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Message from the

Founder President
The Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE), formed in November 2011, is a joint initiative of the Commonwealth Youth Programme-Asia Center and CII’s Young Indians. CAAYE is a ‘network of networks’ of young entrepreneurs from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brunei and Maldives and the organizations that support them. We have been established to continually promote the cause of young entrepreneurs in our respective countries. In addition to advocating a more conducive youth entrepreneurship policy from Member governments, CAAYE also has a host of regional, bilateral and country specific activities to mentor youth into entrepreneurship. In the current global environment, we believe that employment and empowerment of youth is one of the most crucial objectives for policy makers and government. Providing productive and decent work to young people requires intervention at multiple levels. One imperative is to encourage youth not only to seek jobs but also create jobs by starting their own businesses. An entire support system is required to encourage young people to take this risk. This support system includes not only education and training but also extends to ensuring fair and adequate availability of seed capital & financial access, infrastructure, regulation and taxation, all of which are designed to encourage young people. Creating this eco system is the task of each of us who are stake holders of our own economies. The objectives of our Alliance is directly in line with this goal. As a representative of our country and its dreams and aspirations, we consider organizations of our Alliance and their membership as representatives of all aspiring young entrepreneurs. There is a worldwide concern for youth and the Commonwealth strongly subscribes to our inclusion in the policy making process. We have the responsibility to raise a united and constructive voice and to make actionable recommendations during our interactions. It is historic in several ways that we now work as an inclusive group to ensure that youth in all our nations have a voice at the table of various regional and Pan-Common Wealth Consultations and Heads of Government. In addition to our advocacy work, we believe it is also crucial to action projects on the ground to create a better entrepreneurship ecosystem. We strongly encourage meeting young, inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs to exhibit the excellence in action across the member countries during our Interim meeting which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the flagship Annual Summit scheduled in Mumbai, India. Our ‘Pipeline Partnership’ with the International Labour Organisation’s Youth Employment Network (YEN) for e-Coaching and Mentorship of young entrepreneurs uses the YEN Marketplace platform and connect mentors with world class coaches for developing business plans, exploring funding options and pitching their business ideas. Other programmes include Blue Ocean Dialogues Innovation workshops, Ideas Labs, Young Entrepreneur Awards, Entrepreneurship Curriculum revamp for Universities, and the like. CAAYE is highly respected within the Commonwealth Secretariat as a ‘best practice Alliance’. In our first year, we have succeeded in bringing nine member organizations together with access to over 25,000 young entrepreneurs. We now have a responsibility to continually focus on building strengths of our members by working collectively to encourage youth enterprise, innovation, skill building and build a more conducive entrepreneurship enabling environment. This first year heralds the beginning of a long journey of working together as catalysts and champions of youth enterprise in the true spirit of partnership and Regional cooperation. Dr Rahul Mirchandani Founder President Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs


The New Delhi Charter of the Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs: 16 November 2011, New Delhi
The Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Meeting, in New Delhi, this 16th day of November 2011, recognizes that young entrepreneurs are the catalyst of economic growth, job creation, innovation and societal change. We, the Members of the Alliance, recognize the need to bring together organizations from economies of the Commonwealth-Asia region to champion the cause of young entrepreneurs. We, the Members of the Alliance, commit to a long term engagement of the Alliance as an extension of our own national organizations’ mission to nurture young entrepreneurs in our respective countries, in the Commonwealth Asia region and across the globe. Through our movement, we believe we can make the 21st century the Century of Young Entrepreneurs. We, the Members of the Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs, have set forth the following Charter: Who we are? The Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE) is a network of young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. We have been established to continually promote the cause of young entrepreneurs in our respective countries. We will convene each year and in advance of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting & relevant Commonwealth Ministerial forums to provide a platform to present a united voice of young entrepreneurs. Our Belief We, the signatories of this Charter believe in strengthening, advocating and supporting the dreams of young entrepreneurs. Our Mission We, the signatories of this Charter, have a mission to create and sustain a recognised body that exists as part of the official Commonwealth process and is able to engage, contribute to and impact the work of the Commonwealth to raise awareness and address the issues of young entrepreneurs. We have a mission to be: A network that, through its engagement with governments, the media, the public, all relevant stakeholders and member organizations, champions the champions of young entrepreneurs at the local, national, regional and international level. An alliance of organizations from economies of the Commonwealth Asia region that makes measurable progress towards development of entrepreneurship to ensure future prosperity. Our commitment to Young Entrepreneurs The signatories of this charter, commit to: Support young entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth-Asia region. Build, appreciate and encourage youth entrepreneurship culture. Create a network between member countries for membership, advisory and other relevant support services to young entrepreneurs. Contribute to human capital development through education & training of young entrepreneurs. Provide information on access to finance and other resources for young entrepreneurs. Influence policy mechanism for youth entrepreneurial development.

Members of Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Holding with the Signed Charter


CAAYE Visioning Workshop: 15 -16 November 2011, New Delhi
Working in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, Yi successfully brought together the best Youth organisations in the region to form the first ever advocacy and mentorship network in the Commonwealth-Asia Region. After 3 months of work, culminating in 2 days of a visioning workshop, facilitated by Yi, partners in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives and Brunei-Darussalam joined India to announce the formation of the Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepeneurs (CAAYE). CII's Young Indians (Yi) has also been appointed as the Founding Chair for this Historic Alliance. The Visioning workshop set various goals and objectives for CAAYE that included: CAAYE will be a network that, through its engagement with governments, the media, the public, all relevant stakeholders and member organizations, champions the cause of young entrepreneurs at the local, national ,regional and international level. CAAYE members have committed to support young entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth-Asia region, build, appreciate and encourage youth entrepreneurship culture, create a network between member countries for mentorship, advisory and other relevant support services to young entrepreneurs, contribute to human capital development through education & training of young entrepreneurs, provide information on access to finance and other resources for young entrepreneurs and influence policy mechanism for youth entrepreneurial development.

