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Economics Session 2011-12 onwards

Scheme of Examination
Semester-I Paper - I Advanced Economic Analysis-I Paper - II Macro Economics Paper - III Public Economics Paper - IV Quantitative Techniques Semester-II Paper - I Advanced Economic Analysis-II Paper - II Montary Economics and Banking Paper - III Research Methods and Statistical Inreference Paper - IV International Economics Semester-III Paper - I Economic Development and planning Paper - II India’s Foreign Trade and International Instistutions. Paper - III Environmental Economics
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Group . A Group . B Group . C Group . D

1 . Econometrics. 1. labour Economics . 1. Economics of Agriculture 1. Demography .

M.A. Economics Semester-I Paper - I Advanced Economic Analysis-I

MM 85+15 CCE

Objective: To provide the knowledge about consumer behavior regarding Market and Production units of the firm. Unit -1 Genral Introduction to Micro / Macro / Positive and Normative Economics/ Scarcity and Choice / Rational Behaviour. Unit-2 Utility Analysis, Cardinal Utility The law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, The law of equi-marginal utility, and Ordinal Utility Indifference curves analysis, Price effect, Income Effect, & Substitution Effect. Indifference curve and Budget line, Utility Maximization Rule, Practical significance.

Unit-3 Law of Demand & Supply Derivation of demand curve from Price Consumption curve, market demand, Changes in demand and supply and their quantity, Elasticity and their applications, Demand and consumer surplus. Unit-4 Revealed Preference Theory, Consumer choice under uncertainty Hicksian revision of demand theory Unit -5 Production and Cost functions - Law of Variable Proportions Returns to scab production function of Multi-Product firm Producer's equilibrium - elasticity of substitution - Euler's theore; Cobb- Douglas production function, Cost Functions Cost curves, Iso-cost curves, traditional and modern cost analysis. Recommended Books: Varian.H.R. Micro Economics A modern Approach. Mc Conenell & Brue Micro Economics Principal, problems & policies. McGraw Hills Professional Publication. Ahuja, H.L. Advanced Economic theory Jain K.P. Advanced Economic theory Jhingan M.L. Modern Micro Economics

Shapiro 2. Factors affecting consumption. Measurement and Trend of Unemployment in Indian Economy. E.Bransin 3.Vaishya 5. Keynes Vs the Classics.C.Jhingan 4. 2 Macro Economic Equilibrium. Functional relationships. 5 Theories of Consumption and Investment-APC and MPC. 4 Theories of Employment Classical Theory. 85+15 CCE Semester-I Paper . Importance of NI Estimation.H. Public Expenditure. Income . Say's Law of Market.Consumption Hypothesis. W. I measurement in Indian Economy. Income Determination in Closed and Open Economy. Economics MM .II macro Economics Objective: To provide the conceptual knowledge regarding economic policies at national and international level Unit -1 Nature of Macro Economics. Nl Estimation in India. Unit . M. Criticism of the Model. Nl and Economic Welfare.A. 3 The Component of Money Supply. Unit . GDP and GNP. Paradox of Thrift Investment Function. IS-LM Analysis and Interest Rate Determination.M. Books Recommended: 1. Equilibriums National Income and its measurement. Export. Keynesian Model with Demand and Supply of Money. Saving Function. Consumption and Investment Function. Balanced Budget and Dynamic Multiplier. C. S. Interest Rate and Theory of Liquidity Preference.Monetary Policy and its Instruments. Tax. Concept of Simple Multiplier . Basic Concepts Stock and Flow Variables. Unit . Classical Model with and without saving and Investment. M. Determinants of Investments MEC and MEL Theories of Investment. SunilBhaduri Macro Economic Analysis . Unit .J.L.

