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DATE December 26, 2012 INITIAL

MAYOR 1. Appoint Deputy Mayor(Exempt)(Grant) 2. Appoint Commissioner of A&F(Exempt)(Estrich) MAYOR EXECUTIVE 3. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-320 Grote St(North) 4. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-146 Maple(Ell) 5. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-95 Spruce-119 Spruce(Ell) 6. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-212 Vermont(Nia) 7. Strat Plan-Rescind Sale & Forfeit Deposit-817 Glenwood(Mas) 8. Strat Plan-Rescind Sale & Forfeit Deposit-338 Moselle St.(Fill) COMPTROLLER 9. Report on Prescription Drug Expenses ASSESSMENT 10. Consenting Sale of 9 Parcels Owned by Bflo Village Assoc. to Whitney Housing Dev Fund Corp PUBLIC WORKS 11. Change in Contract-Museum of Science Mechanical Reconstruction 12. Change in Contract-Renewal #4 Yard Waste Removal-Lardon Const Corp 13. Ohio St Lift Bridge-Michigan Ave Lift Bridge-Emergency Structural Repairs 14. Permission to Engage Services Consulting Engineer-Kingsley Park 15. Permission to Increase Consultant Contract-TVGA-Distribution Improvements 16. Permission to Increase Contract-Union Concrete and Construction Corp Ellicott & Goodrich Garage(Fill) 17. Report of Bids-Bridge Joint Replacement & Resurfacing(Various) 18. Report of Bids-Bflo & EC Historical Society-Electrical Renovations(North) 19. Report of Bids-City Court 4th Floor-Reconstruction Phase IV 20. Request Permission to Accept Funds for Grants Awarded to Bflo RiverKeeper 21. Request Approval of Contract for Weekly Recycling Collection 22. Appoint Account Clerk Typist(Perm)(Max)(Adams) CS POLICE 23. Drug Asset Forfeiture Annual Certification Report With Audit FY Ending 6/30/12 24. Permission to Accept Various Grants-2012 Bullet Proof Vest Reimbursement 25. Permission to Accept Various Grants-Governors Traffic Safety(Yr 17) 26. Permission to Accept Various Grants-NYS Motor Vehicle Theft/Insur. Fraud Prevention Grant 27. Permission to Accept Various Grants-Operation Impact IX 28. Permission to Accept Various Grants-Operation Protect Kids(Cigarette Grant) 29. Permission to Accept Various Grants-Operation Stonegarden 2011,2012 30. Permission to Accept Various Grants-State Homeland Security Prog. Funding 31. Permission to Accept Various Grants-2012 Target Grant 32. Permission to Accept Various Grants-2012 Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program 33. Request Permission to Accept Donation From McDonalds for A. District

FIRE 34. Approval of Revocable Permit for Citys Placement of Communications Systems Facilities at the Kimbell Tower Rooftop-SUNYAB(Univ) PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS 35. Food Store License-3172 Bailey(Univ) 36. Lodging House-340 Elmwood(Nia) 37. Lodging House-1323 Seneca(Lov) COMMUNITY SERVICE & RECREATIONAL PROGRAMMING 37A. Permission to Accept Grant-COB Girls Circle Program CITY CLERK 38. Leaves of Absence R&F 39. Notices of Appointment-Seasonal R&F 40. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm CS MISCELLANEOUS 41. Buffalo Water Bd Monthly Report-November 2012 42. J. Golombek-Letter Encouraging Apple to Build in Buffalo 43. F. Murray-Request Street Camera Corner of Shirley and Orleans St. 44. D. Pridgen-A. Cole-Concerns Rite Aid Truck Driver PETITIONS 45. H. Alshahen, Owner, Use 1926 Clinton to Establish a Merchandise/Food Store Use in the Clinton Special Zoning District(hrg 1/2)(Lov) LEG,CPBD 46. E. Sexto, Owner, Use 544 Niagara to Reestablish a Restaurant/Bakery in the Niagara River Coastal Special Review District(hrg, 1/2)(Nia) LEG,CPBD 47. W. Sabio, Owner, Use 1200 Hertel to Reestablish a Restaurant in the Hertel Ave Special District(hrg 1/2)(Del) LEG,CPBD RESOLUTIONS 48. Franczyk Consent to Sale of Real Property By Bflo Village Assoc to Whitney Preservation Housing Dev Fund Corp 49. Pridgen Disch Leg CCP# 49, 12/11 Use 472 Main for A Retail Store (Ell)(hrg 12/18) ADOPT D/C APP 50. Russell Budget & Personnel Amendment-Strat Plan 51. Smith Comm of Deeds Public Duties ADOPT 52. Smith Comm of Deeds ADOPT TABLE ITEMS

1. Com 5 Dec 11 2. Com 19 Dec 11 3. Com 20 Dec 11 4. Com 40 Dec 11 5. No 43 Dec 11 W/O REC City Employees or Relatives Who Are Seeking a Rehab Loan or Other Federally Funded Assistance-Conflict of Interest Disclosure(Strat Plan) Appoint Administrative Assistant(Perm)(Inter)(Mullen)(PW) Appoint Equipment Operator(Prov)(Inter)(Wachowiak)(PW) Notices 0of Appointments-Temp/Prov/Perm(Cty Clk) Seneca Gaming Corp-Update Regarding Ongoing Bflo Creek Dev Food Store License(New)-3428 Bailey(Univ((EDPI) APP Garbage Collector License(New)785 South Ogden(Lov)(EDPI) APP Used Car Dealer-2140 Genesee St(Lov)(EDPI) APP W/COND D. Valentine-Comingling at 75 W. Chippewa R&F M. Tran, Owner, Use 3396 Bailey, for a Restaurant in a Special District(Univ)(hrg 12/18) APP M. Yuhnke, Owner, Use 244 Allen to Re-Establish Restricted Use of a Take Out Restaurant and Patio(Fill)(hrg, 12/18) APP Time Warner Fee for Leasing A Modem(CP) R&F B. Meyers, Agent, Use 180 Franklin for an LED Ground Sign(Ell)(hrg 12/04) APP M. LoCurto-Questions Re City/Seneca Gaming Corp Agmt of 2006 R&F Food Store License(New)-4 Thomas(Fill)(EDPI) APP W/COND Exploring New Ways to Deal With Bflos Problem Property Crisis(Exc Res) R&F R&F APP APP R&F


6. Com 24 Dec 11 7. Com 29 Dec 11 8. Com 31 Dec 11 9. No 45 Dec 11 10. No 47 Dec 11 11. No 48 Dec 11 12. Com 10Nov 27 13. No 40 Nov 27 14. No 35 June 12 15. Com 31 Sept 18 16. Res 94 July 6