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 Rationale of the study  Objectives of the study  Research methodology  Limitations of the study


In a situation where you‘re selling to multiple personalities, it‘s best to first connect everyone on a common ground then articulate clearly what‘s in it for each of them. The goal is to stimulate an engaging conversation that allows us to change perception, diagnose expectations and bring clarity to the dialogue. That‘s the essence of developing a brand strategy – the foundation of your communication that builds authentic relationships between you and your audience. It is by defining your brand strategy that allows you to utilize marketing, advertising, public relations and social media to consistently and accurately reinforce your character. Without defining the core strategy, all channels of communication can often become a hit and miss expense. In this project the main purpose of the study was to have a thorough understanding of the theoretical concept and their practical application by being placed in the actual market environment  To understand their relevance and find the extent to which they are actually being applied in the market situation;  To have an in-depth knowledge of the function of the organization through actual work experience.


The project apart from a brief overall review of the organization, and the theoretical concepts, was an analysis of the general medically aware public. The main issue of concern was related with the consumer‘s perception, at the same time analyzing different causes and other incentives regarding advertisement and services offered to them as well as judging the impact of these strategies on thhem, which surely creates a reason for determining their loyalty and long time relation towards the organisation.  To know about the major strategies adopted by Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.  To assess the impact of these strategies on the clientele of PCH i.e. brand awareness, positioning, image etc.  To ascertain deficiencies in these strategies in comparison to the competition of PCH.  To find out about the plans for future strategies to be adopted by the hospital.


3.3. of brand PCH among them. 1. from both middle as well as upper economic classes.4 TYPE OF QUESTIONS USED: Open Ended Multiple Choices Close ended 1.3 DATA COLLECTION APPROACH: Structured Non Disguised Questionnaire 1.2 SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Primary data 1. awareness.3.3. The details of the methodology are stated below:- 1.7 TOOLS FOR ANALYSIS: Graphical Representations Statistical Techniques 4 .6 SAMPLING METHOD: Non-Random Sampling (specific areas) Sample Size: 50 1.3.1 RESEARCH DESIGN: Exploratory and Descriptive 1. Middle aged working people.3.5 TARGET GROUP: Retired senior citizens.3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A detailed survey of patients as well as people from surrounding areas of PCH was conducted to ascertain the position.1. image.3.

Human beings have a tendency to behave artificially when they know that they are being observed. • Due to less time only a few customers could be reached. in addition it was difficult to convince the participants of the study to answer and to answer truthfully.1.4 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY • The study was a taxing and time consuming process. A larger size and extended time period could have presented a clearer picture of the customer. • The research is carried out on customers who are human beings. 5 .

CHAPTER 2 ORGANISATION PROFILE  Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital: an overview  Inception of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital  Nature of services  Vision and mission 6 .

Vikas Marg Extn. The building has been designed to welcome the 7 . diagnostic and treatment alternatives with follow-up care in virtually all medical specialities.46 acres of land with ample space for parking.2. This institution has a presented a unique model of ―Cooperative Corporate‖ wherein more than 100 physicians have contributed to its equity and is governed by doctors on corporate lines. to customized healthcare management and follow-up – a one-stop service that promptly attends to all the health related needs. Delhi and Family Clinics at Ramprastha and Indirapuram provide secondary and primary health care. Set in 3. From the patient's initial inquiries.1 PUSHPANJALI CROSSLAY HOSPITAL: AN OVERVIEW Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital is a multi super-specialty and tertiary care facility that offers comprehensive care through both modern and complimentary alternative systems of medicine with a concentrated focus on preventive measures. Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital is a tertiary care facility designed to serve the medical needs of the nation and beyond. It offers an unparalleled spectrum of preventive. The hospital has well defined policies and processes and a robust web based Hospital Information system to support them. adding to the scope of services to the community. The associated Pushpanjali Medical Center. The team of experienced Guest Relations Officers provides a broad spectrum of services for patients and their family members to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience from pre-arrival to discharge and follow-up care. Its exceptional medical expertise is matched only by its commitment to provide personalized care. the hospital has a very soothing overall ambience.

