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The Mevlevi Discourse of Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi

Founder of the Murabitun

Maulana, our Maulana, tells of this instance. There was a kafir master
who had a slave, who was Muslim, and the Muslim slave was walkin in
the street with his master and they !assed the mosque. And the slave
said to him, "#lease $ust let me o into the mosque to do two raqats."
And the kafir said, "% will wait outside. &o and do your two raqats." So
he went into the mosque, but he did not come out, and he did not come
out, and he did not come out, until the kafir !ut his head into the
mosque and said, "'ome out at once." And he heard the slave say, "%
cannot come out, this thin is beyond the bounds." And the kafir said, "%
do not believe you. (ho is sto!!in you from comin out)" The Muslim
said, "The same one who is sto!!in you from comin in." *ere
Maulana shows the secret of the destiny and the !roof of the Deen.
+ou see, we have to reconise the life of the awliyya and the knowlede
of e,istence that Allah has iven to these awliyya and it is
unconquerable, indestructible. -ook at the miracle of the unseen world
that has brouht us all toether today. -ook at the connection that we
have to the tariqa of Maulana. -ook at the connection you have from
.onya with Maulana, the master of .onya. /ow, we know there was an
attem!t to destroy it utterly. (e know the names of the blessed men
who were haned because of no other thin than that they were the
masters of this secret. The reat tekkes were shut, they were turned into
museums and their libraries were rendered unreadable by chanin the
al!habet. (hat an ama0in thin that the man who holds the army
under his command is afraid of these fuqara turnin round and round
and round yearnin for Allah. (hat a tremendous thin, what a reat
thin, what a reat liht Maulana 1umi, radhi2allahu anhu. (hat
s!iritual !ower was released in those days and those nihts in .onya.
.uffar came on their hands and knees to taste somethin of this. 3ut
thouh they see the tree they do not understand the root.
This is the miracle of the reat wali 4alaludin, our master. And this is
the miracle by which, drawn to this liht, one of our brothers came all
the way from America and went to .onya to learn with Suleiman Dede,
radhi2allahu anhu. Shaykh A0i0, radhi"allahu anhu, studied under
Suleiman Dede and his two sons are here. Shaykh A0i0 went on *a$$ and
after the *a$$ he had a dream and he saw the earth $ust burstin with
flowers. Flowers burst out of the earth and 1asulullah, salallahu alayhi
wa salem, came to reet him. *e ot to Madinah. *e fell ill. (hen they
saw he was very ill, they said, "(e must take you to hos!ital." They said,
"Do not worry you will soon be well." *e said, "% am very very ha!!y. %
have seen the 1asul, salallahu alayhi wa salem, and he has told me
somethin." They took him to hos!ital, the ne,t mornin he was dead.
*e was buried in 3aqi alonside his %mam, %mam Malik, and close to
Sayyedina 5thman. Two hundred !eo!le fouht to carry his body to the
So the liht of this knowlede and the love of this knowlede were not
dead. And the destiny had taken this servant of Maulana to Madinah to
unite him with 1asul, salallahu alayhi wa salem. 3ut one thin has
ha!!ened, and that is that they have shut the book of the Maulana, they
have shut Mathnawi. The tariqa will recover by the turnin and by the
o!enin of Mathnawi. 3ecause there is a s!ecial messae to the lovers of
Allah in the Mathnawi and it is that you are unconquerable, that the
world belons to you, both the worlds belon to you.
This is the messae to those ones who love Allah. (hen % came out of
khalwa my Shaykh said to me, "/ow" he said, "no hand is over your
hand." %t is this freedom of slavery that is that !ower from Allah that the
kafir fears because he cannot et it, cannot take it, cannot conquer it, so
that even when the Shuyukh of the Mevlevi were haned their bodies on
the ro!e turned to 6ibla.