Members at CAAYE Visioning Workshop

First CAAYE 2012 Strategy & Work Planning Session: 08-09 February 2012, New Delhi
The Commonwealth Youth Programme Asia Centre, Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India organized a two-day Regional Consultation on Financial Inclusion of Youth in New Delhi on February 8 – 9, 2012 with the objective to address the critical need for national financial inclusion policies having a 'youth' focus along with other vulnerable sections of the society. The meeting deliberated on some of the most critical issues, concerns and challenges faced both by aspiring young entrepreneurs as well as financial institutions and came up with a slew of recommendations to facilitate the access of youth to appropriate financial services and products. The Consultation was inaugurated by Mr R Gopalan, Secretary to the Government of India in the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance. While underpinning the need for a significant revamping of the existing structures and delivery of financial services appropriate for young people, he stressed the importance of innovative initiatives such as credit guarantee schemes and credit ratings which would help reduce the risk of lending institutions and at the same time meet the needs of aspiring young entrepreneurs. Young Indians represented India at the workshop.

Memebers at CAAYE 2012 Strategy & Work Planning Session


1st Interim Meeting and Leadership Assembly of the Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Kuala Lumpur, 13 - 14 July 2012
The Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE) had its mid-term Interim Review meeting and Leadership Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 13 & 14, 2012. Dr Rahul Mirchandani, Founder Chairman of CAAYE & Past National Chairman, Yi, chaired the proceedings which were also attended by the Commonwealth Secretariat and member organisations from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Brunei-Darussalam. Ms Katherine Ellis, Director & Head of the Youth Affairs Division, Commonwealth-Secretariat, London and Mr Aminul Islam Khan, CYP Asia Center represented the Commonwealth at the Leadership Assembly which discussed a range of issues including Commonwealth Connect & Strategy, 6 months activity update from each country, partnership opportunities, coaching & mentorship programs, branding, succession planning, membership review and appraisals, amongst many others. All member organisations gave details of the extensive work being carried out nationally in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Skill Building & Employability and Innovation as their stellar contribution to the CAAYE objectives of mentorship and advocacy for building a better youth entrepreneurship ecosystem. CAAYE also announced its ‘Pipeline Partnership’ with the International Labour Organisation’s Youth Employment Network (YEN) for e-Coaching and Mentorship of young entrepreneurs using the YEN Marketplace platform which connects mentors with world class coaches with business plans, funding options and pitching their business ideas. The Opening Ceremony and Entrepreneur Forum on 14 July 2012 was presided by Mr Vimalan, Director - International Unit, National Youth and Sports Department, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Malaysia, Ms Katherine Ellis, Director & Head of the Youth Affairs Division, Commonwealth- Secretariat, London and Dr Rahul Mirchandani, Founder Chairman- CAAYE & Past National Chairman, Yi. Mr Vimalan expressed the Ministry’s keen interest in CAAYE and extended his full support to CAAYE and its partners in Malaysia, Junior Chamber International-Petaling Jaya and Malaysia Graduate Entrepreneurs Association (PUGM) who were co-hosts for the event. Ms Katherine Ellis also provided details of how CAAYE is highly respected within the Commonwealth Secretariat as a ‘best practice Alliance’ that within a short span of nine months since formation has succeeded in bringing together like minded organisations in the region to promote entrepreneurship as the key growth engine in Asia using a united, constructive and collective voice. She also expressed keenness on replicating CAAYE’s

success in the other Regions of the Commonwealth, beginning next with the Caribbean Region. Dr Mirchandani explained CAAYE’s journey since inception and mentioned that the reason why CAAYE is key to Asia is because the countries in the Alliance have very little trade within each other and depend on the rest of the world due to artificial barriers to trade that urgently needed policy intervention. This opening session was followed by an interactive panel discussion with over 150 young entrepreneurs and Malaysian students on the theme “Trading Beyond Borders – Adventures of Global Entrepreneurs”. The panel was moderated by Dr Navita Mahajan from Yi and included Mr Ejaj Ahmed, President – Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), Mr Damien Chua, CEO of JD Group of Companies, Malaysia & Dr Rahul Mirchandani, Executive Director, Aries Agro Limited, India. This Entrepreneur Forum touched various issues ranging from how each entrepreneur entered their business, their experience expanding overseas, challenges of regulation, managing human capital across different cultures and their personal vision and goals. The sessions concluded with a curtain raiser presented by Yi inviting young entrepreneur delegates from CAAYE member organisations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brunei and Maldives to Mumbai, India for the flagship CAAYE Young Entrepreneur Summit scheduled from December 13 to 15, 2012. The Winner of CAAYE Sumit Logo was Mr Vijay Anand , Coimbatore, India
Unveiling the Winner of the CAAYE Summit Logo Contest - Present were Ms Katherine Ellis, Director Youth Affairs, Commownealth Secretariat London and Mr M Vimalan, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Government of Malaysia

Members of CAAYE at the 1st Interim Meeting


CAAYE & ILO : 23 May 2012, Geneva
Dr Rahul Mirchandani, Past National Chairman, Young Indians & Founder President, Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs, represented India at the Youth Employment Forum in Geneva.

Panel Discussion at ILO Youth Employment Forum, Geneva The Youth Employment Crisis

ILO Chief and representation from 100 countries at the ILO Youth Employment Forum

International Labour Organisation’s Youth Employment Network (YEN) for e-Coaching and Mentorship of young entrepreneurs using the YEN Marketplace platform which connect mentors with world class coaches with business plans, funding options and pitching their business ideas. CAAYE and its member organisations will benefit from this partnership immensely since Yi

can, after its own due diligence, introduce coaches for certification by ILO and also introduce students and their members needing mentorship to the YEN Marketplace program. As part of this initiative, a number of coaches and mentees have been enrolled from Brunei, India and Malaysia.

Launch of the CAAYE Young Entrepreneur Summit Official Webpage 12 September 2012, Mumbai
Ms Katherine Ellis, Director-Youth Affairs, Commonwealth Secretariat London, launched the official CAAYE Summit website and formally opened registrations for the event on 12 September 2012 at Mumbai. Mr Jose Maurel, Director, Special Advisory Services Division, Commonwelath Secretariat London, Mr Aminul Islam Khan, Programme Manager, CYP Asia Center, Narayan Jaisingh, Yi Mumbai Chapter Chairman and Dr Rahul Mirchandani, Founder President, CAAYE were also present.

Members at the Launch of the CAAYE Young Entrepreneur Summit Official Webpage


CAAYE Building Enterprise Culture

Director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management Social Business Forum 2012, Ivdad and Khaled built the capacity of 35 college and university students to develop a critical thinking mindset while planning and modeling a social business.

