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Ammar Lateef (Transferrable+NOC Visa Available

Electrical Engineer
Nationality: Pakistan Marital Status: Single D.O.B. : 16-12-1985 Cell No: 00974 5593 2994 Email: Driving License: Pakistan, KSA, Qatar Schengen, Canada, US Business Visitor Visas

Skill Set
         Complete knowledge of Caterpillar Inc Power Generation (Diesel Generators, EMCP Control Panels) product line. Caterpillar Electric Power Spec-Sizer, CAT EMCP Modules.. Single Line Diagrams for Diesel Generators Synchronization Projects. Motor Control Center, for any duty Standby operation for Booster, Water, and Waste Water pumps in building services. Hydraulic Calculations for pumps selection in building infrastructure. Single Line Diagram for LV Distribution Systems and Synchronization Panels. Synchronization Panels Installation, Commissioning Supervision. ABB Instruments like Process Master FEP311, Differential Pressure Transmitter 266DSH. Motor Electrical Protections with Littelfuse Startco Relay MPS (Canada); like Over Load (49,51), Current Unbalance/ Phase Loss/Phase Reverse (46), Overcurrent/Jam (50,51), Undercurrent(37), Ground Fault (50G/N,51G/N),RTD Temperature (38,49), Over Voltage (59), UnderVoltage(27), Voltage Unbalance (47), Phase Differential (87). th API 610 10 Edition Diesel Generators Protections with SELCO C6200 Controller (Denmark), Like Excitation Loss Protection, RoCoF Protection (df/dt), Vector Shift Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Load Protection, Short cct Protection, Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Frequency. Littelfuse Startco EL731 Series Relays for Protections like AC Ground Fault (50 G/N, 51 G/N), DC Ground Fault (79G), PTC Over Temperature (49), RTD Temperature(38,49) Littelfuse Startco Resistance Ground Monitoring Relay ( also Called NER Relay) SE-330 (Canada) for main or backup Ground Fault Protection anywhere in monitoring system ( 50G/N,51G/N,59G/N) Power Generation Sources Synchronization, Paralleling and Load Sharing and Load Management. Complete Ground Fault protection of any kind of Grounded, Ungrounded, Solidly Grounded and resistance earthed Systems with Startco Canada GF Numerical Protection Relays. Alarm Indication, Alarm Annunciation and alarm management systems Using SELCO for marine and offshore platforms.

 

 

 BSc Electrical Engineering from AJK University with CGPA= 3.64/4.0 (80%)

Management System Manual.littelfuse. Continuous round ups with consultants/Owners/OEMs to take approval for our Relays. Environment and Quality policies and programs. procedures. Evaluates and develops solutions to problems. Estimation of project. Supervision of execution of Synchronization Projects.Littelfuse Inc. local 04-06-2010 to 15-09-2011 27-09-2011 Till Date I joined a US Circuit Protection Leader Littelfuse Inc Project Engineer-Electrical Key responsibilities Include. which arise in the execution of projects. Safety Manual and other related documents. Ground Fault Protection Relays.Work Experience 1. Responsible for preparation of input to project specific budgets and for ensuring that work scopes and schedules are maintained within the limits of budgets. Key Responsibilities  Key account for Services Support for Synchronization. Preparing Project Reports on Daily and Weekly basis to keep Regional Manager informed all the time Developing protocols to ensure compliance on procedures.                   . scheduling. Minor Modification Proposals and Set point Modification Proposals or other general proposals. Responsible for the support of Company Safety. Prepares Facilities Modification Proposals. tracking and resolution of all project warranty items. implementation and coordination of technical and contract administration aspects of projects. Motor Protection Relays. Selection of Proper relays and CTs for protection project for range of application covered in our product portfolio.Littelfuse Inc. Responsible for planning.Doha-Qatar Project Engineer Electrical www. and executes job-specific tender packages and contracts for approved projects. Ground Fault Protection. Motor and Pump Protection Projects. Directs or participates in the preparation of. policies. Motor Protection Projects for Panel Builders. which may develop are promptly investigated and resolved in line with company requirements Preparation of monthly project status reports and change orders Communicating effectively with Client and Sub-contractors. Coordinates with operations the recording. Oil and Gas/Marine & Offshore and Services companies. Load Management.Saudi Arabia Electrical Engineer 2. Installation and commissioning of Neutral Ground Resistor Monitoring Relay. Participates in bid reviews and contract negotiations and ensures proper execution of the project Participates in the development and maintenance of standard scope of work documents for engineering Projects. Ensures that irregularities. and carrying out specific duties and responsibilities related to his job as spelled out in management system documentation. Ensures implementation of the company project procedures for the safe and efficient execution of larger scale engineering projects. Feeder Protection.

 Meetings wits Consultants. Maintaining workforce to execute daily tasks. I served there as a Application Engineer and key responsibilities were  Support to all regions for CAT’s Power Generation Equipment Applications.  CAT Product incorporation in all telecom companies of 15-07-2008 to 01-06-2010.  Complete Technical design.L in Pakistan.aesl.R.  Training newly hired staff on CAT range. 3.AESL The CAT Dealer Application Engineer Key Responsibilities (www. Proposal preparation as per Project Specifications. Allied Engineering is the sole authorized distributor of Caterpillar S. and Projects in timely manners.  On-site support for challenges to Services team. SELCO Synchronization Controller On Site Training Abu-Dhabi REFERENCES WILL BE FURNISHED UPON REQUEST! .com. for CAT’s incorporation in new projects. Trainings:     Littelfuse Startco protection Relays Training for 7 Days CANADA SASKATOON. Schneider and Siemens.  Coordination with ABB. for their Low voltage products used in our ATS panels and synchronization panels. Taking quotations from them and after meeting with our vendors assigning the job to most suitable as per our company policy. Arc Flash Relay Training in Roskilde-Denmark! SELCO Products Training Dubai. SELCO Sync Controller.A.