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NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING COURSES NITSCO offers a variety of courses in Nondestructive Testing. These courses are designed to suit the training requirements of both individuals as well as organizations. All courses include an examination assessment according to SNT-TC-1A, the ASNT document specifying recommendations for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel. Assessments typically consist of a General, Specific and Practical Examinations as well as a Vision Test, if needed. Examination assessments can be scheduled individually for those who have completed our online training courses or employers who require certification tests for newly hired technicians. Tuition is payable 10 working days in advance of start dates for each course and covers textbooks, tests and certificates. NDT TRAINING COURSES LIST Course Codes NITSCO-RT/I NITSCO-RT/II NITSCO-RTFI/I NITSCO-RTFI/II NITSCO-UT/I NITSCO-UT/II NITSCO-MT/I NITSCO-MT/II NITSCO-PT/I NITSCO-PT/II NITSCO-VT/I NITSCO-VT/II Course Detail Radiographic Testing Level-I Radiographic Testing Level-II Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation Level-I Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation Level-II Ultrasonic Testing Level-I Ultrasonic Testing Level-II Magnetic Particle Testing Level-I Magnetic Particle Testing Level-II Penetrant Testing Level-I Penetrant Testing Level-II Visual Testing Level-I Visual Testing Level-II

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Contact Details Email: info@themonsterjobs.com & nitsco@rocketmail.com Website: www.themonsterjobs.com Note: We help for the preparation of ASNT NDT Level III Examinations also.