This !ath of knowlede is the !ath of the !ower of Allah. %t is a reat,
reat thin in this world because it is indestructible while the world is
here. -ook what it is founded on. They shut the tekkes, but what were
they oin to do, kill everybody) There had awakened in a man and
awakened in a woman, a desire for Allah that cannot be destroyed. 3ut
once you realise that you have been taken by Allah all the !eo!le are
raised u! by you. The reality of Maulana2s tariqa was the lory of the
Sultan and his overnment. *is Shaykh, Shaykh al-%slam, his 6adis, his
army, his order to 4ihad. %t was the dynamic of the Mevlevi that ave the
dynamic to the court of the Sultan. The elite of the country were turned
to Allah, they were not turned to the ainin of the victory. They were
free from that. So when the Mevlevi were stron the whole of the
Sultaniyya were stron, the whole "5mmah of %slam was stron. The
Shari7at was stron because the *aqiqat was stron. So the ones who
follow the !ath of this are the ones who will restore the Shari2at to its
lory, not because they think it is a reat thin, but because they know it
will be !leasin to Allah and 1asul, salallahu alayhi wa salem. And
victory will come because to the faqir this world is a little thin. 3ut we
must make it clean for Allah, we must ive Allah what *e wants. And
what does Allah want) *e wants "ibada, *e wants the !oor to be
!rotected, *e wants the 8akat to be collected by force, *e wants a
Sultan to rule his !eo!le in the imae of the To!ka!i like the she!herd
looks after his flock. *e wants an army of 4ihad to follow the orders of
1asul, salallahu alayhi wa salem. *e wants *is $uma2ah to be com!lete
with his dua for his Sultan. *ow does he achieve it) 3ecause he 9Faqir:
does not care, he does not care about this world. *e has moved from
fear of creation to fear of Allah. And the kuffar, the enemies of %slam,
they care and their care weihs them down. And that is why the victory
is with the !eo!le who love Allah.
3ecause they have taken on this reat thin nothin else matters. This is
why "5mar ibn al-.hattab was able to say to the !eo!le who did not
want to o on 4ihad, "(hy are you afraid of 4ihad) %t is $ust another way
of dyin." And that minute they were free, unconquerable,
indestructible, and the Muslims went to the ates of 'hina and to the
ates of ;uro!e. And kuffar are still writin, "*ow did %slam s!read so
quickly)" The Muslim writers said, "%slam s!read faster than the horses.
%t s!read by the niyyat of the Muslims as they moved."
(hen % was last in %stanbul, % said, "% want to s!eak in the mosque, %
want to hold dhikr in the mosque." ;veryone said, "Do not do it, it is
im!ossible. (e cannot do it." (e sent a re!resentative to %stanbul,
s!oke with various !eo!le and suddenly the %mam of the mosque of
Sultan Salim, radhi2allahu anhu, said "+es, you can have the dhikr here."
They then said, "+ou will not et the State !ermission." The !ermission
came from %stanbul. The !ermission came from Ankara. And we said,
"-ook< Sultan Salim has done this." %f he could take Makkah and
Madinah alive is he not oin to o!en the door of his own mosque from
the rave)
(hen we came to Sultan Salim7s mosque % said, "% will not set foot in it
until % o to reet him in his tomb." They said, "you cannot, the uardian
is one, he lives on the other side of %stanbul." % said, "% cannot o until %
have reeted him." They said, "but it is im!ossible." "% must reet him."
Suddenly they said, "-ook< Ama0in. *ere he is. *e has come back." *e
said, "% was $ust oin to catch the tram and % thouht % had to come
back." *e o!ened the door and took us in and then he showed us on the
wall a !laque. *e e,!lained that when Sultan Salim reached Damascus,
at that time the rave of %bn al-Arabi had been desecrated and no one
knew where it was. Sultan Salim then had said, "(e must find it, we
must honour this wali." They walked around and everythin was
covered with filth and dirt. *e said, "(hat is that !iece of metal, what is
that !laque)" And they cleaned it and there was somethin written in
Arabic. %t said, "(hat you are lookin for is under your feet."
