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FunderMax exterior Projects

architecture is first and foremost a product of the mind. at the beginning there exists an idea. Only then do images mature, and this process gives rise to questions. What is doable? does form follow function? What colours and materials speak the right language? and to what extent should creativity in and of itself be a standard? However your idea takes form – FunderMax exterior opens up to you an innovative world of products that allows you to realize your ideas in strong, high-impact forms.

FunderMax exterior Projects


Quality Max exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) in accordance with en 438-6 Type edF that are produced in lamination presses under great pressure and high temperature. double-hardened acrylic Pur resins provide extremely effective weather protection that is particularly suitable for long-lasting balconies and façade claddings. Scratch resistant_________ _________Extremely weather resistant Easy to clean_________ _________Optimal light-fastness Solvent resistant_________ _________Impact resistant Easy to install_________ _________Double hardened Properties: __Extremely weather resistant __Optimal light-fastness __Double hardened __Scratch resistant __Solvent resistant __Easy to clean __Impact resistant __Suitable for all exterior applications __Decorative __Self-supporting __Bending resistant __Frost resistant __Heat resistant __Easy to install 04 FunderMax exterior Projects .

Max exterior F-Quality As a standard. it is also extremely weather resistant. This ensures that even perforated panels are extremely stable. When planning and realising your own projects. Max exterior alu-Compact 42 F-Quality The design meets F-Quality standards and is additionally provided on both sides with aluminium bands under the print layer. With state-of-the-art devices. The applications shown are projects which were realised using Max Exterior. FunderMax exterior Projects 05 . to intricate milling for balcony and fence elements. Processing FunderMax offers CNC controlled processing and panel cutting. Sandwich elements The Max Exterior panels in F-Quality also come polished on just one side for use in sandwich elements. Max Exterior panels come printed on both sides. The core is flame-retardant and the surface is lightfast. it is possible to produce everything: from simple cutouts for mounting the facade panels. We can make just about anything you can dream up. Thanks to the double-hardened resin. please note that your local building regulations may require solutions which differ in some details.

Max exterior panels offer an exceptionally high degree of design freedom and can be excellently combined with other materials. This makes possible things like strong structuring of facades with aluminium profile elements.Façades Project__Bieler Business Center Country__Switzerland design__Werkhof Architekten AG. 06 FunderMax exterior Projects . Biel decor no.__0160 NT Dark Afro The freedom of ideas.

__horizontal arrangement __warm. harmonious colour tone __large panel formats __interesting individual solutions for blinds FunderMax exterior Projects 07 .

Weimar decor no.Façades Project__Sports complex in Themar Country__Germany design__ Hartmann & Helm Planungsgesellschaft mbH.__ 0168 NT Akro Rust 08 FunderMax exterior Projects .

and a versatility which makes possible the harmonious connection with historic substance: the panels’ staggered arrangement brings together the old and the new in playful contrast. an ultramodern material for its façade. __structuring of large surfaces __diversity of formats thanks to ease of trimming __freedom in design and planning __perfect formation of corners FunderMax exterior Projects 09 . a modern building.Classicism and modernism.

Façades Project__Single-family home Hueber Country__Austria design__Inntakt Architekturbüro Hueber decor no.__0085 NT White a long life. __perfect details __fascinating light and shade effects __state of the art insulation 10 FunderMax exterior Projects . So durability plays an important role in the choice of facades. With Max exterior. maintenance is something you can forget about for decades to come. Those who build a single family home frequently also have the next generation in mind.

FunderMax exterior Projects 11 .

Like robust red accents on a façade done in white and grey. 0674 NT Mars Red It’s all about combination. decors and mounting methods.Façades Project__Office building Ployer + Hörmann Country__Austria design__Stefan Köglberger.__0159 NT Afro Black. __very dark colours possible __in-factory trimming for swift. economical construction __more structuring options thanks to mix of materials 12 FunderMax exterior Projects . The staggered arrangement of the panels provides additional texture. Neuhofen decor no. Max exterior panels make possible any combination of colours.

FunderMax exterior Projects 13 .

14 FunderMax exterior Projects . the shimmering red wood-tone on the inside brings warmth to the complex. 0085 NT White Subtle mood-setters. 0687 NT Maize.__0662 NT Jade Green. In the autumn of life. harmony should take centre-stage. While pastel colours on the outside radiate cheerful calm. Tiefwarensee Country__Germany design__Heske Hochgürtel Lohse/Architekten und Ingenieure decor no.Façades Project__Medical nursing center.

FunderMax exterior Projects 15 .