Bangladesh Workshop on Technology and Innovation in Entrepreneurship
As the country partner of Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative, CRDF Global, BYLC organized a workshop on technology based entrepreneurial initiatives on September 15, 2012. The goal of GIST, launched in 2010 and funded by the U.S. Department of State, is to build skills and inspire a new mindset for entrepreneurship, especially among students and young entrepreneurs. As part of promoting GIST Tech I competition, a global technology plan competition, BYLC organized a workshop at BYLC Headquarters in Dhaka. Shammi S. Quddus, Head of Business Development at A K Khan WaterHealth (Bangladesh) Ltd., ran the workshop with 40 participants. Drawing on expert knowledge from her undergraduate education at MIT and her current profession, Shammi shared ideas on how to write winning executive summaries, prepare cutting-edge video pitches, and develop strategies forsuccessful pilot programs.

Social Business Forum 2012
BYLC was the knowledge partner of North South University, the first private university in Bangladesh, in the largest Social Business Forum in Dhaka on June 29, 2012. Bijon Islam and Saifur Rahman, Strategy Affiliates of BYLC, jointly conducted a workshop on Building Successful Social Businesses for 50 aspiring social entrepreneurs at the event. The forum was organized in collaboration with Yunus Center, Bangladesh and Grameen Creative Labs (GCL), Germany. Nobel Laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus delivered the keynote address at the Forum. NASA Astronaut Ronald J. Garan and Hans Reitz ofGCL were also present on this occasion.

Workshop on Design Thinking
On December 25, 2011, BYLC and See-D, a non- profit organization in Japan, jointly hosted a workshop on design thinking for emerging entrepreneurs at BYLC Headquarters in Dhaka. Led by Shan Riku, Founder and President of the See-D program and a graduate student at Stanford GSB, a team of five Japanese consultants/ engineers ran a half-day workshop with 40 participants. See-D uses innovative human design concepts developed at MIT's Design - Lab and lean startup concepts developed at Stanford to prepare social entrepreneurs / inventors for underserved markets.

Workshop on Systems Thinking for Social Business

Brunei Darussalam
Innovate Forum 2012

Workshop on Systems Thinking for Social Business
BYLC organized a workshop on "Systems Thinking for Social Business" at Edward M. Kennedy Center, Dhaka, on July 16, 2012. The workshop was jointly run by Ivdad A. K. Mojlish, Director, Youth Leadership Programs and Khaled Saifullah, Research Assistant, BYLC. using the systems thinking model developed by Peter Senge,


Innovate Forum 2012
The Innovate Forum 2012 was organised on 24th October. The innovate forum brought together over 200 aspiring entrepreneurs, students and government officers by YEAB. The speakers brought to the forum were five successful entrepreneurs from Canada, Singapore, and Indonesia who shares their inspiring stories of innovation and journey into entrepreneurship. The topics around digital media, start-ups, creativity and going global created in a format that was aimed at inspiring and igniting entrepreneurship and innovation in Brunei. Member's involvement include forum program development.

On Going Events of YEAB
Individual Mentoring Sessions with Young Entrepreneurs conducted since July. Youth Fund: Advising the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports on the structure of the national level youth fund to improve access to finance for youth entrepreneurs. Continuous engagement with Ministry of Culture on policy matters around youth entrepreneurship including ASEAN level Entrepreneurship Forum for 2013. Continuous engagement with Entrepreneurship Development Center on improving eco-system of entrepreneurship for youth that is undertaken by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

Session on Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Dialogue with Dr Harry Harris, President & Founder, Health Care California & Management Guru was held on 26th September 2012. Convened in partnership with entrepreneurship team Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and US Embassy. It brought together over 60 students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

India Building Enterprise Culture
Yi has organised around 100 session under the objective buliding enterprise impacting around 10000 members under this initiative in its 26 chapaters aross the nation.
Learning Sessions RevYive Interaction with the Government Learn from the Legend

Session with Aulia Halimatussadiah
Mentorship Dialogue with Aulia Halimatussadiah, Technopreneur and Serial Entrepreneur of Indonesia was held on 25th & 26th October 2012. One session brought together 8 students and aspiring entrepreneurs (open to public). The second session was conducted with the Institute of Technology Brunei which brought together 20 students.

Sessions with Trade Development Bodies Learning Missions

YEAB Executive Committee


World Entrepreneur Week

Members with Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia


CAAYE Creating a Mentorship Network

YEN Market Place Program Orientation
Orientation workshops for Youth Employment Network (YEN) for e - Coaching and Mentorship of young entrepreneurs using YEN Marketplace platform which connects mentors with world class coaches with business plan funding options and pitches was conducted in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Kohima, Mumbai & Vadodara impacting over 200 students.

India Packet of Seeds - a Workship on Ideation
Packet of Seeds with Yi membership (Ideas workshop that introduces Blue Ocean Dialogue workshop and also takes the membership through the out of box thinking). Yi organised this intiative at 5 cities ( Kohima, Bhubaneshwar, Visakhapatnam, Raipur and Kochi) and impacted over 110 Yi members

Malaysia JCI Petaling Jaya Youth Entrepreneurship Program
JCI Petaling Jaya Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) is a continuation from 2011 Entrepreneurship Development Program, designed to inspire members, students and community to embrace entrepreneurship. In addition, JCI Petaling Jaya continues to host JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (JCI CYEA), a national project on behalf of JCI Malaysia. Top 3 winners of this award will be submitted to the international pool and if selected, will represent Malaysia at JCI World Congress to compete for the JCI CYEA World Winner. For the year 2012, we have 2 winners that were selected to be in the JCI World Finalist and will represent Malaysia to JCI World Congress in Taiwan. Event Corporate Visit

National Innovation Run: Road2Ideas
Yi Next Practices presented “Road2Ideas” as part of the process of evangelizing the spirit of innovation and inspiring the youth to think big and differently. Under this, Yi scheduled a National Innovation Run from 01 - 04 Nov 2012 which passed through four states, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa, which had over the years demonstrated entrepreneurship and excellence. 12 teams with 48 students of which 24 students from 8 cities travelled to 4 cities of 4 states in 4 days covering 2100 kms, and met 14 innovators, of 6 sectors and conducted 168 case studies. An amazing journey filled with inspiration and self discovery workshop. Innovation Run, Indore, 01 November

Entrepreneur Sharing Session in Conjunction with JCI CYEA 2012
Session on following topics was organised: Business Sustainability in Economic Crisis and How to Use Creativity to Grow Your Business in Crisis Times. (Speaker: Dato Dr' Tony Looi, CEO of Ban Lee Hin Group) How to Manage Human Capital Effectively (Speaker: JCI member Adelaine Foo, Founder of The Otomoti College) Valedictory, Road2Ideas, Goa, 04 November


JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (January – September 2012)
Consisted of a series of events: Press conferences to launch the nomination in 8 locations nationwide (Febuary-May 2012) Top 10 Finalists Revealing Ceremony (6 August 2012) Grand Award Ceremony (8 September 2012)

service sectors contrary to popular stereotypes that women were being homemakers or only being involved in traditional forms of entrepreneurship. Besides providing participants with more information, the forum also acted as a platform for women entrepreneurs to share their experiences and aspirations, enhance their networking as well as motivate current and future entrepreneurs to venture into new business fields.

