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Explaining News to Kids / Dogs / Tutoring / SLOs Stormy History / New Year Resolve

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Child Development
Explaining the News to Kids
Kids get their news from many sources -- and theyre not always correct. Here are tips for how to talk about the news -- and listen, too. Help to put the news in perspective. Shootings, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, end-of-the-world predictions -- even local news reports of missing kids and violence -- all of this can be upsetting news even for adults, much less kids. In our 24/7 news world, its become nearly impossible to shield kids from distressing current events. Today, kids get news from everywhere. This constant stream of information shows up in sharable videos, posts, blogs, feeds, and alerts. Since much of this content comes from sites designed for adult audiences, what your kids see, hear, or read might not be age appropriate. Making things even more challenging is the fact that many kids are getting this information directly on their phones and laptops. Often parents arent around to immediately help their children make sense of horrendous situations. The bottom line is that young kids simply dont have the ability to understand news events in context, much less know whether or not a source of information is credible. And while older teens are better able to understand current events, even they face challenges when it comes to sifting fact from opinion -- or misinformation. No matter how old your kid is, threatening or upsetting news can affect them emotionally. Many can feel worried, frightened, angry -- even guilty. And these anxious feelings can last long after the news event is over. So what can you do as a parent to help your kids deal with all of this information? Reassure your children that theyre safe. Tell kids that even though a story is getting a lot of attention, it was just one event and most likely a very rare occurrence. And remember that your kids will look to the way you handle your reactions to determine their own approach. If you stay calm and considered, they will, too. Tips for kids under 7 Keep the news away. Turn off the TV

Cover Photo:
and radio news at the top of the hour and half hour. Read the newspaper out of range of young eyes that can be frightened by the pictures. Preschool children dont need to see or hear about something that will only scare them silly, especially because they can easily confuse facts with fantasies or fears. At this age, kids are most concerned with your safety and separation from you. Theyll also respond strongly to pictures of other young children in jeopardy. Try not to minimize or discount their concerns and fears, but reassure them by explaining all the protective measures that exist to keep them safe. If youre flying somewhere with them, explain that extra security is a good thing. Tips for kids 8-12 Carefully consider your childs maturity and temperament. Many kids can handle a discussion of threatening events, but if your children tend toward the sensitive side, try to keep them away from TV news. Repetitive images and stories can make dangers appear greater, more prevalent, and closer to home. At this age, many kids who will see the morality of events in stark blackand-white terms are early in the process of developing their moral beliefs. You may have to explain the basics of prejudice, bias, and civil and religious strife. But be careful about making generalizations, since kids will take what you say to the bank. This is a good time to ask them what they know, since theyll probably have gotten information from friends, and you may have to correct their facts. You might explain that even news programs compete for viewers, which sometimes affects content decisions. If you let your kids use the Internet, go online with them. Some of the pictures posted are simply grisly. Monitor where your kids are going, and set your URLs to open to non-news-based portals. Tips for teens Check in. Since, in many instances, teens will have absorbed the news independently of you, talking with them can offer great insights into their developing politics and their senses of justice and morality. It will also give you the opportunity to throw your own insights into the mix (just dont dismiss theirs, since that will shut down the conversation immediately). Many teens will feel passionately about events and may even personalize them if someone they know has been directly affected. Theyll also probably be aware that their own lives could be impacted by terrorist tactics. Try to address their concerns without dismissing or minimizing them. If you disagree with media portrayals, explain why so that your teens can separate the mediums through which they absorb news from the messages conveyed. For more information on how to talk to your kids about a recent tragedy, visit the National Association of School Psychologists or the American Psychological Association.
Reprinted with permission. Common Sense Media. Dec. 14, 2012

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival Family Day Holding a Sonoran Desert Toad

Ruth Ann Angus Photography

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Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Pet Tips

Equine Assisted Learning Workshops for Individuals, Couples, and Groups 3rd Saturday of the month in Los Osos

make it work. Sadly, she ended up replacing him. Adult children may sometimes decide, with the best intentions, to get their lonely parent(s) a dog for company. An excellent idea! But be conscious of any physical limitations the parents may have. For instance, if the parent has trouble bending over or down, a small dog may not be a good match. Canine companionship can be an extraordinarily fulfilling relationship when owners make prudent, sensible choices. Please avoid surprising someone with a puppy or adult dog, especially if you dont know how prepared the recipient might be. If you are considering getting a companion for your family, your parents, or your kids, do some research.

Facilitated by EAGALA certified professionals Angela Sherman, Ph.D.

(CA License # PSY23689)

Carol Studer, Equine Specialist

To register, call: (650) 248-4072

or email:

Matchmaker Matchmaker
by Lisa Ellman

more shrieking and squealing, resulting in terrified children and an isolated dog. If you are an apartment dweller, it seems logical to have a small dog, but there are some larger dogs that are couch potatoes and a long daily walk or two will satisfy their activity requirements. Conversely, there are small dogs (some Terriers), that are like energizer bunnies! These dogs thrive in large yards, where they can chase balls and dig for gophers all day long.

I often see the unhappy result of people acquiring a dog based on emotion instead of reason. Why is it that we spend weeks researching appliances or cars to find the best fit, but often pick a dog (that may spend 14 years with us) spontaneously? Remember the box of puppies outside the supermarket? Deciding what dog to bring into your family deserves prudent consideration. Research and education are important ingredients to ensure successful integration. Consult a vet or reputable dog trainer, and peruse various dog books or websites. If you have kids that are old enough to communicate ideas, have a family meeting (or 3) to discuss what kind of responsibilities would be involved (feeding, grooming, training, walking, poop patrol, etc.). If your kids are toddlers, consider

your time constraints and how much attention youll be able to give a dog. If youre thinking about getting a puppy, imagine this: taking care of another toddler 24/7, with needle sharp teeth to boot! The energy and attention requirements of puppies are immense. Families with young children should be aware that many breeds, or mixes, are prewired for certain activities. For example: Border Collies and Heelers are bred for herding. This behavior often manifests when your kids are out in the yard running around. The dog will attempt to nip at the feet and legs of the herd, your kids. Their shrieking and squealing may initiate an instinctual reaction from the dog: nipping, biting or jumping on the small people. The kids reaction to this, unfortunately, is usually

Before you go out shopping for a dog, investigate which breed(s) will match the lifestyle and activity level of your household. By learning about dog traits and behavior, you can increase If you have limited movement or the odds of ensuring happy, serious health issues, selecting healthy, and mutually respectful a dog that already has some relationships immeasurably. training is a wise choice. Ive seen the regrettable consequences Lisa Ellman has been training dogs since that can result when people are the age of 11, when she took first place in a group class with her Doberman Sidney. not physically able to handle their She was a founding member of Heeling dog, small or large. For example: Touch Dog Training in San Luis Obispo, a frail cancer survivor whose bringing shelter dogs to the inmates of Juvenile Services. Lisa launched Good adorable Boston terrier puppy Dogma Obedience Training in 1996, and she ripped her thin skin to shreds and mentors students from the Animal Behavior walked all over her - literally and College in Northridge who are studying to become dog trainers. Lisa lives in Los Osos figuratively. She (and I) tried for with her husband and four-legged children: several exhausting months to Jake, Remo, and Chagall.