The 24-hour Emergency services with an adjoining 10-bed ICU. Clear. clean. simple and straight circulation systems with a large atrium provides a friendly environment. the only such centre on NH 24. Radiology unit and an Emergency Operation Theatre makes for comprehensive acute care. and has a contemporary exterior that blends well with the surrounding area. 8 .public with an experience that is positive. Special attention has been paid for the provision of adequate comfort for attendants and employees. Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital presents a unique model of ―Cooperative Corporate‖ wherein more than 100 physicians have contributed to its equity and is governed by doctors on corporate lines. Its‘ super specialty Trauma Care facility. The hospital promises to be a partner in its patient‘s ―Journey to Good Health‖. The building is eco-friendly with electricity back up from CNG fired generators. Inpatient and Outpatient services are placed on the same floor for each of the major specialties to facilitate speed and efficiency of service. Blood Bank. facilitates quick response to any natural or man made disasters in this region. Spaces have been allocated for visitors and attendants to minimize interaction with patients and staff.

It came on paper by year 2005-06 and turned into reality only in year 2008. The idea of developing PCH is the brain child of Dr.2 INCEPTION OF PUSHPAJALI CROSSLAY HOSPITAL Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital is a unit of Pushpanjali Healthcare & Crosslay Remedies Ltd. It is one of its own kinds in east Delhi & NCR region. Vinay Agarwal (MD) visualized at a very young stage in his life.2. TIMELINE  1980  1985  1990  2003  2005  2008 A clinic in Krishna Nagar Clinical Pathological Centre Pushpanjali Medical Centre Pushpanjali Family Clinic Clinical Diagnostic Centre Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital 9 . It is a 400 bed tertiary care facility.

The units and teams work together with a multi-disciplinary approach in caring for patients. The Physicians and support staff at Pushpanjali Crosslay follow a set of carefully developed standard operating protocols to offer standardized and consistent service to its patients. Pulmonology. The consultants are supported by a clinical and technological environment of highest standard.2. Aesthetic Surgery and many more. SERVICES OFFERED BY PCH  Aesthetic and Plastic surgery  Anesthesia and Pain Management  Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine  Cardiology  Cardio-Vascular Surgery  Crosslay Wellness Programme  Dental  Dietetics and Nutrition  Emergency and Critical Care  ENT  Polistic Medicine  Laboratory Medicine  Medicine and Allied Specialty  Nephrology and Dialysis  Neuro-Sciences 10 . Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Neurology.3 NATURE OF SERVICES The hospital includes multi specialty ‗Centers of Excellence‘ providing tertiary healthcare in key specialty areas like Cardiac Care. Orthopedics.

UK or any European country. trained or have worked in leading medical institutions around the globe. No Waiting Period: There is no waiting period for treatment. Also the ready 11 . New Age Equipment: State of art equipment manufactured by world leaders for all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is available under one roof adding to the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment and also adding to patient comfort and convenience. Their commitment to providing top class medical care has won several of national and International awards and recognitions. without compromising the quality of treatment or the standards of facilities. Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy  Oncology  Opthalomology  Orthopedics and Joint Replacements  Paediatrics  Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation  Psychiatry and Psychology  Radiology  Surgical and Allied Specialty  Urology SPECIAL SERVICES FOR INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS Trained Specialists: A large percentage of our doctors and surgeons have been educated. Price Value Equation: Advanced western technology at Asian prices is what one gets at Pushpanjali Crosslay. The total cost of treatment and all other expenses including travel is significantly lower than similar services in the USA. Our International Patient Services department ensures that appointments for consultation and surgeries are confirmed even before you leave your country.

beds for companion. room service. be it physical or mental. . PCH also goes out of its way in making sure that you have a comfortable and hassle free stay. laundry service etc add to the convenience. Excellent patient care facilities: Cutting edge medical treatment and services apart. High speed internet is also available for international patients to communicate with their kith and kin. Air conditioned private rooms with attached washrooms. cable television showing several satellite channels. Alternate systems of medicines: We have state-of-the-art facilities for the alternative processes like yoga and meditation used in the healing of various diseases. 12 . The experts in the field not only provide consultation but personally ensure that you get cured completely.availability of the large pool of specialists across several medical disciplines assures you immediate access to top consultants.

Respecting the patients and standing polite. establishing an enduring Doctor-Patient relationship‖ MISSION: Provide patient care i. honesty and values in everything we stand for. Functioning with healthcare stakeholders as partners. Efficient quality and cost effective healthcare services.2. Committing very high priority to patient safety and care. compassionate and service oriented. Education opportunities that form a platform for constant professional development in our staff. caring and ready to help attitude of our healthcare team. in everything we do.e. innovative.4 VISION AND MISSION VISION: ―Developing an affordable and efficient healthcare system and balancing preventive and curative measures. Total integrity. 13 .

CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH STUDY ON BRAND STRATEGY  Definitions  Need for Branding  Brand Strategy key concepts and steps  Brand Strategy Principles 14 .

of a brand from the experiential aspect. or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. and so on that become linked to the brand. term. as everything should flow from the brand strategy. logo and so on to certain associations in memory.3. images. brand associations like thoughts. feelings.1 DEFINITIONS BRAND The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a ―name. BRAND STRATEGY It is defined as a long-term plan for the brand including a determination of key audiences and an understanding of what those audiences need to know about the brand and experience. beliefs. It consists of both brand recognition and brand recall. perceptions. attitudes. and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product. including naming.‖ BRANDING Branding is when that idea or image is marketed so that it is recognizable by more and more people. sign. Brand Awareness: Brand awareness refers to customers' ability to recall and recognize the brand under different conditions and link to the brand name. experiences. This should precede all other marketing. OTHER BRAND RELATED CONCPTS Some people distinguish the psychological aspect. 15 . symbol or design.

and visual appearance – is brand identity.e. The brand experience is a brand's action perceived by a person. Brand Experience: The experiential aspect consists of the sum of all points of contact with the brand and is known as the brand experience. service or the company(ies) providing them.. In other words. communications. i. Brand Image: The psychological aspect.Brand Recognition: Brand Recognition is the ability of consumer to recognize prior knowledge of brand when they are asked questions about that brand or when they are shown that specific brand. the consumers can clearly differentiate the brand as having being earlier noticed or heard. sometimes referred to as the brand image. it refers that consumers should correctly recover brand from the memory when given a clue or he can recall the specific brand when the product category is mentioned. 16 . Brand Identity: The outward expression of a brand – including its name. needs satisfied by that category or buying scenario as a signal. trademark. It is generally easier to recognize a brand rather than recall it from the memory. consisting of all the information and expectations associated with a product. is a symbolic construct created within the minds of people. Brand Recall: Brand Recall is the potential of customer to recover a brand from his memory when given the product class/category.

Brand Positioning Brand Positioning refers to target consumer‘s reasons to buy one brand in preference to others. It ensures that all brand activity has a common aim; and it focuses at all points of contact with the consumer.

Brand Loyalty The extent of the faithfulness of consumers to a particular brand, expressed through their repeat purchases, irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by the competing brands.


Today, companies face their toughest challenge ever that is to ensure a loyal customer base in the presence of all the various competitive present. Consumers usually face a broad array of products and services that might satisfy a given need. How do they choose among these many market offerings? Customers form expectations about the value and satisfaction that various market offerings will deliver and buy accordingly.

  

Branding is necessary not only to build brand recognition, but also to build good reputations It is necessary to set a set of standards to which the company should strive to maintain or surpass. Branding is not just about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

Branding can build an expectation about the company services or products, and can encourage the company to maintain that expectation, or exceed them, bringing better products and services to the market place.

Branding is a way to build an important company asset, which is a good reputation. Whether a company has no reputation, or a less than stellar reputation, branding can help change that.

Branding is crucial for products and services sold in huge consumer markets. It‘s also important in B2B because it helps you stand out from your competition.

Your brand consistently and repeatedly tells your prospects and customers why they should buy from you.



KEY CONCEPTS 1. Category Trends To which category does the product belong what are the trends followed in that category. These facts determine the strategy to be adopted and also provide insights for planning and designing strategy.

2. Customer Definition Define the target customer group of the product the strategy will be constructed on the basis of the customer to be targeted. This is done by segmenting the market into sections of people depending upon their demographics, psychographics, etc.

3. Current Brand and Strengths What is the current brand of the company what are the strengths of that brand. To what extent can those strengths be used to support the current product what are the strengths of the current product.


Before you begin Before working on your brand strategy. Test the brand strategy. 20 .4. What value does it deliver now? Is it a drive brand. make the strategies fool proof and highly effective. or the orphan in a portfolio being prepared for sale? 5. Feedback For any brand strategy to fall through it is important to have interaction with customers getting insights into their psyche. their needs from the product their feedback on the communication being made. make sure that a potential positioning strategy is determined which the brand strategy will bring to life. Needs. This positioning strategy will determine the brand strategy to be adopted. To define where a brand should sit in the market. Potential Brand Positioning What is the potential position for the brand among customers. make sure it’s as effective as possible Test the brand strategy for effectiveness by conducting polls on customers and general public alike. STEPS 1. Customer Insights. 2. we start with the commercial realities. In case of deficiencies make sure they are taken care of.

