The following is Chapter 15 from Dr. T.D. Hall’s book Lifting the Earth.

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The Return of the King

“On Earth as it is in Heaven....” —Jesus the Christ

In mid-2008, Dr. Bruce Lipton and co-writer Steve Bhaerman published an extremely important audio-book titled Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and How to Get There from Here. Spontaneous remission refers to the mysterious disappearance of a serious disease. The phrase “spontaneous evolution” is meant to describe a species spontaneous remission. Such a remission, Lipton tells us, is in the offing. It is predicted by the theory of evolution developed by Lipton — “fractal evolution.” Lipton's theory of fractal evolution is briefly outlined in Spontaneous Evolution, and the outline is sufficient to motivate would-be paradigm shifters to get busy and start shifting away from the orthodox evolutionary theory, neo-Darwinism. One of Lipton's key points is that human social evolution follows the pattern of natural evolution. We humans have been through the societal equivalent of the fish phase, the amphibian phase, the little reptile phase, and we are now at the (spiked) tail end of the giant reptile (dinosaur) phase. “Are we really living in the era of man-made dinosaurs? Where are they?” Everywhere. They're called “transnational corporations.” The dinosaurs were nothing but blown-up little lizards, Lipton tells us. Unfortunately (for them), when their bodies were up-sized, their brains were out to lunch.

they wound up with giant bodies and pea-sized brains. In 1994. the We Say So Corporation brings the cartoon world to the brink of annihilation. it would seem.” It is this paradigm. that has given present-day Western civilization its Mordor-like character. aspects of any given society may be seen to reflect elements of the ruling basal paradigm. For those unfamiliar with Tolkien's epic fantasy. Looking around these days. Lipton's advice as to what to do when the biggies crash: “Get out of the way!” The We Say So Corporation is an apt metaphor for what the conspiracy writers call the “New World Order” and what I call the Mordor World Order. they had no option but to crash. but when the environment changed radically. (The real New World Order is egalitarian republicanism. the very same pattern. . are governed by a big. This basal paradigm was succeeded by “scientific materialism.) The term “Mordor” derives from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. I see that many of the corporate dinosaurs are crashing. Mordor is a very unwholesome place—a kingdom ruled by Dark Lord Sauron. and pea-sized brains. Bigger and bigger bodies. who. the equivalents of the Rings of Power are what Lipton calls “basal paradigms.. I viewed six or seven episodes of a brilliant cartoon series called “Dinosaurs. and that the biggest are getting even bigger. So long as the environment was stable. modeled on the “Honeymooners” cast as I recall. they were able to thrive. Lipton summarizes the philosophy of this paradigm in the phrase “All that matters is matter. having turned all those in proximity into zombies.” which derives from the Newtonian split of science and religion. i. the dominant basal paradigm underlying Western civilization was Judaic-Christianity.” and so the objective of the protagonists is to bring the One Ring to Mordor and destroy it.” “Why do we have to eat this genetically modified crap?” “Because We Say So. this Ring of Power. nasty corporation called “We Say So. seeks the zombification of everyone else in the world.” In the last episode. Up until the late nineteenth century. The transnational corporations followed. circa 1789. In real life.e. most. if not all.” These are foundational life visions.” The friendly little dinosaurs in the series. The Sauron conspiracy can be broken only by the destruction of a ring—the One Ring—that controls all the other “Rings of Power. Basal paradigms govern societies.Consequently.

is that we humans are now entering the societal equivalent of the mammalian phase. Isn't there some way by which we mammalian-humans can facilitate the unseating of the Mordorians?” Good question. In science and in the general culture. The Ring has always been there. In real life. Sir Isaac Newton (the “Law of Entropy”). In this field. Contra Mordor You need to understand a few things about the real-life battle against Mordor. a shift may be observed from the Mordoriandinosauran view that “All that matters is matter” to the view that “We're all in the same boat and so we'd better take good care of the boat—and of one another. the One Ring was created by Sauron and its destruction means the end of Sauron's power. nurturers. Engaging the Mordorians in the field of consciousness is another matter.. you need to know that it is not a good idea to engage the Mordorians on the field of force. What the natural pattern of evolution indicates. waiting for us to become “mindful” of it. a vision concocted by Thomas Hobbes (“the Great Pessimist”). Firstly.” This new nurturing view reflects the emerging basal paradigm. The Mordorians are masters of force. “but the fact remains that in the here and now the Mordorians are in the power seat.. we can win. the One Ring is symbol of existence itself. “That's all very nice.Now for the good news: The days of the Mordorian rule on Earth are numbered. Thomas Malthus (the Second Greatest Pessimist). To become mindful of it is to activate its life-giving power.” the One Ring that controls all the others. “holism. Beating them on the field of force is not at all likely. which is holistic in nature. The existential Ring of Oneness is buried deep in the hearts and souls of human beings. which is in many respects unlike the battle portrayed in “The Return of the King. Mammals are.” the last film episode of The Lord of the Rings. thank goodness. and Charles . Lipton tells us. Indicative of the up-grade is the fact that the One Ring is now in our grasp.” you say.. In The Lord of the Rings. The “Mordor consciousness” is based upon an extremely dark life vision.