On Economic Stability. Wiesman. 85+15 CCE Objective: To develop the conceptual frame work about government's public economic policies and annual budgeting. Public Debt and Inflation. as an agent for Economic Planning & Development Concept of Public Goods. in Organized Society . Theories of Taxation Benefit Theory.Public Debt & Economic Growth. Private Goods and Merit Goods. Its Significance.III Public Economics MM . Peacock hypothesis. Debt Burden.Macro Economic Theory and Policy Macro Economic Theory Macro Economic Theory Macro Economic Analysis' M.5 Debt. Allocative Effect on Distribution. Factors DeterminingTaxable Capacity. Fiscal policy and its objectives. Unit-1Public Choice Voting and Resource Allocation. Incentive Effect. On Employment. The Growth of Government significance Failure. Incentive Effect.Canons of Taxation. Employment. Unit . Effects of Taxation Efficiency Effect.Govt. Public Debt as a means of regulating economy. Economics Semester-I Paper . Taxable Capacity. Economic Stability & Economic Development. The Cost Service Theory and Ability to Pay Theory.Wagner's Law of Increasing State Activities. Social Advantage Theory Dalton. Unit .A. Pigous Musgrav. Unit-4 Economics of Taxation . Defict financing Books Recommended: . Debt Redemption. Dalton's Norm of Public Expenditure. Theory of Maximum. 2 Role of Govt. 3 Public Expenditure . Public Choice analysis. Effects of Public Expenditure Efficiency Effect. Allocative Effect. Effect on Distribution. Unit. Incidence of Taxes.

C. Unit .e.Bahrgava Indian Public Finance 6.Musgrave Theory of Public Finance 2. Calculations of Macro Economic Variables.R. Economics Semester-I Paper . A.R.P. Marginal Cost and Revenue. Unit-1definition.IV Quantitative Techniques MM . assumptions. A. Concept..Lerner Economics of Employment (Relevant Chapters) 8. Unit .A.. Condition under Unit .N. Regression lines. e.A. Interpolation and extrapolation. R. Allan Brownlee Economics of Public Finance 3. Calculation of Elasticity Coefficient. 4 Regression Analysis: Concept.g. N. significance. 3 Simple Differentiation and Its Application in Economics i. 85+15 CCE Objective: This paper provides the statistical and mathematical approach to understand economic principles and policies. concept of probable Error. Spearman's coefficient of Rank correlation. Andley & Sundharam Public Economics and Public Finance (Also Hindi Edition) M. Measures of Central tendency Measures of dispersion and skewness: Correlation Analysis: Correlation Coefficient. Importance & Scope of statistics. methods of Interpolation and extrapolation.Pigou Public Finance 4. .Mishra Indian Federal Finance 9.E. finding regression coefficients and equations. Reading in Fiscal Policy 7. Methods of Computing simple correlation. Impact of Tax and Subsidy on Demand and Supply Model Calculations of Factor Prices. 2 Linear and Simultaneous Equations up to Three Variables and Its Application in Economics.1. A. Calculation of equilibrium Prices. R. B.A.Bhargava Theory of Working Union of Finance in India 5. Productivity.

general and Chamberlain approaches to equilibrium.Ricardian Marxian. Chamberlain. price leadership). monopoly control and regulation.Unit . Bowliy . Base shifting and deflating the index numbers. types. cost of living index numbers. The chain index numbers. S. Economics Semester-II Paper .. determsination of rent . R. Unit . welfare aspects. G. wages . theories of profit. 4 Wages.Allen .theories.D. Unit .Statistics for Economics 3. Gupta & Gupta . Books Recommended: 1. 3 Distribution : Neo classical approach . uses. supply cure. IS . Theory of distribution in imperfect product and factor markets Mocro theories of distribution .Mathematics for Economists. 2 Monopolistic competition -. minimum . Oligopoly.Applied General Statistics 6.Marginal productivity theory. liquidity preference . 85+15 CCE Unit .LM curve . technical progress and factor shares. criticism of monopolistic mpetition. excess capacity under monopolistic and imperfect competition.. equilibrium of the firm and the group with product differentiation and selling costs. price discrimination. Statistics for Business & Economics 7. marginal productivity .RGupta . problems in construction of Index numbers. 5 Index Numbers: A Conceptual frame work.Statistical Methods M. A. Unit .I Advanced Economic Analysis-II MM . classical and morden theories qusirent. JITSChandan . Croxton & Cowden . Monopoly. price and output determination.short run and long run equilibrium. 4. 1 Perfect competition short run and long run equilibrium of the firm and industry. Elasticity of technical substitution.Elements of Statistics 5. MethaandMadnani . . Price and output determination under monopsony and bilateral monopoly.L.A.Statistics 2. kinked demand curve and collusive (cartels and mergers. theory of interest .