PUGM - Entrepreneur Motivation For Rural Youth
The motivation program was given to rural youth to provide some encouragement and try to change their mindset. Youths in the rural areas have little options is what they are given to believe. The need is to plant other options in the minds of rural youth. Entrepreneurship could be the best option. It is quite clear that rural entrepreneurship cannot be developed without significant training and motivation. Therefore, instead of just schemes (financial and developmental) as the carrot for entrepreneurship development, an intensive training and some motivation needs to be provided to the youth in rural area too. Entrepreneurial success is likely to be related to the personality structure of an entrepreneur. Among these entrepreneurial characteristics are achievement orientation, risk-taking, leadership and internal control. The course is focused on the enhancement of entrepreneurial potential among adolescents by a proper program.

JCI CYEA Winners

PUGM Agro – Entrepreneurship Forum
As the government views agriculture and agro - based sectors as important contributors toward enhancing our national income and productivity. The target of this forum are the young graduates of public and private colleges who have an interest in agro entrepreneurship. The motto or slogan for this forum was “agriculture is a business” with the objective of educating those who have the intention and enthusiasm on venturing into agro business . YB Tan Sri Dato' Hj Muhyiddin Bin Hj Mohd Yassin had been invited to launch the forum, which also saw Prof. Dr. Fatimah Mohamed Arshad chairing the discussion topic “Agriculture as a Business” & “Features of Being Successful Entrepreneurs”. Over 800 students attended the forum. Big players such as government link companies, financial institutions as well as government agencies had been invited as a panel for the forum. Besides having good networking, it was also very important for entrepreneurs to have close rapport and relationship with government departments and agencies at all times.


PUGM Business Forum For Women
This forum was held in collaboration with Department of Women Development with the aim to empower women and build their capacity in entrepreneurship. It was officiated by Secretary General of Ministry of Woman Family & Community Development. More than hundred of women from current and potential entrepreneurs were invited to the event. It was a need for the women entrepreneurs to be aware of new opportunities provided especially in the modern agricultural and


Pakistan Young Entrepreneurs Conference on Inspiring a New Wave of Entrepreneurship
YEF ICCI has conducted various activities and started several initiatives to introduce and promote the entrepreneurship spirit. Some of these include the setting up of the Entrepreneurship Development Center, conducting workshops, holding business plan competitions, and doing philanthropic works. In recognition of the useful work done by the YEF, in 2009, we were awarded the Jinnah Youth Award: the highest award for the youth by the Government of Pakistan. YEF ICCI held “Inspiring a New Wave of Entrepreneurship” Young Entrepreneurs Conference on March 27, 2012 at Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad. This Young Entrepreneurs Conference was a landmark event that brought together the public and private sector from Pakistan and the U.S. to support entrepreneurship for robust economic growth of Pakistan. YEF ICCI Team at Young Entrepreneur Conference 2012

Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
Srilankan Entrepreneur of the Year Award is Sri Lanka's highest national honour to the business community, a grandeur and prestigious award unparalleled to any other national awards scheme. This annual award scheme is designed to recognize, reward and motivate Sri Lanka's very own entrepreneurs to optimise their entrepreneurial skills, to reach the highest echelons of achievement with reverberating benefit to the national economy. Sri Lankan Entreprneurs of the Year National Awards ceremony was held on Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo where Mr Lal Kreethi Gunawardena, Chairman and Managing Director of Lacky Lanka Diaries (Pvt) Limited was crowned as Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2011. Chief Guest of the event was Hon. Basil Rajapaksha, Minister of Economic Developments. Mr Sujeewa Palliaguruge, Managing Director of Senani Holding was the receiver of National Gold Award.

Key Persons Forum
The objective of this forum is to provide a platform for public and private sector entrepreneurs to have a dialogue with the country's key policy makers. A contemporary topic is selected and accordingly the speech at each forum is conducted by an eminent personality, usually a policy maker. Keynote is chosen from the public sector or overseas mission. The speaker shares his/her experiences and policy perspectives at this dialogue. These topics are business oriented and those who usually attend are from various organizations such as enterprise development fields of government organizations and other corporate sector officials, policy makers, non- governmental organizations and foreign missions. Participation at the Key Persons Forum is of a great advantage for Chairman, MDs and senior management officials to discuss policy perspectives of contemporary situations and new developments in the economy and society. Also the forum discuss timely, relevant and day-to-day business issues. Team Srilanka

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Entreprenur of the Year


CAAYE Supports Education & Training

organized by the British Council and the Commonwealth Youth Programmme(CYP), trained and empowered the youth delegates to engage in issues such as democracy, governance and regional development. Asia Youth Leaders Summit

Brunei Darussalam Creative Industry Exhibition
YEAB participated in the Creative Industry Exhibition organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in conjunction with 7th National Youth Day celebration on 6th October 2012. Promoting YEAB as the leading youth entrepreneurship association promote businesses of members.

Plenary on Entrepreneurship
To inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, BYLC designed a plenary on Entrepreneurship at its Youth leadership Summit 2012, which was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from April 26-28, 2012. The Summit, which consisted of 450 young delegates, was organized to train and empower the next generation to address some of Bangladesh's more urgent developmental needs. The session on Entrepreneurship was chaired by Annisul Huq, Former President, SAARC Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), and the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). Other panelists included Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, Chairman, Adcomm Ltd., A.K. Azad, President, The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) and Salahuddin Kasem Khan, Managing Director, A.K. Khan & Company Ltd. The speakers shared their own stories of struggle into entrepreneurship and gave useful, practical tips to the delegates on how they can successfully launch their own initiatives. A central message from the speakers was the importance of having a stomach for failure while venture into entrepreneurship. Aspiring entrepreneurs, according to the speakers, need to have a tolerance for uncertainty and develop a thick skin as they prepare for their entrepreneurial journey.

