” and “thyroid” with some sketchy explanations that gave you a hint that the two are intertwined. In truth, your thyroid gland is the master of your metabolism universe!

In 2003, the level of tSh conSIdered “normal” waS lowered from 5.0 to 3.0 to IndIcate hypothyroIdISm. even today though, many labS StIll uSe the old normal range. conSequently It’S Important to know your numberS and work wIth a doctor who IS up to date.

etabolism is a term that gets thrown around by many wellmeaning people trying to tell you how to get cut faster by speeding up your fat furnace. Warning: if you mess with the metabolism master, you can severely damage your health – we’re not talking for a couple of weeks, we’re talking for a lifetime! Metabolism is the chemical process in your cells that converts nutrients into energy. Most people talk about metabolism as if it were the speed at which your body is burning calories but it’s actually the way in which your body does its work. Metabolism is really about how ef¿ciently and effectively your body uses the food you eat. There are three contributing factors to how you burn calories: basal metabolic rate (BMR), which measures your resting rate and accounts for about 65 percent of your calories; physical activity, which expends calories to move; and a food’s thermic rate, which is how many calories your body uses to break down the food you’ve eaten. The gatekeeper of your metabolism is your thyroid gland, a butterÀy shaped organ at the front of your neck just below your larynx. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism and calcium in your body. The gland produces thyroid hormones that can (and should) be tested because like any hormone in the body, it’s a delicate balance that needs to be handled with a velvet glove approach.

ı JANUARY 2013

What a thyroid Panel tells you

The thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland in your brain; it senses whether or not your cells have enough thyroid hormones. The pituitary releases a hormone called thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which tells the thyroid, “release more hormones.” However, enough hormones may not be the problem. This is often the only measure doctor’s test for – BIG mistake! When TSH reaches the thyroid gland, two hormones are released. T4 and T3 stimulate every tissue in the body to produce proteins and increase how much oxygen is used by cells. When the cells are working well, organs work their best. Thyroid hormones are like road construction workers you see on the highway. T4 is all the guys standing around in hard hats and vests who are capable of doing the job and just sort of supervise what’s going on. T3 is like the guy actually digging the trench and doing the real work. More T4 (80 percent) is produced compared with T3 (20 percent), but T3 is 300 percent more active than T4 and is the thyroid hormone responsible for increasing metabolism. So, the pathway to your thyroid doing its job is one, getting the signal from the home of¿ce (your pituitary) and two, T4 converting into T3 as needed. You need to know all of your numbers because your brain may be sending the signal that you may have lots of T4, but it may not be converting to T3.

Fighting Spirit Still Intact
Amanda Carrier is 32 years old, but there were days this past year when she didn’t want to stick around to see 33. Amanda wanted to compete and started a competition diet suggested by a pro bodybuilder friend along with an intense training schedule last January. She was only eating sweet potatoes, broccoli (it was cheap and easy), peanuts and almonds along with eggs, fish, chicken and a gallon of tap water a day. Within three months, her hair was falling out, she was severely depressed and her doctors had given her four prescriptions to try to control her symptoms. “It was so bad that I was mentally writing a suicide letter planning what to tell my son because I couldn’t live anymore – it was so bad—and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. But in the middle of the night, I took myself to the ER and that’s when they figured it out.” Amanda had been eating the same seven goitrogenic meals a day (foods that suppress the thyroid), consuming lots of fluoride and chlorine (which calcify the thyroid) in her tap water, not getting enough potassium, and severely depleting her electrolyte levels for three straight months – all to look good in a bikini for competition. “It seems so silly now that I’m such a wreck from it. I was so active and healthy! Then I had no appetite, I couldn’t see straight, and I felt like I was going to faint.” When her doctor figured out that her diet had given her hypothyroidism, he didn’t hold out much hope and told Amanda she’d be on medication forever. With her fighting spirit still intact, Amanda decided to find a different doctor. She figured she had created the problem, she could solve it, too. Amanda reached for thyroid support supplements and vitamins recommended by the new holistic doctor she found, started eating a well-rounded/well-rotated diet, and switched to filtered water. She was able to bring her TSH back to a true normal range and leave the medications behind. After a “long, miserable year” Amanda is back in action! MS&F A Word To the Wise: See your local Max Muscle certi¿ed ¿tness nutrition coach for balanced eating plans and supplements to help you lose weight safely and effectively!!

When things go terribly Wrong!

Thyroid dysfunction is considered an autoimmune disease; it can go two ways – hyper or hypo. Hyperthyroidism, which accounts for an estimated 20 percent of all thyroid disorders, can become Graves’ disease, resulting in goiter. Many people are hyperthyroid for years, eating everything in sight and just can’t gain weight, and then they boomerang into hypothyroidism and gain weight eating as little as 500 calories a day. Hypothyroidism is a silent epidemic in the United States. America’s top thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon, author of NY Times best-seller The Thyroid Diet Revolution, ThyroidInfo.com) notes that 10 million people in the United States are diagnosed with hypothyroidism and estimates that another 13 million are undiagnosed. Probably the No. 1 trigger of thyroid dysfunction is stress – not just a fast-paced lifestyle sort of stress – but stress as it is recognized by the body and brain: over-exercising for super long periods of time, extreme dieting,
Photo by Frank Fontanilla



allergies, food sensitivities, working odd shifts that interrupt the normal body cycles, chronic exposure to loud noises, too much soy – the list is long. Stress of any kind triggers our ¿ght/Àight/ freeze reÀex. When that happens, the body down-regulates many of our normal processes to make sure we can survive the threat we are encountering. It also stores fat for quick energy to use under duress. Continued stress will cause the body to stop functioning properly. Once you’ve become aware of the “look” of hypothyroidism, you start to recognize it everywhere it tries to hide (and yes, Oprah – we’re talking about you!). The ¿rst tell-tale symptoms other than the inability to lose weight are losing the outside third of the eyebrows and increased puf¿ness in the face. Other common symptoms include losing handfuls of hair, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, crushing fatigue, memory loss and brain fog, dry skin and brittle nails.

Eat LEss, ExErcisE MorE – advicE that couLd do You harM!

As a body builder or athlete, you might be tempted to go on a limited calorie diet or eat a very limited range of “clean” foods. In fact, many well-meaning non-experts offer a whole host of ways to get cut fast but their dietary recommendations can actually do great harm. Your diet can leave you with not enough nutrients to fuel a system that is already in distress and no way to meet your desire to do even more with less. Tom Brimeyer, author of Hypothyroidism Revolution (HypothyroidismRevolution.com), says, “…people with hypothyroidism or thyroid disease, generally have issues storing liver glycogen, which is necessary to maintain proper blood sugar levels. When people diet and eat less, liver glycogen stores generally decline further. When you exercise more or over-exercise, then the stress/ demand on the body to produce more energy forces your body to use more blood sugar, thus effectively lowering blood sugar. When blood sugar becomes low and the liver and muscles cannot properly compensate, then stress hormones, especially cortisol are over-produced in order to break down your own healthy muscle tissue to convert into sugar and bring your blood sugar up. (If your blood sugar became too low, your brain would stop functioning.) But your body does not like having to break down

its own muscle tissue. So, in order to prevent your body from literally eating itself alive, the stress hormone also drastically slows the conversion of thyroid hormone in the liver, making less thyroid hormone available to your cells, and therefore effectively slowing your metabolism even further. The end result is a damaged metabolism that not only affects you during exercise, but 24 hours a day.” So if you are looking to lose weight whether for the long-term or just for a special event, you need to approach your diet and exercise program with caution and knowledge. Chris Kresser, a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine, also points out, “There is a ¿ne line between training hard and overtraining. Overtraining has been shown to affect blood levels of neurotransmitters like glutamine, dopamine and 5-HTP, which can lead to feelings of depression and chronic fatigue.” Extreme exercise (heavy resistance and marathon running for example) also triggers an increase in cortisol, the “stress hormone” vili¿ed on all those late-night infomercials. Cortisol gets a bad rap – it’s actually the hormone of life; but, when it’s triggered all the time, it leads to sleep problems, digestive issues, depression, brain fog, and weight gain – especially around the abdomen. It also blocks the enzyme that converts T4 to T3. Low thyroid levels can also get in the way of training because it triggers muscle ¿bers to change from fast-twitch to slowtwitch. Researchers think this may be because of the body’s adaptive strategy to cope with low blood sugar typical of hypothyroidism. Low blood glucose cannot feed the fast-twitch ¿bers, but elevated fatty acids in the blood provide fuel for slow-twitch ¿bers. While this may sound workable, the Ày in the ointment is that low blood oxygen levels due to a slowed heart rate and decreased respiration limit how effective those slowtwitch ¿bers are. Mark Sisson, author of Primal Blueprint (PrimalBlueprint.com), and an advocate of the Paleo style of diet (eat meat, lift heavy stuff, run in short spurts…like a caveman) calls the typical “Biggest Loser” approach to exercise Chronic Cardio, which he notes creates systemic inÀammation, loss of bone density, and suppression of the immune system. To complicate the picture even more, in a study published in Neuroendrinology Letters (NEL) in December 2005, researchers found that well-trained athletes doing anaerobic activity (de¿ned

as 70 percent of maximum heart rate) increased TSH and T4, but caused a dramatic fall in active T3, the working hormone that’s actually encouraging fat burning. Finding the right level of exercise for your body, optimizing your thyroid for better metabolism, and keeping it all in balance is the pathway to healthy weight and ¿tness.

Your thYroid’s LittLE FriEnds – thE adrEnaL GLands

If you have a thyroid problem, you ¿rst might have had an adrenal problem. The adrenal glands and thyroid are good friends. When the adrenals get overworked and tired, the thyroid steps up to help share the load – but only for so long. You may feel better at ¿rst, but you haven’t made the lifestyle change, that is the root of the problem! Soon the whole gang is just plain beat and barely functioning – and sadly, you won’t be either. Adrenal fatigue can lead to an inability to cope, insomnia, depression, abnormal anxiety and fatigue that leaves you visiting the car in the middle of grocery shopping for an hour long nap. The chronic stress triggers a survival response. The adrenals force the body to down-regulate its energy production and consumption in an effort to let the body rest/conserve energy. Part of the downregulation process is that the body stops converting T3 (hello hypothyroidism!). Lower energy requirements reduce the workload on the body, which is exactly what the body wants, but probably not the effect you were looking for. A very important consideration: if you have an unaddressed adrenal fatigue condition and your physician puts you on a thyroid medication, your adrenal fatigue will get worse. Your “ranges” may look normal for thyroid, but your newly stimulated metabolism may push you into a full-blown adrenal crisis! Oftentimes, doctors will prescribe a heavier dose of thyroid medication, which creates a vicious cycle of more adrenal fatigue, more thyroid medication and so on, leading to toxic thyroid, which includes heart palpations and worse. Word to the wise – check your adrenal health, too!

