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Christmas 2012

Powells Ponderings
Maligayang Pasko!
2012what an amazing ride! From Rays 6-month Afghanistan vacation to Brads topsy-turvy voyage into college, theres been plenty of excitement. Rich moved into a new position as the lead ESOL teacher at Salem Elementary, while Gaille continued the tradition of the Powell kids being more computer-nerdy than their parents. Brad was accepted into Carnegie Mellons Electrical Engineering program on a full AFROTC scholarship after being rejected, wait-listed, denied a waiver, and enduring a half-dozen other disappointments too complex to recount here. In short, the grace of God and the kindness of strangers availed much, so that he now has a great appreciation for the opportunity he has before him. Now the hard partCMUs a tough school!

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Well, of course 2013 will be another one, with the big move to Hanoi still on the docket for July. It appears Ray isnt yet ready to retire, and hes now two months into his language training, which serves daily to remind him of how little he understands of it. There are all the moving stressors: what will the house look like, how will Gaille do in her new school, and how will Salo survive in a place where he is considered a delicacy? Still, wed be lying if we said we werent excited about this next adventure!

Gaille Mail

Braduation & Beyond

Aside from about a dozen occasions when I thought the world was going to end (that one a couple days ago doesnt count), this year was great. Obviously, first and foremost came my high school graduation and entry into college. Those took up the beginning and end of this year, in between which stands this thing called Summer, which I wont discuss since nothing really happened during that time in reality (if you want to hear what happened in my video games, I can type you up an exhaustive report later). The latter of the two is more important. Ive just finished my first semester at Carnegie Mellon University's Carnegie Institute of Technology as an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. Its evidently one of the hardest majors at one of the most rigorous engineering schools in the world, and after a semester of what can only be described as Hell in plaid, I can see why. Despite that, I made it through and am looking forward to a great four years of college. Ive also officially joined the Air Force as a ROTC cadet at Detachment 730, and so far, Im really loving it. Sure, it adds to your workload and you have to get up at 4:30 in the morning, but Ive met great friends and Ive really been learning a lot. My life isnt all work though. Im part of CMUs robotics club, and I still write fan-fiction in my spare time. I was introduced to a great church and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Plus, yes there is occasionally time for video games as well. It helps that Ive made a lot of friends who share the same interests. Looking forward to 2013!

Okay lets just open with the fact that I have no idea what to type for this letter. Other than the rocky-hillside tumble into my sophomore year of high school, this year was pretty calm. With Dad gone at Afghanistan for half of the year, I cant say thats not surprising. Not enjoy my lazy summer, no, that was pretty good. However, I did attend a very much enjoyable summer computer camp that consisted of a 21:3 boy-girl ratio. So to say that an entire camp of web designing, animation, computer games, video games, and much more is my perfect camp is an understatement. Sophomore year isnt too bad, though it did get a little harder. I am enjoying my AP class more than last year and can say that I am doing better in that. This Christmas was filled with jokes and surprises as well! I cant express how great it is to be blessed such an amazing family. Heres to a
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2013 filled with growth and love!

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14