His Majesty at Creative Industry Youth Expo 2012

Bangladesh Workshop on Leadership in Times of Chaos, Conflict and Uncertainty
BYLC President, Ejaj Ahmad, and Director of Youth Leadership Programs, Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish,jointly conducted a day-long workshop titled “Leadership in times of Chaos, Conflict and Uncertainty” in the Asia Youth Leaders' Summit held in New Delhi, India, from September 18-21, 2012. 35 youth leaders from nine countries participated in the workshop. The day-long interactive session was designed using acombination of lectures, case-in-point teaching, systems diagnosis, small group case consultation and reflective exercises – emphasizing on how to exercise leadership effectively on behalf of the issues one cares about deeply. The Summit,

India Career Counseling Workshop
Yi Indore and Vadodara Chapter organised Career Counselling Workshops at new Pithampur Public School, Pithampur, Indore on 22 August 2012 and Chhotaudaipur and Rangpur residential schools . Around 60 students were impacted.


Blue Ocean Dialogues with School Students
Blue Ocean Dialogues (BOD) with schools students was organised at 9 chapters (Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Goa, Kochi, Kohima, Ludhiana, Madurai, Raipur and Visakhapatnam) imapcting around 500 students. Students at the BOD Workshop, Visakhapatnam

CatalYist- Entrepreneurship Development Workshops
CatalYist - Entrepreneurship Development Workshop was organised in 3 institutions in Kochi to enable the youth to interact with young entrepreneurs and understand the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. Students at BOD Workshop, Kochi

Employability & Skillbility
Yi has been instrumental in skilling & placing 1300 youth under the aegis of its Employability program. The Livelihood Advancement Business School or Yi LABS were formed to provide exclusive training model for the youth in the age group of 18 to 35 and enables them to gain access to opportunities for sustainable livelihood. Yi has worked with Thermax, McDonalds, Shoppers Stop, Pizza Hut, Citibank DSA, SBI DSA, Airtel & Eureka Forbes to name a few companies, where it has successfully placed students. Following are the Components of the vertical: Livelihood Advancement Business School (LABS) - LABS, an exclusive livelihood training model for the youth in the age group of 18-35 years from economically weakest sections and enables them to gain access to opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and growth in the New Economy. Finishing School – The objective of Yi Finishing Schools is to enhance the employability of ITI graduates through life skill inputs from Industry and there by make the ITI graduate Industry Ready. Skills and Defensive Driving Training Program - Yi in association with Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), New Delhi and Institute of Driving & Traffic Research (IDTR), Dehradun organises training program for taxi drivers. The course helped the participants in developing soft skills and defensive driving skills, which would benefit the drivers in road safety, reduction in severity of accidents and eventualities and importantly financial savings. Employability Series have impacted over two thousand people with all its programs.

CII Yi ITI Finishing School

Malaysia PUGM - Rural Youth Agriculture Training (Rock Melon Course)
Training Session


FERTIGATION in terms of language, is a combination of 2 words in English that is Fertilization and Irrigation. Fertigation in terms of technological means to incorporate methods fertilization in irrigation systems. So water will be given directly to the steel plant through the irrigation system. Fertigasi Technology has long existed, but in Malaysia, it is still a new use. In Malaysia, it was first introduced in the late 90s or early 21st century. This method of plantation is a modern technology to replace the old and conventional way to overcome the problem of shortage of land. Fertigation is also a branch of hydroponics technology . In Fertigation, media other than soil is used such as cocopeat (coconut coir dust), husk and other fuel that is free from soil borne diseases. Generally, Fertigation is a viable technology and has a high potential in the future. Fertigation goal is to produce a high harvest and save operating costs in the long run. The course was held to provide information and method on using the new and effective technology to entrepreneurs who are interested to venture in rock melon business. It also enables them to know the whole process of how the system works as well as the benefit of the system to their plant. Besides that, it was made to know YEAB with His Majesty at Youth Expo that farmer need a lot of courage, able to control mental stress and hard work to determine their success.

enhance its technological capabilities to emerge itself as an efficient and competitive sector in the economy, and to prepare them to be competitive in the global markets. SME provided an opportunity for localand overseas machinery manufacturers, technology providers in Industry, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries sectors and SME support service providers.

Education and Training
As the apex organization of Sri Lankan private sector, FCCISL believes that education and training are essential to the development of today's knowledge society and economy. On the other hand education is a major aspect of development of any individual, organization and society as a whole and if there is a deficit of educated people then society will stops its further progress. FCCISL Training and Capacity Building gives specific consideration to the entrepreneurs and employees who seek to acquire new knowledge to develop their businesses. Also young people with career aspirations who are looking at how the transition from school, technical college or university to employment is achieved and the partnerships between the world of education and work continues to evolve. These young people are provided training and support from start-up to internships or employment.

PUGM Courtesy Visit to Minister of Higher Education
On 20th September , PUGM Exco had made a courtesy visit to the Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia. The purpose of the visit was to let the minister have a better and clearer pictures of what is CAAYE all about, the objectives, vision and mission of this CAAYE can benefited the youth. PUGM are offered by the Ministry of higher education to educate all the graduates through the training, courses and provide entrepreneur opportunities when there are applicable. Ministry of higher education agreed to support the activities organized by PUGM and CAAYE for the benefits of the youth.

SME Machinary Exhibition

Sri Lanka SME Machinery Exhibition
FCCISL in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce organized a national level exhibition for the seventh successful with the theme of “Technology for Rural, Micro and SME Development”. The main objective of the exhibition was to support the SME sector to


Bilateral Projects: India & Malaysia
Blue Ocean Dialogues
Yi Blue Ocean Dialogues Ideas Workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur on 15 July 2012. Sixty students of two leading institutes were taken through an intensive ideation process by Dr Rahul Mirchandani, Immediate Past Chair, Next Practices & Past Yi National Chairman and Dr Navita Mahajan, Chair, Next Practices . The workshop was attended by the students of College Tunku Kurshiah and UCSA. The participants also included students of Mauritius, Chad, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Malaysia. This was an example of bilateral partnerships that emerge using the CAAYE platform to work across borders on promoting an entrepreneurship culture.

