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30/07/11 11:47 AM

Overcoming Your Fear
2011 | May 4 in Home Page News (/blog/?tag=11) , Leadership (/blog/?tag=4) By E-Myth Business Coach (/blog/?author=84206) Every business owner goes through periods of doubt and uncertainty. It doesn't matter how well or how poorly the business is performing; sooner or later you will find yourself asking the question: Is all this work really worth it? Small business, after all, is an emotional roller coaster for the owner-manager. Of course it is! There’s so much of you personally vested in this creation of yours. It’s your blood, sweat and tears on the line every day and it can take an emotional toll. But it's not really the doubt and uncertainty that cripples you. It's the actions you take—or fail to take—that determine the future of your business. In other words, what you think and do has the biggest influence on your results. So what’s a business owner to do? How can you overcome the self-doubt and fear? First, accept the inevitable. You will feel doubt, discouragement and uncertainty. You don't know exactly when it will come or in what form; but accept that it will happen. Think of it like getting a shot at your doctor's office. You know what a shot feels like; you’ve had plenty of them by now in your adult life. Experience has taught you that yes, it will hurt, but not for long and it’s better for you to just grin and bear it. It’s often the unknown that causes anxiety so go ahead and accept that feelings of doubt will absolutely creep in. And that’s ok. Because it’s how you deal with them that matters. Then, ask yourself which part of you is feeling the doubt. Is it the Technician in you? The Manager? The Entrepreneur? The more you can distinguish between these identities, the more you will be able to manage their conflicting demands on your time and energy. (To learn more about the roles of the Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur, see Chapters 1 and 2 of The E-Myth Revisited or read this article (

In my experience as an E-Myth Business Coach, it’s the Technician inside of us that fears change. Your experience may be different, of course, but I would ask you to examine this possibility in more detail. To do that, let's look at one of the critical differences between the Technician and the Entrepreneur. The Technician is constantly looking for answers OUTSIDE of himself and does not trust himself. The Technician wants the approval and blessing of some higher authority before he feels comfortable enough to change what he is doing. The Entrepreneur, on the other hand, looks for answers from WITHIN. The Entrepreneur exists to create, to envision things in a new way that does not currently exist in the physical world. The Entrepreneur is constantly asking questions, gathering information and coming up with his own answers. It can be confusing, because the Technician will often ask questions that sound just like the Entrepreneur's questions. The difference is that the Technician looks to someone else for the answer, while the Entrepreneur trusts only himself to answer. Once you accept this to be true, your next step is to develop your plan to deal with doubt, discouragement and uncertainty.

but make sure you center yourself BEFORE you make any significant business decisions.e-myth. Your goals are the only ones that matter in your world. Base those strategic business decisions on whether or not that decision moves you toward your Strategic Objective.e-myth. 2011 12:18 PM (the words you use to describe the essence of your life) and your Strategic Objective (http://www. says: awesome! Submitted May 4. Change is inevitable. do you need to review your Primary Aim (http://www.Overcoming Your Fear . (#com_2069)Zalmen K. You may also need to take some action in your business. Too often. insecurity. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your perceived weaknesses against a competitor's strengths. 2011 12:55 PM 3. This article helped me refocus and remember it's okay to have those feelings of fear and uncertainty. Make a (the vision for your business when it is complete)? Do you need to listen to a favorite motivational tape? Do you need to write in a journal? Do you need to talk with someone you trust about how you are feeling? Do you need to go for a walk or get some other form of exercise? What else could you do to get yourself centered? This is a deeply personal process. uncertainty. and then using triggers to help you get there. Change is also necessary if you are going to create the business and the life you really want. Use that objective data to help you make decisions that will move you toward your goals. Be as objective as you can when making those decisions and quantify whatever you can quantify about the . says: An inspiring article and exactly what I needed to hear today. Speaking of goals. it's important to remember that just because another business in the same industry appears to be performing a lot better than yours. and doubt are rarely comfortable emotions to be with. http://www. It has been a big week of change for me.E-Myth Worldwide 30/07/11 11:47 AM What does your Technician need when you start feeling this way? What actions could you take? For example. what works for you may not work for someone else. The Technician within you is expressing the fear as a form of resistance to change. doubt or any other emotions that may cloud your judgment. It’s really about identifying what can bring you back to your center. Isn't that why you built your own business in the first place? Comments (#view_com) 1. (#com_2068)Michael M. But look at them for what they are: evidence that change is happening. Thank you! Submitted May 4. Don't base it on fear. keep a reminder nearby and visit it whenever the doubt surfaces. any other form of comparison leads to disappointment. that does NOT mean that your business is doing poorly! Your goals are the only ones that count. Fear.