hillips curve. 4 Banking Systems in India. Inability to obtain opfimum welfare .Quantity Theory of Money. 2 measures of money stock . Basic Reading List 1. (1990).Imperfections. Types of Banks. Inflation and Indian Economy.RBI. M. Excess Demand and Inflatidn. . 5 Welfare Economics : partial and general Equilibrium Pigovian welfare economics. market failure.Unit .Creation of Credit. 85+15 CCE Objective: This paper develops the caliber of the students to understand the banking procedure with its command on money inflow in the market Unit . its role and effectiveness. uncertainty and non-existent and incomplete markets. Unit . 1 Theories of Value of Money-Fisher. A Course in Microeconomic Theory Princeton University Press. Princeton. Unit . 3 Inflation Measurement and types of Inflation. Theory of Second Best. Demand Deposits. Effects of Inflation.tagflation and Anti-Inflation Policy. Role of Commercial Banks in a Developing Economy. Functions of Commercial Banks. Economics Semester-II Paper . Walrasian and marshall condition of the txistence of the general Equilibrium.II Montary Economics and Banking MM . David M. Demand and Supply side Inflation. Modern . Arrow's impossibility theorem. decreasing costs.Commercial Banking Origin & Growth. Bank as Depositaries. Money1 Multiplier. Unit . Monetary. Long run Phillips Curve. Methods to Check Inflation. The Real Balance Effect.A. Social welfare function. New Trends in Commercial Banking. Inflation and Unemployment. Policy. the cash Balances approach Keynesian Theory of Money and Prices. compensation principle.Bank as Financial Intermediaries. The Relationship between Inflation and Unemployment. Kreps. Cambridge equations. Pareto optimal conditions Value judgement. Instruments of Monetary Controls.

Types of Research. Economics MM . Sampling Techniques.C. Standard Error and Sampling Distribution. 3 Probability and its Theorems : Concepts & Definition. Significance of Attributes Large Samples and Small Sample T. 5 Business Cycles Meaning and Nature.LJhingan M. Calculation of Probability. 4 Test of Hypothesis : Procedure of Testing Hypotheses.J.Introduction. Theorems Addition Theorem and Multiplication Theorem. Estimation. Binomial & Poison Distribution. Unit .H. 85+15 CCE Semester-II Paper . Measurement of Trend by Graphic Method.Kurihara Macro Economic Analysis Macro Economic Theory and Policy Macro Economic Theory Macro Economic Theory Macro Economic Analysis Monetary Theory and Public Policy M. Non monetary theories of business cycles Books Recommended: E.III Research Methods and Statistical Inference Unit . Semi-Average & Moving Average method and Least Squares Method. . Unit . 2 Analysis of Time Series . Theories of trade Cycle Monetary Theory schumpeter. and Techniques of data collection Research report Writings.A. Keynesian.Shapiro W. Samulson and Hicks. Steps in Scientific Research. Bransin M. Research Design. Unit . F & Z test.Vaishya SunilBhaduri KK.Unit . Utility and Components of Time Series. 1 Meaning and Concept of Research. Theoretical Probability Distribution : Normal.

Statistical Methods M. Iternational Trade Equilibrium.EIhance . the Community Indifference Curves.G.The Modem Theory of Factor Endowments.s theory of comparative differences in costs and its application in underdeveloped countries. Equilibrium in Community Consumption and Output. Increasing and decreasing opportunity costs. Bowliy .Statistics 2 D. 5 Chi Square Test& Goodness of Fit.N. Unit . Smith's theory of AbsoluteDifference in costs.Elements of Statistics 6 Croxton&Cowden . its explanation under price criterion and physical criterion. Its superiority over the classical theory. 85+15 CCE International trade. Theorys relevance today. Unit .Gupta . Ricardo. 3 Haberler's Theory of Opportunity Costs. Leontief Paradox .IV International Economics Objective: To provide the knowledge about and conditions of the trade. MM . Terms Unit . Importance and Scope of International Trade.Applied General Statistics 7 JITSChandan . 1 Distinguishing features of Interregional and International trade. Differences and Similarities between inter-regional and international trade.Fundamentals of Statistics (Hindi and English Edition) 3 Couner .Allen . And analyses of variance Books Recommended 1 Gupta & Gupta .D.Unit . International trade under constant. Explanation of Mills'concept of Reciprocal Demand with the help of Marshall's Offer Curves.Statistics in Theory & Practice 4 R.Statistics for Economics] 5 A. Economics Semester-II Paper . Concept of Offer Curves.A.International division of labour and specialization. 2 Mills' theory of Reciprocal Demand.L.Statistics for Business & Economics 8 SP. Some analytical tools-Offer curves ProductionPossibility Curves.