Develop your brand around quality as well as emotional benefits  List the qualities and benefits of your product / service.  Write positioning statements and a story about your brand.  Choose colors. 21 . a configuration.  Identify which benefits are emotional – the most powerful brand strategies tap into emotions.  Look at the emotional benefits and boil them down to one thing that your customers should think of when they think of you.  Determine how your employees will interact with prospects and customers to convey the personality and make sure your brand ―lives‖ within your company. That‘s what your brand should represent. a benefit is what that quality does for the customer. use them throughout your company materials. Describe him or her. 4. A quality is an attribute – a color.  Determine which qualities are most important to each of your customer segments. then convey these traits in everything you do and create. even among business buyers. fonts and other visual elements that match your personality.3. Define your brand  Think of your brand as a person with a distinct personality.

for about US $6 billion then sold it a few years later for $530 million. Your brand is your business model Supports and challenge your business model to maximize the potential within your brand. Simply put. values and character. Define your brand It starts with your authenticity. 2. Focus on what you do best and then communicated your inimitable strengths through consistency.3. a digital marketing services company. 22 . By defining your brand strategy and using it in every interaction with your market. Together with competitive positioning strategy. the core purpose. Think of personal brands like Oprah.4 BRAND STRATEGY PRINCIPLES A strong brand strategy can be a big advantage. There are many examples of companies acquiring other brands but only to sell them off later because they don‘t fit within the brand and its architecture. so it should be followed in every interaction we have with our prospects and customers Here are 12 brand strategy principles that are key to achieve business success. mission. Donald Trump. Martha Stewart and Richard Branson. Microsoft acquired Razorfish in 2007 when it bought a Quantive. the brand strategy is the essence of what we represent. Razorfish isn‘t a good fit with Microsoft‘s brand strategy. position. 1. vision. A great brand strategy helps us communicate more effectively with the market. you strengthen your messages and relationships.

think and feel about your brand. BMW has always been known as the “ultimate driving machine. places and experiences.” 4. those are only the tools not the brand. Sell people something that satisfies not only their physical needs but their emotional needs and their need to identify themselves to your brand. President Obama focuses on one message only during his campaign. drive impact beyond just the walls of marketing. consistency. 5. Start from the Inside out Everyone in your company can tell you what they see. 23 . people. consistency Consistency in your message is the key to differentiate. A brand is a desirable idea manifested in products. That‘s example how McDonalds empowers employees to strengthen consumer perception on its brand. That‘s the story you should bring to the customers as well. Own your position on every reference point for everything that you do. CHANGE. everything they offer is an extension of their brand promise. services. Starbucks created a third space experience that‘s desirable and exclusive so people would want to stay and pay for the overpriced coffee. A brand is not a name. Consistency. ad campaigns or PR. Connect on the emotional level. logo. 3.These individuals practically built their business right on top of their personal brand. website.

instead. not an event so expect to constantly tweak your message and refresh your image. The results? As of end of February. Empower brand champions Award those that love your brand to help drive the message. only two buyers have taken advantage of this program but it has boosted their sales by 14% year-over-year in Q1. as gas prices expected to push higher during peak summer travel months. 7. they try to re-invent themselves by being flexible which frees them to be more savvy and creative. it‘s time to evaluate your brand promise. It‘s a lifestyle and a culture. Go and talk to someone that works at the Apple retail store or an iPhone owner and you‘ll see just how passionate they are about Apple.49 per gallon on most models. Hyundai came out with another program that guarantees a year‘s worth of gas at $1.6. Successful brands don‘t cling to the old ways just because they worked in the past. Follow by that campaign in July. only one of the two companies increased revenue while companies such as Honda experienced a drop of more than 30%. Here is an example: when the economy tanked this year automaker Hyundai came out with an assurance program that lets you return your car if you lose your job with no further financial obligation and no damage to your credit. not a race. If your brand advocate doesn‘t tell you what you should or should not be doing. Branding is a process. facility activities so they can be part of the process. Stay relevant and flexible A well managed brand is always making adjustments. 24 .