Façades Project__Alge Wohlfurt Country__Austria design__Architekt Bernd Spiegel. Dornbirn decor no.__0161 NT Light Afro 16 FunderMax exterior Projects .

Max exterior offers a multitude of ways in which to sculpt a façade.Go in-depth.__0703 NT Dove Blue FunderMax exterior Projects 17 . Rostock Country__Germany design__Architekturbüro Teichmann. Particularly attractive is the accentuation of a building’s individual sections. Project__WG Süd Vögenteichplatz. Rostock decor no. forms and colours. playing with light and shade.

Erfurt decor no.und Planungsgesellschaft mbH.Façades Project__Outpatient clinic. Suhl Country__Germany design__Worschech Architektur.__0161 NT Light Afro 18 FunderMax exterior Projects .

finely textured surface that lends a building value and warmth. __add accents via arrangement __easy cleaning __economy thanks to uniform formats FunderMax exterior Projects 19 .Calm distinction. Horizontally mounted exterior panels in wood decor give flat facades an interesting.

__0272 NT Summerapple.Façades Project__TGZ Bad Leonfelden Country__Austria design__S & S OEG. 0325 NT Java Grey __one unified underconstruction independent of the decor __easy adaptation to actual conditions when mounting __design freedom thanks to a hung façade with space behind 20 FunderMax exterior Projects . Pregarten decor no.

FunderMax exterior Projects 21 . a mix of exterior panels in wood and solid colour decors with other materials lends your building an unmistakable appearance. Breaking through traditions with façade design is in itself exciting.Take off in new directions.

0689 NT Dark Red. 0691 NT Purple. 0661 NT Terracotta. 0680 NT Ruby Red 22 FunderMax exterior Projects .Façades Project__Fire company Westendorf Country__Germany design__Nigg + Kögl Architekten. Fischach decor no.__0674 NT Mars Red.

Fiery colours taken literally: the façade signalises the building’s function far and wide. the colour concept is continued with FunderMax Interior panels in the same decors. proven technology thanks to decades of experience in outdoor applications __matching decors possible for interiors FunderMax exterior Projects 23 .Colour follows function.On the inside of the building. __a wide range of colours to help loosen up large surfaces __solid.

__0601 NT Sun Pear __optimum lightfastness even in strongly patterned wood decors __efficient installation thanks to largely uniform size formats __panel division coordinated with window proportions 24 FunderMax exterior Projects .Façades Project__Bureaux Arborial Montrieul Country__France design__Sexer Loyrett. Gentilly decor no.

defies wind and weather. It lends the façade panels their distinctive weather-protective qualities FunderMax exterior Projects 25 . double-hardened nT surface. The high resistance of Max exterior is ensured by the patented.

you want to touch it.__0077 NT Charcoal So beautiful. 26 FunderMax exterior Projects .Lap Siding Project__Single-family home Klee. Bern decor no. It’s particularly in the details that one sees how attractive clapboard surfaces can be. Wallberg Country__Switzerland design__Architekt Erich Guggisberg. Perfect custom solutions using aluminium profile elements make for a consistently high-quality appearance.

Bregenz Country__Austria design__Architekt DI Schweitzer.Project__Residential construction.__0085 NT White FunderMax exterior Projects 27 . Bregenz decor no.

The interplay of light and shade makes the building less massive and embeds it harmoniously in its rural surroundings __factory trimming and processing to guarantee a high degree of precision __fast installation via proven clapboard system __avoidance of heat transfer thanks to hung façade with space between façade and wall 28 FunderMax exterior Projects . simultaneous demarcation and openness.Lap Siding Project__SPA Hotel Bründl. Linz decor no. as a place of hospitality. Integrating the environment. a hotel should be inviting but also protective. Bad Leonfelden Country__Austria design__Team M.__0169 NT Akro Ruby a virtuosic interplay of light and shade.

FunderMax exterior Projects 29 .

Rheinau Country__Germany design__koopX architekten. Zalenga decor no. Schüler. 30 FunderMax exterior Projects .__Individualdecor Facades with symbolic power. macrophotographic images were used in order to symbolize an educational idea: this is a place to go up-close and get to the bottom of things. Böhning. For this school. The capabilities of digital printing give you the freedom to print Max exterior panels with any thinkable motif.Individualdecor Project__Anne-Frank-Gymnasium.

FunderMax exterior Projects 31 .