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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4211 Broad St, #D in San Luis Obispo

Winter Art Camps

Monart Birthday Party!

See website for pricing

Landis Student of the Month!

Anna age 8

Call (805) 544-4243 to Register Now!

For more information, visit our facebook page SLOMonart and our new website:
Art & Cork
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Central Coast Family


Tutoring for School Success

by Jeffrey Cyr

With todays ever-changing educational system, it is becoming increasingly important for parents to try and fill the gaps in their childs schooling. Teachers are pressured with larger classroom sizes, trying to accommodate students with diverse needs, and remaining accountable to evolving state standards and dwindling state budgets for schools. All of these factors can have consequences for students who are being asked to learn more and more material on their own. There simply arent enough hours in each day for a teacher to sit and tutor students. Some children thrive in a one-on-one setting where a teacher can go into greater detail on given subject matter and the student can ask questions or comment without being judged by peers. I have found that struggling students would rather sit quietly with a teacher than to run the risk of revealing that they dont get it in front of their classmates. One solution to the problems faced by students who fall behind academically is to find support through a tutoring program. I have found that the key to a successful tutoring intervention program is to find a person who understands your childs frustrations and can help both you and your child overcome the anxiety of falling behind. Students inherently want to do their best, in the best way they

know how. Its important to understand that all of us have different modes of learning and varied attitudes when it comes to education. Its also important that your child learn how to adapt to the teaching style of a given educator, because this skill can help them when they come across peers, co-workers, and employers that are challenging. To ensure that tutoring is a positive experience, it is crucial for parents to see this as a way of polishing their childs knowledge, and not as some sort of punishment for failure to complete their homework. Avoid identifying tutoring as a consequence for getting bad grades. I have had extensive experience tutoring students, and its amazing to see their confidence and grades improve until they are super proud of their hard work. The goal of tutoring is to simply help organize a students thinking, so he can understand the material in class. Quite honestly, some teachers just arent good at explaining how information and materials relate to the student and this can cause a gap in understanding. Also, some parents arent equipped to lend support to their child with the ever-increasing complexity of tasks being asked of students. I had to help my son secure a tutor in one of his subjects, because it was out of my comfort zone when he came to me for help. I didnt want to give him misinformation, and we decided the smart thing to do was to ask an expert for help. He agreed and has thoroughly enjoyed working with his tutor. My son even schedules extra sessions on his own if he feels the need for more support on certain topics. So youve talked with your child and through supportive coaxing, youve decided to go out and find a tutor! Congratulations on taking a proactive step to support your childs education. The most logical course is to ask friends or peers for recommendations to see if there is someone out there to meet your needs. In our case, we relied on peers to find our sons tutor and weve been really happy with the results. the educator. If you go out into the community to a business or a program, make sure the tutor that you end up with is qualified to teach your childs grade level, familiar with the specific subject matter, and holds a current teaching credential. Ask for suggestions for how you can follow up to support your childs learning at home, and keep track of his progress.

The goal of any tutoring program is to maximize the benefit of oneon-one time between the child and tutor. Its important that your child enjoys spending time with the tutor, so you might have to try out a few until you find the perfect fit. It will be worth the effort to find a tutor who can If youre unable to find someone encourage and inspire your child, on your own, there are options. as well as help him to develop You might want to ask your academic skills. childs teacher if they know of someone who can help with your situation. The great thing about Jeff Cyr is a k-6th grade educator on the finding a recommendation from Central Coast, helping parents bridge the gap between classroom and home. your childs teacher is that the Send him questions or comments at tutor can work in tandem with

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Now. More than ever. It is your childs time for...

Developing Key Competencies through:

The Only SLO County School Ranked Among Top Private Schools Nationwide

Financial Aid Available . K-8 Tour: TUE JAN 15th 9:00 am Toddler, Primary & Transitional K Tour: THU JAN 17th 9:00 am

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Fun & Games

Jacks Jokes
What do sea monsters eat? Fish and ships! Knock Knock. Whos there? hatch. hatch who? Bless You! What starts with E, ends with E, and has only one letter? Envelope!

Martin Luther King Jr Word Search

By: Amaya Dempsey

Hen & Ink

Hink Pinks (2 rhyming 1 syllable words matching a silly definition):

1. superior visitor 2. 2 quadrilaterals 3. impolite man 4. lengthy tune ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
1. best guest 2. square pair 3. rude dude 4. long song

S U D6 O3 K9 U

Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells filled with numbers. The object is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number only in each cell). A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

7 9 6 1 2 8 7 6 4 5 9 1 7 7 5 8 4 8 2 4 6 1 5 6 8 7
Page 8

6 9 2 4

Central Coast Family

January 2013

Professional Web Design

We build websites that you can easily edit
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Make a Difference!
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Hours Thursday 12-5 pm Friday 12-5 pm Sunday 11-3 pm Admission
$2 Per Child (3-18) $3 Per Adult $2 Senior (65+)

Designed for all ages Filled with interactive science exhibits created to inspire and educate including 5 new exhibits! Also offering Birthday parties, LEGO club, Field Trips, and more!

Memberships Available Field Trips scheduled throughout the week!

Central Coast Family January 2013 Page 9
Enjoy FREE full color, graphic design & website exposure:

What do you offer Central Coast Families?

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Gutter Cleaning, Drainage Solutions & Winter Lighting

Full Services Include:
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Local History
San Luis Obispo
Stormy Weather in

San Luis Obispo: 100 Years Books

Collect all three great books about the history of SLO town. Buy your memory of downtown as it continues to change in the coming months and years. Capture a moment in history!

Enjoy Your Memories!

Get an autographed copy at, Boo Boo Records, the History Center, and Antiques on Monterey
Also available at Barnes & Noble, Crushed Grape, Apple Farm, and Volumes of Pleasure

by Guy Crabb

I love it when it rains. Every year, people living on the Central Coast wait for the rains to turn our brown hills to green. The water provides a beautiful landscape, but also a free supply of food for local cattle that graze in the hills and valleys. Weve had a few inches of rain so far this season, and I am hoping for several more inches to fill our lakes, reservoirs, and underground water tables. One of my favorite things to do during a rain storm is go to downtown San Luis Obispo and stand in the middle of Queenie Bridge next to the mission and see the level of San Luis Obispo Creek. If it has been a storm that gave us several inches of rain, the creek will rise so high that the sidewalks alongside the creek disappear. On a normal day, you can see large rocks in the creek below Queenie Bridge, but during a heavy rain the rocks will disappear due to the rising water. It is well worth a trip to see how high the creek can rise.

The first recorded flooding in the area goes back to 1772, when Father Serra stopped long enough to found Mission San Luis Obispo. The original mission was established down the street from the current one, near the end of Dana Street. During the years 1772 to 1776, San Luis Obispo Creek overflowed on several occasions and forced the missionaries to relocate. By around 1776, the mission was relocated to its present location. Another favorite story about flooding in San Luis Obispo, is the story of Higuera Street. I have a really cool map from 1870 that reveals a great snapshot in time. In 1870, Thomas Higuera owned a farm on the corner of Nipomo (spelled Nipoma on my map) and Higuera Streets. Higuera Street was a two-way street and the entrance to and exit from town back in those days. Higuera Street did not have an official name until Mr. Higuera bought the land at this end of town and started a farm.