The Maemillian Press Ltd.B. Massachusetts. Samuelson's Factor Price Equalization Theorem.Optimum tariff and welfare. 3. Bhagwati.G.Unit . 4.P-International Economics. 6. Factors affecting the Terms of Trade. Effects of tariff on income distribution The Stopler.).D. P. Francis Cheruriiiam . PSubba Rao -International Business . R. Cambridge University Press. London.Mannur -International EcononTJcs 10. -The International Economy. Books Recommended 1.Effects of tariff under partial and general equilibrium.. Carbough. New York. Kindleberger.Kenen -The International Economy 11.Samuelson theorem.International Business 8.Mithani -International Economics 9. International Thompson Publishing.Meaning and various concepts of Terms of Trade. Kenen. Current incidence of dumping in India and its impact on our economy. J. 2.London.Irwin. Dumping: Types. Peter B.. D. Terms of Trade and underdeveloped countries. Homewood 5. (Ed.International Economics 7. Cambridge Univesity Press.M. B . Objectives and effects of dumping. The Terms of Trade. Unit .International Economics.International Trade Selected Readings. J. 5 Tariffs meaning and types. Soderston. Anti-dumping measures. C. Francis Cherunilam. H.. 4 International trade and factor prices.International Economics..R.

Paper II % India’s foreign Trade and International Institutions . Underflexibleexchange rates (price effect).oa vlarqyu A Hkqxrku larqyu esa vlekUrk ds dkj.An Appraisal of Indian plans : Objectives. laLFkk.oa varjkZIVªh.Obstacles to economic Development 5.k A Unit-2 Adjustment mechanisms of Balance of Payments Under Gold Standards. Equilibrium and disequilibrium of Balance of Payments.Pre conditions for economic development Unit II 4.Economics planning . Unit V 11. Indore M. Marks 85+15 CCE Unit-1 Foreign Trade and Economic Development.Meaning and characteristics of an under developed country.Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya. Unit IV 9.Planning techniques.A.Structural change in under developed country Unit III 7.kikj vkSj vkfFkZd fodkl & vFkZ vkSj Hkqxrku larqyu ds ?kVd] Hkqxrku larqyu esa larqyu . Factors causing disequilibrium balance of payments.meaning objectives problems and pre requisites fir plan. Economics Paper I MA III Semester ECONOMICS OF DEVELOPMENT & PLANING 85+ + 15 lh-lh-bZ- Unit I 1. 10. Hkkjr dk fons’kh O.Economic Development – meaning & measurement of Economic Developments 2. bdkbZ & 1 fons’kh O. Formulation successful planning.Fundamental principles of planning. 8.Factor of economic Development 3. 6.Growth models in Indian plans – Mahan obis model 12.Project evaluation and cast benefit analysis. Achievements and Failures. Compulsory Max. Under elasticity . Meaning and Components of Balance of Payments.kikj .

