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Soccer Drills Multi-Box Possession (Chelsea


Site:Soccer Drills & Football Drills - Professional Soccer Coaching Title:Multi-Box Possession (Chelsea) - Created: 2 September 2011
Multi-Box Possession (Chelsea)
Drill Objective(s) 1) Develop the ability of players to play in tight areas. 2) Develop a teams ability to maintain possession. 3) Develop players combination play. 4) Develop good supporting angles. * * * * * Drill No: PO25 Age: 14-18 No Players: 16 Difficulty: Advanced Area/Time: 52x42yrds (adjust as necessry) (20mins)

Diagram 1

ORGANISATION: 3 playing grids inside each other are outlined with disk cones. 40x30yrds in the central area where there will be 4vs4. 46x36yrds where there will be support players of one colour. 52x42yrds grid where there will be 4 support players from one coloured team. * * * Inner Box: 4vs4 Middle Box: 4 Yellow Supporting Players Outer Box: 4 Red Supporting Players

INSTRUCTIONS: * One team is assigned supporting players in the middle grid and one in the outside grid. In the diagram above Yellows occupy the middle grid and Red the outer grid. * Players on the red or yellow team cannot leave their segments unless pressing a pass. * The two teams in the Inner box compete for possession using the outer supporting players to help maintain possession. * On receving passes the outer players can be pressed. The Yellow outside players can be pressed from behind by the red outside players. The Red outside players can be pressed from infront by the yellow players. * Every 5 mins swap the Middle and Outside Grids to allow the Yellows to be pressed from the front, etc. 1) 2) Y1 uses the outside support player (Y8) to maintain possession. Y2 passes back (wall passes) back into Y3.

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Soccer Drills Multi-Box Possession (Chelsea)

Site:Soccer Drills & Football Drills - Professional Soccer Coaching Title:Multi-Box Possession (Chelsea) - Created: 2 September 2011
Y3 then uses another wall pass by passing out to Y7. 3) Wall pass is played back into Y2 and play continues. 4) Red players are allowed to press from behind to make sure Yellow wall passer is alert and playing fast. 5) SCORING: 1 point = Successfully playing a wall pass with one of the outside players of the same colour. KEY COACHING POINTS: 1) Players need to use movements to create space and angles to support in tight areas. 2) How to create space.(i.e. check away from where you want to receive, takes defenders eyes off you, push off the defender to get seperation) 3) Look to play quick combinations. 4) Limited touches to facilitate quick play. 5) Receiving players need to have awareness of space around them. 6) Patience in possession. PROGRESSIONS 1) Red and Yellow Players can interchange positions. Support Player playing a pass back into the Inner Grid can join play. The player playing the pass out to the support player takes the outer players support position. 2) Remove two inner grid segments so players play 8vs8 in 53x42yrds grid. Diagram 2 - Red Team in Possession Using Outer Support Players

VARIATIONS: 1) Play with a neutral central player to make easier. 2) 2 Touch 3) Neutrals have only 1 touch. NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS: Requires quick thinking on the ball and the ability to create space. A good session to do after coaching the basics and techniques of creating space and angled support. If players are struggling, increase the size of the playing area and segments to allow more space and time on the ball.

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