WhErE it aLL GoEs sidEWaYs: in Your Gut – Your LEakY, LEakY Gut

Believe it or not, the downward spiral of your thyroid and your adrenal system can

ı JANUARY 2013

actually start because of your diet and a condition called “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” Although it’s not taught in medical schools, Leaky Gut Syndrome is gaining acceptance as more research is done. First, Leaky Gut is not a disease, it is a condition. It’s like a base layer in a house of cards: when it falls, many seemingly unrelated conditions start popping up. Dr. Leo Galland (MDHeal.org) has been treating patients and sharing his observations about their Leaky Gut issues for more than 20 years. He notes that, “The small intestine is the largest organ in your body and two-thirds of your immune system lies within its walls. The small intestine continuously activates itself by sampling the molecules that pass through the intestinal lining. Leaky Gut Syndrome is increased permeability of this lining, and it alters the molecules that prime your immune system for action by allowing molecules that don’t ordinarily pass through the gut lining to get access to your immune system.” Now remember, thyroid dysfunction can be an autoimmune disorder – for example, the immune system has gone haywire and the body is attacking itself. Furthermore,

low thyroid can trigger an inÀamed gut and an inÀamed gut can suppress thyroid function. Not pretty! Only recently, scientists discovered that the healthy bacteria in the gut also helps convert some of our T4 to T3 via an enzyme they produce called intestinal sulfatase. As Kresser notes, “Low thyroid hormones make it dif¿cult to heal the gut, and an inÀamed and leaky gut contributes to just about every disease there is, including hypothyroidism. Fixing the gut is often the ¿rst – and most important – step I take with my patients.” Adding in heavy exercise that increases cortisol levels is like throwing gas on a ¿re. Elevated cortisol suppresses the main immunocyte in the gastrointestinal tract called Secretory IgA (SIgA) that also helps protect against GI infections, parasites and candida albicans overgrowth. If you suspect Leaky Gut Syndrome may be contributing to your thyroid and adrenal issues, consider a seven-day elimination diet or at the very least a food sensitivity test.

Taking Care Today For a BeTTer FuTure

Thyroid dysfunction is on the rise, as is thyroid cancer. In part this is due to a better understanding of the endocrine system, but according to Shomon, “The issue is further complicated by the fact that the medical community still cannot agree on what the normal reference range is for the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test. ... We do know, however, that the majority of people with thyroid disease in the United States have an underlying autoimmune thyroid disease that is causing their condition. And autoimmune diseases are de¿nitely on the rise!” Taking care of your digestive system, supporting your immune system and controlling stressors either from environmental, dietary or personal issues helps to create balance in your life – and helps keep the ¿ght or Àight response in check so your adrenal glands and thyroid aren’t triggered. Creating an ef¿cient system of metabolism ensures that you use your foods well, get the most from them and improve your body fat ratio in a healthy way. Don’t put your health at risk: do your research and get smart about your body – you’re unique! MS&F

6 Tips To Figuring Out Your Thyroid Health
1. GeT YOur Lab WOrk DOne – Your doctor may be one resource, but many are ill-informed about thyroid (and adrenal) dysfunction, often labeling them “fat, menopausal woman’s disease.” Heads up – men and women suffer from thyroid dysfunction, many of them TV celebrities and athletes. If your doctor isn’t hip, use a service like MyMedLab.com, which gives you a script for a local lab, sends YOU the results, and lets you build an online profile and filing cabinet as well as consult with an expert about your results. Bonus: since it doesn’t have to go through your insurance, you avoid the “pre-existing condition” issue if you do need medical treatment. 2. aDDress YOur DieT – An excess of raw cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, etc.)
can suppress thyroid, so steam them a bit. Consider a paleo-style of diet along with lots of coconut oil. Check for food sensitivities and allergies. Remember: starvation and a highly limited diet can actually do you in!

3. use GOOD suppLemenTaTiOn – Working with a physician, rebuild your gut with
colostrum. Use a good vitamin C.

4. WOrk OuT in a WaY THaT WOrks FOr YOur THYrOiD HeaLTH – Strength building exercise in short sessions is important. If you feel wrecked after working out, you need to adjust your workout. Avoid overtraining like the plague! 5. YOu are nOT a Lab ranGe! – Don’t accept “normal” if you don’t feel it. Depression and fatigue that go hand-in-hand with thyroid dysfunction can leave you debilitated. Use any tool that works for you, no matter how “out of the box.” For example, try Mastering Deep Relaxation and Thyroid Meditation from Demo DiMartile (www.cdbaby.com/Artist/DemoDimartile) 6. FinD an inTeGraTive pHYsician – You need an expert to help you navigate your health. Integrative physicians tend to take
a broader view of a patient’s health.






ra XX is an ult l Blown X Ful la orkout formu trated pre-w , concen rgy, strength support ene designed to tive a. The bioac r, and stamin powe lown XXX ts in Full B ide ingredien ase nitric ox hown to incre have been s e ilation, provid tion & vasod produc ance on, and enh ffering functi bu nd r explosive a y & power fo energ outs. intense work
rs: XX Delive l Blown X Ful

affeine!* ES MORE C • 2 TIM reatine!* % MORE C A • 50 r 1,3 DMA ranium o • No Ge ree! • Sugar F


*As compared to leading brands.

LEARN MORE. VISIT ONLINE AT MAXMUSCLE.COM Franchise Opportunities Available!


By Allen Elliott

Your Best BodY ever!
Fitness model and Men's Physique competitor Allen Elliott, who won the James Patrick Photography/Max Sports & Fitness Cover Model Search at the Fitness Model International convention in October 2012, shares key tips for getting in incredible shape.


elcome to the New Year. My name is Allen Elliott and I’m going to show you how you can transform to your best body ever! Before we begin, I sincerely hope you enjoyed the holidays. It’s important to spend time with family and enjoy seasonal dishes you wouldn’t normally indulge in. Nevertheless, it’s time to get back to business. In 12 weeks, we plan to be “out with the old and in with the new.” So with that being said, let’s get started! Many people who set New Year’s resolutions often struggle to give up old habits and fail to embrace new ones. Rest assured, after reading this article you won’t have to share a similar fate.


ı JANUARY 2013

My personal journey began as I grew up playing sports with a particular interest in wrestling. I found wrestling to be challenging both physically and mentally. A unique requirement of the sport was that of weight management; in order to compete, you had to make weight before each match. This taught me valuable life-long lessons of both discipline and accountability. Discipline was needed to properly prepare for a match, and I learned what it meant to be accountable because my coaches and teammates depended on me to make weight. Now serving as a military of¿cer, I subscribe to the Air Force core values, which are integrity ¿rst, service before self and excellence in all we do. I’m grateful for the lessons learned from wrestling and the military because I’ve been able to apply those same skill sets toward my ¿tness model endeavors. By sharing from my life experiences, it is my goal to educate you on the transformation process, encourage you to aggressively pursue your goals and eliminate stumbling blocks along your journey. The three steps to a successful transformation are to identify your goals, have a reverse game plan and embrace the challenge.

12-Week challenge
month 1 (Weeks 1-4): IdentIfy your goals
The transformation journey you’re about to embark upon can be thought of as a marathon with a series of sprints. Your results are greatly impacted by your ability to set and achieve daily, weekly and monthly goals. I strongly recommend identifying a couple of mid-term goals to serve as a bench mark in your transformation progress. Remember, the first 21 days are critical and help set the pace for this “marathon-like” transformation goal. Keeping a daily journal will help keep you on track with your goals and positively reinforce your new habits. Some suggested goals and metrics to consider: weekly progress pictures, body measurements, body weight, nutrition and workouts.

IdentIfy your goals

A goal is de¿ned as the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. Since your focus is on a physical transformation, it’s vital to clearly identify goals in this area. Ask yourself: What do I want to look like in 12 weeks? How will this transformation improve my quality of life? Who do I know that can help support me? Questions such as these help paint a clear picture of the road ahead and give you targets to shoot for. Whether your goal is to win Max Muscle’s 2013 MaxForm Life Challenge contest, prepare for a ¿tness competition or just get in amazing shape before summer, identifying your goal gives you a sense of purpose and ensures a stunning transformation is within your grasp.

month 2 (Weeks 5-8): reverse game Plan
Just like in school, your mid-term progress report serves as a valuable tool in tracking your transformation development. Keeping in line with the 'Reverse Game Plan,' all daily and weekly goals should continue to build into your mid-term and final goals. Questions you’ll want to ask yourself: “What am I doing well?,” “What areas do I need to work on?” and “What final goals should I set for myself?” You may also want to monitor your workout stamina, changes in weekly progress pictures and overall mood. At this point, momentum begins to work in your favor and those once “new” habits now become your standard daily and weekly routines.

Now that you’ve identi¿ed your goals, it’s time to build a reverse game plan. Begin with the deadline of your goal and work backwards to ensure you will have time to accomplish it. In this step, it’s important to have a mentor or coach – someone you can be accountable to who has achieved a level of success you wish to obtain. One such source to consider is a certi¿ed ¿tness nutrition coach at your local Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

reverse game Plan

embrace the challenge

month 3 (Weeks 9-12): embrace the challenge
You’ve made it to the final weeks of your transformation goal and the finish line is now in your sights. However, it’s not time to celebrate quite yet. To successfully capture your new physique, you’ll need to start your “sprint” towards the final “Peak Week” and prepare for your final photo shoot or event. Strength training and cardio conditioning should be maintained or increased as needed during these final weeks. If you are doing a show, you should also practice posing to find out which poses complement your physique the most. When preparing for your final photo shoot, choose solid black or white backgrounds to eliminate distractions. The use of tanners and oils is also recommended as it will improve your definition. Good luck!