kikj laxBu A fo’o O. Trade Blocks-EU. Free Trade versus Protection. Theories of exchange rate-determination the purchasing power parity theory and the Balance of Payment theory.Ziz.k] fofue.s lek.M. functions and working of the fund.k&Ø.S Shrivastava 3. eqnzk dks"kA fo’o cSad&dk. fu. International Economics – O.k A Unit-3 Concept of Foreign exchange rate. Major problems of Indian export sector.ra=.W A Note uksV iz'u i= 85 vadks dk gksxk rFkk 15 uEcj dk vkUrfjd eqY.kZr {ks= dh izeq[k leL.{k fu. Foreign Trade and BOP in India.l-bZ-.u-. fu. Factor causing changes in exchange rates.kkyh] Hkkjr vkSj fo’o cSadA fons’kh O.World Bank-Functions. Mithani . ASEAN.kikj lajpuk .kW A voewY. convertibility of currency. exchange rate. International Economics – Kindleberger 2.kdau gksxkA Suggested Readings : 1. features. Relatives merits and demerits of fixed and flexible exchange rates. ifjorZu Hkkjrh. bdkbZ & 3 fons’kh fofue. Determination of Equilibrium. vkSj fofue.k. working.kstu ¼dher izHkko½ A ek’kZy] yuZj] fl)kar & yksp fof/kA iwath xfr’khyrk ls varxZr izR.k dh fof/k.a=.-. India and the World Bank.w.Z] dk.Foreign Trade Multiplier anddetermination of Income.s dk voewY.kstu A fons’kh O. objectives. Recent changes in the direction and composition of trade.-.k ds fy.approach Marshall Lerner Principle. :i.kd .kkyh A Hkkjr vkSj fo’o O. objectives and working of WTO. International Monetary Fund-Origin. eqnzk dks"k&mn~Hko] mn~ns’.oa funsZ’ku esa gky esa gq.oa vk. nj esa ifjorZu ds dkj. bdkbZ & 2 Lo. nj dh vo/kkj.kikj [k.k nks"k A rRdky vkSj vfxze fofue.] . objectives and methods of exchange control.kk A larqfyr nj fofue. njks ds varxZr Lor% dher lek. India & IMF .] dk. Undercapital movements direct control for adjustment.kikj vkSj Hkkjr dk Hkqxrku larqyuA O. International Economics – D.Ziz. nj ds xq. dk fu/kkZj. India and WTO.u-A varjkZIVªh.k & vFkZ] fo’ksirk.W] mn~ns’.oLFkk ij izHkko A Lora= O.. nj dk fu/kkZj. ’kfDr lerk fl)kar vkSj Hkqxrku ’ksi fl)karA fofue.Z vkSj dk. bdkbZ & 4 fofue.Devaluation -Devaluation of Indian Rupee and its impact on economy. nj dk fu/kkZj.k A fLFkj . concepts of spot and forward exchange rates. bdkbZ & 5 fo’o O. vkSj dk.kstu] yphyh fofue.u & Hkkjrh. nj dh vo/kkj.M&bZ-.kkyhA Hkkjr vkSj varjkZIVªh.-.kk eqnzk dh ifjorZuh. fu. structure.Z] lajpuk] mn~ns’.kZeku ds varxZr Lor% dher lek. NAFTA.kikj cuke laj{k.oa ifjorZu’khy fofue.rk A Unit-4 Exchange control-Meaning.a=.Q-Vh-.] .k A Unit-5 World Trade Organization -Functions.kikj laxBu & dk.kikj xq.Ziz.u vksj mldk vFkZO.

l.kZ. i.s lsesLVj vuqlkj ikB~.kZoj.flag mPp f'k{kk foHkkx] e-iz..oLFkk& .u e. WTO & International Trade .Environmental Quality.feFkkuh 9.k tqekZuk] i.dze dsanzh. Economic development and Population growth.kZoj. leL.kZoj.Externalities. Carbon Trading. Role of Economics in Environment. vrajkf"Vª.4.ds jkT. Pollution gsrq ykHkksa dk ekiu] i. i. Nature of Environmental Economics.k leL.kkyh (Pollution Permit Trading System) Unit-4 bdkbZ&4 Assessing Benefits for Environmental Decision Making.Positive & Negative.k o ikfjfLFkrhfd. A public good.k fu. Environmental Subsidies Deposit/Refund ckt+kj foQyrk] i.oa vxzoky 10. III Environmental Economics / i.kvksa ds ijEijkxr gy % vf/kdkj o fu.'kklu LukrdksRrj d{kkvksa ds fy.ih.kA Unit-5 bdkbZ&5 Relation between Environment. vFkZ'kkL= dh izd`frA Unit-2 bdkbZ&2 Model of Market vFkZ’kkL=& cjyk .k esa vFkZ'kkL= dh Hkwfedk] i. Environmental Law and their implementation.kZoj. Economic Solutions to Environmental Problems: The Market Approach.k fu.kZoj. Pollution Permit Trading System.iz. International Economics – Mannur 5. Hkkjrh. i. International Economics – Mishra & Puri 8. v/. ldkjkRed o udkjkRedA Unit-3 bdkbZ&3 Conventional Solutions to Environmental Problems: The Command and control Approach.k.kZoj.kZoj. larqyu dh lkFkZdrk] i.iky }kjk vuqeksfnr Paper ds vkfFkZd gy % ckt+kj rjhdk] iznw"k. dk vFkZ] i.k rjhdsa] i.kZoj.kZoj.koRrk&. Significance of Environmental balance.Rao 6. xq.My }kjk vuq'kaflr rFkk e. Kuto-Protocol.Environmental Problems -A market failure. vFkZ'kkL= Optional / oSdfYid % Unit-1 bdkbZ&1 Meaning of Environment & Ecology.e.kikj iz.kZoj. vuqnku tek@okfilh i)fr] iznw"k.a=.kZoj.k] vuqefr] ckg~. ckt+kj foQyrkvksa ds izkn'kZ&i.rk. vFkZ’kkL=& Mh. Environmental Problems. Indian Economics-Rudardatt & Sundarm lkoZtfud oLrq] i. vrajkf"Vª. vFkZO.u esa ykHk ykxr fo'ys" ..

