DAILY LESSON PLAN Name School : Naimah binti Mat Ali : Sekolah Menengah Bukit Tunggal Subjects : Mathematics Form : 4 Arif Number of student : 30 Date of lesson : 16th March 2009 Time : 8.00am Instructional Objectives By the end of this lesson .20am – 9. Determine the sample space of an experiment with equally like outcomes. . Determine the probability of an event with equiprobable sample space. 2. students should be able to : 1.

Determining the probability of an event with equiprobable sample space. 3. 4. Determining the sample space of an experiment with equally likely outcome. Student can do operation division. transparency. Noble Values : Cooperativeness Material / Resources : Colorful marbles . Sample space is the set of all possible outcomes of an experiment. The probability of A . 2. 2. Student are familiar with the topic fraction. transparency . P( A ) = n(A) / n(S) Prior Knowledge : 1. mahjong paper .Content : 1. .

-The teacher asked one of each group to spins the spinner and then list the sample space at mahjong paper. the probability of getting colours red. and green. yellow. -Teacher give a few example question for student to make more understand. One student from each group come out in front to spin the spinner.LESSON DEVELOPMENT: Time Set induction (5 minutes) Teacher’s and student’s activity The teacher show two spinner that have four sector of the same size while spinner B has four sectors of different size. For spinner A . Transparency Mahjong paper spinner . R. and E. Teacher materials 2 of spinners (spinners A and B ) Step 1 (10 mins) -The teacher explain about the sample space of an event with the same probability to occur are known as equally likely outcomes. Student divide class into four group to do activity -The teacher hang the spinner that contains the letter B . blue green and yellow is the same while but for spinner B. V. -Then . -The student will discuss each other before come out into front class to answer question. Each sector is represent color like blue . A. the probability of getting any colour is different. The teacher divides student into four groups. red . -The teacher give more point to the group that give correct answer.

-The teacher give one question to each group. -The teacher explain and teach how to calculate the probability of an event with use formula : P ( A ) = n (A) n(S ) n ( A ) is the number of outcomes for event A n ( S ) is the number of outcomes in the sample space -The teacher give some example to make student more understand.Step 2 -The teacher explain to student about how to determine the probability of an event with equiprobable sample space. -Student divide into 4 group. -The student discuss each other about the answer. Transparency Mahjong paper Manila card . -The teacher give student some activity. -The teacher call one student from each group to answer the question at manila card.

1. List the sample space when a fair coin is tossed. Siti randomly picks one of the cards from the box. 2. 3. A box contains 6 cards as shown below .Conclusion / closure The teacher call one student to write their conclusion for the activities they have just done . S A M P L E List the sample space. Mahjong paper Transparency Evaluation Give student problems related with the probability of an event. If Haziq picks a card randomly from the Find the probability of obtaining A ) an odd number B ) a positive numbers C ) a prime numbers D ) a number less than 15 . 1 6 9 16 24 36 Haziq puts the above six cards in a box.


Step to solve the problem solving question 1. Check the solution . Read and understand the solution 2. Implement the plan 4. Devise a plan 3.

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