During these 12 weeks, you will be required to work hard and push past your comfort zone. This transformation process allows you to “Embrace the Challenge” and encourages both mental and physical toughness to push pass obstacles that once held you back. You will have good days and you will have bad days. Do not be discouraged, because no transformation is ever perfect. Instead, strive for “excellence in all you do” and at the end of 12 weeks you will have achieved your goals or come amazingly close to doing so. The results are de¿nitely worth the effort! In this and in upcoming issues of MS&F, you’ll be able to use my “goto workouts,” which helped me prepare for ¿tness photo shoots and Men’s Physique competitions. I hope you ¿nd the workouts challenging, dynamic and ful¿lling. Turn to page 26 for the ¿rst workout: arms. Stay tuned: you're just 12 weeks away from your best body ever! MS&F

Photo by James Patrick, JamesPatrick.com




By Allen Elliott • Photos by JamesPatrick.com

Although our arms are one of the smallest muscle groups in the body, we use them in almost every daily activity. From driving our cars to carrying groceries, our arms have a direct impact on our interaction with the world. However, when it comes to growing our “guns,” all who have performed the infamous “bicep curl” know that the best way to attain those “aesthetic” arms we desire is through strength training. Because our arms are such a small muscle group, we want to generate maximum muscle-fiber recruitment. This is possible with dumbbell-based training, as you are required to stabilize the weights, unlike when lifting while using machines. In keeping with that tradition, I prefer to train my arms in the form of super sets. This “split-style” of training will allow you to focus solely on your biceps and triceps during this particular workout. Nevertheless, it’s important to mention that your triceps are actually larger and have a more dominant role than your biceps. If I’m working within the same rep range, I like to increase the weight slightly on my triceps exercises as opposed to my biceps. Therefore, when performing super sets of these two muscle groups, the result will cause your arms to have greater mass and enhanced shape.

Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl Stand with

feet shoulder-width apart; holding two dumbbells, curl one dumbbell palm facing up. Alternate arms. Repetitions performed on BOTH arms count as one rep. Complete the same number of reps on each arm. This counts as one set.

Seated Overhead Triceps Extension
Sit on a short straight back chair with your feet ¿rmly placed on the Àoor and your back straight. Grab a dumbbell and cup ¿rmly with two hands as you raise above your head. Lower the dumbbell in an arc towards the Àoor behind your head. Extend your arms as you raise the dumbbell upwards returning to the starting position.


ı JANUARY 2013



Bi's & Tri's Workout
Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl + Seated Overhead Triceps Extension Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl + Seated Overhead Triceps Extension
Incline Curl + Incline Tate Press Incline Curl + Incline Tate Press Concentration Curl + Standing Alternate Hammer Curl

Note: All of these exercises are super sets!

1 3 1 3 1 3

21+21 13+13 21+21 8+8 13+13 5+5

30 sec. 60 sec. 30 sec. 90 sec. 60 sec. 90 sec.

Incline Curl
Lie on an incline bench with dumbbells in each hand. Allow your arms to hang down at your sides. While keeping your elbows straight, raise the dumbbells up towards your head, contracting your biceps. Lower the weight in a slow and controlled manner.

Concentration Curl + Standing Alternate Hammer Curl



Standing Alternate Hammer Curl

Incline Tate Press
Lie on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Start with palms facing forward, elbows extended straight above you. Lower dumbbells to your chest keeping them together so that elbows are Àared out and palms are still facing forward. Keep dumbbells together throughout the movement.

Standing with feet shoulder-width apart and holding two dumbbells, begin with arms in a relaxed position, palms facing your body. Curl the weights as if you were swinging a hammer. Palms face each other throughout the movement (do not turn your palms up). Alternate arms for each curl. Repetitions performed on BOTH arms count as one rep. Complete the same number of reps on each arm. This counts as one set.


Concentration Curl
Sit at the edge of a Àat bench. Spread your legs in a “V” shape. Place the dumbbell in front of you between your legs with the back of your upper arm resting at the top of your inner thigh. With your palm facing away from the thigh, lift the dumbbell slightly off the ground to assume starting position. Keeping the upper arm and shoulder stationary, curl the weight up until the dumbbell reaches shoulder level. Pause and squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement and then slowly return to the starting position. Complete all the repetitions with same arm, then switch to the other to complete the same number of reps. This counts as one set.





By Maria Kang


physical disappointment. After discovering the MaxForm challenge online and meeting with the owner of the Rockwall, Texas Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store, John Hagaman, he began to visualize a ¿t and healthy Don. He imagined becoming a healthy role model for his kids and P.E. students. Most of all, he conceived the idea that it was possible to transform his body and be the healthy, strong and ¿t man he always wanted to become. weight loss in the past only to eventually gain weight plus additional pounds. This process can be very frustrating, but most of all, this damaging process can negatively affect your personal belief system. To succeed, you must believe in your ability to be disciplined, focused, persistent and strong. In the beginning, many people need others to believe in them before believing in themselves. For Don Dona and Amanda Freeseman, they partnered with their Max Muscle stores to create a ¿tness, nutrition and supplement program speci¿c to their goals and physical needs. Their programs were designed to help them believe in the natural process of weight loss. “I was always able to lose 30 or 40 pounds only to hit a plateau and get frustrated or impatient and quit,” says Don Dona. “ I was skeptical before entering the MaxForm challenge as I had tried every diet and failed and tried extreme exercise and failed. This was the ¿rst time I combined a meal plan (instead of diet), exercise plan and supplement program. And it worked!”

MInd ExERcISE Write down specific physical goals Imagine a physically fit lifestyle Create a goal date, outfit or vacation Become emotionally involved in your future image

Napolean Hill once famously said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Success begins with the mind and manifests within the physical world. If you constantly say, “I’m fat,” “I’m tired,” “I’m not good enough” or “I’m a failure” – then according to Hill, you will become what you believe. This idea goes beyond the power of positive thinking. This necessary belief in yourself is the very ¿rst strength you need to conquer your ¿tness goal.
First, you must conceive.

You must ¿rst think of the possibility of becoming your best physical self. You must conceive the idea of being in shape, running a 5K and creating time to work out and eat clean. In order to focus on new possibilities in your life, you must accept that your current conditions are not where you want to be. Don Dona, 2011 MaxForm Life Challenge champion, never saw himself as obese. As an ex-football player, being big was a part of his frame that helped him excel at his sport. However, after retiring from the sport, he ballooned from 280 to 350 pounds within a two-year period. “I did not see myself as obese when, in fact, I was extremely obese. I look at my before and after pictures and can’t believe how big I was,” reÀects Don Dona. He didn’t see how heavy he was, yet often joked about his weight to mask his

Then you must believe.

Once a physically ¿t future is conceived, the next step is to believe it is possible. Many people create goals on New Years Eve with the hope of succeeding in their weight loss goals. However, most people have already lost in their ¿ght against fat because they don’t truly believe it’s possible to become their best physical self. “I had tried to lose weight in the past and actually succeeded, but only for a few short months,” recalls Amanda Freeseman, 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion. “ I would gain all the weight back because I was on such a calorie restricted diet that it was too hard to maintain. I felt so deprived that when I went off my ‘diet,’ I ate everything in sight!” An estimated 40 percent of Americans are yo-yo dieters. These people have attempted

If you conceive and believe you will achieve.
When you can conceive it, you must believe it – once you believe it, you will become it. Achieving your ultimate desire to be healthy, dynamic, energetic, con¿dent, ¿t, fast, strong and sexy is at your


¿nger-tips. It requires you to become emotionally attached to the weight loss process. It’s not enough to know what foods to avoid or exercises to perform – we all know them – but most do not follow through. Why? Revert to Lesson No. 1 or No. 2. If there are feelings of doubt, shame, insecurity or blame, then achieving your ¿tness goal is far from possible. You must take accountability for your current weight and create a plan that prevails long term. “If you don’t believe in yourself you will be lost,” Amanda said. “Whether it was when I wanted to stray from my diet or to stop short on a workout because I was tired, I told myself all the time, ‘You can do this, Amanda! Keep pushing!’ I always kept my goal in mind of what I wanted to look like and was not willing to stop until I achieved my goal.” For those joining the MaxForm Life Challenge this year, Amanda said, “If you work hard and believe in yourself, each new weigh-in will be better than the last. Your overall health and attitude will get better with each passing day. If you don’t give up, you will eventually become a happier, healthier version of who you are today.” Well said, Amanda! Remember, conceive, believe, achieve. It’s that simple. Make 2013 the year you get ¿t for life!

