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Barack Obama; 'Joe Biden'; 'Gus Chavez'; Senator Patty Murray; U.S . Rep Raul Grijalva; US Rep Pete Gallego Cc: Willie Galvan; 'GregNichols';; Judge Al Alons o; Alberto Quihuis; CA/David Rodriguez - Former Nat Commander;; Carlos Puertas; 'CO/Jose P. Martinez - Commander'; Danny Morales; DC/Osvaldo Espada; DC/Robert Ruiz - State Forum Officer; Duane Goff ; Fernando Rodriguez; CP Garcia; Gloria Hernandez; projectuplift02@MSN.COM;; JOSEMARIA VASQUEZ; Juan J. Villarreal; Juan Marinez; Lawrence Hardy; Lee Rivas; Leonard Montelongo; Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez; Peter Vallecillo ; Rebecca/Miguell Lugo; Rudy Padilla; 'ARNULFO HERNANDEZ JR' Subject: [LRL] A Christmas wish for Sgt. Rafael Peralta Attachments: A Christmas wish for Sgt.docx; Sgt. Rafael Peralta Changing the Process.docx What a shameful way for our country to deny Sgt Rafael Peralta, reportedly an undocumented immigrant, an award that I believe was unfairly decided with bias, because of the fact that he was not an Anglo-American. I know this problem exists in our military decision-making process, because I was originally denied my Bronze Star For Heroism in Vietnam (1965). I had to fight the system, to finally get it approved in 1999, minus my Purple Heart. We have seen this situation of covert racism time and time again. As I previously stated my belief; it is mighty difficult for a non-combat individual, even a trained medical specialist, to really be able to assess the measure of split-second action a Warrior had to take, and even more difficult when the Warrior who had to make that decision, is no longer alive to defend that position. There is NO WAY anybody can determine WHAT went through Peralta's mind. There are; however, seven witnesses who agree that Sgt Peralta selflessly reacted Without hesitation - and nobody will ever know if he did so involuntarily, sacrificing his own life; thereby saving others. The fact remains that Sgt Peralta died covering a deadly grenade - while several soldiers' lives were saved. The question is: Do you present this soldier the Medal of Honor for saving his comrades, or deny him because of impossible to determine medical evidence? What harm would there be, if you give a deceased soldier, the benefit of the doubt? If he was deemed to have met the requirements for a lower decoration, then is the DEGREE of impossible-to-obtain medical evidence, enough to justify a possibly wrong and unfair decision? Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran (Bronze Star with "V" recipient) American GI Forum (210) 658-9756 -----Original Message----From: Foro de comunicacion para Latinos del suroeste de los EEUU [mailto:LARED-L@LISTSERV.CYBERLATINA.NET] On Behalf Of gus chavez Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 1:21 PM To: LARED-L@LISTSERV.CYBERLATINA.NET Subject: [LRL] A Christmas wish for Sgt. Rafael Peralta Friends San Diego, California's second largest city, with one of the largest print/digital newspaper in the state and nation published the following main Editorial today on Christmas Day. The timing of the Editorial is important and crucial as we prepare to join Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-52ND) District

effort that calls on President Barack Obama to intervene and reverse the decision that led to the denial of the Medal of Honor for U.S. Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta. We will keep you posted on the next steps to be taken in this regard. I have attached a copy of the Christmas Day Editorial as well as the highly informative article "Changing Process of Awarding Highest Medal" (12-23-2012) written by reporter John Wilkens in the San Diego Union Tribune. Please share widely. Gus Chavez, Co-founder Defend The Honor A Christmas wish for Sgt. Rafael Peralta Main Editorial San Diego Union Tribune Rosa Peralta and her family no doubt hoped that this Christmas would be different, that by now the Pentagon would have reversed itself and awarded the Medal of Honor to her son, Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta of San Diego, who died a hero's death in house-to-house combat in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004. But, in a decision as stunningly mystifying as it was disappointing, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said earlier this month that Peralta would not be awarded the medal, the nation's highest honor for valor in combat. The Medal of Honor appropriately carries the highest standard of proof of battlefield bravery. As outlined in a front-page story Dec.23, that standard has historically meant two eyewitnesses. In Peralta's case, there were seven. Panetta cited a special panel's report of medical testimony that meant that another standard - no magin of doubt - could not be met. We share the belief of Peralta's family and of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, that the eyewitness accounts are overwhelming. We commend Hunter for his four-year effort to secure the Medal of Honor for Peralta and we support his next step, an appeal to President Obama. Rafael Peralta was not just a hero. He embodied the American dream - an unauthorized immigrant who earned legalization and citizenship, joined the Marines and died fighting for his country. Our wish is that next Christmas, Peralta will also be on the roll of Medal of Honor winners. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join LARED-L, the fastest growing Latino/Hispanic Listserv Network in the country. It's Free and Easy to join. Just fill out the simple form below, and become part of our Cyber Community: (( La Voz del Pueblo)) Saludes, Felicidades, y Bienvenido/a, ********************************************************* Welcome to the La Red Latina WWW Network "LaRed Latina" WWW site:

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