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No more limits

Some things in life are more practical than beautiful. For example bicycle helmets, thermal underwear, or parking meters. And: va-cuum panels. Vacuum panels are the large surface areas which only “dress“ the bottle for one reason. They maintain the container‘s shape during hotfilling. Whether you find panels beautiful or not is up to you. If you and your customers prefer panel-less bottles, we have good news for you. Our NitroHotfill technology keeps hotfilled containers stable by increasing their interior pressure. It makes unaesthetic vacuum panels and hotfill bases a thing of the past. It gives you completely new opportunities for your product design. And, if you wish, you can even hotfill lightweight containers with NitroHotfill. It‘s nice not to be restricted!

This is how NitroHotfill works: NitroHotfill can be easily retrofitted in existing lines or installed newly as a complete blow moulder-filler bloc. Two elements form the core of this technology:

First of all: Relaxation in the blow moulder ■ First the bottles are blown via the Relax Cooling (RC) process. A special cooling and stretching rod cools the bottles from inside while they are blown. ■ The result: The bottles are more stable and can therefore withstand different pressure ratios. ■ A positive “side effect“ of the RC process is significantly reduced costs. The air cooling process which has been optimised for effi-ciency requires much less compressed air than bottle rinsing which is common in the normal hotfill process. In addition, this process enables the use of aluminium moulds. They are not only cheaper than steel moulds, they can also be changed quicklier increasing the station output of up to 2,000 bottles per hour.

krones NitroHotfill

Secondly: Nitrogen after filling ■ The heart of NitroHotfill is its nitrogen dosing system which is installed between the filler and the capper. After filling, it applies a precise quantity of liquid nitrogen in the headspace of the bottle. Immediately after this, the bottle is capped. ■ The nitrogen in the bottle becomes gaseous, which is caused by the ambient temperature. Therefore, its inner pressure rises by 1.5 - 2 bar. ■ In the chiller, the temperature of the hotfilled beverage is lowered again. With the traditional hotfill process, a negative pressure is generated which changes the bottle shape. However, with the NitroHotfill process, the nitrogen slows down the significant pressure drop. After chilling, a stabilising residual pressure of 0.3 to 0.5 bar remains in the bottle. ■ The result: The bottle is stabilised through the interior pressure and keeps its shape also when cooled down.

krones NitroHotfill

Your benefits There are several benefits of the NitroHotfill technology: Bottle design With the traditional hotfill process, you are forced to use a panel design for your PET bottle. NitroHotfill keeps containers stable without vacuum panels. This gives you the opportunity for a completely new product design. Material costs NitroHotfill enables to combine lightweighting with hotfilling. This way, material costs can be reduced significantly. Blow moulding Use of aluminium mould and reduced compressed air requirement. The result: Increased station output of up to 2,000 bottles per hour and savings in energy of up to 40 percent when compared to the traditional hotfill process. During labelling The panel-less bottles do not require “Special treatment“ during labelling. This way, they can basically be dressed with the same label type like soft drink containers, which often is even less expensive. During conveyance Better bottle stability is also noticeable during conveyance. The bottles can be handled much easier during separation on conveyors or when being guided in lanes. This increases the degree of efficiency of the entire line. During storage Regardless if refrigerator or vending machine: NitroHotfill bottles can be used for a wide range of applications and they keep their shape in all situations.

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