Minimize your exposure to Mordorian television programming. Secondly. go organic .. Its seminaries have been established in virtually all of the West's universities. its pope Richard Dawkins. including beliefs. has a specific frequency.Darwin (the carrier of Malthusianism into the modern and contemporary periods).. start turning a deaf ear to orthodox science and start studying the “heretic” scientists. go holo. and not the Darwinian ferry-boat theory. the principle of destruction.) Get rid of your big bank credit cards. all the product of chance. you need to know that the holographic theory of universe (holo-model) is correct.. go green.) Disengage as much as you can from the Mordorian transnational corporate complex. but the cooperative. in the view of this observer. Scientism has a plan for the redemption of the world. go natural. The Mordor Order is.. To what extent you can. programming featuring sex and violence. Its Vatican is in London. (Read Jim Hightower's book Swimming Against the Current. (It amazes me that so many scientists hold the Darwin theory in high regard. So . people such as Bruce Lipton. As it is possible that the world computer network will not survive Y2K8-12 (one large solar flare could knock it out). The economic mainstay of the future is not the big corporation. Use your cell phone only for emergency purposes. the theory that the planet is a kind of insensate ferry boat carrying multitudinous life forms. It is a wise idea to begin your engagement with the Mordorians by dis-engaging from the Mordorian frequencies.e. and sign up with a credit union. Don't use microwave ovens. to achieve the widespread influence they ought to have.” The God of the Mordorians? Diabolos. a fractal replication of the Roman Catholic Church! The Mordorian church I call the “Church of Scientism. What's the plan? The elimination of ninety percent of the human population!—and complete control of all the rest. Like certain other religions. and in this view he was correct.. It's important to understand that Scientism is dogma-based. i. it is a dark religion masquerading as science. Hobbes saw the Roman Catholic Church as an imperialistic enterprise built on the model of the defunct Roman Empire. develop skills that would enable you to survive in a world without computers. This situation explains why it has been so difficult for true scientists. (Everything. even though it is absolutely clear that a genuinely scientific inquiry into evolution must begin with the .

” we do. Born in the midst of the Spanish “Invincible Armada” panic. but the understanding behind it is fairly simple: The universe is comprised of frequencies. Another necessary implication of the holo-model is that no change is “little.” The Mordor Order is Hobbism “Writ Large.. “Surely the Mordor Order is outside of ourselves?” No. then all that we consider “outside of ourselves” is part of ourselves. the State most hold absolute sovereignty and exercise that sovereignty in a very. in Leviathan. The phrase “holographic theory” may be intimidating. the implications of the theory are staggering.” Every change we make in our lives. If you are more comfortable with the terminology of mystics and seers. little Hobbes grabbed his mother for dear life. A third book worth looking into is Stalking the Wild Pendulum. Do you not subscribe to this view?—to one degree or another. That which we call “matter” is a product of a frequency interweavings. you would be weakening Mordorism universally. by Itzhak Bentov. The Mordorians are aspects of ourselves.” Hobbes. all of which derive from a Source frequency. influences the whole universe. would you not? . Call the theory what you will. If universe is a Oneness. It must become a monster--a “leviathan. was condemned by Parliament in 1666. and thus the term holographic theory. What we do to “others. Hobbes. he turned to the State to seek relief from fear of violence. very intimidating way. They are fearful and cunning cousins who have concluded that the only security to be had in this dangerous world is through the acquisition of more and more power—power over others. The ideological father of the Mordor Order was the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679). then you may prefer the phrase “Oneness theory of universe” to holographic of cell evolution. In later years. in fact. not speciation. argues that in order to preserve peace on madhouse Earth. if you were to eliminate Mordorian “think” in your life..) Previously referenced were two books introducing the holographic theory—Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order and Talbot's The Holographic Universe. So . A human technology that may be said to mimic “materialization” is holographic imaging. such as Nostradamus. by the way. to ourselves. for better or worse.