10. In an active community. Measure the effectiveness Focus on the ROI (return on investment) is the key to measure the effectiveness of your strategies. Cultivate your community Community is a powerful and effective platform on which to engage customers and create loyalty towards the brand. Invest your branding efforts on the right platform that communicates to the right channels. But don‘t just focus increasing sales when you could be getting a profit boost by reducing overheads and expenses as well. Give yourself options to test different marketing tactics. Align tactics with strategy Convey the brand message on the most appropriate media platform with specific campaign objectives. It could also be reflected in brand valuation or how your customers react to your product and price adjustments. 25 . Ultimately it should resonate with sales and that means profitability. wider demographics and can produce instant impact. they‘re also actively blocking out the great majority of them. Often times it is how well your organization can be inspired to execute the strategies. On the other hand. 9. Because consumers are bombarded by commercial messages everyday. members feel a need to connect with each other in the context of the brand‘s consumption. resources and may not give you the desire outcome. make sure they fit your brand authenticity and align with your strategy. social media may seem cheap but it takes time.8. Television may be expensive but it has a broader reach.

Just look at how the Big Three (automobile manufacturers General Motors. 26 . highly desirable product. Keep your enemies closer Even if you have the most innovative. cheaper. Ford. 11. they‘re more efficient doing it and command a higher brand loyalty. Toyota overtook GM while Honda passed Chrysler in US sales. Guess what car would members of the Porsche club consider first when it‘s time to purchase their next vehicle? Brand communities allow companies to collaborate with customers in all phases of value creation via crowdsourcing such as product design. and even how to sell. In 2008. pricing strategy. Call it hyper-competition or innovation economics. faster. Not only do their competitors make a better product. It challenges you brand to elevate the strategy and deliver more value.We all want to be an insider of something. competition could be good for you believe it or not. and Chrysler) got crushed in the past decade by competitions from Germany and Japanese. In many ways it‘s our ego that prides us to be part of a sports team or a professional group. availability. you can expect new competitors with a superior value proposition to enter your market down the road. The market is always big enough for new players to improve what you deliver better. it excites us to tell people which community we‘re part of and what knowledge we posses.

‖ Essentially it means to not just settle for the choices currently available but to think outside the box without being limited. and selling things that people actually care about. This concept actually applies to your brand strategy creation process that is called brand strategy thinking. The take away: Having a brand strategy will bring clarity and meaning to your brand so you can focus on making. It‘s always easier to execute tactics than coming up with a strategy because it implies the possibility of failure. It‘s much faster to emulate what worked for your competitor than to come up with something original and creative. If you could do that. creating. partners and customers to help you articulate your brand strategy so they sync together. Brand strategy thinking is about creating the right experience that involves all the stakeholders to foster a better strategy.12. But the truth is. that‘s not you and it violates the first principle of brand strategy. your brand would be unique and memorable on its way to become an esteemed brand. Practice brand strategy thinking IDEO‘s CEO Tim Brown calls design thinking ―a process for creating new choices. 27 . Leverage the ecosystem that includes your employees.

Your brand is more than your logo. Instead. Your 28 . proposals and campaigns The way your employees interact with customers A customer‘s opinion of you versus your competition Branding is crucial for products and services sold in huge consumer markets. color palette and slogan. your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market:     The images you convey The messages you deliver on your website. those are only creative elements that convey your brand. a promise you make. It brings your competitive position and value proposition to life. name or slogan — it‘s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company. and the personality you convey. produce or service. It‘s what you stand for. And while it includes your logo. it positions you as a certain ―something‖ in the mind of your prospects and customers. It‘s also important in B2B because it helps you stand out from your competition.

You close deals more quickly because your prospects’ experience with you supports everything you say. Successful branding also creates ―brand equity‖ – the amount of money that customers are willing to pay just because it‘s your brand. what you say and how you say it may contradict each other and confuse your prospects. It’s more difficult to communicate with prospects and convince them to buy. Neutral Case The market may not have a consistent view or impression of your product and company. It’s easy to begin dialogue with new prospects because they quickly understand what you stand for. Worst Case You don’t have a brand strategy and it shows. brand equity makes your company itself more valuable over the long term. You haven’t thought a lot about branding because it doesn’t necessarily seem relevant. In addition to generating revenue.brand consistently and repeatedly tells your prospects and customers why they should buy from you. Competitors who communicate more strongly have a better shot at talking with and closing your prospective customers. You’re not helping yourself but you’re not hurting yourself either. They don’t have an impression of your product or why it’s better. you strengthen your messages and relationships. You can charge a premium because your market knows why you’re better and is willing to pay for it. but you admit that you can do a better job of communicating consistently with the market. 29 . A strong brand strategy can be a big advantage. Best Case Prospects and customers know exactly what you deliver. By defining your brand strategy and using it in every interaction with your market. What you do. but in general you think it’s positive.