Blue Ocean Dialogues - Kuala Lumpur


CAAYE Influences Entrepreneurship Policy

Sri Lanka Research and Policy Advocacy
The Research and Policy Advocacy Unit conduct needbased, demand-driven and objective research on all aspects of national economy and on government's macro-economic policies and its impact on business community, particularly, on SMEs. The unit actively engaged in public policy advocacy on important issues pertaining to the business community with a view to promoting and safeguarding the interests of the trade, business and small industry sectors. The unit also served as an in-house policy advocacy arm of the Federation. In the sphere of macro-economic policy analysis and public policy advocacy, the unit continued to

engage in public policy dialogue through print and electronic media by publishing a series of research papers under the title of “FCCISL Trade Watch”. These research papers attempted to generate active public policy dialogue on evolving macro-economic policy dynamics of the government, its implications on the business community, while proposing and advocating best possible policy alternatives to enhance and improve the business environment conducive for trade and industry.

Regional Lobbying, Policy and Advocacy
The establishment of the District Enterprise Forums in 20 districts as an effective method to improve the Public-Private Dialogue is considered to be one of the major breakthroughs in the area of regional policy advocacy. In formulating the regional policy advocacy process, a comprehensive research study was initially carried out in order to identify the policy and regulatory issues that currently hinder regional economic development. FCCISL co-ordinated the activities of all 20 district enterprise forums and assisted them to lobby their issues at national level authorities.

Meetings with policy makers at various forums was held across Yi chapters


Young  Entrepreneur
December  13-­15,  2012:  Mumbai,  India
Hosted in India by the Confederation of Indian Industry's Young Indians The CAAYE Young Entrepreneur Summit is an annual event where 200 young entrepreneurs from all the Commonwealth-Asia region countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei) will collectively meet for 3 days to network, build business linkages, conduct field studies, attend learning sessions and jointly prepare a set of recommendations to improve the ecosystem of youth entrepreneurship in the form of an official communiqué that will be submitted to member Governments through the Commonwealth secretariat. The focus of the 2012 edition of the Summit is to share best practices and prepare recommendations for improving “access to finance” to young entrepreneurs.
Organised  by

Supported  by

Confederation  of   Indian  Industry

Celebrating 10 Y ears

December  13-­15,  2012  Mumbai,  India.

Confirmed  Speakers

R  Gopalakrishnan Director Tata  Sons  Limited  

Nita  Chowdhury  IAS Secretary  -­  Department  of   Youth  Affairs,  Ministry  of  Youth  Affairs  and  Sports Government  of  India

Katherine  Ellis Director   Youth  Affairs   Commonwealth  Secretariat (London)

Paulius  Kuncinas Regional  Editor  -­  Asia Oxford  Business  Group (London)

Anupama  Arya National  Chairperson, Young  Indians

Hafimi  Abdul  Haadii Director, LVK  Group  of  Companies, ABAC  Member,   Brunei  Darussalam

Shankar  Vanavarayar President NIA  Educational   Institutions

Dr  Rahul  Mirchandani Founder  President   Commonwealth-­Asia  Alliance   of  Young  Entrepreneurs  

R  Mukundan Deputy  Chairman,   CII  Western  Region Managing  Director, Tata  Chemicals  Limited

Ashish  Chauhan Managing  Director   &  Chief  Executive  Officer Bombay  Stock  Exchange

Dr  Naushad  Forbes Director Forbes  Marshall

Devita  Saraf Chief  Executive  Officer Vu  Technologies  (P)   Limited

Tushar  Jani Chairman SCA  Group  of  Companies

M  Maheshwar  Rao  IAS Commissioner  for  Industrial   Development  and  Director  of   Industries  &  Commerce Government  of  Karnataka

Satish  Jha Chairman One  Laplet  Per  Child   India  Foundation

Alex  Mitchell Director Young  Brits  Network

Narayan  Jaisingh   Chairman Yi  Mumbai  Chapter

Ms  Aminath  Shifaza Leader  of  the  Maldives   delegation  to  CAAYE  Summit  &   Communication  Officer,  JCI  Maldives

Khadija  Mushtaq Executive  Director  &   CEO Roots  School  System   Pakistan

Shaban  Khalid Leader,  Pakistan  delegation  to   CAAYE  Summit  &  Director Ittehad  Steel  Industries

Nurul  Huda  Afandi Leader  of  the  JCI   Malaysian  Delegation  to   CAAYE  Summit  &  Executive  Vice  President,   JCI  Petaling  Jaya

Mahmood  Elahi Leader,  Pakistan  delegation  to  the   CAAYE  Summit  &  Director Taxila  Cottom  Mills

Krishantha  Wisenthige Leader,  Sri  Lanka   delegation  to  CAAYE   Head  –  Membership,   Projects  and  Services FCCISL

Fatin  Arifin   Leader  of  the  Brunei  delegation  to   CAAYE  Summit  & Secretary   Young  Entreprenurs   Association  of  Brunei

Ejaj  Ahmed Leader,  Bangladesh   delegation  to  CAAYE  & Founder Bangladesh   Youth  Leadership  Centre

Damien  Chua Chief  Executive  Officer JD  Resources  Limited

Murali  Kallummal FTA  Expert Centre  for  WTO  Studies New  Delhi

Syed  Ishtiaq  Alam Director Ananta  Group Bangladesh

T  S  Vishwanath   Principal  Adviser APJ-­SLG  Law  Offices

Bhairavi  Jani Director SCA  Group  of  Companies

Dr  Dinesh  Awasthi Director Entrepreneurship  Development   Institute  of  India

M  V  Tanksale Chairman  &   Managing  Director Central  Bank  of  India

Luca  Donelli   Executive  -­  Euros  S.r.l &  G20  YEA  Sherpa  of  Italian Delegation  of  Confindustria  Y.E

Shaffi  Matther Economic  Advisor  to   the  Chief  Minister Government  of  Kerala

Sanjay  Singh Director Corporate  Finance KPMG  India  (P)  Limited

Srikant  Suryanarayan National  Vice  Chairman,   Young  Indians  & Managing  Director Tradelinks  Ventures  Pvt  Limited

Sasha  Mirchandani Founder  &   Managing  Director KAE  Capital

Syed  Mahbubur  Rahman Managing  Director  &  CEO BRAC  Bank, Bangladesh

Paresh  Parekh   Partner,  International  Tax   and  Regulatory  Services   Ernst  &  Young  Private  Limited  