During the winter rains, all of the streets in town became a muddy mess and made it difficult for the horse-drawn wagons to travel. The people in town started asking Mr. Higuera to take care of the road in front of his farm because it was the entrance to town. Soon everyone started calling the road Higuera Street because he maintained the road on that side of town. Higuera was not the only street that was named due to rain in the city. On that map I was talking about, Marsh Street is just one block long from Nipomo to Broad Streets. Today, Marsh runs right through the middle of Thomas Higueras farm. Marsh Street was so short because it dead-ended into the old mission vineyards. The vineyards had an area that became swampy after a heavy rain storm, and thats how Marsh Street got its name. Next on my list of San Luis Obispo streets named due to heavy rains is Chorro Street. The name Chorro refers to rapids in a stream, which is exactly what happens to this creek during rain storms. San Luis Obispo Creek was once an open waterway running through the middle of the city. Chorro Street stopped at Monterey Street because the creek blocked traffic from going through to Higuera Street. Some people would ride their horses down into the creek and cross over to Higuera, but most wagons could not do this. Soon, many small businesses started popping up all along the creek. The problem during the rainy season was that the creek would rise to a level where horses could not cross it safely. As the creek would flood, the high water level would also flood the tents and buildings that were located along the creek sides on Monterey and Chorro Streets.

In more recent history during the early 1970s, there was a storm that caused the worst flooding that the city had experienced in many years. The rain was so heavy and San Luis Obispo Creek overflowed so much that the streets of the city were completely underwater, along with the freeway at the Los Osos Valley off ramp. Higuera Street was underwater with small waves breaking right down the middle of the street. The creek turned into a river and the city made plans after the floods to develop a better drainage system. In the 1990s, I remember that Laguna Lake flooded so badly that the homes along Oceanaire Street were completely flooded and many had major damage. A few years ago, we had a moderate rainfall and I drove downtown to check out the creek to see how high it had risen. I happened to arrive just in time to see the county rescue squad in the creek saving a couple of knuckleheads who thought they could kayak down the creek. As soon as they put their kayaks in the water, they flipped over and one of them crawled under the bridge at Broad Street and had to be rescued. Rain is a wonderful thing, but too much can become a big problem. Lets all hope for a nice normal rainy season to make our hills green and grow enough grass to feed the county cattle population. Stay dry everyone!

Rushing water in San Luis Obispo Creek

Guy Crabb teaches at Charles E. Teach Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. He graduated from Cal Poly SLO and has been teaching for 28 years. Guy was a Teacher of the Year in 2006 and currently teaches at a National Blue Ribbon School. Reach him at

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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David S. Vogel
Serious Injury
Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents Wrongful Death, Head Injury, Burns Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Neglect No Recover y . No Fee
Former Prosecutor with 29 years of Experience Honored with the highest rating (AV Preeminent) in the Peer-Reviewed National Law Directory Martindale-Hubbell

Law Offices of (805) 540-7100

1026 Palm Street, Suite 214, San Luis Obispo
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Family Life
Your Kids Before They Grow Up The Sand Bucket List: 366 Things to Do With Your Kids Before They Grow Up 101 Things You Gotta Do Before Youre 12! by Joanne OSullivan These are some of the many books to inspire adults: Lonely Planets 1000 Ultimate Experiences

Arroyo Grande Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Seeking... Sharing... Serving

Worship Service Times Saturday: 9:30 & 10:45 am 240 Vernon St, Arroyo Grande

Bucket List!
by Steven Smith


Make a

(805) 489-6622


Each year, when January rolls around, people write down their New Years Resolutions. Why not try something new and write a 2013 Bucket List? Instead of focusing on the negative things in your life that you want to change, set your sights on positive and enjoyable things to accomplish. The term bucket list was popularized by a Rob Reiner movie called The Bucket List, in which two men go on a road trip to do all the things they want to do before they kick the bucket. According to

Before You Die by Stephen Off the Beaten Path by the online Urban Dictionary, Farthing. Readers Digest a bucket list includes all the things you want to do or see 101 Things to Do Before You The Bucket List concept has before you die. Die by Richard Horne been gaining popularity, and there are a number of websites Bucket lists can be made for 2,001 Things to Do Before You dedicated to people who want Die by Dane Sherwood all ages or types of people. to interact with each other and Parents can even make bucket Idea book - 3500 Ideas for share ideas. Younger adults lists for their children. A bucket Your Bucket List by Marelisa might be interested in social list can include places you want networking sites where they can Fabrega to visit, things you want to share news of their completed see, new hobbies you want to adventures or activities online. try, skills you want to improve, Then there is the 1001 Series of books you want to read, and books (http://1001beforeyoudie. Think about a Timeline movies you want to see. The com) including many different best thing about a bucket list is topics: Decide what timeline you would that you can tailor it to suit your like to incorporate, for example 1001 Albums You Must Hear unique interests. when do you want to try things. Before You Die by Robert Dimery Here are some helpful tips on how to get started. 1001 Books You Must Read 1001 Childrens Books You Do some research on what Must Read Before You Grow you want to put on your list. Up by Julia Eccleshare Use resources such as books, magazines, and websites, and 1001 Escapes to Experience Before You Die by Helen talk with your friends and family Arnold to get inspiration. Here are just a few of the idea books I have found for kids and their parents: 1001 Historic Sites You Must See Before You Die by Richard Cavendish Consider the Possibilities Before You Die by Peter Boxall

Lonely Planets 1000 Ultimate 1001 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die by Sights Michael Bright 1000 Places to See Before You Die and 1000 Places to See in 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die by Rae the United States and Canada Spencer-Jones Before You Die by Patricia Schultz 1001 Paintings You Must See

PETS OF THE MONTH Available for Immediate Adoption!

3-year-old Female Brown Tabby w/ Gold Eyes & Long Hair

5-year-old Male Black Labrador Retriever Mix

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die by Steven J. Frommers 500 Places to Take

Microchipped, Vaccinated, Spayed Neutered, Vaccinated, & Litter Box Trained Microchipped, Leash & House Trained Quiet, Calm & Very Affectionate Relaxed, Outgoing & Affectionate A bit shy around other cats Great w/ Kids & Other Dogs

(805) 543-9316

San Luis Obispo

875 Oklahoma Ave

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Beauty Blog: Body Image

Dental Exam, Cleaning & Necessary Digital X-Rays for Children
New Patients 6 mos-18 yrs only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 1/31/13