CHAPTER 4 BRAND STRATEGY OF PUSHPANJALI CROSSLAY HOSPITAL  Strategies used by Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital  Channels of Communication used 30 .

treatment and education. is the eco-friendly design and functioning of the hospital through the use of equipment supporting minimal mercury usage. Training and Education To keep the medical services contemporary.4. Continuing Medical Education programs are regularly conducted in association with national and international faculty. Its strategy is to build its image as an A grade hospital but with affordability so that it can reach both upper as well as middle class pockets. health camps etc. Eco-Friendly A key issue. It uses a very indirect approach to market this brand focusing on publicity by holding sponsoring social events. Its presence on CGHS and ECHS panels also contribute to its intended motive. both in the hospital and as an outreach in the community. The training needs of para medical staff are addressed through the Pushpanjali Institute of Paramedical Sciences(PIPS).1 STRATEGIES USED BY PUSHPANJALI CROSSLAY HOSPITAL Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital being in the medicine industry uses its services and image as their brand strategy. installation of CNG 31 . and through educational material printed by Pushpanjali Publications. Health For All Healthcare services are extended to lower income groups through the Pushpanjali Charitable Trust by regularly conducting Health Camps for diagnosis. conducting seminars.

informative talks and activities related to health of family are carried out in clubs and associations of nearby areas. All investigations are available under one roof and are carried out within a specified time period.  Sophisticated Hospital Management System to enable better efficiency.  Friendly Neighbourhood Program: Under the aegis of this program. LED lighting and usage of Plasma Sterilizers for energy efficient sterilization.fired generators. The experts in the field not 32 . These include airport transfers. greater patient convenience and easy retrieval of patient information. Community Program  Senior Citizens: Community initiatives for senior citizens include the Pushpanjali Golden Years Program for personalized and subsidized care. multilingual interpreters.  Crosslay Wellness Programme: PCH provides a dedicated area for health checks under the Crosslay Wellness Programme. regular health screening. be it physical or mental. Specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services that help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery/treatment. Special Facilities  International patients programs: PCH offers the complete range of service required to meet every need of international patients and their family members. accommodations. special packages.  Alternate systems of medicines: We have state-of-the-art facilities for the alternative processes like yoga and meditation used in the healing of various diseases.

only provide consultation but personally ensure that you get cured completely. Rooms. Food Court. Dietary Services and round the clock Pharmacy. Convenient Support Facilities Convenient support facilities such as ATM. Waiting Lounge. Diagnostics and Blood Bank. Bookshop. 33 .

and national and regional dailies.  Billboards and Hoardings: In the vicinity of the hospital communicating about the latest developments and facilities provided therein. prevention. It has endeavored to establish its image as a super speciality hospital at par with the likes of Apollo and Fortis but at an affordable cost.4.2 CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION USED Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital is the latest product in the family of Pushpanjali Healthcare centers. treatment.  Website: An interactive and comprehensive web front providing all the necessary information and guidelines about the hospital and services offered. 34 . Channels of communication used by the hospital are: Interviews: Both radio and newspaper  Testimonials: By patients and medical professionals in medical publications and online medical platforms.  Seminars and Camps: In communities and local areas about basic health issues. Seminars conducted in the hospital from learned guests. It has included itself in CGHS panel and EGHS panel for the same effect its other social responsibility tasks like free health camps and marathons have contributed to its image in enhancing it as a socially conscious organisation.  Press Releases: From the hospital administration in various medical journals.

CHAPTER 5 ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS  Analysis and Interpretation  Findings 35 .

ANALYSIS 1 Brand Recognition of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital among general public. Have you heard of PCH? YES NO NO. The data has been interpreted on the basis of tally marking and thus deriving the percentage figures based on the answers given by the sample ingredients.5.1 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION My study was strictly based on the primary data collection method collected by means of questionnaire involving an overall sample of 50 people residing in East Delhi area. represented below with the help of pie-charts. BUT HEARD OF OTHER PUSHPANJALI CENTERS? Number 35 5 10 The following pie-chart represents the above data 36 .