” Every once in a while. “Ye are gods. you need to focus seriously on developing yourself physically. “fractals of God. Victory depends not on slaughtering enemies. however . The Return of the King I suppose you might call me a post-orthodox Christianity Christian. Orthodox Christianity denies the possibility of achieving this level of consciousness by representing Jesus the Christ as the only and only son of God. level.” Please be mindful of this as you read the following. A “christ” is a person with is the consciousness of being one with “the Most High. spiritually. but on “transcending” them. the Christ meant not that we are the Most High. which I why I refer to Jesus as Jesus the Christ.. those I have a few problems with. By transcending.” Christ consciousness is a concept that belongs to all humankind.Thirdly . as I would put it.. I mean simply moving to a high consciousness. To begin: Nomenclature. I am quite excited to see the new physics and new biology are in many ways supportive of those teachings. but that we are “children of God” or. Further. The battle there is very different from the battles we're accustomed to. The Christ himself contradicted this denial by saying. a very great while God sends a teacher to Earth . Victory is close at hand when you are able to go above and beyond love of power to realization of the power of love. mentally.. At the Black Gate. I have no problems with the teachings of Jesus of the Christ.” By that. Orthodox versions of those teachings.. I don't view the word “Christ” as a proper name. The Christ consciousness is defined as the highest consciousness a human being can achieve.. not just to those who call themselves “Christians. you will find it helpful to be “fit” in all respects.. or frequency.. I deeply respect the teachings and follow them as best I can. For starters.

After all. of “Christ consciousness”? In a word . of course.” he said. Yes. He didn't say “Follow your religious authorities. there is also a slow.” He said “Follow me. everything comes from Is there a fast-track to attaining Christ consciousness? The fast-track advocated by Jesus the Christ is discipleship. Love. What is Love? Love is the feeling of strong affinity.” the Christ tells us.” The Most High is sentient. The one and only authorized representative of the Christ is the Christ teachings. everything deriving from one Source frequency. . which involves climbing the consciousness ladder described by Dr. If you were the Most High. The teacher does his best.To try to explain to us humans that We are all gods-in-the-works Did the religious authorities in the time of the Christ approve of what he said? No way. which frequency we call “the Most High. Jesus the Christ left the physical realm..” Long ago. don't you suppose that you would have affinity for everything in universe? you. specifically. It has consciousness. “God is Love. slow but reliable track. “Follow me. For those who are unable to take the fast track. and so it may be presumed that the Christ consciousness is Love. of course. David Hawkins. people are impressed But the priests cry “Heretic!” And search high and low for all the crap That can make their charges stick! What is the nature.. So what does “Follow me” mean today? It means follow his teachings. Let us suppose that the universe is in fact a unity.” or “Follow the scriptures. and Jesus the Christ tells us that the consciousness of the Most High is Love.

) From time to time. It is true to the archetype of “realization of God in man. the holo-programs constitute what is called “knowingness.. they engender in later times many other stories based on them. while not entirely valid in terms of historical detail.. literally. We humans are born with knowledge of existence. with the knowing. a friendly critic who advocates reform. Mordorian and otherwise. is perfectly valid as an expression (a mytho-fractalic expression as it were) of ancient holo-program-derived wisdom. calling it “the voice of conscience.” (Conscience means.” In certain accounts of the Christ story I've read. and it strengthens what beliefs we might have regarding Christhood through the congregation of believers. Orthodox Christianity is under great attack these days. holo-programs are dramatized in visions and/or dreams.” right? Instinct means “built within.” What is built within? Knowledge of environment. exactly. I call the units of instinct holo-programs. Its critics. The main attack on Christianity these days has to do with the orthodox Christ story. Thus I will speak briefly in defense of orthodox Christianity on an important matter. knowledge of existence.” In this you will find that the details of the orthodox Christ story were made to fit. View the first section of a DVD called “Zeitgeist. we often access this knowingness. Against this facile conclusion. As archetypal stories are profoundly compelling. but it does give us something of value. not a Mordorian. not in setting it a-right. As the universe is holographic in nature. Jesus the Christ went to some lengths to choreograph the events of his ministry in order to align that . Together. The Mordorinans are interested in annihilating Christianity. It may be concluded that the orthodox Christ story. the details of a number of pre-existing Christ stories. This has led many to conclude that the story of Jesus the Christ is merely a fiction.. I myself am a long-time critic of orthodox Christianity. are having a field day. It gives us the ideal of Christhood. I should add.” In ordinary life. slaughtering Christian beliefs right and left. I would argue … You believe in “instinct.Orthodox Christianity doesn't give us the wings wherewith to fly to heaven. The very first influential human expressions of such dramatization are called archetypes.