__Individualdecor a healthy solution. Max Individualdecor create a friendly atmosphere. they are also highly economical. Lanserwiese Country__Austria design__Architekten Wimmer & Zaic decor no.Individualdecor Project__Residential building. __nature-inspired decors in brilliant colours __extreme durability and scratch-resistance __ideal “building biology” thanks to back-ventilation of façade 32 FunderMax exterior Projects . and these natureinspired motifs move the observer to think of the nicer things in life. Since they can go for decades without maintenance.

LA VALETTE DU VAR decor no. Baden decor no.__Individualdecor FunderMax exterior Projects 33 .Project__Provincial retirement home.__Individualdecor Project__Centre de Gérontologie CH de salon de Provence Country__France design__BBG Architectes. Wallsee Country__Austria design__Architekt Lindner.

harmonious overall impression. 34 FunderMax exterior Projects .Balconies Project__Balneohotel Pomorie Country__Bulgaria design__d-r arch. Vassil Makrelov decor no. Max exterior is an economical solution. uniform façade and balcony design with exterior panels makes for a consistent.__0125 NT Natural Oak a unified look. For large projects.

__a high degree of rigidity makes possible economical. large intervals between balcony fastenings __structural advantages for balconies thanks to low weight of balcony railing claddings __high-quality appearance via good selection of appropriate decors FunderMax exterior Projects 35 .

Izola Country__Slovenia design__Ofis Arhitekti d. a multitude of processing options expands your design freedom 36 FunderMax exterior Projects .. The days when wood was automatically equated with rusticality are long since past.Balconies Project__Residential building Livade.o. Ljubljana Fluent in all languages.o. Modern wood decor panels from Max exterior make possible the impressively realisation even of futuristic concepts.

__functional privacy and wind protection with sophisticated design __orientation system possible via the use of different panel colours __high quality of prefabricated parts thanks to CnC processing FunderMax exterior Projects 37 .

Let your imagination run wild when designing balconies with Max exterior. Be it full-surfaced. 0692 NT Old Pink 1001 variants. colour-coordinated balcony balustrades.Balconies Project__Residential building Neuwoba Country__Germany design__Impla Bau. or lightness with holes: the myriad technical possibilities and varied panel designs give you additional latitude for creativity __building structuring via colour-differentiation of individual sections __finely graded range of colours makes possible subtly nuanced combinations __large panel formats make for economical fastening intervals 38 FunderMax exterior Projects .__0630 NT Sea Green. Neubrandenburg decor no.

Ifsits .__0160 NT Dark Afro design__Ganahl . Wien FunderMax exterior Projects 39 .Larch Architekten. 1100 Wien Country__Austria decor no.Project__Residential complex Troststrasse Gesiba.

Guntramsdorf Country__Austria design__Architekt Göbl.__0717 NT Atlantic Project__Terraced house Opus VII.__0328 NT Brushed Aluminium 40 FunderMax exterior Projects . Oberursel/Taunus Country__Germany design__Bien-Zenker AG/Wohnbau decor no.Balconies Project__Balconies WHA Neue Heimat. Krems decor no.

Ruzickagasse.Project__Residential complex. 0661 NT Terracotta. a good way to bring new cheer to an older building __large balcony claddings are livened up by small panels __reassuring safety thanks to extreme break-resistance __colours on the outside and a neutral white on the inside upon request FunderMax exterior Projects 41 . 1230 Wien Country__Austria design__Gemeinnützige Bau. a raucous red? a cheerful yellow? a mysterious blue? a subtle grey? Or everything all at once? When you design balconies and facades with Max exterior. you can choose from around 100 decors or have additional individual decors made according to your wishes. 0736 NT Saffron Good mood. 0712 NT Steel Blue.und Wohngenossenschaft „Wien-Süd“ decor no.__0074 NT Pastel Grey.

excellent surface characteristics ensure that the panels retain their intense colouration even when constantly exposed to sunlight. __economical installation thanks to large formats __wide range of colours and materials lend buildings individual character __proven materials ensure decades of durability 42 FunderMax exterior Projects . 0717 NT Atlantic Today.__0647 NT Golden Yellow.Balconies Project__Provincial retirement home. Kapfenberg decor no. Kapfenberg Country__Austria design__Architekt Wallner. then Max exterior is the best choice. If you want to be pleased at the brilliance of your colours even after many years have gone by. tomorrow and beyond.

Project__Zero energy building Kammelweg/Bauträger GmbH-Fa. Mischek Country__Austria design__ Architekt Johannes Kaufmann decor no.__0059 NT Dark Green 0674 NT Mars Red FunderMax exterior Projects 43 .

Puchenau decor no. Hartkirchen Country__Austria design__Architekten Domeinig Meisinger.entrances Project__Supermarket SPAR.__0075 NT Dark Grey 44 FunderMax exterior Projects .