37 . there were 20% people who though not heard of PCH had heard of other Pushpanjali centers.INTERPRETATION    The above diagram shows that 70% of the sample population had heard of PCH. But. There was still a 10% share who hadn‘t heard of PCH.

ANALYSIS 2 Channels of communication used How did you come to know about PCH? INTERNET NEWSPAPER/JOURNAL DOCTOR/FRIEND HOARDINGS RADIO Medium 6 10 8 7 4 The following pie-chart represents the above data 38 .

17% of them had heard about PCH on radio.INTERPRETATION  The above data shows that radio has been an effective channel on 17% of population. There were 23% people who had heard of PCH by a doctor/friend. 39 . 20% of the sample population had seen the hoardings about PCH.     29% of the population has been reached by newspaper/journal.

INTERPRETATION  Of the 70% of people who had heard of PCH 80% had been there.ANALYSIS 3 Brand recall of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital Have you been to PCH? YES NO Number 28 7 The following pie chart represents the above data. 40 .  20% of the aware population hadn‘t been there.

What was the purpose of your visit? TREATMENT/CONSULTATION VISITING SOMEONE Number 22 6 The following pie chart represents the above data. 41 .ANALYSIS 4 Brand Experience of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.  21% people had been there to visit on the patients. INTERPRETATION  79% people had been there for treatment/consultation.

How did you find the facilities there? EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY NON SATISFACTORY POOR Number 3 8 10 5 2 The following pie chart represents the above data. 42 .ANALYSIS 5 Brand Experience of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.

 The people who thought facilities to be non-satisfactory were 18%.  28% people thought the facilities were good.  7% people thought facilities to be poor.INTERPRETATION  11% people who had been there found the facilities to be excellent. 43 .  People who thought the facilities were satisfactory made 36% of the sample.

ANALYSIS 6 Brand Experience of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital. How did you find the attitude of the staff? EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY NON SATISFACTORY POOR Number 2 9 8 6 3 The following pie chart represents the above data. 44 .

 32% people thought the staff‘s attitude was good.  People who considered the attitude was satisfactory made 29% of the sample.  11% people thought attitude to be poor. 45 .INTERPRETATION  7% people who had been there found the attitude of the staff to be excellent.  The people who thought attitude to be non-satisfactory were 21%.

ANALYSIS 7 Brand Experience of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital. How did you find the ambience? EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY NON SATISFACTORY POOR Number 4 10 6 5 2 The following pie chart represents the above data 46 .

47 .  People who thought the ambience was satisfactory made 22% of the sample.  37% people thought the ambience was good.  The people who thought ambience to be non-satisfactory were 19%.INTERPRETATION  15% people who had been there found the ambience to be excellent.  7% people thought ambience to be poor.

ANALYSIS 8 Brand Value of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.  55% people considered charges to be average.  27% people of the sample charges to be high. INTERPRETATION  18% of the sample population feel that the charges are very high. 48 . What would you say about the chages? VERY HIGH HIGH AVERAGE Number 4 6 12 The following pie chart represents the above data.

29% people had been to Fortis Hospital. 14% people had also visited Escorts Hospital. INTERPRETATION     36% people had been to Apollo Hospital as well. 49 .ANALYSIS 9 Competitors of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital. Which other hospitals have you been to? APOLLO MAX FORTIS ESCORTS Number 10 6 8 4 The following pie chart represents the above data. 21% people had also been to Max Hospital.

ANALYSIS 10 Brand Positioning of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital. How would you rate PCH in comparison with the above hospitals? MUCH BETTER BETTER SIMILAR WORSE CAN‘T SAY Number 3 5 8 4 8 The following pie chart represents the above data. 50 .

 14% people thought PCH to be worse than PCH.  Of the sample 28% people found PCH to be similar to other hospitals. 51 .  18% people felt PCH to be better than other hospitals.  29% people couldn‘t say anything about it.INTERPRETATION  When compared to other hospitals 11% people felt PCH to be much better.

INTERPRETATION  82% people said they would recommend PCH to others. Would you recommend PCH to your family and friends? YES NO Number 18 4 The following pie chart represents the above data.ANALYSIS 11 Brand Loyalty of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.  18% people refused to recommend PCH to others. 52 .