be sure to document what it is that you do.e-myth. but hopefully over time you will be able to delegate more and more of the functions you don’t want to do. Let me first congratulate you on recognizing the different roles you play in your business. If you do decide to delegate one or more of those tasks. Also make sure you have some way to measure how well the work is being done. I find myself playing technical role and also going to meet clients to discuss the works as well . (#com_2071)E-Myth Business Coach says: Hello Ben M. I've being going through numerous challenges with my business. Submitted May 4. 2011 4:00 PM 6. 2011 1:59 PM 4. My fear is. What if it still persist should I take any of the above mentioned steps. (#com_2072)David R. what work you want to do. Right now.” As you consider which position to delegate work to. I'm thinking of either getting an officer to either perform the role of meeting clients or designing artworks so. Are you meeting with clients because you don’t have enough employees to delegate those tasks? Are you meeting with clients because no one does it better than you? Are you meeting with clients because that is what you really want to do? Ask those same questions for doing design work. You may find yourself wearing multiple hats. Now. I have been working as a nurse for a while now(and I guess http://www. Am I acting out of fear or on reality. Equally important is to identify the right position to delegate the work to.k. says: Timely article. you may find that there are more roles in your organization than you first . Actually. it will give you a goal for future growth. you can assign the people who currently work in your company the different roles you’ve identified. weather that's really going to solve the problem.Overcoming Your Fear . And notice that I didn’t say “person. I can have ample time to really design creatively and also deliver on time. Submitted May 4. This is a great way to reset and refocus. Now that you see the different types of work you are doing. 2011 3:07 PM 5. thank you. says: This is wonderful. Though I have two officers. As a result of that. Fantastic article. keep in mind the kind of work you want those positions to be accountable for. That’s o. especially in the beginning. and for any technical work you do. especially about meeting deadlines.graphic design works.E-Myth Worldwide 30/07/11 11:47 AM (#com_2070)Ben M. strategically. I get little time to work on the works. As you go through this exercise. (#com_2073)mary-louise r. Your answers to those questions will help you determine the next steps you want to take. Submitted May 4. says: Hi. you need to determine.. and the way in which you do it so that others can provide the same level of service.

we are on the road to building a successful internet business and find I get anxious at times when I sit down at the computer to work on the business. thanks... We all retreat into the comfort of staying busy as technicians. I now see things will never get better this way. given that I believe in what I am doing. All of this goes on pretty much within a scope that has very little to do with other businesses.the customers will decide if the ideas are any good.. It is also risky to not have the owner available and visible in day to day operations. so letting go of this is very challenging for a small business. And then I was understanding that. Risk taking and pushing ourselves to be the managers and the visionary entrepeneurs we dream of requires self discipline. 2011 6:41 PM 9. It's pretty much the difference between working in a job for another company and owning your own business. or those "experts" that live in my (Technician's) imagination. This article was great to reinforce i am normal.. that I was bringing something new into the world and there was no one "outside". I too like the creative hands on customer contact end of the business.e-myth. As I transform our 70 year family business from "old company" to my "new company" I am plagued with doubt ."so change is very hard for me. I liked the distinction that the Technician is wanting external . I think this was recently starting to dawn on me. (#com_2074)Priscilla A. 2011 5:02 PM 8. Submitted May 4. but would love to overcome this as it is hard to work at ones full potential in this state of mind. I need to shape my message for my customers and learn what it is about what I am offering that they actually want. (#com_2075)John E. (#com_2076)cindy s. 2011 4:56 PM 7.Overcoming Your Fear . This was right on time. and the Entrepreneur is looking within. so I finally quit asking them their opinions. Wow.. So. uncertainty and the desire to get the approval of others. this was like a voice out of the darkness. Many thanks Mary Submitted May 4. says: Amen. I am aware there is anxiety and fear attached. Submitted May 4. says: Wow. Of course 20 year + employees do not want change. says: I'm going with whoever said "awesome". http://www. My wife thinks I have multiple personalities because I vacillate between inspiration and desperation. Now. to ask for approval of my ideas -. really. this article was just what I needed today.E-Myth Worldwide 30/07/11 11:47 AM always having someone to discuss issues with. As I try to go it alone with my own entrepeneurail vision I keep hearing the voice of my father (one year deceased from life and the business)telling me "this is the way we have always done things.