Labour Economics bdkbZ&1 Unit. G. unit .Y. Unit . Koutsoyiannis A -Theory of Econometrics E L B S/Macmilian 2.I Objective: Econometrics is a tool to judge the role of economic variables in the economic development.Nature. Estimation and Hypothesis Testing. 2 Meaning and Methodology of Econometrics-Nature and Scope Econometrics. Consequences. III Group B. Expectation of Random Variable. Proportions and difference between proportions. Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelation. Dynamic Econometrics Models: Autoregressive and Distributed Lag Models. 3. Level of Significance and confidence limit. difference between means.o.kU. Business Applications of Single Equation Econometrics Model and Systems of Equations. Applied Econometrics P entice-Hall '. Hypothesis Testing for Mean.Test.i.e .k Hkkjr esa Je cktkj dh fo’ks"krk. Small Sample and Large Sample Test.'Gujrati Basic Econometrics . Estimation and Properties of Good Estimates. Sampling distribution and Standard Error. Estimation and Inference. 3 . laca/kA i.S. The Nature of Regression Analysis and Basics of Two-Variable Regression Analysis.Extensions of the Twovariable Linear Regression Model.kZoj.oa fodkl A . Unit .oa fdz.1 Statistical Inference: Random Variable. Marcel Dekker.k o`f) ds e/. 5 . Detection and Remedial Measures of Multi Collinearity. Econometrics Mc Graw Hill 4. Identification and Estimation Methods (ILS and 2SLS).ECONOMETRICS . Unit . . Econometrics. Testing of Hypothesis.Systems of Equations.kZoj..Regression on Dummy Variable. .Semester. F.oa tula[.W] izdkj . Rao & Miller.a .k] vkfFkZd fodkl ..ksVks izksVksdkWyA Semester .uA dkcZu VªsfMax] D. Schmidt P. Maddala.1 Je] vFkZ] fo’skirk. Books Recommended: 1. Multiple Regression Model. III Group A .oa egRo Hkkjr tSls fodkl’khy ns’k ds vkfFkZd fodkl es Je dh Hkwfedk y{k. 4 . Unit .k vf/kfu. N.