ı JANUARY 2013


By Linda Hepler

Get Your Snow On!
Consider one of these seven snow and fun-filled destinations to get the most out of winter!


lenty of winter travelers are looking to escape the frigid weather with a trip to warmer climates. But there’s something to be said for finding a snowy hot spot and bundling up for an outdoor adventure. Whether you’re exploring a pristine alpine wilderness on snowmobile, shooting down a glacier on a heli-skiing tour, ice skating on a frozen pond or simply playing cards in an ice shanty, waiting for the fish to nibble – a winter weather travel destination can be pure magic. Here are seven snowy destinations you might not have considered where you can embrace your inner snow god (or goddess):

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Splurge on a real Rocky Mountain adventure in one of the most spectacular places in America. Jackson Hole is a 50 mile valley running north and south along the eastern side of the Teton Mountain Range and combines old style western charm with three skiing areas: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand Targhee Resort and Snow King Resort. While all three areas offer world class trails, Jackson Hole Ski Resort, with its vertical drop of 4,139 feet and 116 trails – half of them expert level – is the most technically challenging. But the other ski areas have their own charm. Snow King offers night skiing, ice skating and snow tubing, and Grand Targhee offers Nordic skiing and all day snowmobile tours through Yellowstone National Park. There are plenty of off-slope options in the valley outside

of the resorts, too, including ice skating, snowshoeing, dog sledding, snow kite boarding, wildlife safaris and sleigh rides through the National Elk Refuge.
Costs: All of the resorts offer ski and stay packages from a mere $69 per adult per night to high end options at $400 or more per person per night. Not to miss: Sure, the hot tubs at the resorts are nice. But even nicer is easing your aching muscles in the Granite Hot Springs, located about 35 miles southeast of Jackson. Begin your travel planning at: jacksonholechamber.com

ı JANUARY 2013

Photo courtesy of Smugglers Notch Resorts

Cambridge/Stowe area, Vermont: Winter in New England means snow – and lots of it. And the Cambridge and Stowe areas near Burlington, Vermont offer some of the most family-friendly winter activities ever. Head to Smugglers Notch Resort (Smuggs), consisting of three mountains (Morse, Madonna and Sterling) with a peak elevation of 3,640 feet, where all ages can ski and snowboard at their own level of expertise and participate in an amazing array of lessons and programs. Other activities offered include outdoor ice skating, zip-line canopy tours, snow tubing and the newest craze in downhill sliding: airboarding. Thirty miles away, Stowe Mountain Resort offers runs on Mount Mans¿eld, Vermont’s highest peak (4,395 feet), as well as an

extensive system of cross-country ski trails, sleigh rides and twilight dogsledding tours. Costs: Both Smuggs and Stowe lodging options have ski and stay packages from $115-$255 per night per adult, depending upon dates. Other activities cost extra. Not to miss: Who says ice cream is only for summer? A short distance away from Cambridge/Stowe is the Ben and Jerry’s Waterbury Factory, where you can learn how Ben Cohen and Jerry Green¿eld turned a $5 correspondence course on ice cream making into a successful business, see how ice cream is made – and taste samples of the day. Begin your travel planning at: smuggs.com and stowe.com

Whistler, Canada: Located on the coast mountain range of British Columbia, Canada, near Vancouver, Whistler is the largest ski area in North America – and a virtual paradise for winter a¿cionados. With a huge ski resort village nestled at the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains (each more than 7,000 feet in elevation) and an annual average snowfall of more than 39 feet, you can ski or snowboard to your heart’s content from opening day in late November through spring. Backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing and heli-skiing are also popular. For the non-skier or boarder: Take a trip up and across both mountains on a gondola ride, enjoy tubing with the kids at the tube park, snuggle up with your lover on a horse-drawn sleigh ride, glide across the valley on a zip-line tour or explore the backcountry on snowmobile. Costs: A variety of lodging and lift ticket packages are available from $103-$175 per adult per night, depending upon dates. Activities such as tubing, snowmobiling, heli-skiing and zip-line tours are extra. Not to miss: Whistler is a shopper’s paradise. With more than 200 shops in the village alone, you’ll ¿nd everything from native artwork and high-end fashion and jewelry to snow sports equipment. Begin your travel planning at: Tourism Whistler, whistler.com

from about $100 per adult per night.

Begin your travel planning at: visitinglaketahoe.com

Photo by Paul Morrison

Lake Tahoe: Situated along the border of California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, Lake Tahoe is considered to be the snowiest region on the North American continent, with snowfalls as high as seven feet in 24 hours. Play in the white gold on skis or snowboard at one of 15 resorts, half of which have vertical drops of more than 2,000 feet, and some with as many as 100 trails to explore. Other popular snow sports are Photo courtesy of North Lake Tahoe/Jeff Dow tubing, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling and backcountry Not to miss: On the Nevada side, experience skiing, including the newest craze the sizzle of Las Vegas, where you can enjoy of split boarding. gaming, world class entertainment and ¿ne dining at one of ¿ve casinos that are open 24 Costs: Ski and stay packages are available at all of the resorts, hours a day.



Photo by Bruce Rowels


Photo by Lake Placid CVB/lakeplacid.com/Dave Schmidt

Anchorage, Alaska: Considered by many to be the ultimate travel experience during the summer months, Anchorage is also the place to be in the winter, with snow from October through April. Although it’s considered a subarctic climate, the maritime inÀuences moderate temperatures, with the average daily high in the winter months a “balmy” 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Skiiers and snowboarders have three choices for alpine skiing, all within 45 minutes of downtown Anchorage, including Alyeska Resort, where advanced skiers can carve turns on North America’s longest continuous double black runs. Other sports include backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, heli-skiing and Alaska’s state sport – dog sledding. Mush! Costs: Many hotels in and around Anchorage offer ski and stay packages. Alyeska resort offers packages from $279 per adult per night during the regular season and $329 per adult per night for the high season. Not to miss: The shimmering and swaying blues, pinks, greens and yellows of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, dancing in the starlit skies from as early as 8 p.m. on winter nights. Many Alaska hotels offer a “northern lights wake-up call” for guests who want to be awakened if the lights are on display. Begin your travel planning at: anchorage.net

Lake Placid, New York: If you just can’t wait for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, you can enjoy the Olympic venues in advance at two-time Olympic village Lake Placid, in the heart of the Adirondacks. Four geographical areas within nine miles host a myriad of competitive winter events, such as the Empire State Winter Games, to be held February 7-10 this year. The whole family can enjoy winter activities every day, too, from zipping down a bobsled run with a professional driver to skating the Olympic Speed Skating Oval and taking lessons in cross-country skiing and riÀery to “Be a Bi-athlete.” A short drive away from the town of Lake Placid in Wilmington is Whiteface Mountain, where you can ski or snowboard the same runs that have challenged Olympic hopefuls. Don’t forget to visit the Lake Placid Winter

Photo by Tom Bol

Olympic Museum, where you can see memorabilia from the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Costs: Numerous lodging options at Whiteface Mountain offer ski and stay packages, from $79 per adult per night. Olympic venue events range from a mere $8 (plus $3 skate rental) to take a spin on the speed skating oval, to $80 per person for a bobsled ride. Not to miss: There’s plenty of fun outside of the Olympic venues. Take a family thrill ride on a toboggan down a 30-foot high converted ski jump trestle onto frozen Mirror Lake, and while you’re there, enjoy an exhilarating dogsled ride across the lake. Begin your travel planning at: lakeplacid.com

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan: Up until a year ago, this quaint northern Michigan area was somewhat of a secret travel destination. But after being voted as ABC’s Good Morning America’s “Most Beautiful Place in America,” the National Lakeshore, located in Leelanau County in northern Michigan, has seen record numbers of visitors – more than 1.5 million just in 2012. Winter paints a spectacular vista over the land: with its 31-mile stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline, sand dunes perched atop towering glacially formed cliffs, quiet streams and inland lakes – not to mention its substantial snowfall (one of the country’s snowiest locations at 80-100 inches per year), the Lakeshore is the ideal place to snowshoe, cross-country ski, sled and sightsee. Outlying areas within the county offer family-friendly downhill skiing, tubing and snowmobiling. Costs: A $10 visitor’s pass gains you seven days access to the park’s 50,000 acres, but you’ll need to bring or rent equipment for snow sports. Not to miss: If you get tired of the cold, warming up is easy. Leelanau County is a premier wine-making region with more than 20 wineries as well as a distillery where you can taste the afternoon away. Begin your travel planning at: leelanauchamber.com and at nps.gov/slbe/ planyourvisit MS&F

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NPS photo (National Park Services).



MAX GLUTA-MATRIX is an advanced form of glutamine delivery developed by the Research and Development Team at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. Gluta-Matrix's proprietary Gluta-Tri Triple Fusion™ technology surpasses what regular glutamine can do by combining three unique forms of glutamine to enhance the uptake and absorption of glutamine into the body for optimal muscle recovery and repair. The specialized glutamine peptides in Gluta-Matrix have been shown in studies to be more than 2 times as effective as regular glutamine.* Gluta-Matrix is flavorless and can be added to any protein drink or sports beverage to ensure that your body is getting what it needs to maximize performance.

Gluta-Matrix is turbocharged glutamine!

Wang Y, Jiang et al. The glutamine dipeptide-supplementation * 1.meta-analysis ofZM, Nolan MT,clinical trials.impact ofJ Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2010;34:521-9.parenteral nutrition on outcomes of surgical patients: a randomized JPEN 2. Cruzat VF, Tirapegui J. Effects of oral supplementation with glutamine and alanyl-glutamine on glutamine, glutamate, and glutathione status in trained rats and subjected to long-duration exercise. Nutrition. 2009;25:428-35. 3. Asprer JM, Llido LO, Sinamban R, et al. Effect on immune indices of preoperative intravenous glutamine dipeptide supplementation in malnourished abdominal surgery patients in the preoperative and postoperative periods. Nutrition. 2009;25:920-5.



L E A R N M O R E AT M A X M U S C L E . C O M


By Amanda Freeseman, 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion

t is now one month into the 2013 MaxForm Life Challenge and by now you have probably seen some positive changes with your body. Great job! Whether you are happy with your progress or feel like your rate of improvement needs to pick up, here are some tips for true success!

how YoU CAn BeCoMe A MAxForM ChAMpion
3. Focus on Nutrition Above All Else. I believe proper diet and
supplementation is 80 percent of a body transformation, the remaining 20 percent takes place in the gym. Also, don't schedule cheat meals. I could count on one hand how many cheat meals I consumed in my 7-month transformation.


1. Get Online The online community
at MyMaxMuscle.com is imperative to your success. Almost every day, I logged on to write journals, comment on members’ journals and read supportive messages from others that helped me get through tough times. Take time to think about what you're writing each day. Quality, indepth journaling can help you stand out above the rest when it comes to choosing the winner. Also, upload your bimonthly or monthly weigh in photos. I always looked forward to seeing the changes in my photos and the others competing in the contest.

3. Set Goals Setting short-term and

2. Get Help From the Experts If

you have not done so already, ask a Max Muscle certi¿ed ¿tness nutrition coach (CFNC) to develop a meal plan for you and recommend what supplements you should be adding to your diet. Meet with your coach a minimum of once per month to evaluate your progress and determine what, if any, changes need to be made to your nutrition plan based on your past months’ results. Not everyone has a CFNC to meet with, so take advantage of this opportunity!

long-term goals are vitally important. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to be by the end of the contest on June 30; what do I want to look like, how do I want to feel?” Next, decide on your ¿rst short-term goal. Short-term goals are important to keep you on track to reach your long-term goals. Think of them as milestones that you must reach along the way in order to cross the ¿nish line on time. My short-term goal around this time last year was to feel comfortable in my New Year’s Eve clothes for a party. Once I attained that goal, I set another short-term goal. Don’t forget, once you reach your long-term goal, repeat the cycle and set another goal!