With Max exterior. The design of a business entrance sends an important signal to customers. St. you can set the stage for your brand’s identity in an ideal manner. __scratch and impact resistance for stressprone areas __easy cleaning assures long-lasting storefront attractiveness __simple realisation of sculptural architecture FunderMax exterior Projects 45 .Project__Supermarket SPAR. Klagenfurt decor no. Veit/Glan Country__Austria design__Architekt Omansiek.__0160 NT Dark Afro Quality inside and out. Because quality on the outside is an indication of quality on the inside.

Via the simple cladding of roof overhangs. for example. 46 FunderMax exterior Projects .Fascia/Soffit Project__Swiss Quarter. Goerzallee. Berlin decor no. Max exterior is so universally employable that making a high-quality impression even in those typical difficult-to-design areas is a snap. Berlin Country__Germany design__Riccius + Winter Freie Architekten BDA.__0161 NT Light Afro Versatile virtuosity. which creates a flowing transition between interior and exterior space.

__0272 NT Summerapple FunderMax exterior Projects 47 .Project__Centre Commercial Allonnes Country__France design__Architecte Cab AVANT PROPOS. Lille decor no.

Soffit Project__Provincial retirement home.__0617 NT Green Petrol __long-term maintenancefree weather protection in hard-to-reach areas __easy processing makes possible complex custom solutions __achieve unusual surface effects with special panel types 48 FunderMax exterior Projects . Architekt Edelmüller decor no. Raabs/Thaya Country__Austria design__Architekt Zobl.

High weather resistance makes Max exterior panels particularly well-suited to projects with extreme requirements. allowing them to acquire a natural appearance over time – while of course remaining resistant to wind and weather for decades to come. FunderMax exterior Projects 49 .__AUTH Authentic all-round protection. Wien decor no. Special accents can be provided by panels in the authentic decor.Project__School centre Plenkerstrasse. in which the compact panels are produced specifically without any decor. Waidhofen/Ypps Country__Austria design__SAM.

0160 NT Dark Afro Idyllic multifunctionality. separating walls – everything made of one and the same material. there are lots of ways to use Max exterior panels. Façades. balcony claddings. Balconies mean quality of life. Kelkheim/Taunus Country__Germany design__Bien-Zenker AG/Wohnbau decor no.__0272 NT Summerapple. __lean look despite extreme robustness __contrast-rich material combinations 50 FunderMax exterior Projects . as well.Balconies/Partitions Project__Passion Eight. and here.

Project__Residential complex ÖSW Österr. 1220 Wien Country__Austria design__Hagmüller Architekten decor no.__0159 NT Afro Black FunderMax exterior Projects 51 . Siedlunggswerk.

you’ll find exciting ways to achieve the functionality you need. 1100 Wien Country__Austria design__Architekt Prof.m. DI Ernst Hoffmann ZT G.__0074 NT Pastel Grey Sun protection with a twist. 52 FunderMax exterior Projects . sunlight does have its drawbacks. With Max exterior. Wien decor no.Sun Protection Project__Neues Leben und Migra.H. Monte Laa. We’re happy to see the sun shine.b. But particularly at the height of summer.

__0160 NT Dark Afro __high rigidity facilitates high transparency __simple realisation of previously difficult-to-achieve effects __light construction appearance thanks to large intervals between fastenings FunderMax exterior Projects 53 . Marseille decor no.Project__Ecole de danse de Martigues Country__France design__LEVY MAGNON Architectes.

Project__Résidence Bd de Verdun ISSY LES MOULINEAUX Country__France design__Cbt BRELAN D’ARCH à BAGNEUX decor no.__0330 NT Brushed Navy


FunderMax exterior Projects

Transparent but stable. Looking for light permeability and optical lightness? no problem. Thanks to compressed aluminium layers, Max exterior alucompact panels retain their stability and breakresistance even when they’re finished with large holes.

__high degree of pre-fabrication ensures perfect finishing __material rigidity thanks to aluminium bands makes possible large numbers of holes __double-hardened surface guarantees lasting attractiveness

FunderMax exterior Projects


Project__Swiss Quarter, Goerzallee, Berlin Country__Germany design__Riccius + Winter Freie Architekten BDA, Berlin decor no.__0161 NT Light Afro

Project__Supermarket SPAR Traboch Country__Austria design__Architekt DI Heinz Malek

decor no.__0159 NT Afro Black


FunderMax exterior Projects

__Individualdecor FunderMax exterior Projects 57 . Steinach/Brenner Country__Austria design__Carpenter’s workshop Schuler decor no. geometric patterns. names.Project__Carpenter’s workshop Schuler. CnC processing and individual decors allow the realisation of practically any idea with Max exterior panels Project__Bicycle lane Projectborden ANWB Country__The Netherlands decor no. Words.__0325 NT Java Grey Logo. symbols. logos.