Sandeep  Aneja Founder  &  Managing  Director   Kaizen  Management   Advisors  (P)  Limited

Dr  Wilfried  Aulbur Managing  Partner Roland  Berger  Strategy  Consultants  Pvt.  Limited

Sunil  Dovedy President   Adizes  Institute   Professional  Services  

Dr  Navita  Mahajan Director Northern  India  Rubber  Mills

Muzamir  Mustafa Leader  of  the  PUGM   Malaysian  Delegation  to   CAAYE  Summit  &  President PUGM

Zubin  Kabraji Regional  Director  -­  Pune Indo  German  Chamber   of  Commerce

Industry Breakup

Gender Breakup
Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas

Country Wise - Participation
Female Male


10 9 4

Brunei India Pakistan Maldives Malaysia


Power Services


59% 4% 1% 4%


Singapore Srilanka



Member Organisations
Bangladesh About BYLC
Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), the country's first leadership institute, was founded with the vision of creating a more inclusive, tolerant and just society by training the next generation of home-grown leaders. Originally developed at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in 2008, BYLC was registered as a non-profit with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh on January 5, 2009. The signature program of BYLC is the four-month long leadership course, Building Bridges through Leadership Training (BBLT). Besides the BBLT program, BYLC also conducts month-long leadership programs for secondary school students, Building Bridges through Leadership Training Junior (BBLT-J), and day-long workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship for university students and young professionals. BYLC has over 400 graduates from 11 different programs, and collectively they have completed more than 18,000 hours of service in under privileged communities. In March 2011, BYLC hosted its first annual Youth Leadership Summit which brought together 200 students and 50 speakers for three days of inter- generational knowledge sharing, leadership training, and networking. Recently, BYLC launched a brand new program, The Art and Practice of Leadership, a three- day course on leadership for third and final year university students. Over the past three years, BYLC's innovative approach to leadership development has been recognized by, among others, the U.S. State Department, the World Bank Group, the British High Commission in Dhaka, the Canadian High Commission in Dhaka, BRAC, the private sector in Bangladesh, the Asia Society, the Washington Post, and the International Youth Foundation.

India About Yi
Young Indians (Yi) is an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a non- government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organisation playing a proactive role in India's development process. Yi was formed in the year 2002, with an objective of creating a platform for young Indians to realise the dream of a developed nation. Yi has around 1200 direct members in 26 city chapters, 80 members through the Infosys Corporate Chapter (InfYi) and around 12,000 members through its district chapter, Farmer Nets and Student Nets. Yi membership includes young progressive Indians between the age group of 25 & 40 and comprises entrepreneurs, professionals and achievers from different walks of life. “To become the Voice of Young Indians Globally” being the vision of Yi, it provides a platform for young Indians to participate in and contribute by becoming an integral part of the Indian growth story. Yi works effectively for promoting leadership skills for the development of its members through the learning programs and missions to companies of global excellence in India and abroad; the development and engagement of students through its 93 Student Net platforms that has 5578 students; and the Farmers Net platform that has enrolled more than 8500 young & progressive farmers providing them with real time agricultural inputs and know-how. Yi has successfully conducted campaigns and developed projects across the focus areas of education, environment, healthcare, next practices, employability and arts (sports & culture) contributing positively to its surrounding eco system and the nation. Through its initiatives like Akshara under Education, Yi has impacted more than 15000 students across 57 centers and has successfully managed campaigns like the 'SYightboard Project”. Providing blackboards to schools across different cities, reaching out to 1070 schools nationally and impacting approximately 2,53,000 children. Yi has been instrumental in skilling & placing 1300 youth under the aegis of its Employability program. Under the Healthcare initiative, over 175000 children have been dewormed in addition to many other health awareness programs across the community in different cities. Within the sphere of Environment, Yi conducts Green I contest to encourage and motivate school children to bring out sustainable green campuses through ideas, campaigns for tree plantation, solid waste management projects, involving citizens and children in the process. Yi is also in the process of planting one million saplings across the country through its 'One Million Tree’ Project.

Brunei Darussalam About YEAB
YEAB supports the needs of young people in Brunei and around the region as they attempt to build and thrive in both their personal and professional lives. The organization is founded in 2000 with a mission to ensure access to a network of entrepreneurial experience and facilities to nurture an enterprising culture.The YEAB has over 40 members to date.


The Next Practices platform of Yi brings an opportunity for students and members to engage in a structured discussion to bring “out of the box” ideas and evolve solutions to common problems. This is implemented through the “Blue Ocean Dialogue” and the “Packet of Seeds”. Yi strives to engage members and students in cultural activities like musical concerts, visiting to heritage monuments for learning, traditional dinner, celebrating the 100th year of the Indian National Anthem and initiatives that connect the youth with areas inclined towards Arts, Sports and Culture. Yi is one of the proud founders of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance which is a collective of leading entrepreneurially-minded organizations representing the G20 countries who seek to promote youth entrepreneurship as a powerful driver of economic renewal, job creation, innovation and social change and took a strong delegation from 16 Indian cities to the Young Entrepreneur Summit at France in 2011. Yi's international engagement extends to being one of the proud founders of the Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE) which is a network of young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. It has been established to continually promote the cause of young entrepreneurs in the respective countries and will convene each year and in advance of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting & relevant Commonwealth Ministerial forums to provide a platform to present a united voice of young entrepreneurs. Yi is also represented on the Boao Youth Forum that hosts forums for leaders from government, business and academia in Asia and other continents to share their vision on the most pressing issues in the region and world at large. The National Summit of Yi is a yearly feature that helps the young minds to connect with people and organizations that have displayed excellence through their work and stand out as an inspiration to the youth today. Retreat to places of tourist and historical importance gives members an opportunity to meet in an informal atmosphere and network to enhance the organizations reach and value. With nine years of glorious past and decades ahead that promise nothing short, Yi intends to become a larger movement of young people and promote the attitude of “We Can, We Will”.

