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Dear Student, I hope your preparation for GATE - 11 is in full swing. This is the time that you should maintain your enthusiasm, energy and confidence. It is observed that, the students are a little bit tense at this stage, thinking that their preparation is not adequate. It is a very common feeling amongst the most of the serious GATE aspirants. In fact, there is no end for the complete preparation. Remember, the GATE rank is based on relative performance of the appearing candidates. So, be cool minded and sustain the enthusiasm and energy. Also, revise and consolidate the syllabus that you have already covered so far. Think that within the time and other resources available, you have given your best efforts in the preparation. Leave the final result of the GATE to the Almighty. Some of you might have got disappointed for not having performed well in the previous subject-wise grand tests and today’s MOCK GATE exam. Don’t loose hope. These exams are only rehearsal for the final. The real GATE exam is on February 13th 2011 and believe in yourself that you will definitely perform well in that exam. Treat that each failure is a stepping stone to reach to the final success. Some of our previous GATE toppers are the best example for the above. Though their names were not found in the toppers list of the subject-wise Grand tests and MOCK GATE, they could finally secure very good ranks within 100 in the final GATE. So think forward with optimism instead of looking back. If your name has figured in the toppers list of subject-wise tests and MOCK GATE exams, don’t relax and don’t` be complacent. Continue your preparation further with much more enthusiasm and confidence.

GATE result is known for its surprises. The previous GATE results revealed that even the average students secured very good ranks in the GATE because of their hard work. It is also found that some of the class toppers could not get sound result in GATE because of their over confidence and lack of sufficient practice. So friends, whether you are an average student or a class topper, your calm and peaceful GATE oriented preparation will secure you a good rank.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following quotation:
“Hard work is like a Staircase & Luck is like a Lift. Lift may fail but Staircase is sure to take you to the TOP. ”

So, believe in the smart hard work. There is no short cut to reach success, The remaining one week of time is also crucial and it may affect your final rank. Make use of the remaining time appropriately. Pray to God. Take care of your health, have sufficient sleep and relaxation. Plan systematically and revise the syllabus.

A burning desire to get a good rank in the GATE and optimism, give you the required energy and confidence till you take the final GATE. Some of you might have got Campus Placements with petty packages, like Rs. 2 to 2.5 lakhs per annum making you relaxed. Don’t fall in rat race. When we visited some of the IITs recently, most of the students pursuing M.Tech are well placed with salary packages of Rs. 6 to 13 lakhs in reputed software & core companies. Why don’t you aim high? Try to be history maker and not history reader. The left over one week is sufficient even for average students to get scores securing seats in IIT’s & IISc, with the smart hard work. Wishing you grand success. GOD BLESS YOU.

Y.V. Gopala Krishna Murthy M.Tech., MIE. Managing Director ACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY Hyderabad

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(GATE 2011) Dear Student, 1. Locate the address of exam hall, well in advance to avoid any confusion on the exam day (13th Feb).

2. Do not read any thing after 10pm on 12th Feb, 2011 and try to have a sound sleep on that night.

3. You have to carry a scientific calculator in working condition, with which you are familiar and at least two HB pencils, two erasers, a ball point pen and a sharpener to the examination hall.

4. Do not read any thing one hour before the start of examination and have a peace of mind before entering into the exam hall.

5. Do not involve in an argument with any one just before the exam.

6. Make it convenient to reach the examination centre well in advance at least half an hour, so that you may enter into the examination hall with peace of mind.

7. Please meditate for few minutes before attempting the paper. This is possible only if you can enter the examination hall well in advance.

8. Read the instructions given on the first page of question paper and follow the instructions strictly.

9. Fill up the OMR sheet cautiously and check the hall ticket number and paper code twice or thrice.

10. Be cautious about linked questions and instructions pertaining to Assertion and Reason type questions: If you answer part – 1 of Linked question, then answer part – 2 also without any hesitation since there is no negative mark for part – 2 of linked question.

11. Suppose, you feel tension after seeing the question paper and you are in confused state or you are unable to recollect the subject, then immediately close the question paper, take a glass of water and take deep breath for few seconds and again restart answering.

12. In case you feel that the questions are very tough; don’t get discouraged. Other students may also be feeling the same. The GATE percentile / rank is based on relative performance only.

13. For numerical objectives write appropriate clear steps on the rough sheet so that if the answer obtained by you is not amongst the given multiple choices, then it is easy to cross check the calculations.

14. Be cautious about time. Don’t get bogged down at a particular question, which you are not clear. You have plenty of other questions to answer.

15. Leave the questions whichever you feel tough and answer the easy ones first, but round off the questions in question paper itself using pencil whichever question you are leaving and do not forget them later.

16. Most of the times NONE may not be the answer, so if the answer which you got is not there in the multiple choices, try to check once or twice the calculations because NONE will be generally given in choices for confusing you only.

17. It is advisable to carry a new writing pad (without any write-ups on it) since some of the examination centers may not have proper writing tables.

18. Don’t read any new concepts just 2 days before the examination, utilize these 2 days for revision of all subjects.

Wishing You a Grand Success in GATE – 2011


“Quotations are short sentences, drawn from long experiences”. A few quotations are given below to ignite the minds of students and make them march towards success with more inspiration.

“Nothing is impossible for a willing heart” – therefore, have a burning desire and strong will to work hard and to achieve success.

“It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines you’re altitude” – hence cultivate a right and positive attitude.

“God gives every bird its food but he doesn’t throw it into nest” – you have to strive hard to find it.

”A goal properly set is halfway reached” – hence set a clear-cut goal first.

“Hard work is the best investment a human being can make” – you will have dividends later.

“Nobody plans to fail, they just fail to plan” – recognize the importance of planning about your exams in advance.

“Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open” – be open minded.

“Be not afraid of learning slowly; be afraid only of standing still”.

“Fear of failure is ten thousand times more terrifying than failure itself”.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”.

“Action without delay is the secret of success”.

“You are the architect of your life”.

With best wishes ………

Y.V. Gopala Krishna Murthy M.Tech., MIE. Managing Director ACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY Hyderabad ·