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The Residences Town House Kav. L Jalan H. M. Naiem III No. 15, Jakarta 12150

T : (62) 8111 875 715 / (62) 815 966 3282 e-mail :

Employment Freelance Language Interpreter/Translator

(Present) I’m currently doing English-Bahasa Indonesia (vice versa) translation and interpretation on freelance basis for several organizations including, but not limited to, Universitas Indonesia, AusAID, UNORCID, UKP4, and Jakarta Provincial Government. Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), United States Department of Defense, United States Embassy Jakarta (April 2010 – August 2012) Participant Training Specialist • Responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing almost 4 million US dollar value of US assistance program for the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) and Ministry of Defense (MoD) through the US Department of State-sponsored International Military Education and Training (IMET) Program, Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP), Foreign Military Sales, and United Nations Global Peacekeeping Iniviatives (GPOI) • Analyzing training and education needs and requirements for the TNI and MoD, identifying opportunities to support Indonesia’s military and security sector reform efforts • Supervising one program assistant in program execution and military student management of the CTFP and Regional Centers i.e. Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) in Hawai’i as well as the George C. Marshall Center (GCMC) in Germany. Total program value: 650K US dollar. • Leading the US engagement with the Indonesian Defense University (IDU) in strategic planning of their curriculum improvement, executive program, faculty capacity building, and digital resources library; becoming key resource person in bilateral engagement between IDU and US Government as well as US private institutions • Leading the Training and Education Working Group of US – Indonesia Bilateral Defense Dialogue (USIBDD) between US and TNI to plan and identify the needs for capacity building and institutional reform through education and exchanges; working closely with TNI and MoD in current and future plans of military training and education • Drafting annual budget submission for IMET through the Combined Training Education Program Plan (CETPP) and providing justification as well as arguments for proposed plans. • Planning and coordinating in-country Mobile Education Team (MET) from the Naval Postgraduate School, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Global Peacekeeping Operations Initiative, and Defense Institute for International Legal Studies (DIILS). Participants are varied from TNI, MoD, Indonesian National Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Coordinating Ministry of Politics, Legal, and Security Affairs, and civil societies Society for Democracy Education (Perhimpunan Pendidikan Demokrasi) (July 2006 – present, voluntary) Researcher (2006 – present) • Becoming active member of weekly discussions on current social and political issues • Providing technical assistance and literature translation to senior research scholars in their research on democracy, constitution, and the general political issues in Indonesia • Conducted qualitative research on civic education in Indonesia and teacher-student interaction at Indonesian high schools (2009 – 2010) • Developed program and wrote proposal on “Good Citizens” training for

com • • • • teachers of civic education for donor.S. M. Jakarta 12150 T : (62) 8111 875 715 / (62) 815 966 3282 e-mail : santi. • Supervising three program managers in management and execution of projects • Designing program and training on educational debate as a critical thinking learning method for various layers of society to include. • Assisted teachers with educational materials including. students. high school teachers. Indonesian political system. L Jalan H.dharmawan@gmail.S. Supreme Court. constitution. and civil society organizations. providing advices in their strategic planning to incorporate debate as learning method to promote tolerance and pluralism Ministry of Religious Affairs (2009) Project Consultant • Provided advise to the ministry in developing a training program for capacity building: “Training of Trainers on Learning Method of Islamic Religion Education” for high school teachers of Islamic religion subject from six provinces in Java . voluntary) Program Director • Leading the organization in projects with the government and NGOs on teachers and students capacity building and critical thinking education. human rights.SANTI NURI DHARMAWAN The Residences Town House Kav. and critical thinking learning method Association for Critical Thinking (ACT). universities and relevant individuals. civil society organizations. a bi-monthly journal on current national politics and social affairs (2006 – 2010) Communicated and liaised the organization with a relevant affiliation. donor agencies. 15. the Corruption Eradication Commission. Jakarta (2009 – 2010) Developed and coordinated field study trip to government agencies and civil society organizations for high school teachers and students (2009 – 2010) Became the key contact person related to the program funded under the Small Democracy Grant by the U. Naiem III No. teachers. not limited to. republicanism and constitution • Communicated with teachers forum as program follow-up • Facilitated teachers and students in open dialog with the member of parliament. Jakarta (2003 – present. government officials. the Affiliated Network for Social Accountibility (ANSA) East Asia Pacific Region (2008 – 2010) Program Manager (2010 . General Election Commission. Judicial Commission.present) • Co-developed project proposal for various donor agencies • Supervising program officers in project executions • Designed training for civic education teachers in good citizenship. pluralism. Embassy. democracy. Embassy Jakarta (2009 – 2010) Responsible for distibution of “Konstelasi”. but not exclusive to. religious freedom. citizenship. the U. Indonesian political system. and civil society members • Initiating and drafting proposals for donor agencies • Providing projects and financial reports to government and donor agencies • Planned and managed programs on proliferation of educational debate among high schools and universities in Indonesia (2004 – 2007) • Working with government agencies.

