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The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System

The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System
Go to any football game, Gridiron, Australian rules Gaelic football, Rugby, Soccer either
professional or amateur and watch the interchange bench-what do you see?
No matter what the weather is, hot or cold you see the players sitting down waiting their time on the
field-what is wrong with this you might askzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
If they have spent time being massaged or warming up pre-game their muscles have cooled down
and are going to sleep on them through lack of use-and when the time comes to play they have to be
warmed up all over again
On the field during the Game!
Doing warm-ups-as you go is not a good time to be doing them
And cooling down by just sitting down when back on the bench and waiting to go back on the field
is not good either
Sudden dynamic movement on cold muscles can cause cramping or injury and this not just affects
the game that is being played, but it can affect the whole of the playing season, and if a team is
doing well, the soreness that results across the whole team can lead to devastating losses as the
playing ‘edge’ deteriorates
Over a season muscle soreness and stiffness compounds

Recovery becomes a major issue for any team when playing consecutive games over a season and it
is a challenge to overcome it from player and support-whether it is the major league, university,
minor league, or junior league with mom and dad looking after the players
Across the board recovery in football is an issue that has many different approaches and disciplines
trying to solve the problem-they range from sports drinks, to more exercise, to manual therapies,
most of which need a high degree of expertise to work with
Unfortunately not everyone is able to access these systems-while in the major leagues money to pay
for them may not be an issue, in the amateur and minor leagues along with the soreness itself it is a
major problem
Being a muscle recovery specialist in ultra marathon athletics (running and walking anything over
marathon distance from-6 hours through to around the world-see I have had to
take what appears to be an alternative used by most other people
I use the muscles to work on themselves

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The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System
Using the muscles to work on themselves offers some extra advantages to working
on them
• There is no need for oil to be used

• No need to disrobe

• No complicated handskills

• No need for trained massage therapists

• No equipment needed

• Can be done as often as needed

What is the World Run Recovery System?
It is a Do-It-Yourself method based on encouraging the muscles and tissues to assist in
their own recovery

• It is not a massage system

• It is not invasive

• It is not aggressive

• It is not time consuming

• It does not need disrobing

• It does not need oil applied to the skin
• It does not need strong hands and fingers

• It does not need hand/brain coordination

• It does not need equipment

• It does not work on the muscles

• It does not work on any specific injuries

• It does not threaten the integrity of the muscles
• It does not use force on the muscles

• It does not need more than a few minutes to do

• It does not require a long course or workshop

It is simple to teach and use because it is working with the muscles-which requires
less effort, and ease of use for more productivity from the energy expended

It is not what you have got but how you use it that counts

2009 Copyright Michael Gillan 2
The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System

An added problem for the junior leagues is that they may not have the sports trainers they
need and this job is usually taken by a parent because unfortunately the help they require
may not be easily available for a number of reasons-

• Affordability
• They may not consider themselves a ‘serious’ sport participant so not worry about it
• There may not be the practitioners available for the number of entrants at the event
• They may not have the necessary expertise to facilitate a recovery
• The conditions at the event may make recovery facilities unworkable

The conditions I work under at some of my events can be as simple as the chair next to the bottles-
this did me for a 24 hour running event in Montreal
To be an effective do it yourself recovery system it should meet a number of criteria
The system should

• Be simple to do
• Be affordable
• Be effective
• Be able to be used in any conditions
• Be road and track tested
• Be recommended by reliable testimonies
• Be able to have a comparison that can be easily understood
• Be able to be done without too much training
• Be able to be done without help using simple aids
• Be able to be done without disrobing
• Be able to be done without loads of equipment being carted all over
• Be able to be done in unhygienic conditions
• Be able to be done without endangering overused sore stiff muscles

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The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System
All these are addressed using the World Run Recovery System
Below is a chart from when I discovered working with the muscles rather than on
them shows how much things did improve for the runners and walkers
Results from 1995 Coburg 6 day footrace

Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
A Krouglikov 237.2 113.6 130 106 126 108 Kilometers
539 284 325 365 315 270 Laps

T Rusek 215.2 98.8 98 139.6 138.4 122.4 Kilometers
538 247 245 349 346 306 Laps

M T aylor 174.4 128.8 143.6 123.6 138.4 122.4 Kilometers
436 322 359 309 302 223 Laps

B Beauchamp 180.4 133.2 124 117.6 110 93.2 Kilometers
451 333 310 294 275 233 Laps

P Gray 150 134 105.2 94.8 111.6 106 Kilometers
375 335 263 237 279 265 Laps

D Parri s 138.4 108.4 106.8 116.4 106 107.2 Kilometers
346 271 267 274 265 268 Laps

