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(A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE) Udyogamandal-683 501, Via Cochin, Kerala, India Phone:0484 -2545121 to 2545122 & 2545123 Fax No.0484-2545464, E-Mail: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OUR REF.NO: CP-4/LS-P/12 DATE: 03.02.12

SUB: LABOUR SUPPLY FOR POLLUTION CONTROL ACTIVITIES -1250 NOs Sealed tenders are invited for the above work: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TENDER 1. The tender should be submitted in the prescribed tender schedule enclosed, in a sealed envelope, super scribed tender for “LABOUR SUPPLY FOR POLLUTION CONTROL ACTIVITIES” With Due Date and time - 16.02.12 .2.00 PM The tender should be accompanied by an Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.9,600/- -by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Hindustan Insecticides Limited payable at Kalamassery/Udyogamandal. This will bear no interest and will be returned except in the case of the successful tenders as soon as tenders are finalized. Tenders received without receipt for Earnest Money will not be considered. Incomplete or conditional tenders differing from the details specified are liable to be rejected. No modification to the tender will be entertained, unless specifically asked for & agree to by the company. The tender amount/rates should be given in figures as well as in words. If there is any cutting/overwriting/erasing, this should be attested with full signature of the tenderer. The tender should be on unit rate/lumpsum basis as per schedule attached. Tenders received late, unsealed and without superscription are liable to be rejected. The company reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason. The tender will be opened at 2.45 hrs on 16.02.12 in the presence of such tenders as are present on the occasion. Only experienced contractors need submit tender. Tenderers should submit a list of construction works, jobs of similar magnitude, carried out by them along with the tender with documentary evidence. Tender should be valid for acceptance for a period of three months from the date of opening of tender. The successful tenderer will have to deposit a further sum of....................................within one week from the date of intimation of acceptance his tender to make up the security deposit of Rs which will bear no interest. Failing this his earnest money will be forfeited. N.A


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. 25. are committed by him or his workmen the contract is liable to be terminated without notice. The successful tenderer hereinafter called contactor shall also execute an agreement in appropriate stamp paper for the due fulfillment of the contract within the period to be specified in the letter to the contractor intimating acceptance of the tender. Contractor will be permitted to work normally during the regular working hours.. 23. 21. which may be seen at our office. 18. to 12 noon and 12.. .e. in the prescribed form acceptable. If the contractor fails to 24. If the contractor becomes insolvent or otherwise becomes unable to carry out the work or if without the written consent of HIL the contractor assigns of sub-lets the contractors in the event of the failure or delay on the part of the contractor to fulfill his obligations in the execution of the contract to the satisfaction of HIL.. 27. on receipt by us of a bank guarantee form a scheduled bank.30 pm to 5. i. Contractor will not be allowed to sublet the contract to other parties. Security Deposit in the case of the successful tender and can be returned... Contractors are cautioned that if any breaches regarding restrictions on smoking etc.If any incurred by HIL as a result of the contractor‟s failure to fulfill his obligations under the contract. HIL reserves right to terminate the contract and make alternative arrangements to get the work done through other means . 20. 19..... Lawyer‟s fees and other expenses incidental to the execution of the agreement.. Cement required for the work will be issued from Company Stores and recovery made from contractor‟s bill at the rate of Rs.A No claim for rate enhancement/price revision should be considered during the pendancy of the contract. The damages so claimed by HIL consequent to the termination of contract will be in addition to the liquidated damages recoverable by HIL as mentioned in clause 26. 17.. Any loss/damage sustained to the company (HIL) due to any act or omission on the part of the contractor or his men will have to be made good to the company by the contractor.per bag of 50 kg. to us – N..15.m. besides the contractor having to make good loss if any measured by the company.. The contract will be governed by the standard conditions of contract. The work will have to be executed to the satisfaction of the company. NA Time shall be regarded as the essence of the contract and the contractor shall complete the work on the date stipulated. 22.30 pm.. A copy of the same will have to be signed by the contractor in token of acceptance only after which the order for work will be issued. The work should taken up immediately and completed within (as per terms and conditions attached) months/days from the date of issue of work order.The contractor shall have no claim to compensation for any loss that may accrue from any material he may have collected or engagements he may have entered into on account of this work. in any case damages so recovered shall not exceed 10% of the value of the works. 26. 8 a.In such an event the security deposit will be forfeited without prejudice to HIL‟s further right to claim compensation from the contractor for the loss .. Materials to be supplied by the contractor for the work will have to be got approved by the company before commencing the work. 16. Failure on the part of the contractor to complete the work on the date stipulated in the work order for the completion of the work shall entitle HIL to recover from the contractor by way of ascertained liquidated damages a sum equivalent to 2% of the contract value of the works for each month or part thereof for which the contractor is in default. The contractor shall have to pay all stamp duties..