4. Give It 110%! If you want to

transform your body in six months you have to do your absolute best every single day. Work out twice a day if possible! You should have zero regrets when June 30 comes. You want to KNOW that you did everything possible to reach your goals. MS&F



Editorial Note: Post Quality Photos!


Getting proper photos is an important part of the competition; you may not get selected to win if you don't properly document your journey with photos! Plus, no one can see your results if you don't post photos. Get a decent point-and-shoot digital camera or use a camera phone that takes high quality images (at least 5 mega-pixels with image file sizes at 1 megabyte or larger; the larger, the better). Stand in good lighting with a current copy of a newspaper or MS&F issue clearly visible in front of you. Take shots from the front, side and back to best show your body changes. For your final reveal, spend a little money and hire a professional to take your official "after" photo. If you are chosen as the champion or even in the top 10, these photos get published in multiple places, so you want to get the best photos possible!


o by


Find 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion Amanda Freeseman and many others like her on MyMaxMuscle.com.

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By Jessica Wyland

Leopolodo Diaz lost 89 pounds for a 12-week competition through his gym and Max Muscle. Now he's helping others achieve success.


LeoPoLDo's suPPLements Max Liquid Carn Iso-Extreme protein Emerge Max ZMA Max EFA Max Joint Relief Max Vit-Acell AntiOxidant Lipo Red Quadra Cuts NightTime Max Nitro 2 Max Pro BCAA Max Glutamine

“Feed your passion” is a motto

often used by the Max Muscle crowd in Edinburg, Texas. For Leopoldo David Diaz, 22, passion extends beyond big muscles and prestigious competitions. Leo is passionate about staying healthy and able bodied. He recently lost 89 pounds in 12 weeks and dropped his body fat to 5.4 percent. For years prior to his weight loss, Leo struggled with disabling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a hand and arm condition caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. He also has a severe vitamin D de¿ciency that can cause excessive weight gain. Although Leo loves sports, and he played tennis, baseball, and football as a teen, he continued to pack on extra pounds after high school. Finally, Leo’s doctors found a way to balance his vitamin D levels. Then he underwent two surgeries – one on each wrist – to relieve his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Following the surgeries, Leo

Photo by James Allen Photography

continued to feed his passion for exercise. “I worked out, pushing through pain every day,” Leo said. “I’ve learned to tolerate pain. I had to prove I could do it.” Leo said his family and friends are quite proud of his progress, and they now come to him routinely for advice. People want to know how he lost so much weight. What did he eat? How did he exercise? “During the challenge, I would do one hour of cardio and one hour of weights each day,” he said. “I knew I had to stay dedicated.” He stuck to his meal plan and daily gym time. Leo says his personal trainer kept him motivated and his Max Muscle supplements kept him nourished so he could focus on his goals. He was able to burn fat without

feeling tired. Now Leo reÀects upon his momentous success and passes what he has learned on to others. “There was a time when I felt it was hopeless,” Leo said. “Still, I pushed myself. Now my goal is to help people lose weight and feel better about themselves.” Two years ago, Leo was a loyal, nearly fanatical, Max Muscle customer. Now he works as a sales associate for the Edinburg store. He estimates he has tried nearly every product, and he recommends various supplements to family and friends. To return the love, the store sponsored Leo in his most recent bodybuilding competition. “Leo is motivated, and he shares that passion and drive with anyone who meets him,” said Sam Alvarez, franchisee of the Max Muscle store in Edinburg, Texas. “We say, ‘Feed your passion.’ He embodies that and he passes it on. With what he has been able to overcome, he really wants to help people.”




24.8% 5.4%



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The Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store ownership program enables you to find the strength within by benefitting from a franchise with over 20 years experience in the nutrition industry. We’ve created a simple turnkey operating system, exclusive territories, high quality proprietary products, multiple revenue streams, innovative business development tools, comprehensive training and nationwide support programs that is available to qualified individuals for single unit, multi-unit and master franchise opportunities throughout the United States. Find the strength within today!
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By Lisa Maiorana


Wear the color of royalty and feel like a queen during your athletic routine.
Stay comfortable and warm in the Utopia Thermal Hoodie II by Brooks Running. Suitable for cooler weather, the cozy fabric takes you from 5K to post activities in style. The hood even has a ponytail exit. $110 at BrooksRunning.com

1/ Cool InSulAtIon



Enjoy a run on the slopes while wearing the Smith Optics Variant Brim Helmet. This highly ventilated helmet is adjustable to secure your safety and comfort. Sold online only. $170 Athleta.Gap.com

2/ HEAd Strong

Tone and tighten while wearing the Tonic Top designed with an internal bra that has power mesh for comfort and upper body support. $44 at NewBalance.com

3/ SwEEt CurvES


Roll through all levels of terrain with the awesome structure and cushion of the 1210 Leadville shoe. $125 at NewBalance.com

4/ roAd wArrIor


Environmentally friendly, the Fuji Trail shorts by Asics is made up of all recycled materials to create a quick-drying, wrinkle-free fabric that is tough against all elements. $45 at AsicsAmerica.com

5/ world PEACE

By land or sea, the sporty-chic Baby-G BG6900-2 watch is shock resistant, 200-meter water resistant and has an EL Backlight with Flash Alert. $99 at Baby-G.com

6/ tImE trAvElEr


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with Cleanse & Lean Advanced!”
—Amanda Carrier, Los Angeles, CA

C Cleanse & Lean Advanced is a powerful body composition slenderizing formula designed for quick and effective weight loss. Cleanse & Lean Advanced specifically addresses the areas of healthy elimination, appetite suppression, thermogenesis along with water loss using high quality ingredients supported by published scientific studies. Cleanse & Lean Advanced is fast-acting, delivering key bioactive ingredients to support your weight-loss program in convenient and easy-to-swallow capsules.


*Amanda's results are not typical. Amanda used Cleanse & Lean Advanced as part of a comprehensive nutrition program that included healthy eating and exercise.

*Photo courtesy of thuyxtran.com


By Abby Hoeffner

Photo courtesy of A&E

Traditional soaps and shampoos can dry out your face, but Bluebeards Original Beard Wash is blended with aloe and conditioning agents to cleanse and tame the wildest of beards. $22 at BluebeardsOriginal.com

1/ ClEAnSE

Cold weather gives many men the excuse to lay aside their razors and start sporting some serious facial hair. While you might not be ready to nurture whiskers worthy of a Duck Dynasty cast member, even shorter stubble requires some care to look well groomed. But worry not, these products will keep your beard and face in the best shape possible.

Though not specifically designed for facial hair, Phyto’s Phytobaume Conditioner has been given rave reviews on numerous beard-growing forums for the product's ability to add softness and manageability. $22 at Sephora stores

2/ ConDItIon

1 3

When you grow a beard, men who are prone to dandruff can actually get dandruff in their beards. Treat and prevent unsightly flakes with a moisturizer such as Wild Man Beard Conditioner, which is infused with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and essential oils of rosemary, lavender, cedar and lime. $19.95 at WildRoseHerbs.com

3/ DAnDRuff REmEDy


A daily brushing goes a long way towards keeping longer beards neat and tidy. We like the high quality Kent Beechwood Oval Brush with natural bristles for everyday use. $65 at SirJacks.com

4/ StylE


Just because you’re growing a beard or goatee doesn’t mean you get to completely forgo shaving. Use Jack Black Beard Lube, a rich all-in-one product that softens even the coarsest whiskers and is transparent so you can see where you’re trimming. $16 at Sephora stores. Keep longer mustaches and beards in shape easily with 5.5-inch Styling Shears by Tweezerman. $15.25 at Soap.com

5&6/ tRIm

4 6

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2012 World Long Drive Champion, Team Max Muscle Athlete

Ryan Winther

2012 REMAX World Long Drive Champion Ryan Winther uses Cx3 to increase his strength and power. There’s a reason Ryan holds the world record in club-head speed and ball speed and hits a golf ball farther than anyone else on the planet. Cx3 is the world's first scientifically engineered creatine featuring the proprietary Cx3 Triple Blend a multi-source Creatine including two patented forms of creatine plus creatine pyruvate. Peak ATP® and other key synergistic ingredients complete a technologically advanced formula that supports energy production and muscle growth, increases muscle strength, endurance and improves performance. So whether you want to smash a golf ball over 400 yds like Ryan or just improve your strength, power and endurance, try Cx3 and experience the results for yourself…

Photo by JamesPatrick.com



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By Jennifer Cho Salaff

A Beautiful Year
Cleanse Tyself
Start the New Year by jump-starting your body – from the inside out. Consider a detoxifying cleanse to flush the body of toxins and restore the balance between alkalinity and acidity inside you. A simple juice cleanse, for example, can help clear out all your tubes and pipes (liver, kidneys and colon), says naturopathic doctor Linda Page, author of Detoxification. As always, proceed with the advice of a physician, dietician or health expert because the downsides of many detox diets include dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and even colon damage.

Try our 12-month guide to fnd


Try Vegetarian for a Day
In honor of Earth Day (April 22), consider going vegetarian one day a week for all three meals. Not only is it good for your health, it’s great for the earth. According to Environmental Defense, if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking half a million cars off U.S. roads. The little things go a long way.

Make a List
Forgive yourself a little and learn to love your body. This month, try this exercise: list all the things you like about your body. Maybe you have nice nails, a great head of hair, sparkly teeth, shapely calves or smooth skin. Maybe you love what society might call “flaws” like a gap in your front teeth, small breasts or big hips (they’re not flaws, by the way!). Find something you love about your body and celebrate it.


Choose Wisely
Be prepared for the water and pick the right swimsuit for your body. If you’ve got an ample chest, choose a suit with gathered fabric at the waist, which creates a flattering division between your chest and hips. For a small bust, try suits with padding or underwire. If you have a short torso or legs, wear a suit that is cut high on the thigh, which will make your legs look longer. Try a suit with a tummy control panel for an instant slimming effect.