I Davis 168 119.2 90 116.4 106 107.2 Kilometers
420 298 225 291 180 247 Laps

G Watts 132.2 96.4 99.2 104.4 92.8 133.6 Kilometers
328 241 248 261 232 334 Laps

C Young 142 91.2 90 97.6 88 92 Kilometers
355 228 225 244 220 230 Laps

D Kettle 138.2 86.8 90.8 95.2 94.4 84.4 Kilometers
332 217 227 238 236 212 Laps

R H ill 128 80.8 99.2 70 95.6 96.6 Kilometers
320 202 248 175 239 241 Laps

K Fisher 164 91.6 50 115.2 49.6 81.2 Kilometers
410 229 125 288 124 203 Laps

G Pollard 120 74.8 73.6 68.4 69.6 61.2 Kilometers
300 187 184 171 174 153 Laps
The above group came in for Light Manual Muscle Rel axation
The below group did not or had their own recovery people
T Rafferty 141.6 112.8 104.8 101.6 98 96.4 Kilometers
354 282 262 254 245 241 Laps

G McConnel 145.6 110.8 126.4 113.6 108.4 106 ki lometers
363 277 287 284 271 265 Laps

G Audley 152.8 110.8 126.4 113.6 114.8 95.2 ki lometers

S Scanlon 140.8 82 84 34 0 0 Kilometers
352 205 210 85 pulled out-bli sters Laps

J Timms 127.2 98.4 74.8 0 0 0 ki lometers

2009 Copyright Michael Gillan 4
The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System
All that is happening is that the body is repairing itself-we are just facilitating it’s ability to
do that by increasing circulation to the muscles

What does it do?
It is a fully self contained non-technical, non-invasive 'cutting edge' recovery system
It’s not what you do but the way you do it that counts

Here is the World Run Recovery System being taught
Quickly-easily and in an environmentally friendly way!
The World Run Recovery System is a simple system that is easy to use without the
need for equipment other than the hands

Resource Box

Michael Gillan is an Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist who has been a masseur around many
ultra long distance events both in Australia and internationally since he was a student in 1993

In 1995 while working at a 6 day run, he changed the approach to recovery of the athletes from the
conventional way of working on the muscles using the hands and fingers to increase muscle blood
circulation, to working with the muscles and making them work on themselves

The results from this changeover can be seen on the Coburg result sheet on page 5

In 1996 Michael went to the Nanango 1000 Mile 16 day event where it was tested and helped the
worlds 4-5 and 11th to achieve their distances

Other notable events the World Run Recovery System was tested on was World Run 1 with Jesper
Olsen and the World Run 2 training camp in Denmark in 2007

2009 Copyright Michael Gillan 5
The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System

How can someone with fatigued legs benefit?

Because the muscles are being worked with they are actually doing the work-this means that the
skills needed to do the recovery after training and competition do not have to be as great or as
complicated as when they are being worked on
Nothing is being fixed nor is any attempt being made to repair anything

Books I have used in my research
Travell S.G. Simons D.G. Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual Williams &
Williams 1983

Travell J. Rinzler S.H. The Myofascial Genesis of Pain Post Grad Med. 1952
Modern Treatment for Lymphoedema Casley-smith Judith & Casley-Smith J.R. 5th edition

Touching Montague Ashley Harper & Row
‘Guyton-Textbook of Medical Physiology eighth edition-1991 W.B. Saunders Company-ISBN 0-

Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology-Seeley Stephens and Tate-Mosby Year Book ISBN 0-8016-

‘Textbook of medical Physiology” (Physiology- fourth edition-Robert M. Berne, Mathew N. Levy,
Bruce M. Koeppen, Bruce A. Stanton-Mosby ISBN 0-8151-0952-0)

What they say about Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

Michael’s methods of massage and blister care helped me to stay mobile throughout the race and to
recover quickly afterwards. His techniques are safe and gentle.
Unlike some treatments, which put the runners and walkers at risk of muscle tears or infection,
Michael’s techniques are light, safe, reassuring, and highly effective.
They enhance comfort and flexibility, build confidence, and promote success.

This booklet will help others to learn and practice Michael’s methods.
It is recommended reading for everyone who walks and runs and who wants to go further, go faster,
or just to enjoy life more!!'
1996 Ladies 1000 Mile World Record Holder
1999 Ladies 100 mile Race walking World Record Holder

“I know that your massage kept a number of competitors in the event.
The cold weather of Saturday afternoon and night certainly got to many of the walkers and your
prompt action had them back in the race after a short stop.
In years past, that would have ended up as a non-finish; a number of walkers were able to keep
going for the full 24 hours on the basis of your expert help.”
Tim Ericson Secretary Australian Centurions Club

'I have known Michael Gillan for many years and have always got quick relief for my aches and
pains from the stretching he performs'.
CLIFF YOUNG-Ultra marathon runner

2009 Copyright Michael Gillan 6
The Footballer Do It Yourself Recovery System
If you want more details on the World Run Recovery System go to my website at

or google me Michael Gillan ultra marathon masseur
What should the people on the interchange bench be doing while waiting to take the field?

• Depending whether they are waiting to go on or have just come off the field

• They should keep the track suit on to prevent the body from losing heat

• If it is a cool day and they are hot from on field play they should cover up to prevent going
into hypothermia

• Keep the leg muscles going using a strap with the sitting version of the World Run
Recovery System

One of my interchange benches at 6 day event

2009 Copyright Michael Gillan 7