Self Care
As a woman, a mother, and a stylist, I see the struggle with body image everyday. I believe we are starting to leave the era of one ideal image (perfect and skinny) for all women. Guess what? Curves are coming back! Embracing who you are and feeling confident and sexy in your own skin is the new In. Every woman has this potential. Its just a matter of bringing it out in the right ways. When we love how we look, we feel we can conquer the world. But making the most of our assets can be a challenge. Maybe you dont know what clothing styles look best on your body shape, or how to wear hair or make up to enhance your features. In 2013, invest in a happy self image. Self care doesnt have to cost a fortune and the satisfaction of bringing out your inner beauty is priceless! We all deserve to feel beautiful.
Mandy Buechner is a master stylist at Legends Salon & Day Spa in Atascadero and graduated from Paul Mitchell The School MTI. She can be reached at (916) 225-3971 for a free consultation.


by Mandy Buechner

Robert Flores, DMD & Robyn Flores, DMD

Body image is how you view your physical self. Your idea of how you look on the outside, determines how you feel on the inside. We compare ourselves to the perfect image of what we should look like according to other people, media, and society. This process can influence our thoughts, moods, and emotions. In the 17th century, the more rotund womans figure not only showed her wealth, but was believed to indicate fertility. In the 18th century, the ideal colonial woman was muscular, big, and strong. These were important assets for her own survival, as well as desirable for marriage, motherhood, and working the land. Toward the 19th century, idealistic body image drastically changed. Women were expected to be slinky, frail, pale, and small, and they used corsets to achieve the perfect hourglass shape. Today, women are revolutionizing the way body image is accepted in society. We are standing up and defining ourselves. All shapes and sizes are now considered beautiful. 878 Boysen Ave, San Luis Obispo

(805) 544-9440

Convenient Evening & Weekend Hours

You may want to plan to do one thing per month or a specific number in a year. Of course, you can extend the timeline over more years, or during your lifetime. One popular period of time for adults is 1001 days, which is about 2.75 years. Set Your Goals

Strive to obtain your goals oneby-one. Later, you can make a scrapbook showing photos and mementos of your adventures. Set a Budget The costs of completing your objectives can vary greatly, depending on what types of items you chose. While some things on your list might be very inexpensive, others (like travel to exotic places or doing pricey activities) might require saving up money. You might start with less expensive activities and travel destinations first.

New Year, New You!

January 19th 2:00-5:00 pm
Legends Salon & Day Spa, 4855 El Camino Real, Atascadero
free makeover class covering skin care, makeup, hair styles, and more. free brow shaping for every attendee!
Taught by Mandy B., Certified Italy Hair Fashion Educator With special guest Cheryl Albertelli, Independent Mary-Kay Beauty Consultant

It is important to set goals and to put them down in writing. As Michael Jordan once said, Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. You can start by creating a simple checklist of things that are realistic to achieve, and then The purpose of life, after all, is expand your list to add things to live it, to taste experience to that are more challenging. the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and Your list can be as simple as richer experience. (Eleanor a scribble on scrap paper, or Roosevelt). Make 2013 a year more elaborate on pages in a to remember! 3-ring binder or journal, or you can even make a form online. Steven Smith is a resident of San Luis Some people like to keep their Obispo and a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a degree in Creative Writing. Steven goals in sight, where they can is a painter/muralist and freelance writer. His easily be reminded and check art can be viewed at sloartiststevensmith. Contact Steven at: off items that they complete.

Space is limited: RSVP ASAP by calling 805 461-5207 or Mandy B directly at 916 225-3971

Bring a friend
to each receive

a $20 Gift Certificate

toward any hair service!

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Cirque & Silks



Tramp & Tumbling

Team Gymnastics


Rec Gymnastics


GREAT foundation for an early start in life! Baby Roos 8 months & up Make new Friends Inspire movement with fitness Develop strength & power Develop flexibility & coordination Improve listening skills & following directions Gain self-esteem & confidence

Try something new Acrobatics, Trampoline, or Cheer Provide social interaction with peers

2 3 4 5 6

10 Learn to set & achieve goals 11 Develop cognitive abilities to help in the classroom 12 Develop skills to enhance other sports 13 Its Fitness & Fun all in one!
Super Fun Gym Super Camps The Gym Bag Store Fresh Coffee & Tea Daily



1 20 3!

Wonderful & Passionate Coaches Friendly Customer Service Largest Selection of Class Schedules

2012 Olympic Trials floor, bars, and signed chalk bowl Kids Night Out Parties Funtastic Birthday Parties

First Months Tuition! 20th Anniversary Celebration!

New and non-enrolled students. Not valid with any other offers. One coupon per person. Expires 1/31/2013

20% OFF
805 549-8408

16,000 square feet of Fun & Fitness!
January 2013

21 Zaca Lane, SLO

Page 16

Central Coast Family

Excellent Reasons 21 To Join Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center



begins with Happy, Healthy Kids at CCG!






January 2013 Free Ongoing Events

FARMERS MARKET: 11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG



January is:
Eye Care Month National Blood Donor Month National Braille Literacy Month National Hobby Month National Staying Healthy Month National Thank You Month Hot Tea Month Oatmeal Month

Birthstone: Garnet

PAUl REvERES BIRTHDAY (Born in 1735)

8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG




Flower: Carnation






11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria


3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall



8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

(1st bottles delivered in 1878)





11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St




11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG



FARMERS MARKETS: 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

cOMPlIMENT DAY AUSTRAlIA DAY (Sydney settled in 1778)





11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

lEWIS cARROllS BIRTHDAY (Born in 1832)