/ow look at this, Shaykh al-Akbar, Muhiddin ibn al-Arabi, leaves
instructions noticeably !ut by his rave and he is !ut under the earth.
(hat is this meanin for us) (hy does he want this for us) *e was
buried honourably in his !lace. The time !assed, the tomb was
desecrated and covered with rass but the messae was waitin. (ho
was it waitin for) Sultan Salim +avu0. -ook how +avu0 was.
'ommotion comes into his heart and he says, "Find it< Find it<" And it
ha!!ened with Sultan Mehmet and the uardian of the banner of the
#ro!het, salallahu alayhi wa salem, Moulay Ayyub. That was the same,
was it not) And so he restored the rave of %bn al-Arabi, built the tomb,
recovered his final testament where he had ordered a waqf by which
every day the !oor should be fed a bowl of sou! and a certain weiht of
meat. So he re-established the waqf. And from that day until this, in
Syria, in Damascus the !oor are fed from the waqf of %bn al-Arabi.
This is why the kuffar are afraid. They are afraid that we will not come
out, and they know that by their fear, they cannot o in. =ictory is with
the Muslims. The establishment of the .halifate will be by the hands of
the !eo!le who love Allah, not only by an army with swords, but also by
the !assionate love and yearnin of the !eo!le who love Allah. >!en the
Mathnawi. The more he oes into the knowlede of Marifa, the more he
reconises the reality and im!ortance of the Shariat and of the Sultan,
because the Muslim moves in two worlds. *e moves in the world where
he is under the orders of the Shariat and that is the necessary condition
of this e,alted event which is the turnin. So it is by this that we will
turn everythin u!side down. This is why by turnin, the faqir is let
loose, he is set free. -ike you o!en the cae of the tier. #assionate
desire for knowlede of Allah. And with this everythin will chane.
-ook what ha!!ened to Maulana 4alaludin 1umi, raheemallah. *e was
an Alim, he was a Sufi, he was !erfectly behaved and then throuh the
doors came a wild half-cra0y-to-the-world faqir, Shams at-Tabri0 and
the world turned u!side down. Tariqa turned u!side down. Maulana
turned u!side down. *is Sultan turned u!side down. *is fuqara turned
u!side down. *e was one. There was no !rice to !ay, he was one. %f
that had not ha!!ened, this could not ha!!en. (ithout that
drunkenness there would not be this sobriety. This is the truth and this
is the ine,tinuishable. And once it awakens it never will be !ut out and
such a man does not die, he does not die. *e leaves this world but he
continues workin in the 5nseen. Awliya work continuously.
*ow is it that when we meet amon us there is reconition) 1asul,
salallahu alayhi wa salem, said, "%f there is reconition in the world of
bodies it is because there was a meetin in the world of s!irits." (e are
from before the worlds. Maulana 4alaludin said to the "ulama who were
aruin about whether the world was created or eternal, he said, "+ou
cannot !rove it is eternal, but we can !rove it was created because we
were there before it was created. And Allah said to us, "Alasta bi
rabbikum)" "Am % not your -ord) And all of us said, "+es<" (here was
the world then) So we know what you do not know."
