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0 Chiller Evaluated: 600 ton Carrier 19XRV Variable Speed Centrifugal Chiller

Present Value of Total Cost of Ownership = Minimum Required Tons = Operating Tons* = 600
85 80 75 70 65 60 55







Degrees F. Leaving Evaporator Water Temperature (LEWT)
420 300 240 180 120

System designer will provide information for YELLOW cells.

Entering Condenser Water Temperature (ECWT)°F

Chiller vendor will provide information for BLUE cells. Use ARI certified KW/ton values in each of the BLUE cells to the right. Vendor will also provide total chiller tons and heat exchanger pressure drops at design GPM.

600 Total Chiller Tons @ 85 degree F. ECWT and Condenser Design GPM and Pressure Drop 1800 GPM Evaporator Design GPM and Pressure Drop 789 GPM Building Condenser Water Pressure Drop @ Design GPM not including condenser pressure drop Building Chilled Water Pressure Drop @ Design GPM not including evaporator pressure drop Bid Price of Chiller = Utility Incentive = Net Chiller Cost = Bid Price of Full Maintenance Contract = Annual Hours of Operation = Annual Chiller KWH = Ballpark Annual Pumping KWH = Cost of Electricity per KWH = Annual Chiller Electric Costs = Ballpark Annual Pumping Electric Costs = Total Annual Electric Cost = Annual O&M Cost = Total First Year Operating Costs = Annual Electricity Inflation Rate = Annual O&M Inflation Rate = Discount Rate = Anticipated Years of Chiller Use =

at at

42 24.4 8.0

degree F. LEWT Ft of Head Ft of Head Ft of Head Ft of Head
Building Pumping energy can be added to your calculations but it is not necessary for selecting a chiller. This would be a good place to compare piping and control variables.

$ $ #REF! #REF! #REF! $ #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF!


Include variations in installation costs, package pricing, etc. This is often the incremental cost difference between a code compliant chiller and a more efficient and expensive chiller. This may equal the cost of the least expensive code compliant chiller.

Contract Duration =



Pick a long enough contract duration to include all major sechduled maintenance.

GPM x Ft Head x (.746/.92) x Annual Hrs x


equals full speed KWH/Yr

0.060 From Input 1 worksheet

Typically maintenance cost but could be fuel savings (as negative value), etc. From "Input 1" worksheet From "Input 1" worksheet From "Input 1" worksheet From "Input 1" worksheet

Tons KWH/YR Hours/YR KW/ton ECWT at Load

600 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 85

540 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 80

480 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 75

CHILLER LOAD PROFILE 420 360 300 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 70 70 70

240 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 70

180 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 65

120 #REF! #REF! #REF! #REF! 60

100% to 20% in 10% increments

Approximate ECWT (condenser water temperatures entering the chiller) in 5˚ increments. Default Condenser Temperature Value Suggestions which you may choose to provide to vendors to help them select an offering. These numbers might work in the Puget Sound area but can vary dramatically depending on your temperature and humidity levels.