to force myself to look at the successes we've achieved so far and then to write them down. (#com_2079)Darren L." how do we know. It leads to inactivity. That's the key. to review what has been done. says: Great article! I guess I am . 2011 6:49 PM 12. really know. 2011 8:54 PM 13. I realize that I've done something useful and it creates a little bit more positive. (#com_2080)Paco S. (#com_2078)Nikki B. I just get up and wander. Doing something is a lot better than just waiting.? How do we know? Thanks for all the great articles and support! America is indeed the entrepreneurial nation! Darren Submitted May 5. says: This timely article and others' responses have made my last week feel much lighter. etc. Then I become immobilized. to just sitting at my desk and staring. marketing. begin the process of investment. Submitted May 5. prepare myself and sit back down to do something to keep them happy. says: I face fear just about daily. At that point. 2011 6:15 PM 11. Submitted May 5. I'm grateful to come here and feel the anxiety leave this Technician/Manager feeling more informed and empowered. Fear is.e-myth. the demotivator and the key to stasis. 2011 8:46 PM 10. I reality appreciate the essence of this article and agree with the premise that it is the "Technician" in us who fears change. realize our Dream.Overcoming Your Fear . I shake myself off. Pretty soon. that is.E-Myth Worldwide 30/07/11 11:47 AM The advice from emyth keeps me searching for better solutions rather than settling for the way it has been or is now. That said.. Too often these articles don't get enough good attention and input. says: I feel like I am standing on the edge of a precipice as I contemplate taking my Dream to reality. Submitted May 4. For me. client interaction. It's a good way to get started again and http://www. for me. If it starts to happen.. I look hard to find something that is going well and at very least do something to create another one. the way to overcome it is to be a 'manager' for just a little while each day. I would pose the question: When starting from the "Dream" stage. when to take the plunge. nothing gets done. if I can quote Michael Gerber's more recent book. All the 'whati-if's tend to drive me to that edge. "The Entrepreneur Within. (#com_2081)Mike L. My employees are all moving and it motivates me a whole lot just to see that happening.

com/cs/user/print/post/overcoming-your-fear . You can't just wing it. (#com_2085)Jonathan W .Overcoming Your Fear . (#com_2082)Ian P. the hungrier it gets.e-myth. 2011 1:55 PM http://www. 2011 6:15 AM 14. Next. Submitted May 9. Then to get on and deal with them.. Submitted May 15.html/) or just start working toward a better score in general. Tsk tsk. says: I think the biggest aspect of starting a new business is walking in full prepared. i needed to hear it. This article demonstrates ways to work toward credit repair ( (#com_2086)Dan U. 2011 4:15 PM 15. Submitted May 14.E-Myth Worldwide forget the fear. The more you feed it. says: I really good article and motivating. (#com_2095)Edward O. thanks for contributing this article and these thoughts.. 2011 6:30 PM 17. 30/07/11 11:47 AM Submitted May 7. 2011 7:48 AM 16.myuniversitymoney. says: There is much wisdom in this article. Fear has a big appetite. Thank you for the encouraging advice to face it head-on. a two year plan and a five year plan and guess what? They failed miserably and lost a ton of money. Be afraid! There's much to lose in having your own business!! Submitted May 20. I'm hitting one of those challenging periods that occur from time to time and it's good to see them for what they are. says: i echo what others say in terms of this being a timely article. That means starting at least a year ahead of time by building a solid credit score so that you can get a small business loan at a good rate. you need a solid game plan. I've had so many friends fail with restaurants and mobile services that didn't have a six month plan.