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


FARMERS MARKETS: 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St





Central Coast Family

January 2013

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Family Events
FRI NOV 16-MON DEC 31 (times vary): SEPTEMBER SONG - Great American Songbook Salutes JBs 100th at Pewter Plough Playhouse, 824 Main St, Cambria. Jim Buckley, the theaters founder, will be celebrating his 100th birthday! The cast performs about 40 fabulous songs and tells stories of JBs many exotic exploits. Special New Years Eve Bash includes musical stage show, live cabaret music, an elegant supper buffet, Opolo champagne, party favors and fun! Cost: $17-30. Contact: 927-3877. DEC 21-JAN 6 10:30 am-10:00 pm: WINTER WONDERSLO Jiffy Lube Ice Skating Rink at Madonna Expo Center, 100 Madonna Rd, SLO. Enjoy the first ice skating rink in SLO! Fun for all ages. A portion of the proceeds benefits Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Cost: $13 adults, $9 children includes skate rental. Contact: 7092221 or FRI DEC 28 6:30-8:30 pm: ENGINEERING WITH LEGO at SLO City/County Library, 995 Palm St, San Luis Obispo. Let your imagination run wild with Play-Well TEKnologies and over 100,000 pieces! This will be a fun event using real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture to develop problemsolving skills, foster an appreciation of mechanics, and build selfconfidence. Ages 7-12. Cost: $15 per child per class. Contact: 781-7300. SAT DEC 29 10:15 am-12:15 pm: NATURE BOAT CRUISE at Lopez Lake Recreation Area, 6800 Lopez Dr, Arroyo Grande. Bring the kids and take a cruise to learn about the history and mystery hidden below the water, as well as the flora and fauna living in the park. Rain cancels event. Meet at the Courtesy Dock at the Marina. Cost: $6 adult, $3 child. Contact: 788-2381. Through DEC 30 THU-SAT 1:004:00 pm: STAR WARS COLLECTION at Paso Robles Pioneer Museum, 2010 Riverside Ave. Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Star Wars franchise with the whole family. Free admission. Contact: 610-2306. SAT DEC 31 9:30 am: MUSIC TOGETHER DEMO Create and Learn at Sukha Wellness Center, 6615 Bay Laurel Pl, Avila Beach. Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them! Cost: free. Phone: (530) 712-5095. SAT DEC 31 at 11:00 am: NOON YEARS EVE at San Luis Obispo Childrens Museum, 1010 Nipomo St. Let the kids celebrate by making noisemakers, wearing party hats, joining a countdown, and watching a balloon drop without staying up late! Cost: free with admission. Contact: 545-5874 or JAN 1-31 (locations vary): RESTAURANT MONTH: 30 days - 3 Courses - $30! Enjoy an incredible series of great meals at a great price, as more than 40 destination restaurants throughout SLO County offer a great deal. Each participating restaurant will offer at least one fixed price 3-course meal for just $30. Many also offer paired local wine. Locations: restaurantmonth. Contact: 5418000. FRI JAN 4 5:00-7:00 pm: Annual CHRISTMAS TREE BURN at Old Mission Santa Inez, 1760 Mission Dr, Solvang. Santa Barbara Co Fire Dept presents one of the largest fire safety demonstrations and community gatherings on the Central Coast. Bring your bare tree to the burn pile and watch this powerful spectacle ignite the New Year! Contact: 6887529 or MON JAN 7 at 12:00 pm: CR PRENATAL WATER AEROBICS at San Luis Campus, CA-1, San Luis Obispo. Prenatal Water Aerobics is designed for pre or postnatal women who want a safe and effective way to stay in shape. The format includes a pre-stretch, cardiovascular warm-up, aerobic segment, cool down toning and post-stretch to help pregnant women maintain current levels of fitness. This workout is held in the shallow end of the main pool. Contact: 546-3132 to receive packet with required medical release form. TUE JAN 8 10:00-10:30 am: KINDERMUSIK Musical Storytime at Centennial Park, 600 Nickerson Dr, Paso Robles. For children ages 1.5-3 years old and parents. Come enjoy singing, dancing and playing instruments together. Cost: free. Contact: 238-0381.

Sponsored by Laguna PTA

THU JAN 10 at 7:30 pm: HAIR at Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Broadways exuberant; Tony Award-winning musical is an electric celebration! Young Americans searching for peace and love in a turbulent time strikes a resonant chord with all ages. Brief nudity. Cost: $30-84. Contact: 756-6556. SAT JAN 12 9:00 am-12:00 pm: New Years PLANTING PARTY at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve on 4th St and Ramona Ave, Los Osos. Help plant endangered Morro Manzanita, and other rare and common shrubs, and fill out the wildflower meadow with yellow eyed grass and field sedge. Bring your gloves and shovel (with your name). Tools, tips & treats provided even prizes for correct answers on a Nature quiz! Contact: 239-3928. SAT JAN 12 10:00-11:45 am: 4-H SLO Hikers HIKE AT HARMONY HEADLANDS State Park, west side adjacent to the southbound lane of Hwy 1, Harmony. Join us for a beautiful 3 mile central coast hike! The trail is located five minutes north of Cayucos and 2.6 miles south of Harmony. A small parking lot is visible along the west side of Hwy 1 and overflow parking is available on the opposite side. Cost: free.

Contact: 781-5944. SAT JAN 12 1:00-3:00 pm: CHICKENS 101: PECKING ORDER at SLO Botanical Garden at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, 3450 Dairy Creek Rd, SLO. Steve Soderstrom of Cal Poly Poultry Center discusses backyard poultry. Learn breed selection, chick care, housing, diseases, and more. Come w/ questions. Cost: $5 members, $10 non-members. Cost: 541-1400 or SAT JAN 12 at 8:00 pm: CALIFORNIA MISSIONS TOUR at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, 751 Palm St, SLO. Vivaldis beloved Four Seasons and composer Craig Russells beautiful re-creation of early mission music: Ecos Armnicos. Cost: $15-35. Contact: 543-3533. SAT JAN 12 & SUN JAN 13 (times vary): JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL at Palm Theatre 3, 817 Palm St, San Luis Obispo. Join us for this enjoyable weekend celebrating Jewish Culture. The SLOJFF promotes cultural diversity in our area, and takes the audience to Jewish communities and life throughout the world. Includes an opening reception, Jewish food faire, and filmmakers/sponsors dinner. Cost: varies. Contact: 4265465 or

Central Coast Family

January 2013

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FRI JAN 18 at 7:00 am: City of SLO Parks & Rec TEACHER WORK DAY CAMP at Hawthorne Elementary School, 2125 Story St, San Luis Obispo. This one-day camp is open to all local school children in K-6th grades. Register from DEC 10-JAN 16 online or at 1341 Nipomo St. Cost: $50. Contact: 781-7300 or www. FRI JAN 18-SUN FEB 3 (days & times vary): CATS THE MUSICAL at Unity, 1490 Southwood Dr, San Luis Obispo. Based on T.S. Eliots Old Possums Book of Practical Cats, CATS is set at the annual reunion of the Jellicle cats at the Jellicle Ball. The eldest of this special breed, Old Deuteronomy, seeks to select which of the many cats in the neighborhood will be reborn to begin another life. Cost: $14-60. Contact: 543-7529 or http:// FRI JAN 18 7:00-9:00 pm: GAME NIGHT at Yosemite Main Lounge, Cal Poly SLO. Bring the family to enjoy snacks, billiards, board games, and crafts. All ages and abilities are welcome. Parents are encouraged to stay and play! Cost: free. Contact: 925 321-2226. FRI JAN 18-MON JAN 21 (times & locations vary) MORRO BAY WINTER BIRD FESTIVAL! This event includes walks, cruises, workshops, speakers, displays, and vendor booths in honor of this Globally Important Bird Area, home to or visited by more than 200 bird species. Reservations are required for most festival events. Costs vary. Contact: 866 464-5105 or SAT JAN 19 1:00-3:00 pm: KIDS SUPER SPROUTS at SLO Botanical Garden at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, 3450 Dairy Creek Rd, San Luis Obispo. Learn how plants grow. Get a jump start on spring plantings by starting seeds now! Play and learn and take seeds home. Cost: $5 donation. Contact: 541-1400 x304 or MON JAN 21-FRI JAN 25 7:00-9:00 pm: SQUARE DANCE CLASS for families (children age 13+ with parent) at Grange Hall, 2880 Broad St, San Luis Obispo. Cost: $6 adults, $5 kids 1318. Preregister with discount, or $25 each for one week. Contact: 5412386 or

THU JAN 24-SUN MAR 10 (times vary): THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY at The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville, 1863 Front St, Oceano. If you love all the mistaken identities, plot twists and silliness of Ken Ludwigs Lend Me a Tenor, then youll love his newest farce! Enjoy a charming, madcap adventure about love, life, and mans eternal love affair with outrageous sweaters and... golf. (Rated PG). Tickets: $18-$22, with discounts for groups, seniors, students, active military, and children. The in-house snack bar serves food and drinks before the show and during intermissions. Contact: 489-2499 or http:// SAT JAN 26 at 5:30 pm: DERBY DAYS Dinner Auction Fundraiser at Caf Roma, 1020 Railroad Ave, SLO. Enjoy an Italian dinner, silent and live auctions, and indoor horse racing! Cost: $50. Proceeds benefit Laguna Middle School Leadership and 8th grade AVID classes. Contact: or