would that mean the collapse of the Christian churches? No. You will win at the Black Gate. an advisor to Queen Elizabeth and something of a mentor to Francis Bacon. which is Christ consciousness. Whatever is powerful attracts the power-hungry.” a white wizard who may have been modeled on the esotericist John Dee. the criticisms of this play are none too good. the summation of his wisdom. “The Tempest.” Further. Twelve years pass. Prospero. “Wings wherewith to fly to heaven” I regard Jesus the Christ as the philosopher king of the West. his message to mankind survives.” If you regard yourself as a “humanist” with an aversion to anything smacking of religion. If you follow the teachings. the rightful Duke of Milan. He escapes to an island with his daughter Miranda — and lots of books. in my view. King of Naples. let me recommend an earnest reading of Shakespeare's last play. has been usurped by his brother Antonio and by Alonso. As such.. Is the Christ the one and only philosopher king of the West? No. becoming schools for the study and application of the Christ teachings. Another who has earned the title of philosopher king is known by the name of “William Shakespeare.e. So what? Ultimately. The chief character in the play is “Prospero.. You will not be “left behind. and so I'll offer my own.” which offers. the historical Christ story doesn't matter much. for sure.” then let me suggest that you label the highest consciousness attainable “Shakespeare consciousness. i. they could become great positive influences in the present-day world. focus on the Christ teachings). waiting to be opened and read. Nevertheless.ministry with messianic prophecy. father of modern science.” If orthodox Christians were to follow my advice (put aside the Bible. Prospero . Unfortunately. including the term “Christ consciousness. His ministry was co-opted.. That's the way it goes on planet Earth. in order to “fulfill” ancient prophecy. you will awaken your True King. What really matters are the teachings. but it would mean that the churches would have to re-organize themselves..

poetically. . the virtual tempest sinks a ship that is carrying Prospero’s old enemies. The play concludes with the marriage of the two young lovers. Along the way. The following poem was the result of my effort to master the play’s meaning. its wisdom. most Of it unseen. who. with Prospero et al. As the play opens. I became fascinated with this play and couldn’t break the spell of it until I understood and expressed. Vis-à-vis the truth. The Island of Prospero The man of the hour Wears always a tragic mien. Prospero thwarts Antonio’s plans. Antonio conspires to kill Alonso. We have lost the steering. return to Milan. his old co-conspirator and father of a handsome young man by the name of Ferdinand. By the time we find our bearings. What is gained By our disasters?— Others know better How to fail. Safe on shore. As a graduate student at Syracuse University. Miranda and Ferdinand meet and fall in love. Reality’s a sea. Those who know the play will recognize the various allusions.grows wise and powerful.

commands The depths. What is gathered Gathers strength. Man’s dominion’s good. Orders the ardor of nature.Prospero’s island is beyond The heartrending insight And the tragic wail. stands Between the incubus And the virgin’s dream. Let the lovers unite Patience with passion So they are fit To keep the treasures of the heart The measure and means Of power. Rule comes into its rightfulness Through the mind in solitude Learning what must be Understood … Evil’s sway is stupor. Brings the brute Into subservience. rightful rule Rules. frees The Spirit from the wood. Let Their union mend Old injury … And from the just reign . Here.

Those who make it to the shore Will find Prospero waiting There. Miranda. The tempest arises. his magic more Potent than ever. Soon the Age of Caliban And Darwin Will be no more. Prospero’s island is More than mere Symbol.Of their marriage spring. The Bard of Avon and true king Of the English. may The summer realm ascend. It is a reality Real as Hackensack. For those who may not comprehend. mother of future Earth. descends … And in the very end . And the paradigmatic ship Of the West begins To founder. As we speak. Even now. More beautiful than before. And with him will be.

that knowledge offers us the wings to heaven. I hope that Lifting the Earth has provided you with. A God of Love doesn't curse anything. Copyright 2009 T. Ignorance is simply a games condition. As to the second point. Shakespeare writes that “Ignorance is the curse of God.D. If we didn't have ignorance. his last display Of consummate magic. I'm in complete agreement.” I'm not in agreement with the idea that ignorance is a curse of God. he Says that we Guarantee The safe return Of Prospero to the world By simple exercise of human cause— Applause! Applause! Elsewhere.Of his last play. Hall . a few feathers for your wings. we wouldn't have the great adventure of overcoming it. knowledge the wings wherewith we fly to heaven. at very least.

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