Dulieu à Nantes JC Decaux .__1260 NT Parakan Teak 58 FunderMax exterior Projects .Aubrilam decor no.Transportation Project__TRAM WAY de CLERMONT FERRAND Country__France design__Architecte J.

Heidelberg Country__Germany design__Architekt Gerhard Ludwig decor no. an ideal situation in which to employ Max exterior. impervious to vandalism and easy to clean. urban design shapes a landscape. Transportation facilities serve many different purposes. train station.__0162 NT Afro Sahara Many faces. and for just this reason they need to be resistant to mechanical influences. __high impact-resistance thanks to homogenous core __high scratch-resistance – ideal for high-traffic environments __long-lasting resistance to the effects of sun and rain FunderMax exterior Projects 59 .Project__Flying roof.

normal paint remover is all you need – and that graffiti is a thing of the past.__0074 NT Pastel Grey 60 FunderMax exterior Projects . the surface of Max exterior panels is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.utilitarian Structures Project__Sonnengut building project. Zufikon Country__Switzerland design__Architekt Giandavide Moccetti.__0747 NT Medium Grey Heavy-duty. utilitarian structures have to do one thing: take a lot of abuse.For this reason. Ljubljana Country__Slovenia design__Robert Klun udia und Maja Zitnik udia decor no. Zürich decor no. above all. Project__Residential building.

Welzenegg Country__Austria design__Architekt Klimbacher.__0085 NT White FunderMax exterior Projects 61 .__0661 NT Terracotta Project__Bicycle shed WHA Fortschritt. Klagenfurt decor no.Project__ WHA GEWOG. Waidhofen/Ypps Country__Austria design__GEWOG Neue Heimat decor no.

Brugg Country__Switzerland design__M. Spicher Schreinerei decor no.Outdoors Project__Fence Elements.__0703 NT Dove Blue 62 FunderMax exterior Projects .__0074 NT Pastel Grey Project__Spicher tables. Mödling Country__Austria decor no.

particularly in urban areas. an independent. even in exceptionally high-use applications FunderMax exterior Projects 63 .__0161 NT Light Afro Irresistible.Project__Café Campo. clear formal language can play an important role in attracting guests. The easy workability and large diversity of decors in Max exterior panels provides designers and planners with new opportunities to realise aesthetically sophisticated solutions. airy look with high impact and break resistance __easy cleaning. Grieskirchen Country__Austria design__Architekt Antlinger. Grieskirchen decor no. __lean.

Playground Project__Ecole Foucault. 0717 NT Atlantic. 0591 NT Fir Green 64 FunderMax exterior Projects . 0663 NT Reseda Green. 0687 NT Maize. Gugging Country__Austria decor no. 0736 NT Saffron. Clichy Country__France design__Mme PIRES.__0674 NT Mars Red.__0647 NT Golden Yellow. 0712 NT Steel Blue Project__Kindergarden. Ville de Clichy decor no.

and to laugh and shout. Playgrounds are like miniature paradises for children. 0691 NT Purple Go wild. qualities which help minimise the risk of injury.Project__Basisschool’t Carillon Country__The Netherlands decor no. to run. heavy-duty and break-fast. FunderMax exterior Projects 65 . to jump. Children’s equipment made with Max exterior is smooth. They’re places to let off extra steam.__0661 NT Terracotta 0736 NT Saffron. to slide.

cost-effectiveness has to be brought into harmony with practical and aesthetic considerations. 66 FunderMax exterior Projects . Tübingen Country__Germany design__Allmann Sattler Wappner. the panel should be up to the challenge. Competitive sports don’t just make tough demands on athletes: they also put buildings to the test. München decor no.__0059 NT Dark Green Top athletic performance. Here.Sports Facilities Project__Halfpipe. Architekten BDA. and if the fans get a bit carried away.

0160 NT Dark Afro. Gmunden decor no. Linz Country__Austria design__Architekt Hinterwirth. USA decor no.Project__Intersport Arena.__0075 NT Dark Grey.__0777 NT Coral Project__Vector Arena. Auckland City Country__New Zealand design__Crawford Architects. 0161 NT Light Afro FunderMax exterior Projects 67 .

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