kW A aa ljdkj }kjk b fu.Meaning. Wages Policy Uner the Five year Plans. Problem of Bonus in India .kstuk.oa Hkkjr esa Jfed la?k vkUnksyu dks l’kDr cukus ds mik.] vkS|kSSfxd fookn vf/kfu.kk.oa mik.kW] dfe.oa fof/k. (c) By Trade Unions .wure etnwjh vf/kfu.] fodkl] {ks=] .Labour . Labour Welfare . Labour Welfare Activities done by different Agenceies in India. Defferent Schemes of Social Security in India .kksa }kjk lapkfyr Je dY. Aims and Methods . A Industrial Disputes – Meaning Types .Trade Union Movement in India – Growth. Scope and Classification . Growth.k.k & vFkZ] mn~xe] mn~ns’. Growth. .3 lkekftd lqj{kk & vFkZ mn~xe] fodkl mn~ns’. 1948.2 Demand and Supply Theory of Wages Various Concepts of Wages : (a) Fair Wages .ksDrk }kjk c Je&laxBuks }kjk A Social Security – Meaning Origin. Chracteristics and Growth of Labour market in India.Z{erk .e 1947 A Hkkjr esa Jfed la?k vkUnksyu dk fodkl] dfBukb. bdkbZ&4 Unit.k A Unit.4 vkS|ksfxd fookn&vFkZ] izdkj] dkj. Difficulties.k xfrfof/k. (a) By Government. .kW] . Causes Consequence Prevention and Settlement. .Meaning.W Je & Je dY.2 etnwjh dk ekWx .wure etnwjh AU.k . (c) Minimum Wages Minimum Wages Act. 1947. Aims.oa le>ksrs izca/k esa Jfedksa dh Hkkxhnkjh A lkeqfgd lkSnsckthAHkkjr esa vkS|ksfxd fookn & izeq[k dkj. thou fuokZg etnwjh c. Draw backs and Measures to strengthen the Trade union Movement in India . mfpr etnwjh A b.oa iwfrZ fl)kar etnwjh dh fofHkUu vo/kkj. Collective Bargaining . Need Growth.oa Hkkjr esa mRikndrk A iapo"khZ. bdkbZ&3 Unit. Types and Significance Role of Labour in Economic Development of a Developing Country like India.kstukvksa ds varxZr etnwjh uhfr ] Hkkjr esa cksul dh leL. Wages. Pecularities.kW A Hkkjr esa lkekftd lqj{kk dh fofHkUu .e 1948 Je dh dk.k] nqIifj. Unit.Trade Union Definition. U.k Hkkjr esa fofHkUu vfHkdj. (b) Living Wages.W a a a aa. Labour Participation in Management Industrial Disputes in India – Main Causes and Remedies .oa oxhZdj.k.kke] cpko . Industrial Dispute Act. (b) By Employers. Approaches and Functions. Efficiency of Labour and Productivity in India .

bdkbZ&5 Unit.Meaning .yhfol dk fun'kZ vkSj jsus o Qs ds }kjk mlesa lq/kkjA 1.1 1.Nature and Scope 2. A Hkkjr .d`f"k fodkl dh voLFkk. Child and Women Labour in India .k vFkZ O.Land Reforms in India and M.d`f"k i}fr.xzkeh.kW .Agriculture System and their types co operative v/s private 3.d`f"k esa vkxrksa ds vuqdwyre la.oa varjkZIVªh. 1948.Agricultural Economics .Agriculture Holdings 4.W Hkkjr esa Je vf/ 4.oa e/.oLFkk esa d`f"k dh Hkwfedk 3. India and International Labour Organisation.ksx dh leL. Measures to Prevents Child Labour .oa muds izdkj&lgdkjh cuke futh 3.P. Labour and capital) 2. .d`f"k tksr 4. leL.Stages of Agriculture Development 4.Optimum Combination problems in Agriculture input ( in referncs to land.2 1.Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy 3. bdkbZ&2 Unit.k ¼Hkwfe Je o iwath ds lUnHkZ esa½ 2.k.e Hkkjr esa cky . Labour Act.Hkkjr .Fe contribution.oa efgyk Je A Ckky Je dks jksdus ds mik.Lewis Model and Rene.5 Hkkjr es avkS|ksfxd Jfedks dh vkoklh.izns'k esa Hkwfe lq/kkj 1. Je laxBu A Unit V Problem of Housing of industrial workers in India.d`f"k vFkZ'kkL=&vFkZ izd`fr vkSj {ks= 2. Semester III Group -C d`f"k vFkZ'kkL= @ Agricultural Economics 85+ + 15 lh-lh-bZ- bdkbZ&1 Unit.