Enlist Support
According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 50 percent of Americans make resolutions each year and among the top are weight loss and exercise. But by this time, more than half of those resolutions have been broken or long forgotten. Take time out this month to reassess your fitness goals and get back on track. Find an exercise buddy or personal trainer for additional support. You can do it!


Get a Glow
Is your skin ready for summer? Try these three tips for radiant, summer skin: exfoliate to get rid of dead dry skin cells leftover from winter (for face, try Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System, $24.99; for body, try Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub, $9.99); moisturize and apply sunscreen to keep skin soft, supple and safe from harmful UV rays (for face, try Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30, $14.99; for body, try Jergens Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer SPF 20, $9.49).


ı JANUARY 2013

health and happiness all year long!

A Beautiful You!
Shine Up Your Tresses
You may love soaking up the sun during the summer, but your hair may be taking a beating for it. Best things to do for your tresses this month? Try shampooing less often, limit the use of hair chemicals (give hair color, bleach, relaxers and straighteners a break), back off heated hair styling tools, do deep conditioning treatments (try Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen, $38), and use leave-in hair products with SPF (try Tela Beauty Organics “Guardian” SPF 18 Sun Protection for Hair and Scalp, $32).

Protect Tyself
Protect yourself from those germs and don’t forget to get your flu vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to reduce the chances that you will get the flu and lessen the chance that you will spread it to others. In the United States, the “seasonal flu season” can begin as early as October and last as late as May.


Soothe Your Tootsies
The hot summer months equals sandals and flip-flops, which means you’ve exposed your feet to the harsh elements. Put your best foot forward and treat those feet to a home pedicure. To exfoliate, try bliss foot patrol, $18. For cracked heels, try Sally Hansen Cracked Heel Repair Cream, $7.49. Try Dr. Scholl’s Pedicure Essentials DualAction Swedish File, $4.49, for your callouses.

Be Kind
With Thanksgiving on the brain this month, remember all the things you’re grateful for and pass that appreciation forward. In fact, National Kindness Day is on November 13. Give care packs to the homeless, let someone in line go in front of you, or cook a meal for someone. For more ideas, visit RandomActsofKindness.org.

Color Ty Nails
Wave goodbye to your bright summery nail polishes to make room for darker hues. Fall colors run the gamut from deep reds and purples to earth tones blacks and nudes. Prep nails for a great manicure with a good base coat (try Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat, $8) and top coat (try Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, $6.99).


Get Your Zen On
You’ll most likely be in the thick of holiday prep (hitting the mall, wrapping those gifts, holiday parties, etc). Don’t forget to take time to rest and maybe even take up meditation. Researchers at MIT and Harvard found that people trained to meditate over an 8-week period were better able to control a specific type of brain waves called alpha rhythms. These activity patterns are thought to clear the mind and allow you to focus better.





r Solid Nutritional Foundation! ndat


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By Kimberly Miller

Traveler’s Guide To Eating (Healthy) On the Go
Don't let the fact that you travel constantly for work deter you from achieving your health and fitness goals this year. Here are some tips and tricks from the experts to help you achieve success!


t’s a new year and maybe you’ve joined Max Muscle’s Prepare for Travel Preparation is the key to success. Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, annual MaxForm Life Challenge that awards the winner holistic nutritionist, best-selling cookbook author, travel expert $25K or maybe you made a resolution to finally lose and creator and host of The Healthy Voyager show, suggests that stubborn 20 pounds or perhaps you just want to start that individuals pack some unconventional eating healthier. For those of you who items to assist in making healthy eating choices constantly travel for work and think it’s virtually when travelling. For example, travelers should: impossible to eat healthy while constantly on the Pack a cutting board and knife to chop PACK THIS: fresh fruits and vegetables in the hotel. Select go, think again. Certi¿ed ¿tness accommodations near a grocery store or a local Haley Major, nutritionist and manager at nutrition coach and farmers market and stock up on fresh produce franchisee of the Medifast Weight Control Center in Gilbert, upon arrival. Cool Springs Max Arizona, has worked with countless clients who Find hotels that offer rooms with refrigerators Muscle store in have experienced the stress of traveling while and pack disposable Tupperware containers to Tennessee Jamie store leftovers. trying to achieve weight loss goals and says Free shares his Use the coffee pot for something other than that with the proper planning, knowledge and top three easy-tocoffee. Make soups, oatmeal and heat water preparation, incorporating healthy choices into with it. The coffee pot is a versatile appliance pack Max Muscle your travelling routine is possible. for cooking when used creatively. products: Consider the following tips to help you reach Search the Internet for healthy dining options • Max Lean Protein your weight-loss goals while traveling: in the area prior to arrival. Many restaurants • Max Triple Whey


ı JANUARY 2013

• Max Pro

offer menus online that outline the nutritional content of their meals.

Pack Healthy Nutritious Snacks

Perhaps the greatest challenge to eating right on the road is the lack of availability of healthy choices. Travelers aiming to eat healthy have a tendency to bypass eating snacks because they offer little nutritional content. But, by the time they arrive at a destination with eating options, they are past the point of hunger. “Allowing your body to become over-hungry can lead to overeating,” says Teri Crenshaw, wellness expert, certi¿ed strength and conditioning coach and founder of Dancer Body Fitness in Arizona. As such, savvy health conscious travelers stress the importance of packing non-perishable items. This is especially true when taking long plane Àights where there are few healthy snack and meal choices available. Peter Shankman, New York based entrepreneur, triathlete and world traveler, always makes sure to bring snacks on the plane. He suggests packing light snacks that help keep energy levels up. Some options to consider include raw nuts, turkey jerky, airtight packs of tuna in water, brown rice cakes, dried fruit and pre-mixed containers of oats and protein powder that only require the addition of hot water. Shankman also suggests that when dining out, individuals should be comfortable asking restaurants to cook their meals to order. Many restaurants are often willing to accommodate patrons’ requests. Consider ordering meals without condiments and dressing, asking the chef to leave off butter and oil, refrain from eating the bread and limit the consumption of alcohol.

6 Tips To geT The mosT ouT of your calories each day

We all talk about “calories.” how many calories does this bagel have? how many calories do i burn on a 20-minute run? how many calories should i actually be eating? The truth is, not all calories are created equal, yet so many of us still don’t know how to measure calories. many of the nutritional experts at pritikin longevity center (pritikin.com) share that the key to weight loss isn’t necessarily in counting calories, but rather focusing on calorie-dense foods, where each bite packs a serious calorie punch and keeps you fuller longer. Think veggies, fruits and beans. Below are six tips for getting the most out of your calories provided by the experts at pritikin longevity center & spa. These tips will help shave off an unnecessary 100 calories a day (which can add up to 10 pounds a year) and help you begin to understand what a calorie really means. 1. Eat foods with the lowest calorie density first. Save the most calorically dense foods for last. studies show that if you start out your meal with a low-calorie-dense vegetable salad (or soup) you’ll eat fewer total calories for that meal. so, for example, start dinner with a big veggie salad (you’ll fill up with water and fiber) and then move on to carbs, protein, grains, etc. 2. Dilute calorically dense foods with calorically light ones. if you know you’re going to eat a calorie-dense food – for example, tortilla chips – think about what you can have with it to lower the total calorie density of the snack (or meal). for example, if you add bean dip and salad, each scoop will fill you up faster (and for longer) making it quite possible you’ll eat fewer calories of chips alone. 3. Cheat smart. it would be abnormal to not have a cheat day or cheat food(s), but if you’re craving something that’s high in calories (and not the best for you), try to pair it with low-calorie-dense foods. if you’re craving guacamole, try adding it as a topping on a veggie-full salad – the total calorie density will be a lot lower than if you piled it high on chips. 4. Know your priorities. Your best food choices are high in water, low in fat and high in fiber. it might sound counterintuitive, but eat your water! Water-rich foods like fresh fruit are filling but not fattening. compared to its dried counterpart, fresh fruit averages only 300 calories per pound, while dried fruits can have up to 1,300 calories per pound. 5. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. researchers have found that if you eat a snack when you’re not hungry, that snack provides little satiety (or sense of fullness) compared to eating that same snack when you’re hungry. 6. Limit calorie-rich beverages – meaning, don’t drink your calories. This one might be obvious, but calories from liquids do not curb your appetite as well as the same number of calories from solid food. Be careful of smoothies that might sound healthy but often times contain added sugar. you’d be better off just having a piece of fresh fruit! MS&F
Source: Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

Build Fitness Into Travel Plans

Incorporating ¿tness into your travel plans can be a great way to see the sites, suggests 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and running expert, Dr. Jason Karp (RunCoachJason.com). Karp never leaves home without his athletic shoes. Seeing the local points of interest on foot allows you to be active while learning more about the area. Check with the hotel concierge to identify ways to explore the city on foot. When staying with friends, contact the local Parks and Recreation department for information on running paths, walking tours, hiking trails and other ¿tness -related activities. Also, many hotels have gyms available for use by guests. Ask ahead of time to learn about their facilities and equipment. In




Tips for Eating on the Road

Like everything in life, things evolve and your protein powder is no different. With the escalating cost of whey and milk based proteins causing consumers to cringe, the Product Development team, headed by chief researcher Dr. Phillip Harvey, was tasked with two main objectives. Formulate a protein that would perform for our customers and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, efficacy and taste. Second - deliver it to our customers at a lower cost. After nearly 8 months in Research & Development, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is proud to introduce the next evolution in protein technology and performance, C.O.M.P which stands for Composite Oligomeric Matrix Protein! C.O.M.P delivers a precision hybrid of multiple high quality proteins featuring Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC 80%). This unique formula includes protein sources with long and short chain peptides comprised of all essential and non-essential proteinogenic amino acids. In addition to WPC 80% which drives the C.O.M.P formula, the Product Development team included modern and synergistic plant-based proteins including Wheat Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein. You can expect the same high quality that you do with every Max Muscle protein while at the same time benefitting from a more economical price in order to make it easier to meet your daily protein requirements. C.O.M.P is available in delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. Coming Soon to a Max Muscle Store near you or at www.maxmuscle.com

• Eat a llling and balanced meal prior to departure. • Bring a cooler in the car to store healthy fruits and vegetables. • Pack sandwiches or wraps for the trip and plan to eat outside at a roadside picnic table. • Pre-package snacks into single serving containers to avoid over eating. • Opt to stop at grocery stores for meals rather than restaurants. Many stores offer pay-per-pound salad bars with fresh vegetables, fruits, hard boiled eggs, nuts and more. • When purchasing beverages at convenience stores, choose unsweetened teas rather than soft drinks and high-sugar fruit juices. • Pop popcorn prior to leaving and store it in Ziploc bags for snacks. • Chew gum. Often changes in elevation cause individuals to feel off balance and can create the feeling of hunger. Chew a piece of sugarless gum to pop the ears and satisfy the chewing sensation. • Stay hydrated! People often confuse thirst for hunger. Not drinking enough water often leads to poor nutritional choices.

addition, packing ¿tness accessories such as bands and gliders offers options for a variety of workouts wherever you are. Finally, many individuals travel with laptop computers. Download your favorite exercise DVD prior to departure and make time for an in-room workout before starting the day.

