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Name: RD Kaleh Putro Setio Kusumo NIM: 20110520148 WASHINGTON SQUARE Hendry James is one of the most important

writer in the English language. He was born in the new York in 1843 and went to school there. He then went to Harvard University as a law student. In 1875 he left America and lived in Paris. There he met Flaubert, Turgenev and other important writer. In 1876 he moved to London. London Society loved Hendry James and he was often out very night of the week. Washington Square in one of the his earliest books—he wrote it in 1880. Setting of the Washington square in the city of new York. At the time out story begin, in 1843. The main characters of the American Square are Catherine Sloper, Doctor Sloper, Morris Townsend, Aunt Lavinia Penniman, Aunt Almond, Mrs. Montgomery. Catherine Sloper an heiress plain of face and lacking in charm but possessing a good heart and an incipient strong will that develops when she clashes with. Doctor Sloper an intelligent and popular society doctor. He disapproves of his only child's suitor. Morris Townsend an ruthless bounder that charms not only Catherine, but also her foolish. Aunt Lavinia Penniman an widow who lives on the generosity of her brother and is prone to romantic fantasies and interferences, unlike her pragmatic sister. Aunt Almond Doctor Sloper's favorite sister and confidante. It was at her daughter, Marian's engagement party that the courtship of Catherine and Morris began. Mrs. Montgomery is a widow living in genteel poverty with her five children. Dr. Sloper pays a call on her so they can discuss her brother, Morris. With some persuasion, he induces Mrs. Montgomery to admit that Morris takes money from her, returns very little, and makes her suffer "Washington Square is praised for its depiction of the complicated relationship between a stubborn father and his daughter" (Merriam Webster 1184). From her birth, Catherine has been a disappointment to her father, although he is careful not to let on. On Catherine's part, she adores and fears him. Conflict arises when she goes against her father's wishes by becoming betrothed to a fortune hunter. For a time, it amuses Doctor Sloper that his daughter finally is displaying some backbone, but when she remains strong willed in her choice of husband, he cruelly tries to use her loyalty for him against her lover. Catherine fails in marrying the man she loves; Morris

This story very interested because before read this novel.ruthlessly betrays her certain Doctor Sloper will withhold the larger part of an inheritance she heretofore had every right to expect. The author use easy words which easy for we understand more. Instead of Doctor Sloper reaching out to his heart-broken daughter. a wealthy and highly successful physician. Existing moral values as the value of kindness shown by Austin Sloper says that picking up her morsel of fancy work. he believes. This story theme. . tell about Dr. I will recommended this novel to all people. they given recommended to me. and what her father refused to give. Lots of good moral values that we can take. This story as a reader I strongly encourage other readers to read it too. had seated herself with it again for life. with his only surviving child. he continues his life ignorant of her spirit and distrustful of her understanding Morris' immoral character. The tragedy is Catherine understands all too well what her lover took from her. especially to all my friends. Catherine. dull in terms of personality and intellect. Austin Sloper. New York. as it were. lives in Washington Square. being physically plain and. And the story is also supported by a great writer. Catherine is a sweet-natured young woman who is a great disappointment to her father.

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