Agriculture Taxation.Fluctuations in Agricultural Prices.ku& izdkj .d`f"k djkjksi.oa leL. d`f"k ds eqn~nsa 2..kikj laxBu esa d`f"k lEcaf/kr izko/kku 3.e/.3 1. izns'k esa d`f"k fodkl 4.d`f"k _.Provisions regarding Agriculture in 4.oSf'od lUnHkZ esa Hkkjrh.oa leL. Green Revolution.Agriculture related problems and suggestions in Madhya Pradesh .QkeZ izca/ku 4.e/. uhfr] 3.4 1. Dry .source .5 1.Agriculture Development in Planned Periods 2. Minimum Support Price bdkbZ&4 Unit. Agriculture Prive Policy .k. izns'k esa d`f"k lEcaf/kr leL.d`f"k foRr&L=ksr izdkj . 1.bdkbZ&3 Unit.kxzLrrk 2.Agricultural'oO.kstuk dky esa d`f"k fodkl 2.types and problems 4.oa lek/kku 1.d`f"k dherksa esa mPpkopu] d`f"k ewY.Agriculture Development in Madhya Pradesh 4.Agricultural Marketing.k 1.k. types and problems 3.k.d`f"k foi. 3.Technological Development in Agriculture. 3.d`f"k esa rduhdh fodkl] lw[kh [ksrh] gfjr dzkafr 3.Issue of Indian Agriculture in Global Perspective 2.O. bdkbZ&5 Unit.wure leFkZu ewY.Agricultural indebtedness 2.Farm Management 4.T.

ka] tukafddh dk vU. . Henry George's theory of Intellectual development. Death rate.k fijkfeM] tula[. L. Theory of Demographic transition.Meaning significance.k tkyA Unit-2 Malthusian theory of population.k fl)karA Unit-3 bdkbZ&3 Different Demographic Measurements Birth rate . Sociol cultural theories .k fl)kar] tula[. bdkbZ&2 ekYFkl dk tula[.k dk ?kuRo] fyax vuqikr] tula[.oa lq[k dk fl)kar] gSujh tktZ dk ckSf)d fodkl dk fl)kar] tukafddh dk ladze.III Semester Group -D Demography / tukafddh 85+ + 15 lh-lh-bZUnit-1 bdkbZ&1 Demography .k dh fof/k. Population growth and Population Trap.kk&tula[. foKkuksa ls laca/kA tukafddh dh vk/kkjHkwr vo/kkj. Life table.Dumont's theory of social capillarity.k fl)kar] czsUVks dk c<+rh lEiUurk . Gross and Net Reproduction rate with reference to India. Relationship with other sciences.k o`f)] tula[. Basic concepts of Demography .Population Pyramid. tukafddh & vFkZ egRo tukafddh fo'ys"k. Density of Population sex ratio.wekaV dk lkekftd ds'kkd"kZ. Techniques of Demographic Analysis. Human resource development in India. Optimum theory of Population. Brento's theory of increasing prosperity and pleasure.k dk vuqdwyre fl)kar] tula[.k dk lkekftd&lkaLd`frd fl)kar & M.

7. New Delhi.oa forj. Desai.fofHkUu tukafddhekid & tUe nj] e`R.l.1991-2001 Size.ka .k dk vkdkj] o`f) .k f'k{kkA Unit-5 bdkbZ&5 Population and Economic development. Population policies in India.panz'ks[kj & ..k uhfrA Hkkjr esa tula[..oa tula[.a=.Spegalman .uA 3.qnj thou rkfydk] dqy . House. .k . V.kA Hkkjr dh tula[. 6.Bose.k ds mik. Demography .kuk&1991&2001 Hkkjr esa tula[.A Suggested Readings : 1.National Publ.oa 'kq) iquZmRiknu nj Hkkjr ds lanHkZ esa] Hkkjr esa ekuo lalk/ku fodklA Unit-4 bdkbZ&4 Indian census .Population in India's Development.nqcs .vks-.k v/.oa lajpukA Hkkjr esa tula[.k dh izo`fRr.oa vkfFkZd fodkl] fo'o tula[.An Introduction to Demography.oa fej & tukafddh . Trends and Distribution of World population.Sinha.C. tux.l.oh-dqekj & tukafddhA 4.k fu. Growth and Composition of population in India. Mishra ..kt ikiqys'ku izkcyseA 2.Mk¡. Population control measures in India. tula[. Population education in India Hkkjrh.JhokLro & tukafddhA 5.f'k.