Sports, Malaysia. JCIPJ members consist of entrepreneurs and professionals aged 18-40. JCIPJ is affiliated to JCI Malaysia, focusing on 4 areas of opportunities, namely Business, International, Individual and Community.JCIPJ is managed by its Board of Directors, who is elected annually and contributes voluntarily. Members are given leadership opportunities, and practices “1 Year To Lead” concept. Activities conducted in year 2011 include Speed Business Networking, Entrepreneur Seminar, Corporate Consulting Experience, Personal Development Training, Sister Chapter visits to Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong, and Leukemia Fund Raising project. JCIPJ recently won the best chapter in Malaysia. JCIPJ has also been hosting the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (JCI CYEA) for the last 3 years. Winners of JCI CYEA Malaysia go on to compete at world level, and Malaysia had managed to produce JCI CYEA World Champion at 2008 and 2011 JCI World Congress.

PUGM (Malaysia Graduates Entreprenuer Association) Persatuan Usahawan Graduan Malaysia
PUGM is an association established in year 2006 and to date has attracted over 2,000 members from all over Malaysia. PUGM's was formed solely to pro actively create a network to assist aspiring young graduates to grow as successful entrepreneurs in agriculture field and services sector. It also conducts training courses to educate graduates who have inspiration into the agricultural business as well as entrepreneurial forum and seminars.

Mission and objectives of PUGM are :
Aspiring to Malaysian Government initiative to develop successful entrepreneurs towards Vision 2020. Assisting graduates to be self reliant and move away from “spoon feeding” mentality in order to reduce unemployment among graduates. Changing graduates' mind-set and paradigm to move parallel with the industry, technology and global economic reform. Giving consultancy and expert assistance to identify problems and solutions through jointly organized seminars with government agencies and private sector. PUGM's members consist of entrepreneurs and graduates employees and is managed by its bureau members and Malaysia Graduate Cooperatives.

Malaysia JCI Petaling Jaya
JCI Petaling Jaya (JCIPJ), initiated in year 1980 and operating for over 30 years, is one of the most established and respected JCI chapters in Malaysia. JCIPJ is registered under the Registrar of Youth and Ministry of Youth and


Maldives Junior Chamber International Maldives
JCI was introduced to Maldives in 2002 by the Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP) through the Ministry of Youth and Sports. During this time, a handful of Maldivian leaders took interest in studying and understanding JCI by attending JCI meetings held in various parts of the world. On 9th November 2007 with the support of JCI Sri Lanka Junior Chamber Maldives was granted Potential affiliation status to Junior Chamber International at the General Assembly held in Antalya, Turkey. JCI Maldives was awarded Provisional Affiliation status on the 8th of November 2008 at JCI World Congress held in New Delhi, India. JCI Maldives achieved the landmark FullAffiliation to Junior Chamber International on the 9th of November 2009, JCI World Congress held in Hammamath, Tunisia. Activities like Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, Providing development opportunities, other JCI Programs are offered locally, nationally and internationally. JCI provide members opportunities to learn, achieve and inspire active citizenship while engaging their communities in new and innovative ways.

chambers of commerce and business associations. FCCISL espouses the shared vision of Sri Lankan businesses and speaks directly and indirectly to over 15,000 business units. It has an expanding membership of enterprises drawn from large, medium, small and tiny segments of manufacturing, distributive trade and services. The FCCISL has served various national and sector specific businesses and trade associations in policy advocacy, business development and trade facilitation matters. The FCCISL also has goodwill and a very positive and strong working relationship with the government at all levels, other chambers of commerce, NGOO and donor community which is a necessary condition in implementing large scale programs involving many stakeholders. FCCISL has a very strong network of 30 regional chambers covering the entire island enabling FCCISL to service SMEs in every corner of the country.

Singapore About YEN@SICCI
Established in 1924, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is one of Singapore's most respected and active commercial organisations today, with more than 900 members. Offering its members a wide range of services and benefits, SICCI plays a well-garnered role in meeting the business needs of its members and the wider corporate community. In June 2008, SICCI formed the SICCI Youth Committee. Following its growth and evolution since its inauguration, the SICCI Youth Committee was formalised as SICCI's Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN@SICCI) in August 2010. The renaming was undertaken to more appropriately reflect the nature,objectives and focus of the youth body. The renaming was thus undertaken to more appropriately reflect the nature, objectives and focus of the youth body. YEN@SICCI, today, serves as a business networking platform aimed at redefining the entrepreneurial culture amongst the youth, with emphasis on developing a 'thinking out of the box' mind-set and striving for entrepreneurial excellence. Over the last three years YEN@SICCI have carried out a variety of activities to promote entrepreneurship amongst youth and have developed three annual flagship events. These are: SICCI Indian Youth Entrepreneurs Seminar (iYES) SICCI Indian Internship Programme (IIP) SICCI Youth Enterprise Awards (SYEA)

Pakistan Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a group of young entrepreneurs who have come together to help promote the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the upcoming and young individuals of the country. The members of YEF themselves are young entrepreneurs who have either started their own businesses or have successfully contributed to already existing businesses. Having gone through the experience of starting innovative new businesses we feel the potent message of entrepreneurship needs to be brought to the fore. Our goal is to help potential entrepreneurs of the future through technical assistance, mentoring and capacity building, and make it easier for them by learning from our experiences.

Sri Lanka FCCISL
The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) is the apex organization for the Chambers and Associations in Sri Lanka. It has empowered Sri Lankan businesses, in the changing times, to show up their competitiveness and enhanced their national and global reach with a nationwide membership of over 56


CAAYE Country Representatives
Mr Ejaj Ahmed

Brunei Darussalam
Ms Fatin Arifin
Secretary Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei

Founder Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center

Dr Rahul Mirchandani
Founder President – Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs & Past Chairman Yi

Ms Nurul – Huda Mohamed Afandi
Executive Vice President, 2012 JCI Petaling JAYA

Mr Shaban Khalid
Director Ittehad Steel Industries, Pakistan

Mr Muzamir Mustafa
Chief Executive Officer PUGM Holdings, Malaysia

Sri Lanka
Mr Krishantha Wisenthige
Head - Membership, Projects and Services Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL)

Ms Thanie Saeed
Junior Chamber International, Maldives

Ms Katherine Ellis Mr Aminul Islam Khan Director, Youth Affairs Regional Director,a.i. Commonwealth Secretariat CYP Asia

Mr Rajkumar Bidla

Programme Officer Commonwealth Secretariat, London Youth Affairs Division

Mr Raj Kumar Mishra
Regional Director (Retired) CYP Asia

Dr Navita Mahajan

Moderator Leadership Assembly & Founding Memeber, CAAYE

20 Alliance Website - Summit Website -

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