Persons engaged for work by the contractor in the factory will be permitted to enter the factory Work only after registering them under the ESI Scheme. 4. The employee‟s contribution is at 10% of his wages and the employer is to contribute an equal amount. commence the work within 7 days from the date of receipt of order. 1.made to the dependants of contractor‟s employee(s) so deceased. Such ex-gractia payment will however be made by HIL. 2. b) One copy of this terms and conditions should be submitted along with the tender duly signed. and intimate Hindustan Insecticides Limited. 33. the name of the Government Agent with whom the insurance Under „Personal Injuries (Compensation Insurance) Act. into the factory. initially and recovered subsequently from the contractor”. Employees Provident Fund Scheme: 32. will be recovered for the Contractors bill. 30. a) Any further information if required can be had from our office during working hours before due date. The names and ESI registration numbers of the workers should be furnished in the prescribed form to the Security Office and pass obtained for their entry. whichever is earlier to the Welfare Section. ESI Scheme: The contractor shall insure his employees under the employee‟s State Insurance Scheme as per Provisions of the Employee‟s State insurance Act (as amended from time to time) and also register his employees who are eligible for the benefit of employees „Provident Fund Scheme as per rule under the Employee‟s Provident Fund Act.500/. 1963. they may contact the Welfare section of the Company. or immediately after the work is over. The contractor shall not engage labours with criminal records of affiliation to banned political organisation under them for work within the factory premises.28. as are required to be supplied under the said Act and the scheme framed thereunder. The contractor shall give a certificate to this effect along with the names and addresses of labourers to the security officer. . For the purpose. In case the contributions are not remitted to the ESI Corporation on the stipulated dates due to Delayed submission of Attendance particulars and wage statements by the contractors the penalty imposed by ESI Corporation. 3. The bill will be settled only if the above requirements are met by the contractor. The contractor will be liable in respect of any claims arising out of Workmen‟s Compensation Act and any other legislation for the time being in force applicable to such employees and to insure their employees under Personal Injuries (Compensation Insurance) Act. The contractor should indemnify Hindustan Insecticides Limited against any claims made or action taken against it in respect of their failure to adhere to the provisions of the said Act and the scheme. for the recovery of both Employer‟s and Employee‟s contributions form the Contractor‟s bills and remittance of the same to the ESI Corporation. the security deposit will be forfeited and order cancelled unless prior permission is obtained from the company. Employees who have completed three months continuous service or has actually worked for not less than 60 days during a period of three months or less with the contractor or any other contractor in connection with the company‟s work are eligible for admission to the scheme. 1963. 31. 29. 5. “It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to arrange relief measures in the event death of contractor‟s labour while on duty and immediate ex-gratia payment of Rs. Attendance particulars and wage statement in respect of workers should be submitted on Monthly basis.

..... 34..... The arbitration is to be proceeded under the Indian Arbitration Act and the rules framed thereunder... without any prior intimation.. Place: . deduction will have to be made as per provisions in the relevant Act in the bills of the contractor and credited to the Contractor‟s account... will be final and binding on all parties to the proceedings. on one months notice without any cancellation charges...... as per rules of Govt...... The decision of the arbitrator on all questions. 37. Of India for deduction of Income Tax at source..... Kerala shall have jurisdiction for disputes arising out of this tender/contract.. COMMERCIAL MANAGER I/We hereby agree to abide by the above terms and conditions. ....... Income tax Deduction: In view of the enactment of Govt.. 38... Work Contract Tax: Work Contract Tax if any.... Jurisdiction: The Courts of Law in Ernakulam District. For this purpose permanent account number may be furnished in the tender... During the pendency of the contract..... the contractor will be held responsible for all the consequences arising therefrom..... Signature: Name Address Date:. are not true or the contractors violate any statutory provisions in regard to contract labour or any rules and regulations framed by the Company from time to time in the matter..6........ HIL reserves the right to cancel a part or whole of the order without assigning any reason...... 36. The same will be recovered from the Contractors‟ bill.. or any one appointed by him.. Of India/Kerala Govt.. All disputes and difference arising between the parties in respect of this contract or breach thereof will be decided by arbitration by General Manager HIL...... This is subject to Indian Arbitration Act.. including questions as to whether there is concluded contract... In case there is impersonation or the Attendance particulars and Wage Statements furnished by the Contractors. 35........... apart from black listing them from taking contract in the Company.....

3.A .Please submit declaration for the non applicability for service tax Payment Terms and conditions 1.Only SERVICE TAX: …………. Labour supply is to be done as and when required 2.HINDUSTAN INSECTICIDES LIMITED UDYOGAMANDAL SCHEDULE ATTACHED TO TENDER NOTICE NO: CP-4/LS-P/12 DATED 03. Removal of residue from bunker/storage area and charging in to the incinerator. I we have quoted the lowest rates above and agree to accept the above conditions of work.Amount (Rs) Rupees……………………………………………………………………………………….2012. Removal of sludge from clarifier 1250 No drain /soak pits and to shift it to sludge yard in drums. Validity of the order will be upto 31. % (EXTRA/INCLUDED). Part payment will be made. -------------------------------------------------------------------SIGNATURE: NAME & ADDRESS Place/Date .02. Description of work Qty Unit Rate (Rs) T.2012 SR NO 1. NOTE: If N.12. Please attach tax regn: certificate copy with your offer. Pollution control related works in ETP /other areas in HIL premises.