Recurring Events & Resources

3rd SAT every month: Equine Assisted Learning Workshops in Los Osos. Enjoy being with horses in a fun, active, and effective setting. Workshops are all unmounted (no riding). For individuals, parents, couples, team building. Facilitated by EAGALA certified professionals: Angela Sherman, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 23689 and Carol Studer, Equine Specialist. Contact: (650) 248-4072,, or 2nd THU of every month 6:00-7:00 pm: Grief Support Group at Central Coast Hospice, 253 Granada Dr, Ste D, San Luis Obispo. This free group is for anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one who is in need of support. Contact: 540-6020. 2nd SAT of every month FEB-NOV at 9:00 am: The City Of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department offers free docent-led nature walks of the Los Flores Ranch Park, 6271 Dominion Rd, Santa Maria. Contact: 925-0951 x 263.

2nd WED every month 6:30-7:30 pm: LOS BERROS 4-H CLUB Create and Learn meets at El Camino Art Gallery, 1200 E Grand Ave, Arroyo Grande. New members welcome! Cost: free. Contact: 748-1454. 1st & 3rd THU of every month 6:007:00 pm: Free Class On How To Read Music at The Piano Outlet, 485 North Frontage Rd, Nipomo. Introduction to the basic building blocks of music notation and how to read and play music with emphasis on pitch and duration, or rhythm. Theres no need to register. Just show up! Contact: 541-350-1703 or lucaspianoacademy. com. Every TUE & THU 9:30 am or 6:30 pm: Moms Group Drop-in classes at 5 Cities Swim School, 425 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande. $7 members, $9 Nonmembers. This fun year-round class for parents and babies 3 mos to 2 yrs includes swimming skills, bonding, and songs. Contact: 481-6399 or 1st MON every month 12:15-12:45 pm: Sukha Wellness Center welcomes Heidi Harmon for a singing and dancing good time at 6615 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach. Helps kids with active participation and camaraderie, developing creativity,

reducing performance anxiety and building memorization skills. Cost: $5. Contact: 801-8088. Every MON 6:30 pm: Prenatal Yoga With Mary Sage Sennewald at Sukha Wellness Center, at 6615 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach. Learn essential exercises and techniques to use throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Meet other pregnant women and learn about local resources. Cost: $8. Contact: 8018088. Every TUE 6:00-7:30 pm: Womens Depression Group with Michelle Ogle, LMFT at 411 Traffic Way #A, Arroyo Grande. Explore your personal journey among like-minded women. Share adversity and strengths. Learn to Set boundaries and Goals. Evolve through others experiences. Be happy without compromising who you are. Ongoing groups. Call for brief screening and info. Contact: 260-5710. Every TUE at 6:30 pm: Central Coast Weight Loss Challenge Lessons and Classes at Crossroads Wellness, 1542 W Branch St, Arroyo Grande. This 12-week program advises proper nutrition and food choices while encouraging exercise. Each person will receive personalized one-on-one

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Local Resources
coaching. Participation costs $39 for all 12 weeks. $10 of each entry will be donated to a local childrens charity, and the rest of the proceeds will be awarded to the biggest loser. Contact: 489-4466 or mike@ Every other THU 3:30-4:30 pm: Paws to Read ProgramReading to Rover at Atascadero Library, 6850 Morro Rd. Join Captain, a 6 year-old tan and white rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier and his human friend Anne Harris, for a relaxed hour of stories. Captain, a certified therapy dog, loves it when children read to him! For dates, call 461-6161. 4th WED of every month at 10:00 am: Wednesdays at the Movies at Morro Bay Library, 625 Harbor St. Watch a free flick and discuss it with family and friends! Contact: 772-6394 or Every SAT 11:00 am-4:00 pm: ADOPTA-PET events at Petco in Madonna Plaza Shopping Center, 271 Madonna Rd, SLO. Cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, tested and vaccinated. A free vet exam is included. Cost: Adoption fees are $60 for one or $80 for two. Contact: 549-9228 or http:// Los Osos Pet Lost & Found Headquarters connects people with their LOST pets and allows those who have FOUND a pet to locate the owner. If you are unable to secure a found pet in your home, call 5285611. Sponsored by Squeaks, Chirps & Bubbles Pet & Feed Store, 1030 Los Osos Valley Rd, Los Osos. If you found or lost a pet in Los Osos, call 528-5611 or 801-6640. Tree of Life at 7730 Morro Rd, Suite 106, Atascadero, is a nonprofit organization helping women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy with free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, baby clothes and supplies, as well as medical referrals and other practical assistance. All services are free and completely confidential. Contact: 461-3405 or Every WED at 4:30 pm: Read to Skipper the Dog at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave. Skipper is a good listener. Contact: 528-1862 or http:// Every WED-FRI 12:00-5:00 pm & SAT 10:00 am-5:00 pm: Free Electronic Waste Drop Off at Exploration Station, 867 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach. Drop off any item with a cord (all electronics and small appliances). Not accepted: large appliances, batteries, and light bulbs. Tax receipts and free pick-up for large TVs and loads of electronic waste. Contact: 473-1421 or www. Every WED 10:00 am-6:30 pm: North County Humane Society offers microchip clinics at 2300 Ramona Rd, Atascadero. Get your cat microchipped, so youll never have to worry about them getting lost. Its the best $15 you will ever spend! Contact: 2nd TUE every month 7:00-9:00 pm: SLO NightWriters offers educational speakers at PG&E Education Center, 6588 Ontario Rd. SLO NightWriters is the premier writing organization on the Central Coast. Contact: www. Every FRI 10:00 - 11:30 am: Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP) at One Consignment, 240 E HWY 246, #105, Buellton. Contact: 564-3888 or AIKIDO FOR KIDS - Get Fit at Aikido of SLO, 209 Bonetti, SLO. Ongoing classes are for ages 4-11 (kids are divided into two age groups). Children learn how to be safe without hurting others. The learning environment is fun and skilled teachers are friendly. Classes include safety techniques, games, tumbling, and cooperative interaction skills. Contact: or 5448866. La Clinica de Tolosa is a nonprofit childrens dental clinic in Paso Robles providing a full range of quality pediatric dental care for ages 1 to 12. It serves low-income children throughout the county who are uninsured or covered by public insurance programs such as MediCal. Contact: www.clinicadetolosa. org, or 238-5334. Every FRI 1:00-2:00 pm: Mommy and Me Little Swimmers in a warm water therapy pool at 1443 Cazadero St, SLO. Jacks Helping Hand offers a parent & child class designed to engage children ages 2 to 8 with

Find Out What You Can Do

For Wildlife in Distress 805 543-WilD [9453]

