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Admisiones UAJMS 46645922 D-001 Pressure Vessels D-002 Storage Tanks E-001A Heat Exchangers E-001B Fin Fan E-002 Blowers F-001 Furnaces And Heaters F-002 Boilers G-005 Centrifugal Pumps G-006 Positive Displacement Pumps (Reciprocating) G-007 Submersible Pumps G-110 Gears J-001 Transmitters J-002 Transducers J-003 Switches J-004 Indicators J-005 Orifice Plates, Venturis And Lo-Loss Tubes J-006 Control Valve J-007 Thermocouples J-008 Resistance Temperature Detectors J-009 Controllers J-010 Instrument Air Line Pressure Test J-011 Turbine, Positive Displacement, And Magnetic Flow Meters J-012 Pitot Tubes/Annubars Flow Meters J-013 Installation Inspection J-014 Loop Check Cover Sheet J-015 Instrument And Control Cables J-016 Vibration J-017 Temperature Monitor J-018 H2s Monitoring System J-019 Combusatble Gas Monitoring System K-001 Hvac K-402 Centrifugal Compressors K-403 Positive Displacement Compressor (Reciprocating) K-501 Steam Turbines K-502 Comustion Gas Turbine K-511 Diesel Engine K-600 Mixers L-001 Piping, General L-002 Piping, Special Purpose L-003 Valves L-004 Plumbing & Non-Electric Utilities P-000 Testing Guidelines P-001 Automatic Transfer Switches P-002 Battery System

API ASTM ASME AWS EN ISO etc .Medium Voltage Dehydrator-Desalter Transformer Electric Heat Tracing Generators-Diesel Electric Grounding System (Neutral Ground Resistor/System Ground/Ground Fault Sys Lighting Metal Enclosed Bus Metering Motor Control Centers .Low Voltage Cables .WPS.PWHT. GMAW-FCAW-SAW).WPQT después de la soldadura Tratamiento Térmico . Procedimiento de Soldadura pruebas de calificación . Procesos de soldadura (SMAW.Low Voltage Motor Control-Gear .P-003 P-004 P-005 P-006 P-007 P-008 P-009 P-010 P-011 P-012 tems) P-013 P-014 P-015 P-016 P-017 P-018 P-019 P-020 P-021 P-022 P-023 P-024 P-025 P-026 P-027 X-001 X-002 X-003 X-004 X-005 X-006 X-007 X-008 X-009 X-010 X-011 Cables .Oil Filled UPS System Voltage and Current (Instrument) Transformers Cathodic Protection Rectifier Cathodic Protection Photovoltic Power System Cathodic Protection Plant Potential Survey Cathodic Protection External Tank Bottom Potential Survey Cathodic Protection Tank Internal Potential Survey Cathodic Protection Well Casing/Flowline Potential Survey Cathodic Protection Pipeline Potential Survey Cathodic Protection Submarine Pipeline Potential Survey Cathodic Protection Offshore Platform/Well Casing Potential Survey Onshore Anode Bed Commissioning Data Sheet Offshore Anode Bed Commissioning Data Sheet Bases de soldadura. etc especificaciones del procedimiento de soldadura .High Voltage Circuit Breakers .Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers .Medium Voltage Motors. Metalurgia Soldadura. Record procedimiento de calificación -. Ensayos No Destructivos ECM . PQR . Induction and Synchronous Outdoor Bus Structures Protective Relays SF6 Pad-Mounted Switchgear Surge Arresters Switchgear .Medium Voltage Cables . GTAW.General Transformers .Examen no destructivo Normas y estándares relacionados con la soldadura e inspección.Dry Type Transformers .Molded Case Circuit Breakers .

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