Stay on Track



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“People often use travel as a legitimate excuse for straying from their normal routine. However, for those who are committed, staying on track is de¿nitely manageable,” shares Ali Van Heusen, a Colorado-based certi¿ed sports nutrition specialist. While it’s OK to splurge and have a few cheat meals, travelers should make a conscious effort to stick with their regular eating habits. It’s also important to pay careful attention to portion size at restaurants as they frequently serve portions well beyond the recommended amount. Finally, if you fall off the bandwagon, don’t stress about it. Just recommit to your goals and keep going. MS&F


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By Jennifer Cho Salaff

Eat these foods to help boost your metabolism and keep the weight of for good!



Is it possible to lose weight without working out? Sounds counterintuitive, but you can sizzle fat without hitting the gym 24-7. Lucky for you, it can be done with food! Eating smart can help you keep your waistline looking trim. Tat means choosing low-fat, high-protein, high-fber foods rich in “good fats” and that kick-start your metabolism. Read on to fnd out what foods will help you feel more empowered instantly!


LEAN MEATS: Turkey, white meat chicken and lean cuts of pork and beef not only help to build muscle and strengthen the immune system, they help increase metabolism, too. How? The more protein you consume, the harder your body has to work to digest it, which means more calories for your body to burn. How’s that for sizzling fat without having to break out in a sweat? But keep in mind the key word here: lean. Steer clear of well-marbled cuts of beef like T-bone in favor of leaner cuts like top round. For pork, try chops that are grilled and seasoned with fresh herbs rather than ribs slathered with BBQ sauce. WHOLE GRAINS: Small doses of whole grains like quinoa, brown rice and whole grain cereal can prevent the body from storing fat. Whole grains are a great source of complex carbs and fiber – things you need to keep your metabolism pumped by keeping levels of insulin, a fat-promoting hormone, low after a meal. And low insulin levels are desirable, as high insulin levels are the signal to your body to hang onto fat.

At Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, you can talk to a certified fitness nutrition coach who can set you up with a healthy eating plan to help you maximize your weight loss efforts. In addition, Max Muscle has several fat-blasting products that work hand in hand with your nutrition plan. One such product is Emerge, a powdered formula you can easily shake up with water. “What makes Emerge unique is that it’s a drink as opposed to a capsule. Since you drink it, it may work more effectively than a pill,” says Dr. Phil Harvey, Max Muscle’s head of product development. Another helpful fat-churning product at Max Muscle is Lipo-Red. “I formulated Lipo-Red, which is a capsule, with raspberry ketones and African mango. These are new ingredients that are quite popular now and scientific evidence has shown they are effective,” Dr. Harvey says. While fat-loss products can certainly help you reach your weight loss goals, Dr. Harvey says, “the most important thing to remember is that these are tools to be used as an adjunct to eating well and being active.”

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Vit-Ace ll ENER GY is a and hig super-c h poten oncentr cy liquid ated with ove nutrition r 80 pow supplem erful nu ent a propr trients in ietary p fused w owerful ith invigora Energy ting her Blend o bs & nu f you can traceuti cals tha feel for hours. M t ENERG ake Vit Y your d -Acell aily ene of choic rgy sup e for a s plemen olid fou t vibrant ndation health! and

Also Available in Original Citrus Blast and Berry Blast Anti-oxidant Formula!



FATTY FISH: Fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel provide excellent sources of protein and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can alter levels of leptin, a hormone associated with burning calories. University of Wisconsin researchers discovered that mice with low leptin levels had faster metabolisms and burned fat more ef¿ciently than animals with higher leptin levels. But don’t worry if you can’t stand ¿sh. Fish-oil supplements such as Max Muscle’s Essential Omega or Max EFA are just as effective as the real thing.

GREEN TEA: Originally from China, green tea is not only a powerful antioxidant and antiinflammatory, but it also helps fight fat. Green tea contains a chemical called EGCG that causes the brain and nervous system to run faster and helps you burn more calories. Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai found people who drank regular doses of green tea every day for 90 days lost more body fat than those who did not. We want our cups (of green tea) to runneth over!


you read that right. Dark of monounsaturated fatty acid, a type of hearthealthy, disease-fighting


chocolate is a great source

“good” fat found in foods
DAIRY: Milk does a body


good. Dairy products like fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese can help build strong bones and fre up weight loss. A University of Tennessee study found dieters who consumed 1,200 to 1,300 mg of calcium per day lost almost twice as much weight as dieters who ingested less calcium. Milk is also a rich source of complex carbohydrates, which can enhance metabolism by helping your insulin levels stay low after eating.

like almonds, peanut butter and even chocolate. A slow nibble of dark or semi-sweet chocolate can slow down digestion so you feel full longer and in between meals. And not only can it help keep your belly flat, studies show eating small amounts of dark chocolate is good for your heart and brain and helps control blood sugar.


Not only do chili peppers spice up our dishes, but they can do wonders for the waistline, too. Research has shown that jalapenos, serranos and super-hot habaneros can spike metabolism and help you keep off the pounds. These fiery little foods contain a chemical called capsaicin, which not only gives them their pungent flavor, but speeds up your heart rate and helps burn calories. For that, we say Muy Caliente!


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Other foods that help sizzle fat include olives, nuts and seeds, avocados, berries,
beans and legumes, grapefruit, apples and coffee.

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What’s Her


Let's be honest. Maybe your first thought when you saw this picture of Tamara in her tight little booty shorts was, "Ugh! I hate her!" (Of course we know you don't really hate her, you just want to look like that in your own pair of booty shorts!) Afterward, you probably wondered, "OK, what's her secret?" Guess what? Tamara's secret has nothing to do with the latest, greatest fat burner. Sure, fat burners can help speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat, but if you want to know the real secret behind getting lean and staying lean, it's protein. That's right. Protein! Contrary to the erroneous belief that protein bulks you up, the truth is, protein actually helps slim you down. Repeat: protein slims you down! You need to eat quality, lean sources of protein every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day to keep your metabolism churning and help your muscles get the toned definition you crave. Max Lean Protein is Tamara's secret! Boasting high-quality protein, Max Lean Protein is a low-calorie, deliciously creamy shake chock-full of fiber that helps curb your appetite, too. It's the perfect protein to help you get lean. Best of all, Max Lean Protein comes in two decadent flavors: Chocolate Mousse and French Vanilla. Try a free sample today at your local Max Muscle store and make Max Lean your secret, too!


L E A R N M O R E AT M A X M U S C L E . C O M

Nutritional Information Per Serving

By Susan Irby

Copyright Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef™ 2013

Calories: 135.9 Fat: 3.7 g Carbohydrates: 19.5 g Protein: 4 g Fiber: 0.7 g Sodium: 1,037.5 mg

Wild Mushroom Risotto
(Serves 6) • 6 cups low-sodium vegetable broth • 1 Tbs olive oil • 1 medium yellow onion, diced • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1½ cups Arborio rice • ¼ cup dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc • 2½ cups roughly chopped fresh mushrooms, such as porcini, enoki or oyster • 1 tsp sea salt • 1 tsp ground black pepper • ¼ cup chopped fresh sage leaves • 1/3 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese 1. Heat vegetable broth in a medium stockpot over medium high heat. 2. Add olive oil to a large stockpot and heat over medium high heat. Add onion and garlic and sauté about one minute. Add rice and white wine and stir about 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in mushrooms to coat. 3. Add ½ cup of the heated broth and stir until almost all of the liquid has been absorbed. Continue adding broth one half cup at a time, pausing in between to stir until almost all of the liquid has been absorbed. Once all the broth has been incorporated, stir in salt, pepper and sage to combine. Then stir in the Parmesan cheese. 4. Serve hot in one-cup servings and drizzle with a final touch of olive oil (about ½ teaspoon), if desired.

arm ¿res, cozy blankets, hot cider. Winter weather invites home comforts, which includes foods, too. And for good reason. Cold weather causes the body temperature to drop, often creating a natural reaction to crave heartier, more ¿lling foods, which is not all bad. Consuming warm foods and beverages during cold weather is a healthier option over cold foods and liquids, which can further chill the body. While hearty carbohydrate-rich foods tend to get loads of negative attention when it comes to weight gain and health, the fact is that enjoying more carb and nutrient-dense foods during the winter months can be bene¿cial to overall health. The metabolism naturally increases to warm the body up, meaning we often burn more calories during the winter months. While this is not a free pass to eat in excess, consuming foods such as warm soups, chilis and complex carbohydrates like hot pasta and roasted potatoes can actually help regulate body temperature during colder days and nights. Keep in mind, no matter what the weather, moderation is key; choose high ¿ber options whenever possible. But, especially for those who love outdoor winter sports, adding a few carbs can be a warming idea. MS&F
Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef, is a radio host for Bikini Lifestyles on 790 KABC, an author and specialist in healthy “bikini” cuisine. Follow her at twitter.com/thebikinichef or visit her online at thebikinichef.com.