Call Our HOtline:
special needs in fun water activities that encourage physical and social development. Cost: $20 for 4 classes and scholarships are available. Join anytime! Taught by Kinesio-Therapist Kay Heaton. Contact: 547-1914. Volunteer as a Good Neighbor! Make a difference in the life of an older or disabled adult. Once trained, volunteers choose services to contribute and schedule hours at their convenience. Training is scheduled monthly at Wilshire Community Services, 285 South St, Ste J, SLO. Contact: 547-7025 x 17. Volunteer at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art! Stop by at 1010 Broad St (Mission Plaza) or email volunteer@ 2nd MON every month 6:30-8:00 pm: Caregiver Support Group at Cayucos Community Church, Ocean Ave & S 3rd St. Free support group for caregivers and family members dealing with long-term illness, memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimers. Contact: 458-7484. 1st SAT every month 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Elfin Forest Work Parties. Dress for wind, fog, or sun (layers work well) in long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and sturdy shoes. Meet at the north end of 15th St in Los Osos. Contact: 528-0392 or 2nd SAT every month: Family programs at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. Contact: 541-1400 or Every MON 10:00 am-2:00 pm: Remain Independent Despite Vision Loss at Santa Maria Terrace, 1405 E. Main St. New ways of doing daily tasks are taught by the Braille Institute, such as managing the home, traveling, and use of talking library books. Contact: 462-1225. 2nd & 4th MON every month at 6:30 pm: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meet at Pacific Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria. Childcare provided. Contact: 9343491 or Teen Wellness Program: TUE 3:006:00 pm & FRI 3:00-5:30 pm at Arroyo Grande EOC Health Services Clinic, 1152 E Grand Ave. Health services, including reproductive health services, in a safe environment with staff trained to screen, assess, and provide intervention. Appt preferred. Contact: 489-4026. 1st WED every month at 9:00 am: Community Action Partnership Senior Health Screening at First United Methodist Church, 275 N. Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande. Free and low-cost services for people 50 and older including blood pressure, pulse, weight, total cholesterol, screening for anemia, diabetes and fecal blood, nutritional counseling, and referrals. Contact: 481-2692 or 788-0827. 1st WED every month at 12:00 pm: Disabled American Veterans luncheon at Veterans Memorial Bldg, 313 W. Tunnell St, Santa Maria. Contact: 345-0402. Every WED 5:30-7:00 pm: Widowed Support Group at New Life Church, 990 James Way, Rm 14, Pismo Beach. Arrive 10 min early for 1st meeting. Offered by Hospice of SLO Co. Contact: 544-2266 or www. 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission on the Status of Women meets at Coast National Bank, 500 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. The

Central Coast Family

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SARP Center
Commission is an official advisory group to the SLO County Board of Supervisors to identify issues of concern to women that are not the focus of other advocacy or advisory organizations. Contact: 788-3406. Every TUE at 7:00 pm: Al-Anon Family Support Group at Luis OASIS Senior Center, 420 Soares Ave, Orcutt. Contact: 937-9750. 2nd SUN every month 1:00-3:00 pm: Free Reiki energy balancing and relaxation at Sukha Wellness Center, 6615 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach. 30 min sessions, no disrobing, 5 certified practitioners. Contact: 2356283. 3rd WED every month at 7:00 pm: How to Survive Divorce seminar at the San Luis Obispo Womens Community Center, 1124 Nipomo St, #D in SLO. Practical tips, pointers, and suggestions for handling family law issues. $10.00 donation requested for handout materials and book. Contact: 544-9313 to register. 4th TUE every month at 5:30 pm: Legal Clinic for Self-Represented Litigants at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse Law Library, 1050 Monterey St in SLO, #125. SLO County Bar Assn Family Law Section & Womens Community Center provide one-on-one legal advice for persons filing divorces w/o an attorney, and a document preparer to assist in completing court-required forms. Min. $40.00 donation. Limit: 12 participants. Contact: 544-9313. Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention (SARP) Center of San Luis Obispo County offers: Weekly Drop-In Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors; 24 Hour Crisis Line; Advocacy and Accompaniment; Peer Counseling; Individual Clinical Counseling; Prevention and Education Programs; and Womens Empowerment and Self Defense Workshops. Contact: 545-8888 or 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission on the Status of Women meets at Coast National Bank, 500 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. The Commission is an official advisory group to the SLO County Board of Supervisors to identify issues of concern to women that are not currently the focus of other advocacy or advisory organizations. Contact: 788-3406. Every MON 4:00-5:00 pm: Jacks Yoga for Teens in San Luis Obispo Veterans Building, 801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Classes are free with Jacks Helping Hand Scholarships, all abilities and special needs welcome, ages 10-18. Classes are taught by certified yoga instructor Shoosh Crotzer. Contact: 547-1914 or www. Every MON 2:00-4:00 pm & WED 3:00-5:00 pm: Jacks Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jacks Helping Hand at Central Coast Gymnastics, 21 Zaca Lane, #100 in San Luis Obispo. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities to check out. In-home appointments also available. Cost-Free! Contact: 547-1914 or www.jackshelpinghand. org. Every TUE 2:00-5:00 pm & FRI 4:007:00 pm: Jacks Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jacks Helping Hand at Pats Place in Nipomo Recreation Community Rm, 671 W Tefft St, Ste 2, Nipomo. Toys for children with all types of disabilities to check out. Inhome appointments also available. Cost-Free! Contact: 547-1914 or Every THU 11:00 am-2:00 pm & SUN 1:00-4:00 pm: Katies Korner Adaptive Toy Lending Library (Jacks Helping Hand) is at Paso Robles Childrens Museum, 623 13th St, Paso Robles. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities free to check out. In-home appointments also available. Contact: 547-1914 or www. Divorce Support Group meets weekly at 1540 Marsh St. Suite 260 in SLO. Licensed Psychotherapist Ben ElfantRea leads the group. Contact: 9032604 or 1st MON every month at 6:00 pm: Free Infant-Child CPR Class at 5 Cities Swim School, 425 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande. Contact: 481-6399 or 1st THU every month 9:30-10:30 pm: Bike Happening at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa! After Farmers Market, enjoy pedaling with hundreds of bikers, or just watch.

Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center of SLO Co

24 hour crisis line: 545-8888 email:

800 549-4499
Serving SLO County since 1976

Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Emotional Support
Free & Confidential 24 Hours of Every Day

Different costume and decoration themes every month. Have fun and obey all traffic laws! Contact: http:/ Last TUE every month at 7:00 pm: Birth & Baby Resource Network sponsors free education events at EcoBambino, 863 Monterey St, SLO. Contact: or 546-3755. Every SAT 11:00 am-3:00 pm: ADOPT A PET at Petco, 2051 Theater Dr, in Paso Robles. Cats are available for adoption through NCHS. Dogs are available through Short n Sweet Dog Rescue. Contact: 466-5403. Find the Adventures With Nature & Mind Walk schedule from Morro Bay Museum of Natural History at: www. Every FRI at 7:00 pm: Senior Ballroom Dancing at Madonna Inn. If you are a senior (single or attached) and like ballroom dancing, this is the place! Look left of the bandstand for a table sign Senior Dancers. Dance, chat and listen to good music. No fees or dues; just fun! Contact: 489-5481 or Literacy Council for San Luis Obispo County has an ongoing and urgent need for volunteer tutors and offers free training in SLO. Contact: 5414219 or Become a volunteer tutor for adults learning to read, write, or speak English with Central Coast Literacy Council. No teaching experience or ability to speak a 2nd language required. Tutor training at Santa Maria Library on SAT FEB 25 & SAT MAR 3. Contact: 925-0951 x 837, or stop by the office at Santa Maria Library.

Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens offers many free services: Senior Connection - connecting callers with local resources; HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) one on one assistance for Medicare beneficiaries, advise and referrals for long term care options, and help with billing / appeals; Vial of Life magnetized containers with medical information; a Senior Resource Directory for SLO or SB counties, and much more. Contact: 925-9554 or www. San Luis Obispo Senior Center offers health screening, legal services, meals, exercise, bridge, bingo, and more at 1445 Santa Rosa St. Contact: 781-7306. San Luis Obispo ALPHA (Alpha Pregnancy Counseling & Support) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization providing free pregnancy support, newborn assistance & education in SLO, Arroyo Grande, and Atascadero. Pregnancy Testing; Options Counseling; FollowUp Counseling; Support & Referrals re: Post-Partum Depression; Medical Care & Insurance; Agency Referrals; Rental Deposit Assistance; Maternity & Baby Clothes; Infant Supplies & Equipment; Workshops; Support Groups; and a Speakers Bureau. Contact: 541.3367 or www.sloalpha. org. Central Coast Astronomical Society plans a Dark Sky Star Party every month at Santa Margarita Lake KOA Campground at sunset. CCAS also sponsors special guest speakers and programs periodically. Event details and schedules, weather updates, and local resources can all be found at: Contact: Aurora Lipper at aurora@

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January 2013

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Local Resources

Alternative Education
on the Central Coast

Integrated curriculum founded on life experiences, in-depth study, and active immersion in the arts for grades 1-8. Attendance Mon-Thu with homeschool Fridays. Carpooling encouraged. Contact: 434.2217, SLO Classical Academy. Private school. Part time or full time classical education in SLO. Part time options are Tuesday/ Thursday or Monday/ Wednesday with a Friday enrichment day. Contact: 548-8700, www. Sage Creek Sudbury. Modeled after Sudbury Valley School. Opening in the Fall of 2010. Contact: 489-3820, Childrens House Montessori School in Atascadero strives to help each child reach his/her greatest potential, by embracing learning and appreciating and respecting the world. Contact: 466-5068, www. Montessori Childrens School in San Luis Obispo seeks to inspire a passion for excellence, to nurture curiosity, creativity and imagination, and to awaken the human spirit of every child. They offer classes for children ages 3-12. Contact: 544-6691, http:// Central Coast Montessori School in Morro Bay offers a rich, individualized academic environment to promote independence and optimum scholastic achievement. Contact: 772-9317, PUBLIC SCHOOLS Cambria Montessori Learning Center. Tuition-free public school in Morro Bay for grades K-6th through the Family Partnership Charter School. Contact: 927-2337 or 541-2412. Application forms are available at Santa Maria Joint Union Home School. Accredited high school program at Santa Maria Public Library. Interactive student-parent-teacher partnership providing educational resources and a mentor teacher. Students may qualify to enroll in community college courses in addition to their regular secondary classes. Students are eligible to participate in high school sports, clubs, and activities. Contact: 937-2051 X2761 or X2762.

Templeton Independent Study High School. WASC accredited. Weekly meeting with teacher. Opportunity for early graduation and concurrent Cuesta College enrollment. Sites in Templeton and SLO at Los Ranchos Elementary School. Contact 434-5833. http:// West Mall Alternative School. Independent Study Home School in Atascadero. Contact: 462-4238, Alternative. HOMESCHOOL ORGANIzATIONS California Homeschool Network is a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the right of parents to educate their children. Their website provides information about current state and federal legislation affecting homeschooling families, and how to get started. Contact: 800 327-5339, http:// Homeschoolers of the Central Coast. An inclusive Yahoo! group for homeschoolers meeting on a regular basis for interaction and scheduled field trips: http://groups. of_the_Central_Coast. Santa Maria Inclusive Learners. A Yahoo! group offering free homeschool enrichment and support in the Santa Maria Valley: http:// maria_inclusive_learners. Templeton Unified School District K-8 Home Schooling program: 434-5840 or HOMESCHOOLING LINKS index.htm http://www.homeschoolnews
Note: This feature is published as space allows and is a work in progress. Please submit updates, corrections, or additional resources to:

Central Coast families are fortunate to have a wide variety of quality choices for their childrens education. Following are some options for those seeking secular alternative education. For more information on independent and religious schools, go to: sd or
Parent Participation. Core classes for parents and children to enhance parenting skills, meet other families, and allow children time to play with others of the same age. Enrichment classes are offered, such as Spanish, Cooking and Gardening, and a Cooperative Preschool at CL Smith. Register through the San Luis Coastal Adult School. Contact: 549-1222, CHARTER SCHOOLS CAVA California Virtual Academies. and K give kids the chance to learn at the pace and in ways that are right for them. Online schooling aligned with California state standards. Teacher support as needed, meetings and work samples required quarterly. Contact: (866) 339-6790, www. or Family Partnership. A tuition-free K-12 independent study public school serving Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties. Home study charter schools in San Luis Obispo (165 Grand Ave), Solvang, Santa Maria, and Cambria. Meet with teachers weekly and turn in work samples. Contact: 686-5339, www. Olive Grove. Independent study home school with sites in San Luis Obispo (165 Grand Ave), Santa Maria, Lompoc, Los Olivos, and Santa Barbara. Meet with teacher weekly and turn in work samples. Enrichment classes also offered. Contact: 543-2701, www.sbceoportal. org/losolivos. NATURE BASED SCHOOLS SLOWanders. Offering nature-based education in SLO County. Programs include wilderness living skills, naturalist studies, wildlife tracking, awareness skills, and rites-of-passage customized for after-school, homeschool, and personal one-on-one mentoring. Weekend workshops for adults. Contact: 215-0595, www. Outside Now. Summer, after-school, and private nature-based education in SLO County. Contact: 541-9900, Coyote Road Regional School. Natural Science and Outdoor Education. Contact: 466-4550, www. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS The Laureate School. Project-based, differentiated learning that develops critical thinking, coursework in arts, technology, and foreign language, and a school-wide character development program. Interactive learning in a small-class environment that addresses students unique learning needs. 880 Laureate Lane in San Luis Obispo. Contact: 544-2141, www. Clarity Steiner School. Waldorf education for first and second graders. Class meets four days per week in Nipomo. Contact: 929-6878. Santa Lucia School. Independent school on 5 acres in Templeton. Peace education for over 25 years.

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Los Osos Valley Organic Farm

The Village Salon

(805) 242 6789

From Toni & Toni:

(805) 489-5100
115 East Branch Street in Arroyo Grande
Womens Shelter

of San Luis Obispo County crisis line: 781-6400 business phone: 781-6401 email: www.

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