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Narendra Modi- PM of India in 2014-Will he/ will he not

While, Narendra Modi (Full Name Narendra Damodardas Modi) has made hat-trick in the Gujarat elections and ascended the seat of Chief Minister of Gujarat third time, the obvious question in the minds of majority of Indians is whether he will ascend the seat of Prime Minister of India in 2014. We had successfully predicted his thumping victory in our earlier blog, which can be seen by our esteemed readers at the link: For the said analysis, we had mainly used Horoscope prepared at the time Solar Transit, popularly called in India as Sankranti or also called Solar Ingress Horoscope, as we knew the exact dates of Gujarat elections. That was the reason that despite of having his birth details, we did not use the horoscope of Narendra Modi for analyzing the election results of Gujarat. In the above blog, we had promised that we would give astrological insight about the prospects of Narendra Modi for being Prime Minister of India in 2014. Now, as we are not having exact dates of General Elections of India in 2014, we have no option but to rely on the birth horoscope of Narendra Modi. The birth details of Narendra Modi, considered most reliable are as under: Date of Birth: September 17, 1950 Time of Birth: 11:00 AM Place of Birth: Mehsana, Gujarat And on the basis of the above details, the horoscope of Narendra Modi is as follows:

As per this horoscope, Narendra Modi will undergo the Vimshottari Dasa of Moon-Rahu in the April 2014. We want to mention here that we are presuming the Indian elections will be held in the month of April 2014, as per schedule. The Rahu, which is in trine, a positive feature, to the natal moon, Libra, the twelfth house of Narendra Modi, a negative aspect. Another tool with us is Varsh Kundli/ Annual Horoscopy. will continue to roam in

The following is the Annual horoscope of Narendra Modi for the relevant period.

In the Annual horoscope, Muntha is in third house, Munthesh in 11th house and Year Lord in 10th house in a very favorable position. There is ithsal of Lagna/ Ascendant Lord with 10th Lord, indiacting high rise in career. So, there are very favorable indiactions for Narendra Modi in that particular year. Certainly, it indicates that he will lead the team of BJP in the lection fight and will be focused in the National arena. Even after the elections, we are able to perceive his contribution in the enhancement of seats for BJP and associates. So far, the story is going into right direction. However, cumulative impact of Mars and Saturn on the eighth house of Varsh Kundli/ Annual Horoscopy along with aspect of debilitated Mars on the moon is indicating something inauspicious. It is nothing but a clear indication of a big conspiracy against him. There is a strong possibility that even after being instrumental in earning good number of seats in elections, he might not be given the coveted seat of Prime Minister of India.

Another possibility before us is that Congress may continue to be part of ruling coalition, despite of being on a losing side. Another possibility, which is coming into our mind after going through Mars Saturn combination, but, which we do not want to stress here due to obvious reasons, is that an attack may be attempted on him around the elections.

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