dharmawan@gmail. • Developed and wrote modules and materials for training • Trained teachers and students on educational debate as an alternative and critical teaching method for Islamic religion class • Wrote proposal and program reports for donor (Tifa Foundation) • Worked with a non-governmental organization (Yayasan Rahima) in developing gender training as a part of the ToT • Worked with the Indonesian Islamic Education Teachers’ Association in coordinating participants and communicating with regional schools Indonesian National Police (2009) Museum Project Consultant • Co-developed the concept of Indonesian National Police Museum • Worked with INP’s special task force in the museum construction • Wrote a bi-weekly progress report for the working team and INP • Presented reports of the museum progress to INP task force • Recruited staff and field expert for the construction including architect. teachers.SANTI NURI DHARMAWAN The Residences Town House Kav. Naiem III No. L Jalan H. painter. artists. and communities • Capable of working in bureaucratic environment • Experienced in public speaking and competitive debating in various formats and writing proposals and reports as well as presentations • Experienced in capacity building training activities • Experienced in maintaining a vast network of NGOs and handling . and IT specialist Ministry of National Education (2004 – 2007) Project Consultant and Trainer • Coordinated an annual and state-budgeted national selection to select high school students to represent Indonesia and to compete in the World Schools Debating Championships • Coordinated selection processes at provincial level to select a team to compete in the national English debating championships • Developed training for teachers and university students on the World Schools debating format • Trained the staff of Department of National Education. interior designers. strategic planning. M. and students on parliamentary debate • Developed a National Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for provincial government agencies in conducting inclusive and fair selection • Supervised the implementation of the SOP throughout 33 provinces in Indonesia Tertiary Bachelor of Social Sciences Education Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. instalation expert. Jakarta 12150 T : (62) 8111 875 715 / (62) 815 966 3282 e-mail : santi. University of Indonesia Chinese/Mandarin Major Graduated in 2005 Skills • Experienced in program design. University of Indonesia Sociology Major Graduated in 2009 Diploma Faculty of Humanities. proposal writing. diorama architect. budget drafting and reporting • Highly experienced in working with governments. NGO.

taking initiatives when face with challenges. office computer applications. Naiem III No. Indonesian security issues Able in leading projects. 15.SANTI NURI DHARMAWAN The Residences Town House Kav. and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) including quantitative data reading and interpretation Knowledgeable in current affairs.dharmawan@gmail. Jakarta 12150 T : (62) 8111 875 715 / (62) 815 966 3282 e-mail : santi. Indonesian social and political issues. L Jalan H. playing specific role in a team. and working under pressure with deadlines Comfortable working in a multi-national environment Comfortable and confident of becoming a representation or spokeperson of a government and/or institution . • • • • • • • government relations Experienced in providing literature reading and research Gender-sensitive Proficient in internet research.