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CeProSARD e-newsletter 4.

CeProSARD e-newsletter December 2012
Along with representatives of the business sector, experts and consulting firms working in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, CeProSARD initiated the formation of a green energy cluster for the first time in Macedonia. Clustering (cluster association) is an excellent opportunity to coordinate planned activities of all smaller companies or organizations whose resources are limited. The green energy cluster provides greater competitiveness to its members and this type of association is supported by the European Union at the same time. Dear readers and contributors, now we are offering you to register in the existing database of entities working in the field of RES and EE. I hope you will join us in the future to realize the initiative for green energy cluster formation. Send your registration form to: e-mail: Svetlana Petrovska, MSc CeProSARD Executive Director

CeProSARD Demonstration Training Center
Our existing building located at Orce Nikolov Str., No. 172 in Skopje, has recently been reconstructed in accordance with the latest energy efficiency standards in order to improve the thermal performance of these premises and to establish a training room for 30 persons. Solar panels, photovoltaic panels, small demo wind turbine and photovoltaic system connected to LED reflectors are set in the training center. Other demonstrative equipment is also procured. The overall equipment in the training center demonstrates the possibilities of using practices on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. After the reconstruction has been finished, the building has significantly better energy efficiency and training participants have the opportunity to directly observe the technologies used and the way they function.

Workshop on establishing cooperation in the field of waste management
CeProSARD organized the first Workshop on establishing cooperation in the field of waste management. The participants at the event were representatives of several non-governmental organizations active in this sector in Macedonia (GREENER, OPT, AJDE MAKEDONIJA, CEOR, PRIZMA, METAMORPHOSIS, ECO-SENSE, CERM, REC and the RED CROSS) as well as representatives of the central government, local government, public institutions (Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Local Self Government, Centar Municipality, Butel Municipality, Ilinden Municipality).The goal of the first workshop was to find opportunities for further cooperation and to sign a MoU for collaboration on further activities of non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders interested in this issue. Read more …

Energy Management System: International Good Practices and Standards
The training programme on Energy Management System: International Good Practices and Standards took place in the newly opened Training Demonstration Center at CeProSARD premises. The training programme introduced the participants to current developments in modern energy management systems. The significance of the topic as well as the process of achieving energy goals and requirements that are accepted internationally, require a common global approach and an appropriate action plan. This is defined within the newly published international standard ISO 50001: Energy Management System. The training programme was organized in collaboration with the experienced consulting team - Trajkovski & Partners Consulting.

The Albanian delegation visit
The Albanian delegation within the project “Rural development through agricultural associations”, financed by the Swedish Cooperative Centre in Stockholm made a working visit to CeProSARD. The delegation led by the Agrinet Foundation consisted of seven other agricultural associations. The Executive Director of CeProSARD presented the implemented projects at the meeting, while the AgroEnergy Project Manager spoke about the concrete achieved project results. The Project Coordinator of Agrinet proposed plans for mutual cooperation. The Albanian delegation presented a souvenir to CeProSARD as a token of appreciation and successful continuation of cooperation.

On the occasion of the Tree planting day in Macedonia, CeProSARD team has joined the action on environment forestation and beautification. This year we have chosen v.Ljubanci as a location. CeProSARD always gladly accepts such actions, because, despite taking care of the environment we actually enjoyed socializing outside of the office in a beautiful nature and clean air of Skopska Crna Gora. The dream of a forested Macedonia is slowly becoming reality and we are proud that CeProSARD contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Tree-planting Day 2012 marked

Chestnut Festival – Kostenijada 2012
This year again, CeProSARD took part in the Chestnut manifestation held on November 16 in Makedonski Brod as a sponsor of the event. Those attending the chestnut festival, which has traditionally been held the past 5 years, were able to taste the recognizable chestnut roasted in large quantities and to follow the rich cultural program organized by the Cultural Center and the Municipality of Makedonski Brod.

Installing the fist water pumping windmill in Macedonia
CeProSARD within the AgroEnergy project installed the first water pumping windmill in Macedonia. The windmill is placed in the area of Mustafino village, Municipality of Sveti Nikole. The windmill procurement is co-financed within the AgroEnergy project and owned by Suzana Dimitrievska. The water pumping starts at low wind speed (2-3 m/sec), while at higher speeds the windmill has a secure locking mechanism that stops the windmill operation. The windmill is 12 m high and has a water pumping capacity up to 50.000 liters per day, at optimum wind speed. Utilizing the wind as renewable energy source will reduce the fuel use for irrigation needs, and there are also great benefits from both economic and environmental aspect.

Trainings conducted on “Opportunities for utilizing RES and Energy Efficiency”
Four training sessions for farmers in the municipalities of Bogovinje, Kriva Palanka, Resen and Skopje were conducted over the last period. The purpose of CeProSARD team was to acquaint farmers with knowledge on the use of renewable energy sources to significantly improve the energy efficiency in rural areas. The training also covered the successful outcomes of the AgroEnergy project and the following presentation topics: utilization of solar and wind energy; manufacturing of pellets and briquettes; biogas and biodiesel as well as opportunities of introducing energy efficiency on farms. The interested listeners were actively involved in the discussion and expressed an interest in the technologies. Furthermore, two-day training was organized on December 3 and 4, which was attended by students from 10 elementary schools in the Municipality of Karposh.

FFRM in cooperation with CeProSARD and the Rural Development Network organized celebration of the International Day of Rural Women, which is marked every year worldwide on October 15. This year the celebration took place in the complex “Ethno Village” (Etno Selo) where guests had the opportunity to taste the freshly prepared traditional Macedonian pasta – jufki and other traditional dishes. This year, another contest was held for paprika dishes, prepared by women from rural areas and prizes were awarded by the organizers. Read more …

The International Day of Rural Women marked

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