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• Delivers 1,000 mg of essential o omega-3 fatty acids per serving • Provides 100% Daily Value of Vitamin D per serving • Pharmaceutical grade fish oil without the worry of mercury, contaminants, or fishy taste • Gluten free & Sugar free • All natural fruit flavor • Also Available in Lemon Twist and original Peach Mango Smoothie! AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT:




By Jennifer Lee

Stubborn Fat
Max Muscle's hugely popular Emerge is helping people all over America get their bodies back for good!

he verdict is in. Emerge is a huge success! It’s helped thousands achieve their dream body and continues to help thousands of others still on their way. We promised to help you shake things up, and boy did we ever! We designed a product people love to take that ¿res up the metabolism and suppresses the appetite, setting the stage for nothing but success. The ¿rst thing you notice about Emerge is the taste, and with 12 Àavors to choose from, we have something to satisfy everyone. The second thing you notice is the kick: it literally changes your mood and your energy level within minutes. The bene¿ts don’t stop there. Emerge keeps you focused and energized during your workouts, allowing for superior fat and calorie burning, speeding your metabolism like never before.


amanda Freeseman, Max Muscle's 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion, lost more than 60 pounds with the help of Emerge!

FastEr MEtabolisM

Everyone, no matter what size, shape, age, gender or ethnicity, has the ability to speed up his or her metabolism. Despite
Photo by JamesPatrick.com


ı JANUARY 2013

a common misconception, large or overweight people generally have a faster metabolism than smaller people do because the more tissue on our bodies, the more energy (calories) it takes to sustain it. As weight loss occurs, our metabolism slows down because there is simply less of us to “heat up,” meaning we need fewer calories. This is a big reason we plateau in our weight-loss efforts, or in most cases gain the weight back. Emerge was designed to help boost your metabolism. Ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract and Advantra Z actually promote additional calorie burning in the body, providing a thermogenic effect, even if we don’t do anything! Of course we know that the right exercise plan is critical. That, combined with Emerge, will keep your metabolism going, even as your weight loss continues and will help to avoid and/or break through the dreaded plateau.

choices, choices! The hardest part of taking Emerge? Choosing which delicious flavor you love most!

Increased FaT BUrnIng

Muscle makes us look toned, healthy and sexy. Muscle also requires three times more calories to exist in our bodies than fat does, which is why it is so critically important that when we lose weight, we lose fat and not muscle. Emerge promotes “fuel partitioning” by shifting the use of fat for fuel rather than for storage. So, instead of storing fat on our stomach, hips or thighs, we will use the fat to give us energy while maintaining our precious muscle. Emerge promotes fat breakdown, transport and fat burning with the ingredients, caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, L-taurine, yohimbine, octopamine, NADH, adenosine, vinpocetine and evodiamine. These ingredients work synergistically to improve body composition by burning fat and sparing muscle. The more muscle you maintain (and build) during your weight loss, the more your metabolism will be elevated and burning fat. A big reason people say that they gave up on their weight-loss goals? Hunger. Emerge contains Advantra Z, hoodia gordinii and yohimbine for appetite suppression. In addition to fat breakdown and increasing metabolism, Advantra Z helps control appetite. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant, and is believed to signal the brain to make us feel full and to reduce food cravings. Yohimbine, which is often used as an aphrodisiac, also has been shown to reduce appetite and food cravings.

being and improved focus. We added green tea extract, panax ginseng and glucuronolactone to Emerge because these ingredients are shown to do all of the above!

Synergy with other key fat-burning and muscle-building products will really put the weight-loss odds in your favor. Try Emerge with these Max Muscle products for even better results:  Max CLA for fat breakdown from the stomach and hips  Max LiquiCarn for fat transport  Essential Omega for healthy fats and “fuel partitioning”  MaxPro protein or High 5 for protein synthesis Improving body composition requires a multi-faceted approach. Your nutrition plan, exercise plan and attitude are all critical components to success. Emerge helps with all three components by keeping your metabolism revved up, providing energy to get you through your workouts and by making you feel happy and motivated! Make this the summer you feel sexy and con¿dent with everything you do by using our newest body-slenderizing product, Emerge. Emerge is available in such mouth-watering Àavors as Wild Cherry Tart, Grape Blast and Strawberry Lemonade. Even more delicious Àavors are coming soon! Come in today to get your free sample! MS&F

How To Use emerge To geT THe BesT resUlTs

PowerFUl aPPeTITe conTrol

The AdvAnTRA Z AdvAnTAge
Emerge contains a patented ingredient called Advantra Z. Advantra Z is an extract of a citrus fruit and has been shown to be effective in fat breakdown, thermogenesis, appetite control and ultimately, in increasing the ratio of lean muscle to total body mass. While this ingredient increases our metabolic rate, helping us burn more calories, it does this without increasing our heart rate or raising blood pressure! Advantra Z has also been shown to improve athletic performance.


The best way to stay motivated on your plan is to see results. Emerge includes a healthy dose of ¿ber in each serving. Fiber will help remove the bloat and Àatten out your stomach, delivering quick results and providing the motivation you need to keep going. Other motivators of taking Emerge include enhanced energy, a sense of well-







The Max Muscle Authorized Third Party Program ensures Max Muscle customers that the brands that appear on this page have passed the requirements in place to become authorized to be sold inside Max Muscle store locations nationwide. As a consumer you should demand that the products you are ingesting to help you accomplish your health & fitness goals do what they claim to do and adhere to the current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements that have been put in place by the Food & Drug Administration.


By Dr. Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN

Our Max EFA product does not contain xylitol. It is delivered in a softgel that would have to be cut open for your pets. Check with your veterinarian if this product is appropriate.

I have high blood pressure for which I am taking a daily medication to keep it under control. Are there any supplements you can recommend that are safe for me to take AND effective to lose weight?


Q&A with

Dr. Harvey
How much elemental iron is in your Max Nutraceuticals Chelated Iron capsules?
There are 18 mg of elemental iron per serving, which is 100 percent Daily Value. Elemental iron means the absolute amount of iron delivered to your system. If you require higher amounts of iron, you should check with your healthcare provider.

Any of our non-stimulating weight loss supplements should be ¿ne. These would include Cleanse & Lean, LiquiCarn, CLA and Quadra Cuts Night-Time. I would suggest to let your doctor know you are interested in taking these products and show him/her the Product Data Sheets available from our stores or website (MaxMuscle.com).

Athletes Choice Pro Elite Creatine contains 5g of all three quality creatines in just one scoop. The guys at the Max Muscle store say one scoop per day is suf¿cient for my high intensity body building routine. I'm 6-foot-1, 225 pounds. What are your thoughts?


One of your essential fatty acids products indicates on the packaging that the product is not to be given to pets. Is there a particular reason why? My pets have been prescribed essential fatty acids for a medical condition and prior to noticing the warning on your label, I thought EFAs were safe to give to pets?


For more information or to find the store nearest you, visit us online at


You are likely referring to our Essential Omega product, which contains xylitol, a sugar alcohol and arti¿cial sweetener. Xylitol is found in many sugar-free gums, candies and other food products. Xylitol has been linked to serious health issues and poisonings in dogs, ferrets and possibly other animals, so that's the reason for the warning on the label.


At your height and weight and the fact that you are a high intensity body builder, 5g should be an adequate dose of creatine per day assuming you have gone through the loading phase. Your weight is right at the low end of going from 1 to the 1½ scoops. My suggestion is to go ahead and use the higher 1½ scoops (or 7.5g) per day as the maintenance dose and 7.5g four times per day for ¿ve days as the loading dose. This information is listed on the Pro Elite label. Some body builders also bene¿t from cycling on and off creatine by taking loading doses for 3-5 days every 3-4 weeks of training. You may want to try this if you have not already done so. Research also suggests that the greatest bene¿ts of creatine occur during periods of heavy training as compared to cycling off creatine when not training. MS&F


Got a question for Dr. Harvey? Email it to him at drphil@maxmuscle.com.

ı JANUARY 2013

Who is Dr. Harvey? Phillip W. Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN, is the Chief Scientific Officer for Max Muscle. A leading expert in nutritional biochemistry and sports nutrition, he has been involved in education, research and the nutritional industry for more than 25 years.


Max Muscle Sports nutrition's Cleanse & Lean Advanced boasts a powerful body-slenderizing formula designed for quick and effective weight loss. cleanse & lean Advanced specifically addresses the areas of healthy elimination, appetite suppression and thermogenesis along with water loss using high-quality ingredients supported by published scientific studies. Visit MaxMuscle.com to find a store near you!

AdvAnced cleAnSing poWer

if you haven't already tried Max Muscle's incredibly popular Emerge in such delicious flavors as Blue raspberry Bomb and Wild cherry Tart, then don't wait a minute longer. Two new flavors – Blossom White Tea and Minty Mojito – are coming soon to a Max Muscle store near you! Turn your body into a fat-burning machine by utilizing stored fat as fuel, quell hunger and enjoy increased energy with this amazing product! Visit MaxMuscle.com to find a store near you!

neW FlAvorS oF eMerge coMing Soon!

if you want to lose fat or use fat as a fuel source during exercise, then get Max Muscle's Max LiquiCarn. providing 1,250 mg of fast-acting liquid l-carnitine per serving, Max liquicarn also helps to optimize performance, delay the onset of fatigue and improve recovery time. Available in stores now. Visit MaxMuscle.com to find a store near you!



now you can freeze your favorite smoothie and take it with you in the morning or enjoy as an afternoon snack with the help of Zipzicles. Zipzicles are zip-top ice-pop molds that are particularly great for anyone with allergies and special food requirements. Too busy to finish? Just zip the top closed and save it for later! Visit Zipzicles.com for more info.

BUild & BUrn BeTTer grip

everyone knows you perform better during workouts when you have a better grip on your equipment; Grip On provides the best grip possible. easy to place on and remove, a pair provides the perfect feel, can be used with or without gloves and comes in a variety of colors. grip on also puts a hygienic barrier between your skin and equipment that's in contact with everyone else's hands, which prevents the spread of germs and dirt. Please visit GripOn.net for more information.

Max Muscle’s Anabol Cuts 2 is a science-based dual-action formula designed to increase lean body mass while reducing fat mass acceleration and hyper accelerated fat metabolism through supporting healthy testosterone levels. Visit MaxMuscle.com to find a store near you!

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Trista Anderson
Team Max Muscle Athlete, NPC Bikini Competitor


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