/ow, by this !ath everythin o!ens to you. 5nderstandin of the
Messae. The most difficult thin to know, knowlede of Allah by *is
o!!osite meanins. The maqam of Abu 3akr as-Siddiq who when he was
asked in an illness, "(ho made you better)" re!lied, "The same one who
made me ill." Allah had manifested by ma$esty, but *e then reconised
when *e manifested by beauty, because it was the same. >ne of the
reat sufis said, "% reached Allah by *is o!!osite /ames." 1umi
e,!lained, he said, "(hat is $oy) %t is the end of sufferin. (hat is the
sufferin) %t is the end of $oy." The sufferin needs the $oy and the $oy
needs the sufferin, but you do not understand them until you realise
that they are both from Allah. This is the commotion set u! by love of
Allah in the faqir. %t is cra0y but it is not mad. %t is not mad by Shariat,
but it is mad by the wisdom we know, which is why wildness of the heart
is dra!ed in the somber, ma$estic robe of black. All that ha!!ened to
Maulana, was that he was set abla0e and then suddenly the source of it
And then !eo!le tell the story that after that he turned in rief for the
loss of Shamsuddin. This would not last a thousand years< /o< Shams
had done it< Shams had won< *e had set him free< *e says himself in his
Mathnawi, "(hen you et to Makkah where do you o)" (hen you are
*a$$i you strule and strule but when you et to Makkah where do
you o) (hat do you do when you have ot there) Maulana e,!lains
that one who is on a $ourney has a oal, the one who has reached the
oal is free, the bonds are broken. So he stood. (hat did he do) *e
turned round his own heart, like the *a$$i who has arrived at the .aaba.
*e cannot o in, it is Allah7s house. So he oes round and round and
round. &o to Makkah, o to the .aaba. % have seen a man do tawaf until
he was on his knees and fallin on the round. 3ut is that not what this
is) This is a tremendous thin.
/ow one last thin. (ho were those who could best realise the !ower of
this) The !eo!le whose days were worn out and weihted with the
res!onsibility of the world. They saw, "This has attained what % have not
attained. >ne si! of this lass will refresh me." Thouh % do not turn,
their turnin will refresh me." So the 3ey and the 3eylerbey and the
(a0ir, they saw from this that Allah was the Mihty. The 6adi, the
Shaykh al-%slam, he heard the remonstrance of Maulana that is not
anythin but the inscri!tion of the knowlede. So all these !eo!le are
lifted u! by the turnin of the Mevlevi and this is the reat victory.
#lease take from this !lace to .onya the reetins of your brothers and
sisters here. Tell them we are not sto!!ed from anythin by the laws.
Allah has done it to awaken us to a reat !assion. And when our hearts
burst o!en, the tekkes will burst o!en. (hen the tekkes burst o!en then
the mosques will fill u! with !eo!le who will say, "/ot $ust the mosque
but also the awqaf to look after the !oor. /ot $ust sadaqa but 0akat."
5ntil aain there is someone in +ildi0 for all the Muslims.
.onya is the uardian of the future of %slam in all the world. +ou are the
ones who by the liht that Allah ives you will chane the whole face of
the Muslim world. +ou will not believe what you will see. %nshallah you
will live to see reat thins. 3ecause victory of .onya, is the victory of
Maulana, Shams at-Tabri0, and it is the victory of their master 1asul,
salallahu alayhi wa salem.
(e ask Allah to increase the liht of .onya.
(e ask Allah to o!en the ates of the tekkes to allow the turnin to be
s!read throuhout all of the Muslim world.
(e ask Allah to bless all the ;ffendis, and all the Salihin and all the
Tariqa of Mevlevi throuh the aes since this terrible traedy.
% ask Allah7s blessin on Suleiman Dede.
(e ask Allah to bless Shaykh A0i0 and ive him liht in the rave and we
ask Allah to !ut his sons on the Tariqa of the Mevlevi.
(e ask Allah to bless all of the Shuyukh in this ae and Allah to ive
liht to the tomb of Sultan Abdalhamid.
3y the liht of the dhikr restore all the Muslims under one leader.
(e ask Allah to ive safety and !rotection for all of the brothers from
.onya who have come to visit us.
And we ask Allah to increase and overflow the lihts of those who do the
(e ask Allah to ive them baraka from the act of the turnin.
3y their havin come here solely for the sake of Allah, to make them
leaders in the land, to s!read the teachin of Maulana.
And we ask Allah7s !rotection on this mosque, restore it to its !osition
as a !lace of leadershi!.
And we ask Allah7s blessin on all the Muslims of Turkey who are
workin towards the establishment of the Deen in Turkey and