 When asked to rate PCH in comparison with its competitors majority population gave positive ratings. the Brand Awareness of PCH is quiet high.  The same can be said about the ambience of PCH it is considered good or satisfactory but still has a major scope for improvement.  The most effective channels of communication print.  Brand Loyalty of PCH was found out to be quiet high among its visitors and clients. that the majority consider it to be good. With a meager share considering it worse. But yet there still is a share who believe they are non-satisfactory.5. word of mouth and hoardings were most effective.2 FINDINGS The above analysis and interpretation has revealed the following facts: A major share of the population has heard of PCH even though if unaware have heard of the name Pushpanjali atleast. Hence.  Attitude of the staff though approved by many as satisfactory or good still has scope for some improvement.  The charges were majorly considered average from the point of view of people who had been there as patients.  Brand Recall of PCH is sufficiently high as a major share of population had remembered the name PCH and also been there.  People had experienced PCH both while as patients as well as from a spectator‘s view. 53 .  Of all the people who had experienced PCH maximum of them found its facilities to be either good or satisfactory. So.  Of all its competitors Apollo Hospital is leading followed by Fortis and Max Hospitals in being popular and established brands.

CHAPTER-6 CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS   Conclusion Suggestions 54 .

The patients range from foreigners to senior citizens of our country each happy with the treatment here.1 CONCLUSION Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital is the latest product in the family of Pushpanjali Healthcare Services family. The hospital takes upon a lot of social events like camps. Establishing itself as a top grade medical facility in the limited sector of A grade hospitals in the Delhi NCR region. marathons etc to establish itself as a socially responsible brand. The formative steps in this direction have been programmes like ‗WELLNESS PROGRAMS‘ targeted at middle age or above groups which encourages them to undertake various tests and health check-ups from time to time and provides with doctors counsels in case of any irregularity. The tasks like free health camps and marathons have contributed to the image as well as enhanced the publicity for hospital. It has endeavored to establish its image as a multi-super specialty hospital in Delhi NCR region. Creating a place for itself opposite the likes of Apollo and Fortis but at an affordable cost.6. It has included itself in CGHS panel and EGHS panel for the same effect. It is not limited to the medical staff only but also to the admin as well as support staff. It has succeeded in its mission by now and is constantly adding new features or coming up with new ideas for its brand strategy to strengthen and to add to the brand value of PCH. The brand strategy though subtle and indirect has undoubtedly found its mark as the hospital now boasts of the varied and vast clientele that it serves. 55 .

establishing it‘s identity of a top grade hospital.2 SUGGESTIONS To add to the organisation‘s brand strategy and make it better following suggestions can be made: Conducting drives or events that increase the awareness of PCH among the general public.6. Therefore.  Introducing and adding on more features or programmes that are designed attract well off classes. Thus. enhancing the publicity. 56 .

com 57 .com    Google  Wikipedia  Slideshare  Scribd  Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital  www.

I Stuti Sharma. BUT HEARD OF OTHER PUSHPANJALI CENTRES QUES 2. Were you there for treatment/consultation or to visit someone? TREATMENT/CONSULTATION VISIT SOMEONE 58 . I ensure you that the information furnished by you would remain strictly confidential and will be used for academic/research/official purpose only. Delhi is conducting a survey on behalf of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE Dear Sir/ Madam. QUES 1. I would request you to kindly spare some of your valuable time and answer the few questions mentioned below. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. How did you come to know about PCH? INTERNET NEWSPAPER / JOURNAL DOCTOR / FRIEND HOARDINGS RADIO QUES 3. Have you ever been to Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital? YES NO QUES 4. student of MBA from BPIBS. Have you heard of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital? YES NO NO.

Which other hospitals have you been to? APOLLO MAX FORTIS ESCORTS 59 . How did you find the attitude of the staff? EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY NON SATISFACTORY POOR QUES 7. How did you find its facilities? EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY NON SATISFACTORY POOR QUES 6. How did you find the ambience? EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY NON SATISFACTORY POOR QUES 8. What would you say about the charges? VERY HIGH HIGH AVERAGE QUES 9.QUES 5.

QUES 10. Would you recommend PCH to your family and friends? YES NO 60 . How would you rate PCH in comparison with the above hospitals? MUCH BETTER BETTER SIMILAR WORSE CAN‘T SAY QUES 11.